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TheFashion Flite Blog : Giveaway | Daniel Wellington Watches - CLOSED

Tuesday 30 September 2014 / ,

Its Raining giveaways this month. Since the festivities and holidays season is approaching , its time to reward the readers of my blog.
I am giving a chance for you'all to win a Daniel Wellington watch. The Steps are easy.
P.S: I am holding the same giveaway on my Instagram profile too. You can choose to enter on any ONE platform as of now.
Follow The Steps below (* All Mandatory)

1. Follow My blog on GFC (on the left ) And G+
2. Like @Thefashionflite on Facebook
3. Like @danielwellingtonwatches on Facebook
4. Tweet about the Giveaway and tag @thefashionflite on Twitter
5. Leave a Comment on this post and write "Entered" with your E-mail ids and 
 mention which is your favorite Daniel Wellington watch from their Website and Why ?

  • 1 Winner to be announced 
  • Giveaway open Worldwide
  • Ends 20th October 2014
  • Winners to be choosen randomly by Thefashionflite and Team DW

My Hair Makeover Experience at Geetanjali Salon Delhi

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Geetanjali Salon- A Concept hair Studio By Sumit Israni, just spread its wings over to Select City walk , Saket, Delhi and I was invited to avail a few services of our choice. When it comes to Hair and color, you need trusted hands. I mean there could be a gazillion salons doing the same kind of stuff for you , and may just lure one with discounts and offers, and the next minute it could turn out to be worst experience of our lives. It left me in tears once(in Hongkong) and from then on, I don't mind paying more to get professional over experience enabled person touching my hair at least. I am very critical about hair salons and am very cautious where my money is spent.
Sumit Israni(Owner) is famous for his specialization and celebrity styling and is such a warm personality ! I had a cut from him once , before he moved to Dubai and from then on, I was seeking him forever .

Indian Ethnic Wear Grunge

Tuesday 23 September 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

If you follow me on my social network then probably you are aware of my visit to Dastkar bazaar about a fortnight back. I love shopping for unique pieces and offbeat places like these must be seeked out coz they are treasure troves of independent fashion finds.The trinkets and accessories made a room down my stash with a few surprises thrown in for good measures. This post has the maximum pictures in the history of my blogpost writing, and I loved everybit of it.So let me keep everything else short and show you a around a bit of a haul things which would never get old in the fashion world scenario .
 These inverted dragon earrings were bought for their uniqueness factor . Price- INR 450
Organic Food but Bland
The Chutney(Indian Sauce was the only saving grace in the meal. Ragi and Bajra rotis were pretty hard, Saag(spinach) was tasteless too.

Website Review: WigsBuy

Thursday 18 September 2014 / , , , , , , ,

When fashion takes a leap forward, and after accessing a gazillion fashion events, we can't ignore one trend that is creeping in the form of sustainable accessories. If you haven't guessed it yet, then let me introduce you the idea of wearing wigs. I recently came across Wigsbuy, and couldn't help getting hooked, to their Learn About Wigs section. Recently I attended a wigs exhibition too at my nearest salon, and was totally surprised how this wig wearing business is on a sudden uproar. They taught us some secrets of wig wearing and all the while I only thought of the  artificiality of this accessory. Later back home , I go-ogled  some more info and landed on this website and started to fall in love with all the hairdos I could never dare to try in reality .
Now days, it is hard to tell a wig from someone’s natural hair and that is what makes them so ideal to wear.
At wigsbuy, they have human hair wigs completely made from real Human hair, and comes in amazing colors and sizes and even have wigs for African american women . Not only that I found wigs that look almost close enough to my natural hair(that is only If I am bald in future ).  I am starting to believe that I am emerging from dark ages But I suggest you should totally check them out coz they ship worldwide, and standard shipping to India is free too. Also from the prices, are totally fetchible. I mean its almost half of what I saw here ! Once you select a style , you also have an option to customize it to the color of your own choice. Most styles also comes with Lace cap, which needs to be worn before getting the wig on the head.Thats fun, and yes so many fun style to try too.
Have listed a few styles that I would love to sport it in a wig someday. Can't wait to wear these styles soon. Stay tuned for more. launches Freedom Bike at Blue Frog, New Delhi

Wednesday 17 September 2014 / , , , , , ,

There is no dearth of Talented designers in India. Ask me how surprised I am looking at the vivacious designs of the young talented newbie designers and I can tell a tale with many expressions .
Talking about the same, recently a Delhi based Designer Duo Gautam and Prateek, specializing in  Illustrations and Sculptors  designed a Moto Bike that could totally revolutionize the way we think of "Art ".Or let me put it that way- A more realistic piece of - Art !

Website Review: Dresswe.Com | Cut -Out Party Dress

Thursday 11 September 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The people from Dresswe, sent me this dress. Though the camera captured the color in a bit oxblood tone, but its towards more on a purple hue  ! With so many websites popping up daily, and a plethora of options , and a very choosy n moody shopping culture, how do we distinguish that which websites offer value for money without compromising on the quality ? Its hard, I know and have been through the route after burning my money in trials. But there are some websites, to which I am going back . Safe to say, Dresswe is one of them. From budget dresses to high end they have it all . The package came via DHL, and reached me in 5 days. Super quick than I expected, especially when the stuff comes via China you know there is going to be a month long wait ! Though there was a shipping fee of USD 16,and is usually calculated at the time of checkout. But as far the quality and the fit goes, its well worth the penny. The stitching is seamless, and I  can't seem to find the end of the seams too. Its invisible, and I like it that way.The measurements provided in the description were accurate, and the color the same . 
Wore it to an event and matched my pearls to achieve a more dressed up look. Kept everything else simple n matchy . I am into bold lips these days and Mac Rebel kinda gives me a dirty girl swab . Have you tried ?

Fashion Forecast : Fringe Trend

Friday 5 September 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Fringes are back in Vogue. On shoes, On Belt, on Bags, On Accessories, On clothes, peeps you just gotta look around on Pinterest ! It has transformed from an all Bohemian or western or a Pop star interpretation and can be Juxtaposed with Sensual Silhouettes  now! Who knows, it might get just as big as the crop top trend, and  ladies before you know it, this bitch called fashion just throw us back to an era we just may dread -THE 80's .  Fashion  Trends are a bit late when we talk about India. Its a snail approach. And I just don't say that for the heck of it , I have proof. I saw Fringe working its way through , two years back flooded in abundance in Bangkok malls. Though It has yet to hit the racks of the most prominently shopped brands in India . The collection is not that immense I say.
Come close and I'll talk about the most run of the mill style -crop tops scenario in India ! Like everywhere, even my neighborhood street shops have them ! From have nots they are the new Try Ons ! I can't really say, but sense that we would be pretty on top of this Fringe thingy too and you would be crushing on them hard and before we know it we gals would be fringing our closets to glory  and saying--  Aloha !!

Fashion And Beach Wear | Thailand Phuket Travel Post

Monday 1 September 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Both the pieces I am wearing here can be officially termed as Vintage. Fashion and trends have become so dynamic, that the next thing vintage in anyone's closet could be just a month old. Before and Unlike today, We had practically four seasons and a few designers and we loved the way fashion n designs evolved each year enchanting us . Times changed and we are witnessing practically 50 seasons and really diving into trends almost on a fortnightly basis. There is lot of innovation waiting to happen, and the next minute you know,that pretty " Brand new "neon dress was left hanging coz the future of fashion was bound to follow the lines which replaced the trend. I call it creative destruction ! A question : Why can't all fashion shows be an extension of what we already have ? Something a customer could use to build or expand the wardrobe ? Something which serves just an addition to our preserved staples and  where old could still be called Vintage?  Think about it !