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Wednesday 17 September 2014 / , , , , , ,

There is no dearth of Talented designers in India. Ask me how surprised I am looking at the vivacious designs of the young talented newbie designers and I can tell a tale with many expressions .
Talking about the same, recently a Delhi based Designer Duo Gautam and Prateek, specializing in  Illustrations and Sculptors  designed a Moto Bike that could totally revolutionize the way we think of "Art ".Or let me put it that way- A more realistic piece of - Art !

How it happened - In May 2014,, India’s largest marketplace for used goods, set out on an unprecedented 10,000 kilometer motorcycle journey, The Great India Collectors’ Ride, in search of the most unique items from across the country. In 50 days, travelling across 45 cities and towns, the ride met tens of collectors, and picked out the most unique items from their collections that they had put up for sale on OLX. Each of these items has been put together to give life to the first-of-its-kind motorcycle art installation called the OLX Freedom Bike. This extraordinary piece of art, made entirely of collectible and vintage items, was unveiled by OLX in Delhi on Sunday September 14th. 

Kudos to OLX for tracking down hidden treasures and exerting a small Tug on history buffs n collectors and turning them into something valuable which can be cherished in the long time !
Let's Talk about the Items :Items as small an personal as insignia, for eg From a sixth-generation antique collector who sold a 60-year-old railway lamp to a two-time Guinness Book of Records holder who sold a camera from his collection, The Great IndiaCollectors’ Ride picked out the most inimitable items, brushing the dust off them to reveal their stories and struggle of a bygone era !
The creative piece of art uses the collectible and vintage items in the most imaginative ways - a railway lamp as the headlight, a gramophone as the silencer, a lamp as the break light, a Charkha and voice recorder as the engine, and typewriter as number plate.
As it seems these items are carefully illustrated and fused in what we call a masterpiece , not only evoke a drama but a sense of modern reproduction and innovative placement of antiques.
Some interesting collectible items bought during The Great India Collectors’ Ride:
• 100-year-old royal Paan Daan from Lucknow
• 70-year-old Esraj musical instrument from a 90-year-old collector in Kolkata
• 60-year-old railway lamp from Udaipur from a sixth generation antique collector
• 26-year-old saddle from a royal family in Jaipur
• Sexant and compass from Bhavnagar
• A Hermes portable typewriter from a collector in Hyderabad
• Old gramophone from a collector in Kolkata
• A model car from an auto-engineer in Chennai who has a collection of 200 cars 
• A 1942 Triumph Motorcycle fuel tank from Krishnagiri
• A wheel clock from an actress in Bangalore
The Event:  The event took shape at "Blue Frog" New Delhi, and from what I witnessed, it was not a low key affair ! We all gathered outside the kila compound, and waited for the official inauguration of the exhibit motobike to begin. To set in the mood, huge SUV's circled in and around the compound and bikers and provided a wonderful taster of what we are gonna expect ! The display screen kept on playing the snippets of the bikers expeditions and their ride journey !
Sandy , one of the bikers from the collectors ride, was kind enough to share his number, so that I could personally interact with him and he could share his riding experience . The show began with OLX's CEO revealing the The Great India Collectors Ride book, called The Coffetable Book, which contains a photo memoir of the entire journey of 50 days. Minutes later, Actors Rohit Roy and Rajiv Khandelwal shot in their Suzuki's and made a dramatic entry. Check out a few Insta Videos which I made on the final reveal here: CEO Mr. Amarjit Singh batra with Rajiv Khandelwal and Rohit Roy

We adore Live music, when its instilled with some art and culture talk. Everything is welcome. But the highlight of the evening was the live performance by my mostt favorite Band and the only reason I said YES to the event coz  - The Indian Ocean. They were instrumental in moving the audience with amplification, and chilling music which they always do BTW with their stuff.

Thank You for having me over team OLX...Its always great when we discuss and experience work that have  artistic merit,made with care and extraordinary talent so that it makes up to this space and I can call it "great Work "

About OLX: is India's number one marketplace. It offers a free, fast & hyper-local way for Indians to sell and buy used goods and services. Every month, millions of people in India buy and sell a wide range of products including household items, furniture, consumer durables, musical 
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