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Vacation Time

Saturday 22 June 2013 /

Getting on today to say bye for now. Sadly I’ll be gone a few days. Please don’t forget me, unless I get eaten by a shark, I’ll be back.
Will return your love as soon as I can ....

Incase you miss me too much then , get hold of me on Instagram . I'll try and update you there..
 I hope ya’ll have a good week and I’ll talk to ya later  !!
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Fashion Trend-Stripes And Layering

Sunday 16 June 2013 / , , , , , , , , , ,

In India(specially Delhi), its a bit of a daring expression if you roam about on the streets wearing a tube or a spaghetti. Even though you pull the look fantastically, women are supposed to wear place-appropriate clothes, unless its Ok for you to go out and be hounded by prying eyes, which is not the case with most of girls- And that  I am pretty sure of .
Shrugs have become so Yesterday for me. I always look out for light cover-ups or summery jackets, which can be just thrown on your deep tanks or noodle necks .And for this simplest reason I have bounded love for light button down shirts !
But then I have a small problem with them too.  My Button-down shirts seem prohibitive for movement for me. I feel like I'm in a straight jacket, especially if they are longer sleeve.  I look good in them if they are more fitted , but I just can't get comfortable. Not to sound like a broken Record, but if you hate something , do not wear it ! Doesn't matter who says its a must have or a classic piece. Just Screw it ! 
So Instead , I always fish for a perfect button down in my Hubs closet  for layering during monsoons or always buy them in one size big !! Problem solved.
Layer your buttons down with a  boring dress, and you could bring life to it .
Layer them over, Hide your tanks/ tubes with a buttons down, and you become the next sober girl in your locality !!
Layer them underneath a tunic/Cardi and you have an Evolved look in seconds .
And before you become judgmental in what I really have for this Black and  White stripe skirt, or whether my wardrobe has gone in for a strike Its better I downpour you with OOTD Pictures. 

This explains my- I have something for vintage doors syndrome

Tank/Heels : Zara (worn here)
Buttons Down Shirt: Levi's(worn Here)
Bag: Carlo Rino
Cuff/ Sunnies- Asos

On my lips Mac Betty Bright and Inglot -106
More on  Monochrome Look- Here
Black and White stripe trend 2013/ Jail stripes look Inspiration - Here
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Lace, Animal print And A Kurta Makeover-Blogger Inspired

Tuesday 11 June 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

There is no set of rules or people from whom I take Inspiration ! At times its magazines, or internet-Mostly Pinterest and Polyvore ,or our own fellow bloggers. Basically I just see what I like and work my own style from that .
Today's outfit is roused from our very own desi blogger ! This blogger recently put an ironic spin in the number of ways a basic kurta can be worn  ! With every post of her's on the kurta series she really left me aww with her Sartorial creativity !  I loved all her variations and original twist , and am sure you'll love them too !
Yes,she is Abhilasha from Looking good feeling fab blog !  It was actually a visual feast for me to see her switch that kurta  and creating looks which were edgy and preppy at one moment while girly and formal the next !
Hey Abhilasha ! Thank you for making it easy for me to pave my way for this post !
So stealing this original idea of hers and taking the liberty to add my own twist to the kurta makeover , here is my take on the version ! I got this one from Bangkok about 2 years back and have worn it to death ! With that I mean ,I could see it wearing out this time ! Gave it a rough fold on the hem from the front and left it hanging from the back to give a mullet effect, and Voila ! A simple look in minutes is ready to be served on the blog !

Do check out Abhilasha's Blog for more kurta makeovers, and let me know if you would love to see me doing a few more spins as well !!(stylish fashion dress wear/ indian fashion)
Will you try this look too ? I would love to know from ya'll !!

Kurta- bangkok
Lace Shorts- sarojini Mkt
Clutch: Etsy shop(color blocked here with another outfit)
Flats: Bangkok
Ring:Forever New
Necklace :Etsy(styled here )
Watch: Swatch
On my lips- Lady Danger By MAC
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Be Sun Smart- Styling A Sun Dress And Sun Hat

Thursday 6 June 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Like any other girl, I too hate having sun on my skin. The best thing  to avoid the summer sun is to stay indoors. But then I have to run errands, shuttle my kid to n fro from one class to another. So how can I give a sun hat a miss ? If you are a Delhi girl, you would understand how people can give you sudden anxiety if you dare to wear a big hat out on the roads. But then who cares? 
 I would rather look eccentric than get a patchwork quilt type  face tan. I own a few hats which I bought as experiments , some from art fairs too. Until last year I couldn't bring myself to wear one ,or would wear them for few minutes, feel silly and take them off ! But things changed, and I started blogging fashion so it was essential that I should eventually  crawl out of that slump and get a slight grasp on the fashion world too, hence, the hat trend couldn't be missed and I had a thought creep , Let's do an outfit post , keeping in mind the quintessential summer basics- A sundress and a Sun hat !! Have a look  !!

Last time I played around a bit with my hat on the beach on my trip to Goa ! Plus My sartorially-intelligent husband thinks it looks good on me and it goes with all of my casual summer outfits, hence all the inhibitions of wearing one goes to the bin .And Yes ! Next time you spot a girl in Delhi hiding her face under a big hat, u'll know whom to give a shout at ?

Sun dress: See how I styled it earlier HERE
Sandals: Pavers England
Waistcoat- Funk (worn here too)
Hat: From my Euro trip
Cross Body bag: Coach
Ring: Exibition  
On My lips - Mac Mehr
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