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WHYS of Fashion Blogging

Tuesday 28 January 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Blogging in a way has taught me a lot ! Things which otherwise, I would have taken a decade to understand. From the start up days where I got caught up with technology handicap(I still am btw) to a time where its really hard to keep the standard of all the work and maintain it to a level . I never had a specific goal to begin with,other than making it a personal fashion blog Nor had a big revenue generating strategy ! Writing a post really allows me to sit and finish off a complete thought,go off on tangents address real and Imaginary critics- Yes I have had my share of  haters  losers who care to leave anonymous comments, be it spam, non- constructive criticism and crappy stuff (but the funny thing is that its actually not anonymous when we can track the IP address down --evil grin )For people like these - I just waste 5 sec of mine before hitting trash,at the same time feeling pathetic for their childish thought, and eat up the whole thing with a chuckle, and let it slide off ( ) I am pretty sure that I am not alone on this..
Its not that we are not open to healthy criticism and that I blog to get attention(though good comments/feedback is always welcome) What I am trying to say is that I am adapting myself to fashion trends, and suiting up my Armour to  engage with readers ! Blogging is actually getting into the meat and potatoes of individual talent, its my personal freedom to expose my  likes,n ideas which inspire me,or in simpler words a platform to discuss things we have in common ! Having said that everyone has a right to disapprove,and if you do, there are other means to communicate the same rather than to pigeon hole things and waste non- constructive thoughts on someones space who has no time for any shit and giggles- THAT'S WhY !
Moving to the outfit, wearing warmer shades with a bright neon bag, and lips. Oh ! Did I tell you that Mac Embrace me is  Mac candy Yum Yum twin sister ? 

We are bringing together a lot of pink today !!
Dress- Thrifted
Sweater- mango
Boots- Da milano
Ring/Bag- Bangkok
Cat eye Sunnies- Asos
Bracelet- Tanishq Jewels
On my lips- Mac Embrace me 

K'erastase Couture Styling in Delhi- Celebrating 50 years of Perfect Hair

Monday 27 January 2014 / , , ,

Recently Last week , I was Invited for an evening of excitement and socializing with the Ke'rastase team, celebrating  50 years of hair styling experience and launch of couture styling . For the first time the iconic Kate Moss was the spokesperson and global brand ambassador for the same.
Hosts Aseem kaushik and Smira Bakshi welcomed their cherished celebrities, salon owners , who would take the message of Ke'rastase to every stylish man and woman in India !
The very talented K artistic team were the styling ambassadors for the couture styling launch. 
There was then a mini hair show, which showcased couture styling on the models displaying stunning hairstyles which could be created using Ke'rastase products. The models walked to an exclusive array of tunes constructed just for the show. It was fun, energetic, and exciting for the entire audience. The stunning hairstyles were created from their styling range which totally left us in a moment of  Aww and Inspiration ! 
The night was accompanied by some fancy tunes, hor s oeuvres, and we also got a chance to get our hair styled too :) Personally I was intrigued by the product line and I still am. Infact I created a flamboyant look with their styling mousse which I received in my goodie bag , and came up with this !! You can catch some live videos of hair styling and more pics from the event On my Instagram feed here.

Smira Bakshi- General manager Ke'rastase India
Voluminizing Mousse and The Goodie Bag
About Ke'rastase-  Smira Bakshi- The General manager, Ke'rastase India " This year Ke'rastase celebrates 50 years of hair care excellence. The brand has always created innovative and Iconic products with avant-garde formulations. With couture styling Ke'rastase creates a new category in its range, a collection of 6 unique products with an  alliance of fusion hold and freedom of movement for highly personalized hairstyles!

How to Wear a Plus Size Formal Evening Dress

Sunday 26 January 2014 / , , , , , ,

A lot has changed since the times of Cinderella and Snow White. Women have progressed from pretty dresses and demure looks to ambitions and substance. Looking skinny is not mandatory anymore and the urge for the perfect figure has considerably reduced. Society has come to accept women for her personality and for who she is. So if you are plus size and you are skeptical about wearing a formal evening dress for your office party just shun all your inhibitions and go for it. A plus size formal evening dress can look just as classy, elegant and beautiful as its petite sister.Like for all occasions it doesn’t hurt to plan your look well ahead before the formal party. If you are planning to get yourself something new and you want to check out what’s available before hitting the roads then internet is your best friend. You can see what are the latest kinds of plus size formal evening dresses that are trending currently and what are your options. If you feel that none of the stores in your locality have dresses that match your tastes then by all means shop online.
 If you decide to shop online on websites like for your plus sized formal evening dress then do so a bit early. You need to make sure you have enough time to return the dress and get a new shipment in case you are not satisfied with the first dress that you bought. also give you an excellent collection of accessories to go along with their range of plus size formal evening dress. Try pairing your dress with nude pumps (only if they match) to give you a leggier look. Heels also add to your height and give you an overall toned down look.

 Avoid block prints on your plus size formal evening dress and go in for colors like black, red and darker shades of purple, green and blue. These colors make you look slightly slimmer.
Dress smart and make sure that your dress covers the flab areas in your body and does not highlight them. Try brisk walking and some exercises before the party, it may not bring down your weight by much but a toned look will help you look even more fabulous.
Know that there is a lot more to you than your figure so be confident in yourself and love yourself for who you are and you will see that everything will fall in place automatically. 
Buy Plus size formal evening dress

Beanies and Printed Jumpers

Tuesday 21 January 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I read somewhere that  most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time and a lightbulb just went off in my head. I surveyed my closet and found that to be completely true for me as well... coz I wore this Jumper exactly last year, this time .There are some pieces from my wardrobe, which gives me an overwhelming pang every time I see them hanging, and I get itchy to continuously wear them again n again.  The truth of the matter, I think, is – (which apparently I also read once somewhere) –" to be really well dressed, you HAVE to have a LOT of CLOTHES, But not clothes you never wear".Are we on the same page yet ? Do you maximize your wardrobe too  Or your eyes are bigger than the stomach ?? hihi !!
Today I made an  off-the-wall choice to clash the color of this jumper with brutal wine hue , and it seemed to go with everything. Rest of the look was kept neutral n understated . Also i am loving these On the run messy braids, besides on saving time, don't they just take the look to a new level ?

Jumper- Buy here
Boots- GK market
2 in 1 Beanie- Asos
Watch: Michael Kors
In other news Homeshop18 is running some really steal deals on their website. This Republic day you stand a great chance of bagging some super stuff at bargain prices.Just log on to Homeshop18 and use the voucher code RDAY20 and avail 20% off . As for me, I am already into  their home decor collection and plan on adding some cool stuff in my cart .Code applicable on apparel ,footwear , jewellery , fashion accessories , beauty products , home and kitchen products .Offer valid on only , it not available on the TV channel . 


Winter Style Update- PLAID COAT

Thursday 16 January 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

The start of 2014 has been decent for me. Ok to be honest, It started on a good and fat note of splurge. My first PRADA bag is on the way, and I am counting days. I have been reading a lot of blogs, and the bloggers new year's resolution on how not to splurge this year I find myself  being a scrooge when I read them, grinning over silently and thinking, well at least its not my part of the plan yet !!
I don't have a humongous bag collection. I had always picked bags from customs store or from the streets during my hay college days, because I didn't have a "Sugar Daddy" to fund me.
Ever since I got married, I am allowed to buy just one bag a year. And I have the liberty to chose from any luxury brands,so that it lasts me a decade(we call them throw around bags). Now since I am trying to understand fashion better and I see it truly as an art form, I have started supporting all things creative and entrepreneurial. I have shifted my focus from being a lady who desires to Luxe to a lady who loves to be artsy.  
I remember last time I got Mr. Hubs to snap at me when I bought this Dior inspired bag from Bangkok. 
let me quote him for you- " Money is meant to be spent (read – used wisely), not hoarded. Your satisfaction (or any other synonym) depends on how smartly you spend it. Skip it up and I'll buy you a Dior next year "
Guess my over enthusiasm for Prada is only a way to beat the winter blues. Its shivering cold in Delhi, but nothing compared to the -48C in most of North America ! This Blankety scarf and My new Asos knee boots are a sure means to keep off the wind chill factor.

Jacket: DKNY/ Buy Similar
Bag- Bangkok
Cuff- Asos
Scarf- Milan Airport

Best Place to Buy Stylish Frames Online

Friday 10 January 2014 / , , ,

Whenever I need a new pair of eyewear, the first step to it is browsing all the best available options online alongwith reviews !! Selecting an eye-wear is not as easy as buying any piece of clothing. There are a lot of meticulous things need to be addressed though, but then if there is a possibility of saving time , comes into the picture !
Lenskart offers an incredible selection  of glasses online for both men and women ! In case you wanna update your spectacles, then its as easy as a click of a mouse now days !! Keeping a majority of world brands under its umbrella, there seems no dearth of options from stylish frames to choose and that too sitting at home !!  The other thing which caught my eye is that the website offers home eye testing facility in case you are housebound, or even if you are not . But whatever it is , its quite unheard in India at least ! Its like going to a real doctor but from the comfort of your home !

The second best thing unlike any website is that they have the option to gift and redeem any corporate or personal gift voucher. Available from a denomination of Rs 500 - 21,000, it solves a convenient way to shift the dilemma for most of us coz, you not only gift a currency , but you are also gifting someone an opportunity to shop n explore
Just Pay for the lens and get the first frame free. Now how cool is that ?

What I like about Lenskart :
1) Fast shipping (makes sense, since they're local) - One can always get the stuff on time .
2) Free shipping, Cash on delivery and 14 day return policy
3) Awesome and friendly customer service and live chat in case you run into any trouble. This not only enhances the personal shopping experience, but consumers are able to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently without putting in much effort.  This apart, they have a 24x7 helpline and can be reached at (0) 99-99-8 99-99-8
4) Latest collection from top brands 
5) Everything on the website seemed to be at par and competitively priced.
6)The fantastic virtual fitting room, helps you try the selected frame by uploading a head-shot or taking one with your webcam, and the glasses will hover over your eyes.
7) Easy navigation and  User friendly website.
8) Ongoing promotions that focus on reducing the cost of frames and lenses .

 Nutshell-  is  sourcing the latest eyewear and following fashions from around the world to bring us  designer labels and frames with an unbeatable combination of style n  shapes ever possible. Each and every pair of glasses is individually  handled by a team of trusted expertise  and  all the vision requirements  are personally taken care.  One just needs to make sure that you do your homework and get all the measurements right, so as to get what you order. Alternatively you can also get some best deals on the website by checking out a few Lenskart coupons which can get you closer to your dream pair and it could be a win-win buy for you.
If you haven't checked them out yet, then I would highly recommend that you do now . As of now they are offering a flat 30% off on a billing of Rs. 1500 and above . Log on and get your first pair of frame free :)

Top Wedding Dress Trends in 2014

Tuesday 7 January 2014 / , , , , , , , , ,

This new-year most of you are going to get married Isn't it ?? The trend says that every Bride must make an entrance that should leave people catching their breath and the groom should be mesmerized enough to remember that moment for the rest of life(mine still does OK ) 
One's wedding dress can make or break your day and hence we need lots of attention and patience while choosing the wedding dress.
The most important thing to pull off your dream look on your wedding is to make sure your wedding dress matches your body shape. It is easy to get bogged down by the huge range of collections but when you remove all the frills and laces it all boils down to just 5 basic styles of wedding dresses that surely are going to rock 2014. Yes the trendy styles to look out for  . Don't worry let me break it down for you !
·         A-Line or the Princess Wedding Dress: This is a sure favorite of all the brides. Can be usually worn by people of all body types. It can make a rounder lower body look slimmer and on the other hand it can also give the illusion of curves for petite women.

·         Empire Wedding Dress: Another strong contender for the most loved wedding dress of 2014 would be the empire wedding dress. This is a very forgiving dress and can help you hide your problem areas with elegance. Its raised waistline works magic for both small and large busted women and it is also ideal for people with pear shaped figures.

·         Column or Sheath Wedding Dress: Now this style should definitely be on the top list when you are considering buying one because of the flattering way it drapes and hugs your body. It is ideal for petite and lean brides. This can make you look taller and leggier.

·         Mermaid Wedding Dress: This style is not only sexy but contours everything dashingly. It comes in varying styles and can be tweaked to suit your body style. Since this is also body hugging, wear it only if you are confident and comfortable in it.

·         Ball gown Wedding Dress: No explanations !! Why ? because these are what fairy tales are made of. You know it is a happily ever after when you see the princess walking into the sunset in this wedding dress with her prince charming. Avoid this type of wedding dress if you have a small frame because it usually tends to overpower it.

With these styles from the top list of wedding dresses of 2014 you can tweak them here and there and make a statement of your own. Pair your wedding dress with a sash or a bolero jack or add your own design details in pearls, crystals or brocade. 
All these styles are  and many other bridal shopping websites too and in the wildest of widest range of collection that one can think of !! Happy Shopping BRIDES !! 

Brand Spotlight- AMERICAN SWAN

Saturday 4 January 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy New Year ! I am back after a mini vacation from Kerala with God's own eclectic influence on me :) We had so much fun - I'm in total withdrawal now! How did I ever survive cooking and cleaning when I could be on the lakeside all day?? Getting away gives such a great perspective on your life.Vacation is like a drug-the high before, the great feeling during, and the downer after. Sometimes I think it's not worth the emotional roller coaster-but then I wanna pack up and move out soon again !! Really intended to do the first post of New year on the 1st of this month, but could not(had a technology n gadget handicap u see) But life would give me a better chance next year.

Online shopping is an area in which we’re proudly adept, and among a few other bookmarking shopping websites I have recently added American Swan, line of clothing.
I picked up this Varsity jacket and was pleasantly surprised with the quality, in comparison with the low prices.Its pretty warm for me to stand a 4degree Delhi chill especially when I had an early morning flight to catch. Its comfy, sensible pockets and completely blocks the wind from the front to keep the wearer nice and cosy.
These Chinos too are a pretty good fit and the material feels great and breathable.The website has a cloud of categories,and a whole lotta options to pick and choose from. The women’s selection appears to be mostly basics, with a few trendy items thrown in the mix. I did not go through the men section :( 
There’s no denying that the site has a very welcome mode with ease of ordering in addition to the e-commerce landscape, and one that I’ll be checking often as new items roll in.
When you pick out something you like, head over to the accessories section—they offer some cool bags and accessories to match your purchase. :P

Plaid Shirt- Hubs(got it fitted)
Chinos/Clutch/Jacket- C/o  American Swan
Pumps- Lavie
Cap- Bangkok
Sunnies- Asos

Congratulations Aditi for winning the Crocs Giveaway. Someone from the team will be in touch with you shortly.