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Purple Lips | Lipsticks Trends that You Must Try This Spring

Wednesday 25 February 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

After my sporadically done Blue lips fame, it was time to dive right into a color experiment and haphazardly open up to a whole rainbow and do a whacky post yet again ! I was determined to push my boundaries a bit further and come up with high impact lips. This Lilac is just the right shade for an Indian tone . Its a neutral without being one , it can be light and it can be dark, and you can play with the tone just as you feel like. Be vampy with double swipe or be feminine with a single one, just whatever rocks your boat.
Yes you would get some odd looks on the streets , but whatever , you know u are Rad, and there is nothing that could take that feeling from you .
There are so many ways I could just breeze through summers with these more subversive than tidy unabashed lips. Its just like the easiest thing to throw on after the summer heat kicks over. Case In Point : U don't know what you have got , until you tried it . But more than anything its about the trial and error, and a constant revolution between the posh n proper on one side and the punk and Provocateurs on the other, and then moving on to see what the Sartorial Janta likes and don't ? Lucky for me, you guys love my coming together of two poles , appreciate,leave generous love and all this gives me a creative license to thwack n shake the fashion world(thudd thuddd thudd lol)
Besides its not only these lips I lathered on. These bomber jackets are a trendy rendition to this pleasant Delhi weather. And for this sartorial climate that encourages most of us to wear whatever they want , I am loving every bit of it layering with whatever I could grab on and take my thangsss to the next level.

The Week After My #HairIsFashion Lakme Showstopping Hair + Win A hair Makeover (Closed)

Tuesday 24 February 2015 / , , ,

Its been more than a week since I got my Makeover at Lakme. I washed my hair later , and was pretty impressed that the color from the temporary extension had not bleeded. It's as good as new, and heck, there is an itch wanting to get some more .
Recently I had to attend a wedding, and went ahead and did some curling . Later when I looked at myself thoroughly, I wasn't able to show off my Helix extension straight on. I guess the blow dried hair works the trick here ,and that's what I did too for this look. After spritzing some water, I gave the hair a good shake with my hands and , then straightened it all out again . Finally figured that being flamboyant comes at a price, and straight hair works for this deal.
Here is the look I created . I created a slight-side part , so that I could pull out some wispy pieces of the Fuchsia  color along the way in the front, and pinned the other side only to leave the colored streak to do the talking. Its a great way to show the colors, and make a hair statement. When we live in a perfect world, with perfectly manicured hands, and flying kisses, and those jazzy outfits, and the grooming habits , Nothings trumps the hair, and it has to be as showstopping as if you just walked a ramp.

Am I Too MultiColor For You

Thursday 19 February 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

So the Cat is out of the bag !! I won't lie that  Mr. Ace Designer Manish Arora (respect ** respect **) triggers a magnetic pull , and is a collective vision in reality .The moment I saw the Spring Summer 15 " all I could do was - turn my daydreaming mode ON , while imagining  me doing the informal modelling on a mental Beethoven symphony . Hands down the best in prints and oversized dresses had caught me in a whimsical fantasy , n it triggered a lot of  ends from my side- One of them being coming up with my own collection of designer inspired  Boutique pieces , only hand-picked and selective pieces to shop. So if you have a bent towards contributing to street style n a want to express where you have been on the planet, then trust me I have some stellar and  head turning pieces lined up.
Oversized clothes and dresses, are on the right fashion radar this 2015. And this dress in doodle strokes could probably make the case of close encounters with style riches. If you want to keep your things strictly stylish , then hold on, coz I can barely seem to hold my horses.
Shop this Dress- Write to me on my email- id(on the left) for enquiries n details.
Can't wait to bring you more from the Label TFF
P.S:  Since a lot of you asked me , what the big thing was, these were the news I talked about here , n the butterflies in my stomach have not kinda settled ,so let me just hit the Publish Tab as of now :)

Food Guide And Bars In Chennai

/ ,

Last year I had the privilege to do a small stop over at Chennai whilst I was in Vaikundam. When in Chennai, there is nothing like digging in local cuisines, and eat your heart's out. Since we were visiting for a few days with a group of friends, (from Punjabi cluster), there would have been no way if there was no swarming involved around the clubs, nightlife and the bars in Chennai.
After  spending a whole week in serendipity and in the lap of nature, we wanted to taste the city life and get wanted the heck out of someone spinning some nice music for us, before we all headed hometown.

Mumbai Visit | Experience And FindThe the Best Hotels

Wednesday 18 February 2015 / , , ,

If you follow my updates besides the blog, then you would know that I was in Mumbai last month for New Year's. Its another city from home away from home , and I love the vibes, and the culture. We experienced Taj Hospitality, and literally didn't come out of our luxurious room for days . Even words fail, if I start expressing how luxurious the staff made us feel, but that's the way it should be right ?  While I prefer to stay in hotels in Navi Mumbai,my husband always does hotel bookings in Mumbai near the airport.Since you tend to spend major part of your day in the city traffic,its preferred to stay in hotels near mumbai when you're using the city airport for transit.After a relaxing week at Taj Landsend we chose a boutique hotel near Mumbai airport,The Emerald Hotel,where we had the luxury of warming up  food in the good size kitchen of our one bedroom apartment.The Juhu area is a must visit not only for the numerous gourmet outlets but also for the designer wear stores where you can shop to your hearts fill and give the notorious Mumbai traffic a miss.

Brand Spotlight - ZOIRO Party

Tuesday 17 February 2015 / ,

Today's new age crowd, love everything cutting-edge. Be it couture, high street fashion or intimate inner wear. Believe it or not, men are equally vocal about their choices in fashion too.
Recently I met the Italian sisters duo, who design innerwear for men under the brand name- Zoiro. The designs from the brand are totally their inception and are not only trendy, but are made of materials that totally enhance wearing comfort.
There was a press con a few months back, and the designers Claudia and Paola Piatti , are not just famous internationally as great contributors but in fact are the famous hands behind a lot trendy innerwear/Outerwear/sportswear brands worldwide. To name it a few are : Paul frank, Fila, Chicco, gas, replay and many more . We have already been familiar with these designs , and bringing the same concept for this brand was an ideal choice too. If you loved those you would love the fun prints at  Zoiro definitely .

Zoiro is an Indian initiative, ticked off by its Director Mr. Navin Sheksaria, and the pieces from the collection has already hit the Indian shelves about an year ago. The core focus of the brand has primarily been fit- and with factors such as function n design all being thoroughly considered throughout the design process.
The sister duo was really excited to bring the trendy and stylish designs at prices which were really affordable and within the buying reach of every common men , who wants to  make a statement without spending a tad too much for the basics.

Romantic Make-up and Day Look For Valentine Feat. India Circus

Saturday 14 February 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The Countdown to  "Be my Valentine" has just about started . Besides being the "Love Month" February is also the month , when most of us say " I Do", coz its the month of weddings too. As a couple, I love a mushy mushy push to this day, by fate coz we are celebrating 10 years of marriage as well, just a day before V day, and to begin with, he has already got something crazy for me, which you can lay your drool worthy eyes on ,through my Instagram feed :)
Talking of ways to flaunt the best outfit for the day(previous post here) I am certainly having a bent towards everything blush and pink these days,And if you don't remember,let me remind you that I am wearing the same dress over this year for my Valentines week. The previous post being This !! See !! I think there is a sub-conscious mind-meld happening or could be the ricochets  of my previous Valentine karma, that is making me  bounce back and grab the same dress, and wear it differently. Plus I wanted the focus to be my New glasses(which u can shop), so safe to say, I spinned the rest masterfully to create a style similarity yet in a different concoction. So if you haven't seen a soft , romantic, feminine side of me on the blog , Read- "Valentines made me do it " well then lets , say Hello, until we meet again !!
This look couldn't be complete, without adding this quirky Zing Sling bag via India Circus. I love it, its still being a lot like me, and just what I wanted to go with the neutrals.  This bag makes up for a great idea to gift her something out of the box, Lets one break from the status quo and would light up her eyes too..  Coz lets say it, Its delicate, brownie score for a great print, and point on quality.

#HairIsFashion With Lakme Salon Showstopper Hair Collection

Friday 13 February 2015 / , , , ,

Do you want the hair, that every women gets dreaming about ?  Ever since college , I have been using the phrase, "Let me show you how to dance with your hair ". Come 2015, I feel like re-phrasing it all again, and say " Lets turn head with Show-Stopper hair.
Believe you me,I like when hair color does the talking. Its like people say- You light up the room,every time you walk in #justsaying. So for all those of you, who feel that your hair should be a true bombshell, and let your inner beauty shine through strongly on the outside too, wait till I tell you about the Lakme Showstopper collection !!

Two Things to keep in Mind for your Valentine Outfit | Gifts

Friday 6 February 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We are back talking about the month of love, and the markets and shops have already started filling up with pretty colors and designs and everything red which has hearts, and we are racking our minds, making a list of thoughtful gifts.
While many of us are still caught up in the hype, I feel, there is no harm in celebrating  when the world's throwing a chance at us . Ideally, everyday of our lives should be celebrated, but many women look forward to a day where they could switch it up a bit, and get dressed ,looking all fancy. So for all those of you ,to whom , it means a lot, let me not sour you more on love, and lets talk about all the good things that comes with this day. Red is the color of  valentine n blah blah blah , but trust me, when the whole world would be bleeding red and pink, you could stand out by wearing something purple or yellow or maybe blue. So how about a great colored midi skirt, a cropped blouse or a jacket and nicely done up hair, for a Midas touch ?
Midi skirts exudes elegance and modern warmth, especially in all the happy colors. I love this sunshine Yellow color, and for this year, I am calling it my color for the Valentine. Also I love how these snazzy oversize Blue reflectors gives a final touch, setting the mood just right. These modern pieces not only make up, as some interesting  Valentine gifts, which are light on pocket, but  are also well-intentioned, if your other half is a fashion monster !
If you are going to spend money this Valentine days, better make it good and make space for personal memories to grow, Even if its on some in-expensive jewelry, or a dress or a book, or a special self cooked meal, as long as it doesn't cost you an arm or leg, while still kicking up the notch a bit higher than last year !

Being Juliet | What's In My Period Box

Monday 2 February 2015 / , , , , , ,

This beauty/jewelry box subscription is a fast growing thing now in India too, and personally I myself have subscribed to a couple,  not out of a desperate need per say, but because you ought to try out the new stuff sometime, plus hate  throwing a  dumb expression on the face, when being asked about how these subscriptions work, and what's in for my readers.  Frankly, I only warmed up to the idea of subscribing to these goody boxes cause {a} A blogger should try out everything first (-its like a first access club service and must not be missed ) and  {b} to share my honest review on things good and bad these boxes come with.