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Monochrome Swing

Monday 27 August 2012 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

There's no greater feeling out there in the world when you realize that you are about to pack the bags and go for a holiday ! Yes its Goa calling time for me ! A long due trip planned and executed. I haven't been away on a proper holiday for about eight months now(I am not counting my short trips to Agra and Jaipur) so this one should be good to relax,especially considering that I have a week long of work to do after I come back . Hope I would be recharged and refreshed in the process !
Today's outfit is yet again a monochrome.Just added a hint of red,to glam a tired face(u can make that out from the first pic). Its another three month to fall and since I have decided to go easy on my shopping,to avoid being broke; a lot of reusing of clothes is expected. In fact I dug this vest out from last year's just in anticipation that it would suffice for this fall. This is how I endorse reduce ! Do u do that often too ?
Wearing: Dress and vest-Forever 21,Pumps-Mochi, bag- Charles and Keith, Bear bracelet- designed by friend

Romper Trend-The Colour Blocking Way

Thursday 23 August 2012 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Today's post is fitness related,answers to all the questions by my readers and few friends(who are reading my blog) are sorted here ! So hold on ....
Recently everyone has been asking me about my sudden drop of weight,and its true.I got my family panicked to no extent, when lost about 3 kgs last month and maybe about 5 inches overall ! For so many years I have been gymming, specially after childbirth and lost significantly and accepted the fact that the last five kgs would surely stick around me forever, but I was wrong ! My body got so used to a typical workout that it stopped responding ! I realized that I started to stagnate at the same weight, even if I did the same amount of exercise while sticking to dietary restrictions. I figured out,shook things up and worked out twice a day(aerobics+jogging) ! yes ! If you think I am insane you can stop reading right here.. I noticed I was toning up,and pledged all my life to continue the same way forever. Entered Spur(a problem of the heel bone area),and I was advised not to Jog.

Since  I had a soldout mindset,I started swimming on a daily basis,after my usual morning workout. Sometimes I switched between aerobics and dance,which really helped my waist trim and handles vanish all of a sudden.

Incase you sail in the same boat or look for some motivation to provide the little nudge you need, you may find help from my first hand experience...
Don't allow yourself to get complacent, though - as soon as your current regimen feels easy, change it up and try something different.
For god's sake do not diet rather opt for healthy eating. I love fried foods and some days I eat them too, but discipline is the key.
Start with jog or walk and see whether it helps.If u want to add some spice to your workout-add dance,(I recently took up Zumba)However,the idea is to change your routine once every two or four weeks, in order to see better results .Increase the intensity and time spent,and U'll witness the shedding part, even your clothes to a point ! After all its about feeling good , which Indubitably I am..
Just a laidback outfit, where I threw in a romper,and attempted colour blocking only to enjoy a little sunshine !

Wearing: Romper and Bag - Janpath also here, Peeptoes- Venus steps,Shrug-Zara-here,Necklace and scrunchie- Singapore,Bracelets- Accessorize,shades- Tommy Hilfiger

Cutout Dress- The Trend

Sunday 19 August 2012 / , , , , , , ,

Wanna Flaunt some skin this season? Then try the most covetable trend giving cutting edge with the cutout dresses.
This dress of mine has an open back and a short cut out heart detailing at the back, which I really love since it manages to stay sweet and doesn’t appear too exposing . The best part I don't feel that I need to restrict this one to sizzle out in the night only, but I well played it even during day, many times before.
One thing is for sure that this trend gives me enough incentive to tone out my abs and maybe someday I would flatter myself with those mid cut outs (only if this one sticks around for a year,coz seriously I would need that much time)And for all those who haven't tried it out yet,now you have all the more reason to shed some weight and shape up !

Tying my hair into a bun updo was a good idea as I didn't want to draw the attention from my back
 Follow these Golden rules if you want to look every bit of a winner while wearing cut-out dresses  and you'd be sure to make a few jaws drop.
1.Imitating when trying out this trend is a good thing but figure out which body part you feel comfortable exposing, if you are too unsure start with back cutouts.
2. If you think you are bulky or heavy at the middle or have those love handles,avoid wearing waist or side cut out dress or it would cause serious damage to your personality.The idea is to show your best assets rather than drawing attention to the flabby part. Remember-lesser the better !
3.lastly, just be yourself strap out some confidence and go out in the boldness of this trend with your head held high .
Wearing: Dress- Only Brands(GK), -Here, Pumps- Tresmode, Bracelets- Accessorize and mixed

Geometric Patterns-The Trend

Wednesday 15 August 2012 / , , , , , ,

Today's look is inspired by geometric patterns,yes another trend of the season which I couldn't have missed to try.I love this blouse from Oasap,and ever since I ordered it, not many ideas flowed in my mind  on styling this one. I tried to pair it with burgundy,blue,and pink but felt would come as strong contrast to overshadow the math on the blouse ! Hence the safest option to wear it was with monochromatic bottoms ! It always works when we choose accessories in a contrasting color or understated tone to blend with the overcrowded visual of the print. Here, I tried colour blocking too with bold colours(lips + shoes) so as to balance the lighter shades of the outfit.
I look forward to wear it at least a few times more and Incase you might think of some other ways to style this one, u can solve this equation for me in the comments section below.

Wearing: Blouse,ring and bracelet- Oasap, Pants- Nuon,belt-westside,shoes-metro,Bag- OASAP-here,watch-swatch

Statement Accessories- The Trend

Friday 10 August 2012 / , , , , , , , , ,

What  do u do on hot and sultry days, when  humidity climbs up and u  sweat from all your pores? Stay indoors and click for outfit posts ! That's what I did for this shoot ! The best part about shooting indoors is that I could hop in and out of  the living room to get  doze of some Air conditioning,makeup touch ups every now and then,Having a good think about any particular poses which I might want to try and then check out the pics on pc and do some fine tuning simultaneously; while continuously sneaking in the luxury of doing my routine saturday household chores like watering my plants, dusting the corners and so on. U can shuffle between things, only if  your photographer is a cool guy or he takes too long between shots !  End result = Good pictures and household work complete.
 Do you too enjoy taking photos indoors or do you loathe it?

I was very glad to take part in make a statement challenge which was an initiative by in-fb. You can check out the entries here .

Wearing- Top- gifted-here, Pants-lee here, Shoes-Bangkok,Belt-Kapsons,Shades and ring from Hongkong,

Online shopping at

Wednesday 8 August 2012 / , , , , , , , ,

Recently I saw swatch of Deborah lipstick in atomic red and wanted to buy it,but it was out of stock at shoppers counter,I spotted the same lipcolour  on jabong .com and decided to order it from them. is a young   and vibrant company that aims to provide goodquality branded products. It caters to the fashion need of men, women and kids across footwear, apparel, jewellery, beauty and accessories. It has the best ever customer care I have come across lately. Barely within seconds after placing the order, I received a call from their customer care to reconfirm the order while assuring  that the package would be delivered to me within two days. And sure to their words I recieved it on the second day ! Amazing it is !

   The company is also too swift in sending out texts and provide excellent package tracking service,with the details of dispatch time too.
Incase you haven't shopped or explored this website,head over to to discover a variety of branded stuff all under one roof .They even offer a sign up voucher for Rs. 2000, which u can club with your next order ! Too tempting !
To sum up ,I was really impressed by the speed of process,competitive products, reasonable price and absolutely hassle free shopping !
                                    And lastly,here is the swatch of Deborah Atomic red, #5

Neon Inspiration

Saturday 4 August 2012 / , , , , , , , , , ,

Today's look is also inspired by Neon colours.. Some fashion trends don't flatter the human form  and others probably only suit about just a percentage of the population,but wearing neon highlights in balanced dozes can bring out the oomph factor in any individual. Recently I made friends with an eighty year old british NRI,who joins me for swimming almost everyday,and she flaunts neon colour swimsuits making pretty much a fashion definition.Though her logic of wearing one is that she wants to be noticed incase of any mishaps,but that is from her point of view. And believe me she looks so happy when I tell her that she is a fashion diva,setting trend examples from as such as a swim suit. There is no set of age of people for Inspiration,and she has motivated me enough to buy one in neon yellow too.If u know of a place or any online store just let me know,it will be a treat for me,and I'll definitely refrain myself from posting pictures of the subject on my blog(ever heard of scandalizing our readers?)
Location- My house staircase and India Gate
Wearing: Blouse- thrifted,shorts-addidas,ballerinas-bangkok,bag-tommy hilfiger,watch-Ck,necklace-here,neon friendship bands- local market