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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Concluded with Indian Designer Namrata Joshipura| FDCI

Monday 31 March 2014 / , , , ,

The Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale by Namrata Joshipura inspired by the next revolution in human science concluded the Autumn Winter edition of Asia’s premiere fashion and trade event Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi at Pragati Maidan ITC’s premium lifestyle brand Wills Lifestyle marked its successful collaboration with the acclaimed designer by presenting a spectacular Grand Finale. 
A striking amalgamation of futuristic designs and a dramatic show, the Finale impressed the audience with fascinating elements of grandeur.
The Grand Finale opened with a high-octane light driven show making quite an impression. The set up was dramatic with a LED lit ramp, creating a special experience for the audience. Kick starting the show was an impressive live music presentation that gave way to models sashaying down in striking avant-garde designs rooted in bold, and sensational silhouettes. 
I got a chance to see the set up, which was quite predictable and we all guessed the finale to be a show of lights,but what we did not know was the dance performance by artists in reflective suits that were engineered to befit the theme of the collection, and was also the main highlight of her show.
L- The designer herself-Namrata Joshipura and R-Kangana Ranaut wearing a trail off shoulder Red carpet  gown with a sci-fi inspired make up(from Mac) and metallic tipped lips.
Mohawk Inspired hairdo pulls off all over space age silver and was a total dazzler. I Even Loved the sculpted hairdos, which seemed to be marrying the space age interpretation of every garment . Very Outlandish Must say.

Fashion Design Council of India
A non-profit organization, Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), is the apex body of fashion design in India, represented by over 350 members. Founded on the premise of promoting, nurturing and representing the best offashion design talent in the country; its prime objective is to propagate the business of fashion.

Un-Veiling Of Designer Ritu Beri's Fashion Swim Wear Collection At Quan Spa -JW Marriot, Delhi

Saturday 29 March 2014 / , , , , , ,

Last Sunday Afternoon, Jw Marriot, Aerocity, witnessed some fashionable names-dropping at the poolside ,where an intense swimwear collection was put together by none other than our very talented Ritu Beri who sent down some gorgeous Models in the most desirable  swimwear collection, that we didn't stand a chance to Bat an eyelid. We were all blessed, when the weather gods decided to smile on us , and showered us with a bit of rain, and some surprisingly cool breeze, Just an ideal set up to sip on some soul warming cocktails and enjoy the models kick start to the tunes of  smooth Umbrella, playing Live.

Lovely and colorful cutout Bikinis with detailed designing/weaving in Crochet. These Black cover-ups looked very royal with the golden tassels, Just put it on and feel like a million dollars.
Quickly grabbed a moment with the designer, and we talked about the collection. The  Swim wear Collection will be all for grabs at The Quan Spa, JW marriot, Aerocity. I think I need one of those Capes.

The lady with a million dollar smile poses with all  the models.Ruffles were in full throttle too !

Jas Arora's passion for fashion is truly evident as he puts his rare talent into creating a look that can make heads turn.. He is Grounded to the G and i admire his sense of colorzz. This pastel Blue jacket  worn with luxuriously made plaid pants seemed to be bringing together the semi-casual  look which he wanted to show off,with a scarf being that extra in the mile and giving the illusion of a better canvas.

JW Marriot,Delhi serves one of the best Veg Sushi, but u gotta try that with the fiery paste of the Wasabi,if u can bear with the spiciness of the thing. After all its got a Job to do.These roasted apricots on the toasties, and the sheer exuberance of the preparations were never a too much .

The Place to let loose and Immerse in the Exotic- The Quan Spa(award winning), which was unveiled  the same day.After an hour of grounding myself in killing heels, that's me getting ready for  my foot massage.
The Celine of course gets its own seat too :)

Luxury Fashion Event- Delhi Duty Free Presents Scents n Sensibility with Mr.Vir Sanghvi at Pullman Hotel,India

Wednesday 26 March 2014 / , , , , , ,

Every Delhite sure does know the way to bag some great savings and I cannot pretend not to have squirreled away with the "Oh how cute this perfume bottle looks" and gave in to the impulse for my own nefarious use, which I  precariously admitted to Mr. Vir Sanghvi on a recent session about Sense and Sensibilities where we learnt a bit more about scents and how we could all enhance our perfume buying experience. 
The event took place at PullmanHotel, M.g Road, gurgaon and was organized by team Blogmint
With me duty free shopping is always a Plural ! Piles and Piles of perfumes, endless cosmetic and Plethora of chocolates comes back with me. Don't believe me here ? Check my Insta page, and figure out my perfumes obsession ..The recent ones been bought from Delhi duty free, just two weeks back.
The session was Indulgent and we discovered some wider links between scents and fashion, Gyaan I would have never got otherwise, Like how did Chanel No5 got its name ? Well there is a fun fable behind it. Seemingly when Russian Perfumer Beaux sent out a few samples for the Parisian designer Coco Chanel , it was the 5th bottle that caught her attention, n so it was named Chanel No5  . Ahhhmusingg.
The best part about duty free fragrance shopping is that you are not sprung into making hasty on the spot decisions, coz time is always in plenty. Mr. Sanghvi suggests that we should never go fobbing off  perfumes on the bits of cards since its not the same thing at all as being able to apply it on skin. Rather sniff it and try it instead on the skin, roam around a bit , do some shopping ,and come back in a bit and decide whether you want to spring for a full bottle or not. Tip noted :)
After a brief discussion and the much gained enlightenment there was a line up of  Q n A .I didn't mind to point out the fact that duty free is not on the dot to stock some 20 ml-ers , which are quite handy for travel and are still a source of excitement for perfume lovers like me . Though I would love a mini but it is also true that I won't buy a bottle for myself because I have a mini. But then, that's also because I don't love the scent enough. 
My question about fancy looking perfume bottles , got Mr. Vir a bit amused. I couldn't believe him when he disclosed that the cost of perfume is just about 20% of the totals. Rest all goes into conning women like me(hides face).
Soon after that, we all grabed a drink at i-kandy , the poolside bar, which nearly looked extravagant in Florescent lighting,and made up for a perfect outdoor space to mingle, and chit chat and answer some Jiffy  questions and win some cool goodies, to which I miserably failed at.
later we were all escorted for a quick makeover at the Salon . Just incase you didn't know,anyone traveling can take advantage of a free make-over by some of the experts at Delhi duty free. Jeetu, from DDFSteam (missed taking his pic) was extremely talented, and knew all his make-up like a master, and willingly offered handy tips and techniques to apply makeup. This  pro of a gentleman advised to always apply a mascara with  eyes shut, for better results. So next time you are around the airport, don't hesitate to get a complimentary makeover done in between your flights and ask for Jeetu or Heena. 
The three course dinner served at La Riviera Restaurant was exceptionally good, and the salads were Ultimate in Presentation. I didn't dare to take a second helping after i saw a steward  setting the asparagus in the dressing, with much detail n precision . It was a good idea to leave it just there, and let others enjoy the beauty.I quickly ordered a Fettuccine Basil Pasta , and skipped the Dessert, coz I got too involved into sorting out the confusion going on with the cab driver.Though it all ended well, and I reached home safely. 
Have you ever shopped at Delhi duty free? Sound off in the comments. And ya , don't forget to follow them on facebook.


Sunday 23 March 2014 /

Well its that time of the year again, when we all grow a lil older , some become wise,while I just pretend that . However I do Cherish looking back and count my blessings, failures and success, think about my goals for my future, and reflect on the past year.But what is important for me is to make use of my day to celebrate life and thank god for keeping me surrounded with family and friends and a whole Birthday Google doodle page for me !!
Well today, we were invited to the launch of Quan spa at JW Marriot, New Delhi, Aerocity where Ritu Beri , launched her swimwear collection for 2014. It became a lil hang around venue for us,while the Champagne was sipped.
More on the Fashion show and Quan spa in my next post, so stay tuned for that.
I wore my Asos lace dress, and tied my hair into a solid top bun. Solid because I used about a handful of U pins to make it stick. Hair ke side effects after a pre Birthday bash plus I was too lazy to wash.
The Red hot steaming Bag you see here... wink  from C'eline spring summer 2014 and  my birthday present from Hubs . A perfect day to carry it all around,  but its too heavy in itself, Nevertheless, all good things comes with a price so u pay ! A perfect Red bag was a missing link to my wardrobe,just like MH-370.. vow I realized that pretty late !
I think getting drunk is the key to flying comfortably. Several glasses of champagne, and suddenly it's like you're on a roller coaster. Ok Can I have my Champagne now?
My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it.
Dress- Asos
Belt- Kazo
Bag- C'eline Spring Summer 2014
Leopard Pumps- Sammy Dress

JAS ARORA debuts Modern Craft Atelier at Hotel JW Marriot, Aerocity, New Delhi

Saturday 22 March 2014 / , , , , , ,

It was an evening of dazzle, fun and fashion when Actor turned entrepreneur Jas Arora with Sandeep Gupta,Executive Director, Asian Hotels west ltd. played the perfect hosts to celebrate the launch of  his debut ,bespoke modern craft fashion atelier  “Jas Arora”  at JW Mariott Aerocity, New Delhi. The well heeled fashion lovers of the capital came together to raise a toast to celebrate the opening over cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. 
Dressed smartly in white pants and A Duke blue jacket, lending a pop of color through his Orange Hermes belt, with a string of Beads round the neck, Jas possessed every bit of the swag to leave everyone spell bound. He took over the evening in posing with the paparazzi and talking about his venture and the collection.
I was totally left in awe by the way he shook up his personal clean shaved look years back, and brought in the nasty overgrown mooch, which truly got a lot of  women attention on my Instagram Page(check check).
Singer Jasbir Jassi- of "Dil le gayi" Fame is Such a humble being . He truly needs to make a comeback- don't ya'all think ?
Let's Talk about the collection - Well, the collection  seemed to be perfectly perched on the line between what is fashion-forward and what people would love to wear. Their was a color riot, in the men's jacket shouting out loud in pretty pastels. It somehow meant to be giving a message to all the Menfolk- "Stay colorful this spring".Besides the color,the Jackets were given the perfect  cuts while the baroque ones seemed to be pushing the visual limits.However, it’s interesting to note how the designer translates his taste into what they themselves wear, which was pretty evident from Jas Arora's delicious burst of personal style.
For the women, it had everything to fall very much in love with, be it the colors(blended well in a lovely amalgamation of intricate designs), the choli's and the bridal lehengas just seemed to be perfectly tailored.
The minute we walked inside the store, we got enamored with the interiors. Totally art filled and grand.The already Luxe interiors were outfitted with wall to wall Poster size Glamour portrait of the designer himself ,which was worth a dig.Impressive -must admit.
That's us making use of whatever time we had to mingle over a glass of wine and getting lost n posing for the Photo op Marathon.
L- With Nitika R- With AJ and RatnaPriya

Sharing his insights on the store opening, Jas Arora said, “My vision is to create a wardrobe that is sharp in both look and pricing, and is designed for the glamorous urban consumer. Hence I am also providing a distinct service with the USP of customization to whoever walks in to the store.”
You can buy the collection at Hotel JW Marriot , Aerocity, Delhi Or visit-

Maxi Dress| Fashion - Beach Wear

Monday 17 March 2014 / , , , , , , , , , ,

Dull mundane days getting a hoot and cheer of life, well that's neon for me -a perfect anecdote to catch a lil attention.While spring may be the time to turn over a new leaf in fashion and the next moment  we have the runways all flowing down with pastels-  the new ruler of the dynasty ! But what about neons ? Are we over them so soon or they will be a mainstay when it comes to adding the right amount of pizzazz to an outfit ? For me Neon in the most eclectic of shades are sure to add the extra perk in your step, Well they might be officially over for some, but not for me as yet coz  that was the only way I could get you all to notice my holiday tan !
Maxi Dress: Babassu
Flats: Westside
Hat/necklace/elephant ring: Bangkok
Cat-eyes- Asos

Best Places for Vacation in India | Postcards From Kerala

Saturday 15 March 2014 / , , , , , ,

Today's post is in continuation to my previous post on my travel diaries, just a different author . I persuaded my hubs to do a guest post on my blog, while I intend to go on a spring sabbatical. Since he is a hotelier, and a frequent traveler, he is better equipped to do a complete justice for a travel story. I thought of  giving his hitherto hidden travel bugs and avid eye for quality -  a voice, through my blog space and starting a string of travel post on . Guys- Is it a nice idea or should I separate him out ?
At least Let's hear it from him :

Experiencing nature in all its curative best without compromising on the creature comforts is the best part. The name Anantya (infinite) does only half the justice to the infinite natural concoction of waterfront,cloud covered mountains,occasional rainfall,misty rubber plantations,huge variety of local birds,etc.etc.
Maybe if the owners could add another letter to the name to make the total letter count to 8 which is a Chinese favorite as it connects the heaven and earth-Anantyaa.
The vacation at Anantya Resort, Trivandrum,Kerala, was very special for my Family.  We were mesmerized with the sights, smells and sounds (or the lack of it) of this enchanted place.
Pristine nature views all around, unbroken by man made structures, is a rarity which we seldom experience.The sprawling Chittar lake literally hugs Anantya resort from three sides.The beautiful resort nestles quaintly in the blue waters and Rubber Plantations.  Anantya Resort truly enabled us to immerse in nature.
The towering ranges of the Western Ghats capped the scenery, making it picture post card perfect.The breeze and the greenery rejuvenated the soul and filled us with a sense of well being.
The private villas, open vistas, and the alluring restaurant and bars, the welcoming blue waters of the swimming pool and the abundant lily and lotus ponds all around, offer a heady mix for the guests.
Opportunity to commune with other visitors abounded at the Swaad- their lake facing restaurant and the deck bar. 
Oh ! the breeze at the Swaad Restaurant literally and figuratively gives one an opportunity to let the hair down.
I- The Pool Villa with an outdoor private pool and garden space is probably the best waterfront hotel accommodation in Kerala.

 II-The huge and spacious Bathroom with Jacuzzi and open air shower area
III- villa-Poolside at night
IV- The Spacious Bedroom with our monster kid
L- head chef, C- myself ,R- Resort Manager
I- Yali(the demon god) your private water fall
II-Enjoy your wine in the bath-tub with a peek at the lake and mountains through the glass partitions
III-Our lil spa space by the waterfall
From playing Badminton and Volleyball to reading a good book on the quiet shores of the lake or Enjoying a rejuvenating Ayurvedic Spa to attending Yoga lessons a midst natural surroundings there is no dearth of activities to immerse in . Pure luxury !!
Anantya waterfront Resorts,Kerala has unleashed the writer in me. Maybe a week long stay could do some justice to the place . Wishing Anantya all the success with an endless stream of discerning visitors, wanting to invigorate their souls !

Women's Day Special Event | Gulaab Gang with DLF PROMENADE DELHI

Thursday 13 March 2014 / , , , ,

This women's day DLF Promenade Delhi, a mall dedicated to women, devoted an entire week (1st -8th March, 14) for women to shop, eat, relax, have fun and get rewarded in unique ways for the immense dedication and care with which they nurture our world.
A few Delhi bloggers as well the top women socialites and designers were seen enjoying each others company and all that mingling when a session of hi-tea and a special screening of the movie Gulaab gang was hosted by, DLF Promenade, Delhi.
Ok before I go on and share the details and highlight of this event, I really have to tell you about this super cool cab service by the name of Uber The event took a leap of excitement when all the women were driven to and fro to the venue in Uber cabs. Uber is an app that lets you hail a luxury cab within minutes you launch the whole thing on your lil smart phone. And seconds after that  it locates the total no of cabs in your Gps vicnity .Once the request gets accepted by a driver there is a push notification with the drivers name, and pic along-with the type of car and car number that is being sent over with an estimated fee for your cab ride. 
Verdict-It sure as heck beats the old fashioned taxi booking system that we all know of as of now. All I can say is that its the future, and in a city like Delhi, this could be women's best travel alternative. 
The movie though brought about the message of being fearless and all that women power being exercised , and besides all that violence which I am not appreciative of, the good part about the film was the sputtering chemistry of Madhuri Dixit Nene and Juhi Chawla that makes it worth watching once.
Supriya, Me , Nitika and Apurva
Model Amanpreet Wahi at the event
Designers Anupama Dayal and Nida Mahmood
The women who came together to celebrate International Women's day were designers Nida Mahmood and designer Anupama Dayal, Ramola Bachchan, models Sonalika Sahay, Krishna Somani and Amanpreet Wahi among others.
About DLF Promenade
Located on the Nelson Mandela road in the heart of Vasant Kunj is DLF Promenade, a mall for the trend-conscious discerning customers of Delhi and NCR. By the virtue of its offerings, DLF Promenade has earned the distinction of being the city's only fashion destination. Spread over 4.6 lacs of square foot area, DLF Promenade caters to customers who are looking for a quality shopping experience coupled with a chic ambience. DLF Promenade not only boasts of some of the best brands in the fashion retail industry, it also offers some rather exclusive value additions. Housed in the mall are Kiddyland – the largest outdoor play area for kids, and The Hub – a one-of-a-kind open air lifestyle space comprising caf├ęs, dancing fountain on the likes of Bellagio, and the city's largest LED screen.
Address: DLF Promenade 
 3, Nelson Mandela Marg
 Vasant Kunj
 New Delhi-110070
Contact: 011-46104466

Postcards From South India | Prints Blend - A Fashion Outfit

Sunday 9 March 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

If you follow my blog then you would be aware when I talked of my last Vacation to Kerala and Mumbai during NewYear's.Sure we did the only thing that one is supposed to -Relax , take pictures and take some more pictures. Vacation Pictures makes up not only for an excellent Blog content but a great Set-up for some really Panoramic photos .Who would miss on this right ? Though I tried to write about it while it was all fresh, I tried but could not keep up. And then I was the jerk next door only to lose my sd card . Well the good thing is that I am happy to recover it now . So let me just make a quick memory prompt for me besides making them public for y'all and share some golden moments.
We reached Vaikundam after a 2hr drive from Trivandrum airport and reached at Anantya Resort .The place is surrounded by Chittar lake from all sides and every cottage in the resort comes with a view. We decided to shoot these pictures just right outside our room , which came with an ideal spot to sip coffee and read a book and slip in the beauty of the place. More on that on my next post.

Found myself A Spot in the Garden .It started to drizzle. The sound of the raindrops echoed in the silence. Pure bliss. 

Just a  Happy Freaky girl on Vacation.
Polka Blouse- Persunmall
Floral Pants/Thong sandals- Westside
Cat-Eyes- Asos
Necklace- Splash
Rings- Bangkok

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