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Travel In Style with Clarks #MyShoeDiaries - 1

Tuesday 26 May 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

clarks christian louboutin shoes styles
Today I created the whole look around the shoes. Its summer holidays and that means travelling on cards, not only for me , but am sure for a lot of us. So just because our schedule includes planes,cars or trains , it doesn't mean that our wardrobe has to suffer, especially when all the while we have a selfie fever tapping on, and it's got to be always a winning one. That's correct. Everyone wants to look good and have good travel pictures .
So this holiday season Its all about travelling in style and when it comes to that, I think, laid back look, breezy outfits, lots of sunscreen, and comfort shoes for that  endless slip on and offs in the car and flight.
I was thinking to go super casual, but also wanted to keep my individual style intact. And since we were spending the weekend at  Heritage Select Manesar, I decided to blend in with the alcove style village interiors , and bring my gypsy style to play. The bindi, layered semi-precious Jewellery , deep kohl, helped me play the case of cool and casual. I really felt that these pretty Ennis weave Dusty pink shoes from clarks were the only thing that I needed to make my travel style pop. They even lent a good amount of style emmo to the Jewelry I wore which I sartorially layered skipping anything which was overly trendy and less than anything loud, helping me show a bit off my Indian roots with a side of cool. 
Knowing that it was gonna be the hottest day on record, I wanted to keep the outfit airy,but at the same time injecting the flavour I wanted , and nothing could demonstrate that than a pair of hot shorts and an off sleeve blouse.
So this was my take on tripping out of town in style  and a way I could meld travelling hours without looking boring.
Bonus: This look could go straight from travel to dinner to drinks, or even sightseeing. 
Someone rightly said- "Good shoes take you to good places " So behold as I take you through my next episode of #shoegasm in #myshoediaries with Clarks
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Inspired by Ikat

Thursday 21 May 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

pernias pop up shop cutout dress, ikat, rohitbal

I posted a pic on Instagram with this Mega necklace recently. I couldn't help feel a little ornamental wearing this.While we were shooting for the pictures, I froze my expressions for a minute, which when you scroll down, you might be able to see. After looking at the pics, I time traveled myself to a mythical character of some past, and hence it became the inspiration for the opening post, and made me ponder in the rhythmical beauty of this statement piece. Yes, that's what these bold pieces do to you. They become the headline of the whole story. Add to that the beauty of this generous Ikat print, the structured hemline , cut out side detailing  and ruched bustier, you have a moment which just fuses the old world charm to futuristic fashion. It was a match made already. Its an overt statement to the rest of the world. How'z That for the motivation ? 
For a woman who takes fashion very seriously, and is not shy to experiment, this look definitely spell out a story . And its just necessary that I begin to catalog it for posterity sake. Its the sweetest nothings you could wear everyday and mix and match to get the effect.  Its about creating a positively reinforcing loop between the way we look and the way we feel. and days like these just sets ups the stage for what's about to come . **Stay Tuned **

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Inspired By Prints

Friday 15 May 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

myntra anouk disney mickey prints
The summers are here in full swing, and before we could say hello sweaty days and rolled up hair, I am sure you would have got your summer dresses in place . I am gonna be hitting the beach soon, for my annual roll in the sun and sand.  Using this is an excuse ,I think I could really use some swimwear and beachwear inspiration . 
My current mood swings between me visually embracing this swimwear, somewhere in Hawaii, until the reality shakes me . And since I have started living in the moment,this harmless little fantasy helps me in releasing all good hormones , and that maybe a good thing for now (Just guessing)
For the outfit, it's not the first time I have started  embracing bright colors, big prints and bold graphics . They always let me celebrate my individuality. From low-key prints to high intense ones, I have had countless moments showcasing them all. Safe to say that I have tested the graphic waters and the verdict is - That interesting color combinations are the key to mixing prints.
But this post focus on the key colors of the game. Yes, let's talk in-your-face red ,eye catching and unexpected highlight of Indian fusion boldness.
Wearing a Choli as a crop top had never occurred to me before, and recently after looking at  this , I went back to the archives of my photo  gallery and decided to put up the pictures, which I had been contemplating from so long. In case you haven't guessed , the blouse/choli is exactly what I wore for my Diwali Post last year. 
It was fun creating this look. These pants were bought from Bangkok, when Disney didn't even begin to street style. Not the pants , but you would love the  disney collection by Satya Paul. Use this code to get it at a bargain and try and  rework  some #disneydust in your outfits too.
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5 Shorts And Skirts to have made a Comeback


Fashion is Cyclical .It recycles old trends and resurfaces into modern versions. Which is why one should never throw away its old. For most of us nostalgia controls the culture, which our designers without even the blink of an eyelid, gives and shapes of re-main-streaming , and we all adapt it, without blinking an eyelid too.

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday 9 May 2015 / , , , , , , , , , ,

mothers day
Had been wanting to do a post like this from so long. Also it puts an end to all the queasy looks people give when I disclose that I have a daughter . Really ? How big ? Man I never knew that, tilting their heads in angles which I am discovering just about recently. Clearly I don't fit the stereotype of how a mother looks like.As of now we can say that I am blessed to have happy genes. 
My Mom(Resting in Heaven), had hair like mine(which of course y'all love) My friends say that I smile like her, and my daughter has her eyes. She was a fashionista too in her  own classic days. A school teacher by profession, with me as her most intolerant student. She loved her Sari's and had one in every color, ----colors, that now we find only in Pantone. I secretly used to put on her bindis,just before going out to play with my friends. A few made fun, until I thought it was getting too much, and confined Bindi dressing to my bedroom later. She loved Bindis too. 
When I grew up, and started exploring make-up, and bought some too  after my first job paid me well, I had never seen anyone so enthusiastic about putting on makeup than her.She told her friends, "My daughter has the best make-up skills." I used to blushingly pinch her and always brushed my elbows with hers, telling her to stop publicly displaying my knack. I was shy. She was too, and my daughter just alike.
Mom was too young when cancer hit her. With all the adversities that came along, symptoms, and hair loss, it was me who still loved brushing my makeup on to her to hide her afflicted look. I saw her age into a seventy year old when she was in her forties. Wish could have made her look young. But my knowledge was limited and so were the developments in skin care.
Ever wished that you could turn back the time ? Every Mother's day I wish the same-Just once. But you know what - If she was here today to witness your surprising glares on my motherhood, I am pretty damn sure about her display of verbal gymnastics to her friends- Yes - My daughter looks the best in her time.
* Thank You for Reading Till The End *
Special Thanks to WforWoman for sending these lovely Kurtis for both of us to take our #twinfies for this post. #Likemotherlikedaughter
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Pearl Academy - Portfolio 2015


A lot of my friends pursued their careers in high fashion, and Pearl Academy is a name which is synonym to learning serious techniques in fashion. It's been there, since I graduated from college, and since then I have only found it growing. It has been one of the opening foundations of launching initiatives to train young enthusiasts.

Confessions of a Digital shopper

Wednesday 6 May 2015 / , , ,

It was going to be a long day, as I  had my next shoot in place. I already predicted that the day was going to be on a roll. 
Morning Yoga classes, and then coming home to a day full of engagements , and meetings wherein me skipping breakfast, only meant my vim and vitality to be already under a cloud .
I started on a note of mix ups and miscommunications, and was late for my fittings with the designer,and on top of that, you fix up a hungry , cranky women in the scene, with my astute people's skill been already gone for a toss .You  know what to expect.. right ?
Anyways,  Co-ordinated my schedule with hubster, asked him to meet me at HKV(stressed on how important this shoot was , and he needed to be on time to assist ) and left to scintillate the storehouse of fashion and get myself fitted into something nice.
As lucky it may seem , I was pretty much before time, decided to go grab a grub, found a nice spot at the hip cafe,gazing outside the long window, with my multi-tasking glares on, planning on my next move, waiting for my food.
Hubby was late. I randomly opened Myntra's app , and started browsing through casually, which I found to be so involving, that the wicked corner of my brain awakened .I called him to inform that for every quarter of an hour he is late , he would have to pay for one purchase.Well, initially the idea was to joke around, so that he could reel himself up to reach me soon, but heck, I had some time to kill, and a little therapy, could make my day a little brighter.
Shopping is a thrill. Its  a more lightweight experience when you are slurping coffee and gobbling on a cheese laden focaccia . Its the mixmatch that a shop-a-holic like me could ever ask for. So all done without even lifting a finger. The backdrop of the cafe partly contributed into my little blue sky thinking and virtual fitting rooms, and I picked up more than what was needed(story of every women), shoes, bag, jeans,lipstick,yellow top and... I was so engrossed mixing and matching that I failed to notice hubby standing right over my shoulders giving me the look of a defeated soldier shot in the achilles heel. With a down beat look he by then was surely able to comprehend my impulsive shopping behaviour. I wish I could capture the priceless look on his

All I can say in the end is that, a little tact goes a long way. This little spare time for a spot of retail therapy , probably without any company  are the days that I live for.
Truly I was expansive with my feelings but less generous with the cash. Who knew, reestablishing order could be so therapeutic.I call this constructive vengeance.Clearly,shopping apps is my new kindle. There is something about the power of these devices, that makes them engrained to become a part of my life. Since the time I became more savvy into taking charge of my shopping habits, the fear of disconnecting with this lil pleasure gives me Jitters about losing  the ubiquity of seamless shopping experience. Clearly I am hooked, and nothing like holding the reins , choosing when and how I want my shopping to happen . 
Lets see in the coming months what's more to discover in this tap away world that we have already stepped in ., digital shopping
prada indiacircus, clarks