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BIBA Spring Summer 16 Collection- Kurta And Indian Ethnic Fusion wear for women

Sunday 28 February 2016 / , , , , , , ,

What do you look for in an Indian wear while shopping ? Prints, lengths, styles, material silhouettes, fabric and the list goes on. Besides all these pointers, would you like to know  what I also keep in mind before laying my hands on that perfect Indian kurta or salwar kameez?
Before I put that piece of cloth in my shopping bag, I would like to know what story it would tell, and what expression it would let me exercise and how I can really make a statement with the piece ? Yes the last word- Statement.
How about if I tell you, that if there is an iota of a chance that our brain cells kind of think along the same line, then let be the first one to break to you, that your search has just ended the minute I reveal along these lines the fresh new SS16 collection of one of the top Indian Wear brand BIBA. Of course we have heard the name before .Our footsteps have wandered a thousand times inside and outside of  plenty of Biba outlets spread across India, sometimes with bags full of shopping and sometimes when we were just window hailing the clothes.
This season you are just in time for Holi and Spring bloom, and has a lot to answer everyone's sartorial fetish in a language of colours RevitalizedRefreshed and Ready to wallow in your interest .

For the Love of Brooches Fringes And Trenches

Tuesday 23 February 2016 / , , , , , , ,

If there is one colour I am laying my safest bet on for this season is Military Green. If there is one trend I am laying my safest bet on for year round flashing around is - Trench Coats. If there is one trend that I have serious fetish about is Brooches .  All in one.  A deadly mix. Best of all the worlds. 
I would have asked for more definitely but that would take the subject to a whole non -fashion field. So at the moment let's concentrate on the thought of  what I am wearing , and why I am wearing and trigger all the right endorphins to get your trends right and on point .  
Oh !! Forgot one bit of a trend- Fringes . They are fading  , but we can't deny them too. 
Wait I love following trends, and love giving them my own twist, but am I sounding like I am chasing them so relentlessly ?  The idea is not to spend a bomb in scoring trendy pieces , but teaming the best so that each piece or case in point here trend has its own attention time span.
Moreover the idea is to express a version more than a vision. 
For eg. Khaki trenches have been more predominantly shopped.  What is a breath of fresh air here is stocking one in similar style but in a color that we would cherish forever. Fringes on clothes , fringes on bags, but fringes with high heels are deadly, and hot ( and maybe not as much done ).
Coming to Brooches, from the limited edition Chanel to something unfussy and loud , I love to take my own chances between the chases. Give me a trend , and I would make it my own. 
The point is to not to have a restricted approach to fashion or follow a cycle, and then dump it like it's hot trash. I like to set my own tone to the trend if it means being streetlike cool, or just plain jane. Never fail to  incorporate the trend, stand out and experiment .  Yeah !!  Experiment is the word, is the key, and is the answer. I could have just written that in the beginning ... Never Mind .

W For Woman SS16 Collection Preview | Indian Ethnic Fusion Wear

Monday 22 February 2016 / , , , ,

Women Ethnic Fashion India Top Brands Collection

Another spring season has sprouted, and with that we finish the winter fashion circuit of 2015. On one hand some of us may get busy tucking back our woolies while on the other fashion savvy women like me find it the most viable  time of the year to see and smell what's new in stores.
After ticking off last season's architecture inspired collection, this season W for Woman , a famous retail brand for women ethnic wear is back with something "UNUSUAL " with our perennial favourites in offbeat styles ,fabrics and patterns unveiled with a new twist. If you are one of those who likes to play cliche, for the heck of being safe, they want you to stop, re-think and do something off beat. And that's exactly where I spent my last Saturday, sifting through the new collection, mixing different prints and silhouettes to come up with an unusual look of our own from the latest SS16 collection at the W outlet in Select City walk , Saket ,Delhi.

Military Jacket | Faux Fur And Combat Boots

Monday 15 February 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

instagram indian bloggers

There is something about wide buttoned military jackets that gets me excited. I had one when I was 9 and my friends used to envy. They said it was too decorative ... haha... The minute I saw this March jacket on Stalk Buy Love, my grown up self  remembered how  my mom carefully piled away my cashmere sweaters and winter expenses into a big suitcase with lots of mothballs. For my favourite jacket, she always said, this is mothball proof, go hang it back in isolation. Even she knew back then that this kind of an all season urban uniform is trend driven, and I should probably flaunt it all year round.
I could say the same for this Jacket too. The sharp fierce colour is not only attractive, but a total impressionistic .
I have a very strong feeling that this could pass and make for a perfectly cool formal outerwear, if you have a funked up working environment, and you want to show that having diversity with your wardrobe is equally important. Its about time we show em folks, that a military jacket is a staple among the civilians too.
We shot this look in Jan last week.  It was a cold and gloomy day. As we proceed towards spring , I cannot think of wearing the fur collar right now . Its about time that I stuff half off my season's worth of clothes back into the blow tights into the attic . Time to rake away dead leaves and look for sprouted flowers. But this jacket is an year rounder. You are going to see me dragging this statement jacket and  change profile pictures after profile pictures,maybe hanging it like a prop from my arm in a few month's time from now.

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Cupid Wears RED | It's Valentine Baby

Monday 8 February 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Another stereotype month is here . Its called the love month , well at least it's beginning to look like one. With my mail box being flooded everyday on makeup and style tips, for Valentines, to ways on how to sweep your spouse off their feet with gifts and flowers. 
What's up with all the budding designers suddenly launching the entire collection in a whole new colour palette RED?? Dude Srsly ??
I can see the clever ones still blending their collection around the pantone colour of 2016, which is Rose Quartz ,(thankfully same colour family as the acceptable dress to wear for Valentines) and calling it the IT colour for Valentine. There is everything available in the market, to fill the holes in your life, coz its Valentine baby.
In today's fashion world, anything sells. We have become more social. If we don't have occasions to celebrate, we create them. If we can't create one, we have a term called weekend dressing. Hats off to those who dress up effortlessly when down with flu, or when you are feeling under the weather.
Seems like everything responds to fashion. Would be unfair if I didn't . Hence for the love of everything Lovey dovey , here I am wearing Red- "Colour Of Love"( quote stolen from one of the PR mails ) and this Love necklace to sync around the whole theme. Reversed the Love necklace and wore it to see  how the letters looked written backwards or whether Love can trick the eye ? 

The Phone cover is from The Souled Store. The letters translates as - Son, You will not amount to anything . I wanted to bring the Love pun around it and dissolve the mushiness of Love before it swallows me and you . Before anything of that sort happens here is a link to my last year Valentine Post

Winter Ponchos | Capes| Asymmetrical Skirts And Fashion Knee High Boots

Tuesday 2 February 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

best trendy hairstyles easy to do hairstyles trends for 2016

The last leg of winters are playing their usual game. It gets cold in the evening , but scorching heat during the day makes me  want to look at closetful of my sleeveless, waiting to be shaken off  the airtight.
But till that happens, lets take a look out there at my white boots , and this pretty  Poncho.
January had been an unfettered month, filled with boom and bust, lots of travelling , and experimenting fashion in different climates. How ? Let me explain...
There are some outfits which practically doesn't need much of thinking, and you throw a few pieces together, and you get- Boom- the mode of the day !!! Now see what I am talking about ?? (Boom-you got it )
It was one such day, where I practically did no thinking , except only cared to linger on the streets of India Gate (delhi), and see how they were taking up with the upcoming rehearsals for the 67th Republic Day Parade, and do some strutting alongside, matching boot whites to boot whites(u dont want to know what my auto-correct just suggested for boot haha )
Minutes later, after happily swirling in my cape or better just call it a Poncho,(it doesn't matter, coz the feminism of this piece, doesn't let me exercise dark and underground),It got crowded while the parliament was in full swing, and people came out of their offices to have lunch.
Their angle and sight was worth their lunch time, which made me pretty uncomfortable feeling a bit oddly dressed. Look at those knee high boots youuu. The stares kept on going from the boots and upwards, and for some it stopped at that hint of  flesh c/o this asymmetric skirt,not a good thing outdoors with staggering 400 multi-gender eyes but nevertheless it was a shoot , and what ought to be done should be done.
I kept my rest of the look pretty sleek, and didn't want to volumize any other part of my body, hence this bodylicious or booty-licious hugging (very red carpetyy) asymmetric skirt, came to light with full force.  
Maybe the feeling was not that good on that day, but it surely is great at the moment as I pen down my thoughts and my response to the world around me. It was an underscore tribute to fashion on one of the most scenic place of our country in a best way I knew. Perhaps I should dismiss this feeling and rest my case, so that you move over the pictures, and let me know what you feel about this look?

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Women's Capes  Trench capes, boleros and ponchos asos, ebay amazon
Women's Capes  Trench capes, boleros and ponchos asos, ebay amazon
Women's Capes  Trench capes, boleros and ponchos asos, ebay amazon
Women's Capes  Trench capes, boleros and ponchos asos, ebay amazon
Women's Capes  Trench capes, boleros and ponchos asos, ebay amazon
Women's Capes  Trench capes, boleros and ponchos asos, ebay amazon
Women's Capes  Trench capes, boleros and ponchos asos, ebay amazon