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World Interiors Day with Asian Paints and Shruti Gupte

Tuesday 31 May 2016 / , ,

Cinemas is having its little moment right now and we have all seen movie-sets that are to die for. No wonder whenever inspiration calls its the movies that become the first source that inspires and diagrams our homes as well. It ,may or may not be directly proportional (that's some maths ) but studies show that films trigger ideas for our home interiors.
It was #worldInteriorsday on 28th May. Honestly I didn't know we have a whole day for the interiors until I was invited by Asian paints Signature store at Connaught place Delhi for an exclusive master workshop hosted by renowned Film production designer- Shruti Gupte where she talked about how we could bring inspirational home decor ideas from silver screen to your home, which was apparently the theme for the whole evening.

Move Over Cannes Lilac - It's time for some Violet Lips

Friday 20 May 2016 / , , , , , , , , ,

Sometimes our clothes should reflect the power we want , rather than the power we have.The prototype of power dressing keeps changing when the trends evolve which is now at a pace all fashionistas have to cope up fast. There is a new kind of democracy emerging in the fashion world, which brings a new wave of blood to the fashion sector and then you can hell do with whatever the freaking shit you want for the sake of  being an emerging fashionista and they will think that you are part of the flow. When things become cutting edge they evoke a spark, just like Aishwarya Rai's Lilac lips at the Cannes festival 2016. I may bear the risk of sounding snob,but what was all that going *drools* my gawd reaction ? What was so extraordinary about it that it shocked the system ?  From becoming a full size feature with headlines like " Breaking Cannes Red Carpet rules ", this lilac bomb exploded everywhere. 
Lilac, blue green , black lippies have been arresting lip colours, and are meant for the drama queens and rebel punks. The bold lips aficionados, have been there all over the internet, and they are called beauty and sometimes fashion bloggers. We have traded in our lip gloss with these bold lips, and have put up everything online for you all to see. Some failed and some applauding comments later, we still stand here with some cutting edge lips that may put the makers of smurfs to shame. We are not perfect, but we try, we fail, we again try and so on. So my question is are the fashion writers(print and digital ) so dumb to only accept a trend when a celebrity "Twilights" them ? For starters, " baby the hibernation period is over" , and it's time for you to forecast trends much before bloggers do. The moment is nothing when its ripe, and in this case, everyone scrambling to replicate the crisp news, was rather shocking to see them suddenly awakening to the cyber presence with headlines like "new trends to watch out for "
Today's post is my reaction to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's lilac lips. Thank god I did not put up this post earlier, although having shot this look early this month.
I am wearing a deep violet lip shade (mixed two shades to get the result ). Although this post would have been about this lovely skirt from Roora By Ritam, but this Aish lilac lips was creating too much smog over the internet, and needed some dusting off .
I always wanted a skirt in a perfect hue of blue. When I opened the package, this was exactly my kinda blue dipped in a little bit of ombre from the bottom.It was a hotty day and every windy second was precious while I kept on waiting for my twirly moment. That didn't happen but what happened as a result of glares and stares from the people surprised by an overwhelming look, made us suspend the twirl moment , and leave that for some other outfit post.
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Cold Shoulder | Fashion Indian Street Style

Tuesday 10 May 2016 / , , , , , , ,

This season I have learnt to be more forgiving. Forgiving than what I usually was. No I am not taking you into any heavy talk, rather pushing the boundaries and forgiving my shoulders from the halter shift into a melt down of cold shoulder trend which is just exactly the reverse of the crop tops where we showed you our navels. Brace up coz ---- Its the season of the shoulders.....
These barren bones are my new landscapes that I am thriving upon . The elaborately worked up skin needs a show of its own, and which humbly allows me to explode my bank............( actually I mean husband's but I  am being modest)  and bring home bagful of the outfits, keeping my fingers crossed , that the almighty should give me enough opportunities to wear them while the heat is on.
Its a look that begs for an exotix vacation. A strain of controlled exoticism that just wants to flow and evoke that modern yet conservative women in me. The sliced up and shredded hemlines of the denim blouse are anything but cerebral, lending narrow hints of sexual access and a candidly erotic antidote to the austerity of recent trends .
Be prepared to see some unexpected skin this season. I am already fetishizing shapely shoulders, and lifting more than I can in the gym. 

Smartphone Review - OPPO F1 plus Selfie Expert

Monday 9 May 2016 / , , ,

OPPO has launched its newest device - Its the OPPO F1 plus, selfie expert priced at 26,999. I attended the launch event in Delhi during the first week of April,held at The Lalit, New Delhi . Officially the phone was launched by 15th April. It was a fun and interactive afternoon with other bloggers which precisely ended into taking a lot of selfies together with our new toys- OPPO F1 Plus.

The minute I held the phone in my hand, my first expression was "Its Impressive"
The sleek design , and the premium and stylish build, with curved metallic edges  is pretty close to iphone6/6s . There are two colours available in OPPO F1 Plus, selfie expert- Gold and Rose Gold , also very similar to the colours of iphone6S .
Today, I am giving you a SWOT analysis of this great selfie phone which I have been using for a month or so. In all my endeavours, I still believe that OPPO F1 plus gives me all the features of the iphone6 without exploding my bank.
The camera being designed with par excellence gives me better results than the iphone camera, at a price which is hard to believe.

Have a look at the comparative study- Iphone6 vs OPPO F1 Plus  Selfie expert

The Design/ Build  - The incredible , yet  luxurious design , makes it a perfect phone for every fashionista. The thin and comfortable grip is non fussy with anti-slip functions too.
Since I already mentioned , the looks being quite similar to Iphone6/6s , but the thing  I love about OPPO is that the display is a bit wider(5.5 inch ) than iphone 6/6s with 72.9% screen to body ratio.
Iphone6 display is only about 4.7 inch( too less to lend a mind blowing user experience-think video streaming ) and OPPO F1 Plus selfie expert clearly wins here.
Just like Iphone6/6s ,OPPO F1 plus has a home button in the center and a slide to power off  button too. The volume controls being on the left hand side also gives it its iphonesque resemblance from Both front and the back.
Left- OPPO F1 Plus - Right- Iphone6- OPPO is still thinner and a bit lighter than iphone despite a wider display.
Left- OPPO F1 Plus - Right- Iphone6

Camera -You may be wondering , the overuse of  the words - selfie expert by now. That's because, this phone is specifically suited for the selfie lovers( like me obviously) to take some effortless shots. With a 16MP front camera,(while Iphone only has a sad 5MP) OPPO f1 plus selfie expert, takes some mind boggling frontal shots too.The front sensor, picks up 4X times more light than both the iphone6/6s , which means brighter ,better selfies even in low light. With an f/2.0 aperture , the quality of the pictures is pretty comparable to a DSLR.
There is a time lapse, panorama, and video mode, exactly same as iphone6 . Besides this ,the beauty mode automatically beautifies our pictures. The feature is missing in our iphones, and we have to use a third party app to get the same effect. The featherlight weight of just 145gms of the phone is an added advantage to take shake free images .With a heavy phone, our enthusiasm to take lot of selfies/photos does get marred down,but with OPPO f1plus,you can go on and on without aching your wrist muscles.
Turns out that I am dealing with quite a thin device with a full metal body.
L-R Selfie with front camera OPPO F1 plus vs selfie with Iphone

Left Picture taken with OPPO F1 Plus and Right with Iphone 6. Rear camera used in both.  See the stark colour difference and colour sharpness 

Pic taken with Rear Camera OPPO F1 plus
Pic taken with Rear Camera OPPO F1 plus

Battery life and memory - Now this is something that I really look forward to in every phone. Quick charge,maximum usage and hassle free browsing comfort.
What if I tell you that with a 5 minute of charge could let you have a talk time of 2 hours ? Something which is impossible in my one year of iphone usage. The battery is gone before you know it, in  the iphone especially during fashion weeks, where we just have to tug those heavy memory banks in our tiny little bags. The VOCC flash charges the phone in almost half the time than what my iphone did.
OPPO F1 plus has a fairly large battery back up as far as talk time is concerned. I would say a still bit more than what is offered in iphone
Memory- With Internal memory of 64Gb and 4GB RAM,(while i-phone has 2GBRAM ),this gains an edge over the apple competitors . Phone also provides for an added external microSD card which can be placed in the Sim2 slot.So if your job involves lot of videos and photos,you may use the microSD card or alternatively use your other phone number sim for the ease of carrying one phone.

Final Verdict- After using OPPO f1 plus I have started to feel that apple is a bit overrated (think USD900 ) and OPPO f1 plus has definitely better specs in all aspects. OPPO has not only worked well on the camera features, but hands down , the F1 plus model  is the best design OPPO has launched. Its a pretty head to head battle, with the apple monopoly, but with price almost being just half, I don't know any reason to hold back especially after oppo has set a new standard in the smartphone market. When you consider the savings made vs the flagship, OPPO F1 plus is the best bang for your buck.

For more info on the phone and other tech specifications check Here

Review : Medimix Ayurvedic Hygiene Intimate Wash

Thursday 5 May 2016 / ,

Intimate areas need gentle care , even gentler than our face. Being clean, and feeling clean is important for every woman and that's where intimate washes come in the picture. If you have been ignoring feminine hygiene products , and have been doing good with shower gels and soaps , its about time you know more about them .  I have been using hygiene wash since a really long time. Usually swayed by what's new in the market and also what's popular.
Lately I was introduced to Medimix Ayurvedic Female Intimate Hygiene wash,and that's what I am going to talk about in today's post .
We all know how mostly all  Ayurveda products are safe , and have been formulated with proven herbs right ? We can say the same for this product also.
But before that , let's take a look into as to why we should be using a hygiene wash for ?