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Sheer Pleasure

Tuesday 31 July 2012 / , , , , ,

To be honest, I don’t watch a lot of movies. I have a penchant for romantic comedies, for the lightheartedness, positivity, romance and humor all rolled into one.But recently I watched the movie Cocktail,for the third time,Ok,not beacuse the story was outstanding or its a need to watch over n over again movie,but its one such quintessential bollywood flick, with radio friendly tracks,amazing foreign location and two gorgeous women in designer wear to die for !
Infact fashion is the third character of the film.I loved deepika's take on fashion and how she dressed according to the mood. You can see that she doesn't follow trends blindly and stacks a luxurious cuff over silver jewellery and strings,while on the other hand there is this girl next door chick(Diana Penty), who layered shirts,thin cardigans,vests,wide legged jeans with narrow belts and flat sandals.
If you too have been inspired by any of the movies then do share with me..
This is my entry for the Infb remix:Sheer

A basic point to keep in mind while wearing sheer- Keep it simple,with a little peek-a boo of skin, if u really don't wanna intimidate others and make them believe that you don't have mirrors at home ,unless you "OWN AN ISLAND"

Wearing: Net top- Boutique in Mumbai, Pleated skirt- Zara,Belt-Mango,Neckpiece-janpath,Bag-Oasap,Sandals-Gifted,Ring-Oasap

Checkered Flare

Monday 23 July 2012 / , , , , ,

If you need a little outfit inspiration, and run out of fresh ideas,or your fashion magazine stock and just too lazy to grab one,just head over to your nearest parlor and kill two birds with one stone. ie,While your masseuse pampers your body, checkout all the fashion magazines .
Today's outfit takes its cue from one such similar exercise of mine,where I stumbled upon Eva Mendes picture in a checkered shirt with flared denims-(minus the dog),though my dutiful husband volunteered to fit in the bill, but since he wanted a diamond leash, I decided to pass the idea, And let me assure you, he's more ferocious than the Alsatian in the picture :) haha.
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the weather was too humid,for me to wear anything tight,a loose checkered shirt borrowed from husband, provided perfect ventilation.

Eva Mendes Picture Courtesy -Google
What I am Wearing:Shirt- Jack and Jones(borrowed),Denims-Pepe Jeans,Belt- Fastrack,Sandals-Woodland,Aviators-Charles and Keith,Necklace- Splash,Bag-Elizabeth Arden also seen here,Ring-urban

DIY Peacock Pendant

Saturday 21 July 2012 / , ,

Just a small post to display the creativity of my genius husband.I am not bragging but Yes, I am one of the lucky girls to be married to an artist. On his recent visit to Mumbai , he collected some shells for my daughter from the beach, And just one day, he came up with this... Maybe the pictures might not do complete justice to the pendant, but once worn, it really turned a lot of heads !You just need to be fortunate to find something abstract and few glitters,rhinestones(not used in this one) and then let all the creative brain cells do the racking..until you come out with something similar.Away from the mundane,stereotype & trendy.Diamonds are carbon stones cut and polished,but natural rock formations thrown out by the mighty ocean can only be painted and appreciated as they are!Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.Any guesses.. bird..peacock..or you are able to spot some other art form do share in the comment section below, Who knows this might just be the auction piece going to Christie's:)


Thursday 12 July 2012 / ,

 Today's outfit has got a lot to do with my nails.To begin with let me tell you that I own nearly 60 different shades of polish from different trademarks.Most of the time, my nails don’t match, coordinate or compliment my outfit as I neither change my manicure often enough to mix my nails with my daily outfit nor generally know what I plan to wear the next day.Went out to do some exchanges at the market,and saw a nail art studio, got slightly tempted to get french manicure done. On the way back,took some pictures,just to show off some toned legs(blah!);which apparently are the result of my continuous swimming(See now I am blessing this weather). And this is how I dress up when my mind is blank and I have no plans whatsoever for an outfit post, trying least to look glamorous , do fashion blunders n just be myself often exchanging roles with my five year old.

Since Geometric prints are a rage this season,I wanted to add few decent clothes to my closet. It was only after these pictures were clicked I realized I am actually wearing one.Ignorance is bliss- And I say- Yes
Wearing:Top and Sandals- Bangkok,Shorts- Tailored,Shades- Guess,Bangles & Rings- Flea Market,Colour block Bracelet- Westside,

Flower Flow

Sunday 8 July 2012 / , , , ,

Finally the monsoons have arrived in Delhi, If u are on twitter with me u would know for sure how I missed rain,after all heavy sweat does pay off..In fact,Its so hot applied not just to weather a couple of days ago but also to twitter as #Delhisummers was among the top trending topics. Just read ,that some tweeples think that the rains are proof that god's on twitter-he must've liked all that tweeting they say, and sent some rain our way..And I only thought  that God is behaving like an elusive client... and he is not available for comment... This was what I wore to celebrate rains alongwith the blooming flowers,excited like a kid ready to go shopping and get the best of both world's...Any guess's ....are the pink n orange flowers of mother nature merging into my dress or the other way round :)
Wearing:LittleFlowerdress(LFD)-bangkok,Sandals-venussteps,hereBag-CarloRino(singapore),Shades-CharlesandKeith hereWatch-Titan Raga supported by neon friendship bands

The Penguin Palette

Tuesday 3 July 2012 / , , , , ,

Some color combinations drift in and out of fashion; Not black and white,they are eternal &
 one can never run out of this color palette.How can we ever forget the little girly innocence of Marilyn Monroe and her white pants and black baby doll tops.. Hence proved.When I run out of ideas as to what to put on, I always pick Black n white and its one of the reasons that I have hoarded these two colors to ample.(guilty)My home makeover plans definitely have a place for a white couch against the black wall... Sending this look to be a part of InFB Remix:Black and White.


Wearing: Dress worn as skirt- Muah,Top-gifted,Pumps-Mochi,Louis Vuitton(here),Watch-Marc Jacobs(here),Sunnies-Prada,Inspired-Ebay,Necklace-Oasap

Versatile Blogger award

Sunday 1 July 2012 /

I am excited to get my first versatile blogger award, passed on to me by Angela from Thank u AngelaMia !
So as to comply to the rules I have to share seven random facts about me, and here it goes!

1.I use to talk to myself in mirror while in my teens (not now though)
2.Caught several times indulging in cheese during midnight.
3.I suck at parking cars.
4.Skip my vital vitamins most of the times(purposely)
5.I want to dye my hair blonde once at least
6.Never watched a horror movie till date
7.I am a Vegetarian.

Now the other rule is to nominate 15 bloggers to receive the Versatile Blogger Award
The Awesome Bloggers Are

StephilĂ  Creations
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