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Wednesday 27 November 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Its essential to know what looks good on you, but it becomes boring after a while to get into a style rut !! Part of the key to looking good is to find out your personal style, n then invest in pieces that help you highlight it .
Today I tweaked my personal style a bit and did something out of my comfort zone ! I brought the toughness and boldness of the military Camo print and married to the ever so Luxe n Diorish polkas and let the North meet South in an incredible harmony..(like a coconut)
 Added these heels to let out the femininity,n balanced the potion with My Manly Ray-Ban aviators ! The elements of Punk, with just my Spikeeey statement Earrings and these  metal studs on the bag,  took things to another grade, and i loved the end result , It perked some more confusion into being this Marco Polo kind of a girl which I always felt within who always looked for her pot of gold !! Whoomm -Guess I just unlocked a new level in fashion !!
Tip of the day - Don't shy away from mixing prints, Explore more and expect even more :)
Polkas Blouse- Persunmall
Heels- Forever new
Watch- Michael Kors
Earrings- Bangkok
Aviators- Ray- Bans
On my lips- Mac ruby woo

Best Places to Shop Trendy Clothes in Delhi

Friday 22 November 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The way we shop now a days, has changed over a last few years !! Wanna Know what should be an ideal wardrobe like, well then read on !
A few days back, I got a readers mail, asking me, my shopping preferences- Bangkok vs street shopping vs brands etc..
I'll tell you the truth. Zara , Mango and all the high end brands have penetrated deep in India.The clothes are well tailored, extremely fitted  though I wouldn't call them value for money ! They are not exclusively for the affluent class, but within the reach of middle class too ! For some its a status symbol, and it seems like everyone else is itching to race and blow a wad of cash on looking like everyone else ! Well that's my problem. Why look alike, when you can look different ? I feel like I can see the same dress I bought some days ago about three times on the same week walking through my city.
One word- The only thing I have with these brands is that you can't be experimental ! You just can't forge yourself on it !! You don't own a dress, damn IT OWNS U !!!
I love high end shopping , but its just been over an year the excitement of sale and clearance has died down for me at least in India where Zara and Mango rules the fashion snobbery ! That's a reason I have been hitting stand alone designers(meher chand market/hauz khas) Flea markets, Exhibitions and sarojini nagar lately !! I love picking up the rarest of the designs  and mixing it what I already have and evolve in my own way.
I  have blessed serendipity in picking up this scooter print jacket recently from Sarojini !! Its structured, fits well and is perfect for light layering! I was so excited about my find that I picked up three different prints Can't wait to show you all !!! What's your take on fashion now days ? Thrift ? Brands ? recession ? Future ?

I hope I could do more justice to this print, but the sun was too strong :(
Blouse- Thrifted
Scooter Print Jacket- Sarojini Market, Delhi
Belt- Mango
Shoes/ Arm cuffs/ Bag- Bangkok
Sunnies- Asos

How to Wear Skirt in Winters- Fall Fashion

Sunday 17 November 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Cuddling on the couch with lots of  hot chocolate and mulled wine ,and movie marathons seems just perfect for winters right?  At the same time, we say hello to fuzzy boots n  Scarves and Mittens and Hats--Oh My !! What I really do Not understand or I want to get it correct is that why some girls still show affection to those tanks and shorts?  It was just yesterday that I spotted a bunch of  girls summer obsessed freaks dressed  in their summer shorts and sleeveless tanks(outdoors) while I  was all bundled up in a stole over this outfit ! WHAT is going on with all these sleeveless dresses in Delhi Novembers ? That's a tall order, but girls refrain from doing all that - Brrr- It's Cold .. Instead we should all see this summer weather gear with a fresh set of eyes and a heavy dose of winters trends that's it ! Getting noticed doesn't necessarily mean pulling out all the stops. Pls go ahead n winterize those shorts n dresses  and at least stay warm, unless you have some really glowing Calves which you wanna flaunt- WORD !!

Because this life is a Blue print of Past Karma!
More on 
How to wear Polkas
How to wear Oxblood 
Full Skirt- Choies
Bag- Michael kors Travel Tote 
Pumps- Thrifted
Necklace- Splash
Octopus arm candy- Bangkok
On my Lips - Mac Rebel

Style Guide | Mixing Denim And Sheer For Early Fall

Monday 11 November 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Its that time of the year again...The color of the leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and it’s time to pull out those boots and sweaters.  The only thing I don't like about winters is the Sunset, crazily happening at 4 !!  Its a pure Bummer to get good pics these days as we always end up not having enough light !
Winter dressing is no more about Blah outfits ! 90's style Granny's Oversize Sweaters is the new Grunge and layering has suddenly become a perfect strategy to extend our summer faves to fall and put together a  no-brainer look ! Today's look is all about how slowly I am I am soaking myself to fall ! I love keeping my toes exposed as long as as I can, to make the start of fall a bit flirty ! This Denim Jacket is my best friend which helps keeps those not so gusty winds checked ! Its perfect for this time of  finicky weather shifts !
Since it’s too early for winter clothes and too chilly for summer wear, the natural solution is to mix elements of the two ,so getting to spin a  peek- a -boo act and mastering the fashion limbo correct is my idea of a smooth seasonal change !! What's urs ?
Tee/Skirt- Bangkok
Denim Jacket- Worn here
Sandals- Westside
Sunnies- Forever 21
Bag- Etsy
Watch- Michael kors
Arm Candy-Goa/Accesorize/bangkok
On my Lips- Maybeline Non stop red 

Roots- Indian Ethnic Wear| Wedding Wear

Saturday 9 November 2013 /

Hello !! Just made my first you tube video(readers request) ! It was scheduled for my Diwali Edition, but got stuck up with work ! If you like what you see don;t forget to subscribe to my channel ! It will give me  lotta encouragement to continue and do some tutorials (i know they r overdue too )... Coming soon with a Outfit post and to bore ya'' with my usual ramblings ! Ha!(evil smile :)

Happy Diwali | Indian Ethnic Wear

Sunday 3 November 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Wishing all my readers a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali ! Have not been keeping well with my health, and that reflected pretty much on my blog right here ! I was finding it difficult to pace up with blog and festivities ,hence things took a back seat ! Its Diwali, and dare not miss posting and wishing everyone good luck ! Hope you all have a fabulous and safe Deepawali . This is what I wore today .Picked up this beautiful Neon pink Anarkali Suit, with sequin border from SBJ and kept rest of the look simple. Have been trying no heat curls lately(no tools), and managed some good overnight  curls to flaunt today. I will try and do a tutorial soon on that . Till then , stay stylish and eat loads of sweets from my side !

Anarkali Suit/Bag- Study By Janak
Rings:- Dilli Haat
On my lips- Mac Rebel
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