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Indian Fusion Styles That You should Try

Thursday 31 July 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

After the India Couture week, rolled up, where my eyes could not wander beyond current trends,and how our Indian designers didn't leave variations behind in their creations, and gave us a lot to experiment and food to digest,  I picked up Inspirations, from where they left.
We are blending trends like never before,and there are transformations of style over fashion-Read Street Styles ! I have been drawn to wearing lots of neutrals, and whites,this summer season, and it was then my eyes fell on this Kurta dress by Fab India. I was in the trial room, wearing these same slip-ons, and felt that they could effortlessly help me create a concocted style, which I had so long in mind. Later after much of searching and hunting around the racks, I found this cotton midi skirt too, in the fabric that always set my monsoon mood and I was ready to deliver any indo-fusion "Mien" !
Stacking Jewelry Pieces is a great idea , especially if you are experimenting with Indian Jewels as they Scintillate a heavy duty fashion Armour . I used elements of Kundan, in this Maharani style 3-tiered necklace, and then added the beaded balls necklace to get to a modern version of Indian Wear staples.
The back had some elaborate Latkans, which not only brought my opulent fantasies to fruition, but pretty much made me stand out, amongst the great sea of Accessories !

Lookbook: Fashion Pearls And Singapore-Day-2

Friday 25 July 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

It was Day 2 at Hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore where I  made the most of the remainder of my Vacation.   I never planned that I would be posting these pics, but had to, as I wanted to Show off my new Pearlie's which I bought while my stay in Singapore. Every women should at least have a pair of pearl whites, as they make up for a perfect summer accessory and always remain fashionable no matter what the trend.
Besides in possession of a small dainty pearl necklace,passed on by grandma which forever remained keepsake in her jewelry box,  this is the only Pearl statement piece I own and look forward to wearing it with everything. 
We planned on having some casino time and I dressed the part, kept the look around semi-casuals and clutter free. For the sake of limited luggage coz we had to change almost 6 flights,and spending a fair amount of time living out of a suitcase(15 days) packing light was so valuable to my sanity. A pair or two of  bikinis, and shorts and these denims and heels, were stretched to be used for multiple outfits and activities, saving the luggage space good enough to fit a Pup .

Designer " MANISH ARORA" At India Couture Week -2014

Thursday 24 July 2014 / , , , , , , , , , ,

This is the last post on a round-up of India Couture Week 2014, and I am happy to save the best for last.
Designer Manish Arora is the only person , who did  something "hatke"(different) from the mainstream couture that made our eyes bleed in" Awe" . Such Opulence and Bespoke Collection worthy of making us look at Couture differently .Sumptuous outfits and Impeccable jewelry was used, that managed to  encompass delicacy, and Effortless beauty, and I would be lying if I say that anything pleased my eyes with that much intensity the way  Manish Arora's Couture show did. It was  an offsite venue at French embassy with Grandness Unlimited, and so much to suck up and learn !
FYI- Manish Arora is the only designer to be showcasing at Paris Fashion week every year , and it was the rumored reason he decided to keep the venue at the French Ambassador residence.
I can go on and on and  talk about the technique and the magic of craft until out of breath, but the fact remains, he is the guy who merged the techniques of Couture into far more realistic and viable ready to wear market and a sense of Shall I say- Legitimacy ?
His Lehengas didn't have any Dupattats, instead crafty and fancy headgear's were used that made most designers look down their nose. Each garment had a story, a story which perpetuates a Cinderella fantasy and the outfits were compelling in themselves. He showcased six different lines and stories titled: "The Peacock", "The Crown", "The Jewels", "The Light Fantastic", "Iridescent" and "Temari".  
The Hologram Shararas got a new Daring edge ,Psychedelic colors with interpreted hues were kept up ! Architectural motifs  moorish style inspired by the 16th century Peacock room Castel-lo di Sammezzano Italy, were rendered perfectly depicting Rainbow Hues !
The stage was circular and drew inspiration from a Village pond and to keep up with this theme the women wore head wear in shapes of Lotus and roses and some even had an offbeat Egyptian tribal edge not to forget those Huge in d face Pom-Poms right on the nose.

At last I am quite yearning of his craft work and verbose beauty showcased to seep its way outside the couture community , so that everyone makes the most of it.
And "I want to wear that Hologram Sharara and look mean someday "Amen"

"PORTRAITS By MANISH MALHOTRA At India Couture Week-2014

Wednesday 23 July 2014 / , , , , , , ,

It was a Vintage spectacle and contemporary Silhouettes By Fashion Designer Manish Malhotra. 
Call it Pre-show whispers or anticipation, we dress our very best for the only designer we know would bring about some  expected crowd- pleasers and make stardust  descend and smile for the Camera and show support to their designer Amigo. The fun began as the Bollywood Actresses Huma Qureshi and Urmila Matondkar started turning it out in the front rows.
It was a full house, and I had a quick chance on those shaky Escalators of Taj Palace, to turn around and have a green room chat moment for about 40 seconds with the man himself ,Just a day prior to his couture Extravaganza.I could understand two things-1: The show is gonna be big as he  himself was short of the invites.2: Expect lot of Pushing and shoving and for the love of God-wear flats !
It was a  three way ramp,marking the beginning of the show, adorned with, flickering candles in antique candle stands ,Chandeliers and all things vintage.The moment I entered, the Set  looked liked nothing different from any Sooraj Barjatya movie minus the signature staircase, maybe next time Manish if you are reading .
In Manish's word- The collection marked "PORTRAITS "as the name suggests is an endeavor to translate the magic of a bride's most special moments and weave them into tactile expression.

"Ferozabad Express" By SABYASACHI At India Couture week-2014

Tuesday 22 July 2014 / , , , , , ,

India Couture week opened up with a grand spectacle in an old world charm created by Indian Designer Sabyasachi .Magnificence took a center stage and we all waited  for Sabya to cast his magic. Infact I even went up and called him "Jadoogar" of Indian couture on twitter coz  there is something so traditional and transforming in his bridal wear which definitely lends an edge of its own kind .
It was a full house, and we were relegated to sit tight and packed ,that for a moment I felt like running . Though the seating were not at all strategically set-from the point of photography, but everything is acceptable when Its a Sabya's Show.
It was the whole set-up that got much of the talking. The lights were dim and we could make out a train compartment sort of setting when the music started to play . It was a first class coach of Ferozabad express with real passengers on-board. Sleeper coach saw some bunker beds,  with nicely done up interiors and wooden work in deep burgundy hue. Though at a point I felt the interiors were tuned in accord to the color palette of the collection . There was a lady in a Burkha and my eyes  were Just stuck on  to a huge 40' Orange  Birkin kept on the top birth where she was seated which apparently belonged to her.
Ferozabad is know for hand embroidery and  art, hence all the garments reflected the traditional and Indian touch . The color Palette saw some sophisticated European pastels making a move with Ivories and cream as the base. The canvas lehengas and Muslim motifs Parsi zardozi and Afghan Crewel work took center stage . For that extravagant feel, The Bandhgala Jackets with printed trousers were sewed in with 18 carat gold buttons. The Paschminas is a symbol of eternity, and it has formed a major part of our wardrobes . It was interesting to see how it could be modified as a stole and draped with a Khadi crystal embellished Nehru Jacket. There were a lot of things which caught some special interest, like the Hand embroidered and Zardozi coats, in striking colors, which made perfect sense with the Men Classic lucknow style full beard And the  boxy clutches for women which matched the embroidery of the outfits. 

"World Bride" By Designer Monisha Jaising at India Couture Week 2014

Monday 21 July 2014 / , , ,

A week full of lavishness, Intense Outfits and High end drama just wrapped up for me after India Couture week (ICW 2014) came to an end yesterday at Taj Palace , New Delhi !
It was an Eye candy to watch High fashion fitted outfits, worthy of making a red carpet appearance made to fit  to" T" molded onto the curves of the feminine body of those Hot models, down to the last measurements . As usual, some were fancy enough to keep me on a lust watch until they filter down the market for me to buy ,while some were just passable enough for me .I would be sharing my love for the best couturiers with their chic and progressive designs who really kept me wanting for more and more !
Day 3 saw designer Monisha Jaising bringing out her magic in her collection and then there was something to suit everyone .
I met Monisha  for a formal dinner just a few days before the show and I gotta tell you that I haven't seen a designer more grounded and subdued with a warm heart as hers ! She is truly hospitable and brought about a cool sense of energy with her kind words and friendly nature.
Monisha Jaising collection was based on her theme" World Bride " I literally loved this idea . A world bride is a destination bride, the one who is on a go , and is supposed to take her vows anywhere and in any part of the country ! She looks out for a fuss free clothing at the same time still wanna  look her best and feels luxurious !
The stage opened up recreating a cobbled Paris street , with a roadside french cafe and portrait makers . French painters wearing typical french style caps were painting the models portrait. In between the trot, the models would pause and be the muse for the painters !
A modern bride doesn't necessarily have to wear a Sari, and with that being thought, their was an appearance of Sari gowns to woolen Sherwanis with printed leggings and fitted corset gowns in kanjeevaram madras silk which had a perspective Indian touch .The feathered Saris in ivory and structured embroidered Kurtis in luxe fabrics and gold coiled fitted blouses, were the main highlight of her collection .

Fashion -Sarees and Indian Fusion and Ethnic wear By Triveni Sarees

Monday 14 July 2014 / , , , , , , , , ,

Its very rare that I invest in a Saree, but when I do, I make sure that it would not end up as a behind a closet piece, but I should be able to bring more versatility and value to the whole 9 yards and wear it more often . Recently I was introduced to  Triveni Sarees. If you want to replicate any Indian Celebrity style ethnic look, chances are that not only you would be spoilt for choices , but also might get addicted surfing through and thorough and get hooked on ! They have  some beautiful Indian wear from sarees, to lehengas and kurtis and some pretty matching accessories to go with too. If you are looking for some Indian fusion pieces , then you may not search further, since there are a whole lot of designers and their grooves and even the best of runway styles ready to be served on the platter. The prices are pocket -friendly and all the sarees comes with an option of getting them pre-stitched and add-ons likes underskirts, Blouse stitching, finishing etc.
I love the contrast of this pink border on this black and white saree,a  combo which was on my list for a while. The saree looks way better than what was in the website, and I love the fact that its extremely light weight and elegant. 
Today's women like to experiment, and is fearless , hence , when I saw  Shruti hassan's Harper's Bazar cover shoot, where she is wearing Rahul Mishra I decided to let go of traditional drape and use her as my style  inspiration for this post and added a cummerbund to add a touch of eccentricity.A small pin brooch for a sleek and modern touch , and we are talking an Outfit .

Fashion- Dressy Blouse and Ripped Denims| Travel Post | Singapore Clark Quay

Wednesday 9 July 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Its good to be back, well, but literally ! For those of you who didn't know, I was on a backpacker kinda vacation, with  no pre-agenda and hotel bookings , primarily just the visa and air tickets ! It was a first time ever that we took a risk, skipping the research, and reviews, with a plenty of unscheduled free time ! Trying to squeeze in too many things -to-do lists, gets us no time to chill,it becomes a chore. But this time it was different. We did a lot-Snorkeling, canoeing,Buddhist temple visits, Hand shaking with the tigers(tiger Kingdom-Phuket), Bum beaching, almost drowning ourselves in the sunsets- all without the gnawing sense of missing something really Important. Made new discoveries each day, and found out that Ignorance might indeed be a bliss :)
Over the years I have found that my best vacations have always been the ones,where I am able to truly connect with the places I have visited and soak in the local culture. I visited three places and changed almost six flights over a period of two weeks ! Overly Ambitious?
These pics are from Singapore Robinson Quay ! It was my second port of landing . We decided to stay over at a loft style  hotel, Studio M (millenium group). Had heard a lot about these style of hotels, but just after one night and paying USD180 per night, we felt it was pretty exorbitant to pay that price for a duplex room concept. The very next day we moved over to Novotel, at Clark quay, which had an undulating view of one the best location of Singapore ! Check out my small Insta Video here .
If you are a nightlife person then I suggest that you stay over at Clark quay which has the highest concentration of bars and unadulterated view of riverside restaurants offering global cuisines and hip cafes and entertaining people.  This place has a vibrant young crowd of locals and tourists who are there to drink , eat and make merry but with elan !
For my outfit, I kept it, pretty much cool, and hassle free, less accessories, tied up here, and shorts with a formal blouse with neon trim edge. I had to meet my work associates for dinner, hence it worked well for an informal meet. 

Guest Post By Abhilasha- Looking Good Feeling Fab Blog- India

Tuesday 1 July 2014 / , , , , ,

Blogging has given me immense pleasure to develop new friendships and virtual bonds which words fail to describe. Thank you Abhilasha for coming to my rescue and for this guest post on my blog. As you all know, I am on a 2 weeks Vacation (currently in Singapore), and lotta things kept me away from pre scheduling my posts-Blame it on the weather or my lazyness.
Abhilasha is a true Inspiration to those seeking Indian style n culture. She is a perfect blend between Contemporary and modern women who doesn't fail to impress when thrown a challenge to look best. If I could describe her style in one word - I would call it Timeless ! Don't forget to check her wonderful blog and Indian essence which reflects in her personal style.
Over to her !
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Surbhi one post at a time over the past year and then recently we finally bonded over a phone conversation and one of the outcomes of that conversation is this. Yes, I am taking over The Fashion Flitewhile she backpacks, shops, spas and holidays in a whole new corner of this beautiful world.
I have always admired Surbhi’s fearless style and I am thrilled to be able to share her space and interact with all of you today. So thank you so much Surbhi for letting me be here.
A few months back, when the summer heat started to get the better of me, I vowed to not wear denims for the entire summer. It kept me very comfortable during the sweltering summer months and it gave me an excuse to try things I avoid. Since I choose the comfort of denims over treading unknown style territories, this summer challenge was perfect for me.
I wore a lot of skirts, dresses and even the scary pajama pants, but what I enjoyed the most was wearing kurtas as dresses and giving them a more edgy funky twist.
As I get my jeans dry-cleaned and prep myself to get back into them, I thought of playing with the kurta one more time before the monsoons hit bringing an end to my summer no jeans challenge.
The kurta is borrowed, the mojris are traditional Indian accessories, worn by Gujarati brides and the clutch is a modern twist to a traditional craft.