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Work Wear Monochrome

Saturday 27 June 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

oakley sunglasses

Going down the nostalgic lane, "I catch myself in the mirror, skinny self , in my long pencil skirt which had a half sheer bottom , pin striped shirt that fit, black block heels and mauve lippie. It was an era of "Never a slave for fashion " and I was the only one breaking rules. I liked the influence and power that came along with dressing well back in those days. Even now, beyond that, I liked the way dressing sharp makes me feel. 
I have never been a fan of workwear since the time I became girlboss. Obviously you don't need an expert-endorsed outfit to wear to work. Sometimes its less complicated than you may think, and in more present times, if you are cool to experiment, its actually a no brainer. For eg this Monochrome Co-ords from Stalk Buy Love. What I needed to throw in was a good pair of hoops, wine lips and a popping bag , and I was done to shake up my office style and call it power dressing.
Its always a great idea to invest in basics. And with that I mean more of blacks an whites in the closet. This way they could be easily paired with a lot of other pieces.You should really know your stuff coz ,No one's gonna discount you for dressing well. But they'll sure as hell discount you for dressing like a slob, so why give them a chance ?
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App in Spotlight -PicPal

Thursday 25 June 2015 / , ,

We all have caught up on the new Fad, ie. the Selfie fever, and its catching up like wildfire.From teens to adults, to aunts , all saturate their socials with selfies, so much so, that the Oxford dictionary named selfies, as the word of the year in 2013. So when there are all sorts of selfies yet to be witnessed ahead, what if I tell you I have just the app for you to make this seemingly endless trend more fun and lets you live in the moment ?
Let me introduce PicPal to you.

PicPal is a fun selfie sharing app that allows us to take selfies with our loved ones, who are particularly distant at a time.
No matter whatever the circumstances are , nothing could be more happening to capture moments on the go . Especially for those who love to take selfies every now and then.
Now you can do all this in real time, simultaneously, even while your loved ones are not around and keep up with your long distance relationships.
Picpal is a fun place to share real time photos with your family and  friends and then leave the rest for the app to give you a a single collage with everyone in it. Yup, you and your friends, all in a single frame, together. So no more missing your friends.

How To use: Just sign up using facebook. if your friends are on Picpal, you can see them on the apps as Picpal contacts. You can send them an invite to connect and start Picpaling.
Picpal does not automatically send requests to your friends. If your friends are not on Picpal,you can go and select "Tell a Friend " feature within the menu, and send them an invite using facebook, FB messenger or even WhatsApp . Once your friends have joined Picpal, you can start a Picpal by inviting a maximum of 3 people at the same time to take selfies :)
Once asked to join, They would see a notification alert like this .

As of now in the current feature, your friends have 15 mins to join you in the app, and make sure u have asked  them to enable push notification so that they can see alerts when their friends send them one.  Its easy to just launch the app and go. Just tap the start button screen. Once you are done taking your pic, now you can select and invite your friends to take theirs.
To test this fun app, I decided to do Picpal session with my toddler nephews, who are staying in London. Of course with the help of their parents. They paid us a visit six months back, and I thought it would be interesting to be in touch while I  try out the app too, and create some fun collages with the kids in the frames for memories sake .

So in a nutshell, you invite your friends, take selfies separately  and leave it to Pic collage to bind the rest.
This is just a glimpse of what we did. And we could not stop at taking just one .

Sharing: Share your PicPal collage/s within the app with your friends, or post them online for other people to see like and comment. Your friends can make you feel loved by  hearting, liking and commenting on the pics ( which I am guessing its the first app I have come across ) It's like a perfect collage app with a Pic chat feature which specializes in keeping communication personal , unless we want to share publicly.

So gone are the days, when selfies were just a screenshot of your video chatting. We have arrived past that and while our phone may have every app to lessen the distance with our dear ones, but nothing is as real as feeling real, and Picpal gets this feeling delivered right when you want to.

You can now download  Picpal on both Android and IOS devices.

Website Review | Apparel Candy

Wednesday 24 June 2015 /

I am off late into the phase of discovering new websites, and places to shop. Recently I was contacted was apparel candy to browse through their collection and check out the styles and trends. And being an truly afflicted online shopper (i know am not the only one out there), it doesn't harm to share new trend stories , every once in a while with you all, and see if we have a common agreeable background for fashion .

The Girl In Turban

Thursday 18 June 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

style bloggers
There had been some trends which I was contemplating to try, And this turban trend was one which I wasn't even sure of.
I didn't even know if it was a thing. I wanted to wear it with some sparkling diamonds or bold lips. But chose my glittery blazer instead. According to me, the turban adds a lot of drama to this basic white tee and pants look .
The best part is that I didn't even want to buy a turban.  Hubby bought it for me, thinking it would be a nice alternative for a wrap during my winter swimming sessions. Clearly his choices are more practical than sartorial, lol. But thanks to him, I had an accessory that could be sported in any way I wanted.
So evidently I rocked up wearing one, on my way to a Glitz party,and the theme was Diamonds.I simply had to wear this blazer, and later before we reached the venue, I even attached my Jeweled Emerald earring onto the turban . Trust me I had enough people staring at me for the shoot. People even stopped their vehicles and paused to look until I opened the floodgates of my verbal slam.  
Whether it’s a traditional head wrap style or a headband, or a full turban, it’s the season newest flavor and a show stopping way to top anyone’s look., and am so so glad that I checked this trend  off too.
P.S- My turban look was featured on Society.Co which is an online lifestyle magazine headed By Nisha Balwani.They curate content for the young South Asian generation, on a lot of topics which I am sure you would love to read.Follow them, show them some love coz its simply fascinating to read traditions with a modern touch and an enchanting way to learn trends and ideas.
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Inspired By Retro

Thursday 11 June 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

denim on denim retro look
I grew up listening to George Michael and  UB 40 and rummaging through thrift stores bins. I was a case of constant stream of curious rebel back in my college days.My style was derivative from my choice of music back then.It went on from unique and bizarre to Hip hop. Clearly I had many moods of dressing up, and Armageddon of them all was music.
Last month I received Sudio Sweden Ear phones. I woke up in the morning,combined all factors, weather, mood,picked into the radio station, and synced into the 80s playlist, and suddenly the rock n roll kicked my courage for more liner,and then I remembered My Dad doing a Denim on denim with flared bottoms when I was back in school. He used to wear big black  thickly rimmed squarish glasses too. Of course the Bandana is my quick style rendition to what is distinctively me and only me.
In a world where the quest for latest is the greatest, is all consuming,this retro fever look can be an anomaly. In my case Music has succeeded  in creating some cults, and this look being one of them. I am actually living a fashion moment which belonged to the past. I didn't even have to search today's fashionistas on Pinterest to hand me a sartorial cue. Its like I wanted to re-live a theme I already had in mind.
The credits for this Inspiration goes to my Dad, and in a way its a small tribute to him since Father's day is just around .
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Every Day is A Fresh Start With New Airwick Freshmatic Range


Doing the house up with good designs, edgy furniture and artsy decor is not the only thing we want these days. Sometimes our house can use a little freshening up too.
It’s hot right now, and rains not being far away, we expect humidity to run us down in full swing. Not to mention, the smell indoors. You get what I am saying? It’s like sneakers mixed with cologne mixed with the tee that screams ‘I ran around the block four times’ mixed with cheese. I know it makes me sound delirious, but that’s the off-putting thing about the rainy season.
But thank God, we have room fresheners to take care of that. That’s what Airwick has been addressing in their recent TVC, which made me probe deeper into how these could help in fixing our mood, and the most powerful way to uplift our mood is the sense of smell. You might have figured this by now.

DIY Crystals at Swarovski India Office | Event Spotlight

Wednesday 10 June 2015 / ,

Last month I got a fancy invite personally hand-delivered with utmost care. It was from Swarovski Crystals . They wanted to have me over for a crafternoon Tea-Party In the crystal land, ie. their sparkling head office in Gurgaon for a fun DIY session  with loose crystals.

It was bound to be fun, and I couldn't wait to explore what we would be unlocking with the key which was being sent along and  were suppose to carry  after the prompt reminders by the PR team .
It all started with seating us according to the key numbers, in front of a box which looked like this.

Lookbook | Resort Wear with Clarks MyShoeDiaries- II

Monday 1 June 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

flat shoes loubotin, clarks dolce gabbana

This is the second look, I built around these Clarks shoes for #myshoediaries contest . The good part about the day was that after wrapping up with the photographs, I get to jump in the massive pool which was the only thing you need to come to fruition after a sweaty day. I was expecting this. The resort and the poolside spa provided for a leisured existence, and that is what I let that encapsulate in this outfit.
An ideal resort wear is a gamut of cool , and fluid and very mainstream maxis and kaftan styles which are easy to fit in and pack. I broke the stereotype here a bit and explored a whole new crop of trends for 2015, and went more realistic.
I wanted to get in a clean, simple yet polished look, and the extra room in the short pants (culottes ) which surprisingly float in the wind, have movement and are as good as a maxis had me game to the style. Paired this earthy green color with my kaftan style blouse which is destined to become my new uniform , matched some luxe jewelry with the shoes, and came with a bona-fide fashion look. In a way I found a new fabulous way to nod to the 70s in a most dreamy nonchalant resort wear dressup which looks flamboyant at the same time. Its almost like I literally fell into this outfit, coz I couldn't wait to have my evening doze of tea and snacks sitting by the poolside. 
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