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In My Dungarees | Style | Delhi Fashion Blog

Tuesday 26 July 2016 / , , , , , , , , ,

A lot of things are catching my fancy at the moment. I am an Anomaly in a world obsessed with femininity. At least from the recent deliveries I have at home, nothing is as close to as a womanly buy. Sporty is becoming my new fallback term for choice . A lot of people call it athleisure.
Today's look, sent me whooshing back to high school, when I wore a similar pair of dungaree skirt while hosting a seniors party in eleventh grade ( I am talking 90s- so go back with me ). It was a farewell party and I wanted to look good. 
Unfortunate as the day could be , I had an inappropriate malfunction, as I took my dungarees skirt in black colour, which I remember clearly , to a sophomore outing. 
Its always a first time that a garment has to prove itself to me, and everything went against with anything that looked like a perfect image of me doing my shindig in my dreams ,a night before.
On the day of the event, my dungarees became that monster which kept on falling off my shoulders and I had no way to control them.Years after they resurfaced as overalls , I have started having faith in them back again.
Today I am probably wearing the same style in a more glossy package if I had to put it with a big pixel bow. In literal sense , I am wearing these cuffs which double as a fan after they demonstrate as a great fashion accessory of the season.
Cool accessories like the cuff, you may count the purples in too , are a bonafide investment .They always give a new shape to even the basic of a look, and have recently caught my eyeballs and attention. The rose-tinted exuberant nostalgia of a dutch era ,was coming at play, more like meandering in circles as I was confused how to pair this coolest acquired accessory courtesy husband, and his sheer generosity in sourcing these playful buys from his travels which I assume you would like too, unless you are a naysayer or have some rapturous reaction ready to dispose on my photos. 
The Dungarees are from StalkBuyLove, a style borrowed heavily from the world of sports. Imbuing again in the same outfit, after a decade feels good. Of course the snapback was just tried for a few test shots which came as in  between as a fragile landscape of  boyhood, but you need not focus on them.

Shirt- HM
Dungarees- StalkBuyLove
Shoes- Adidas Super color
Cap- Asics
Picture by -Lensthing
Makeup- Makeup By Pritika 


Monday 25 July 2016 / , ,

The Amorphous architecture form in vintage renditions of pearls and tassels, clubbed with the essence of Swarovski jewellery was Gaurav Gupta couture for you.
The blouses were sculpted to an extravaganza of  luxurious and subtly sexy details in swirls of organza.
The multilayered scaping skirts endowed with  structured crystals and dripping pearls  grappling the attention in pristine colours .Utilising the softer colour palette in the beginning and then moving on to the darker hues with pieces that emphasised the beauty of the body was perfect for those who understands refinement . The cocktail dresses were lusciously feminine crafted with beautiful sculpt.

Anamika Khanna X Amrapali - ICW2016

Sunday 24 July 2016 / , , ,

Softer Ivories have their own timeless charm , right  ?  Anamika Khanna's offsite show  collection at the Leela Palace, Delhi made me fall in love with lighter tones as never before.
Oyster pink, jade, powder blue and rose, mustard  never looked so charming until Anamika brought them in different flavours of  cuts and silhouettes that left me speechless.
The garments had her signature trails, cape with trails rather a great mix of modern without having to sacrifice on tradition. Long coats with petal detailing were paired with reinvented shararas , sarees re-emerged, and the oversized coats with popping 3D embroidery popped my eyeballs.
The fuller skirts with higher waistlines crossed the thin line between a cocktail dress and a lehenga skirt.

The Last Dance of The Courtesans - By Tarun Tahiliani ICW16

/ , , ,

As the title suggests, we expected some dance and drama at the Tarun Tahilinai show.
The new couture collection encapsulates the allure of the fabled Indian Courtesan, sadly misrepresented in most of Bollywood as “fallen women” – In fact they were the custodians of
beauty, fashion, poetry, dance and music.

The Persian Story - Manish Malhotra - India Couture Week 2016

Thursday 21 July 2016 / , ,

Of all the designers I love, there is one who is capable to put you always on the edge of your seat.
The people sitting ahead of me were kind enough, to share the space so that I could bring you close to what happened at the Opening show by Manish Malhotra at India Couture Week 2016- all the action is right here.
Nothing is cropped. And so is not my story. I have a complete vision of all the garments as seen by my enthusiastic self.
The Persian story- was one of its kind. Lets begin from the set, coz that's where all the magic started.
The fauna, the flora, the pillars, the lights, the lamps transported everyone. Not to forget the typical Persian runway music.
The ramp was depictive of the Persian architecture, its elements, going back to an era of Alexandra the Great.
The fusion of the two eras, was deeply impactful.
Coming to the collection, the models looked liked Royal Princesses of history, that we have only read about in books. The clothes were extravagant, the  Iranian embroidery was never ending on top of it if I tell you that there were 50 limited edition pieces , think of the time and immeasurable efforts taken to bring out and conceptualise it to what it was.
The hand woven golden embroidery on the velvet gowns , cigarette pants, trail gowns, perpetual plaid sherwani's on men in maroon, emerald green and azure blue made me drool every time each piece made its way through my eyes.
The off shoulder gowns, Dupattas with sheer opulence is the only thing a bride should set her eyes and heart on this wedding season.
So all you to brides to be, if ever and ever you want to buy a designer piece to cherish over a lifetime, and pass down to the generations,  you should seriously have a look at the couturier's store, (Delhi and Mumbai ) and tell me which ones you are favourite ?

Bolywood Heart throb Fawad khan opened the show and Deepika Padukone closed the show.
Breathtaking jewellery with uncut polki diamonds and pearls by HazoorilalJewellers by SandeepNarang added the elegance to the already beautiful collection. What a great amalgamation of culture, architecture, and clothes. It was a sheer delight to be a part of the show.

Its a WRAP

Monday 18 July 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Its glad to see Delhi emerging as a city of high fashion, and I love the little reshuffling in creative ideas, and how the Mango people on the streets are consciously reckoning to the knock on impact of Bollywood, or runway for that matter and becoming aware of their style preferences. Fashion statement has become a vehicle of self affirmation and this is good.
Just today I met an old neighbour, who was happy to engage me in her thrift street findings, gushing over her new Indigo Kurta which she got for 700 bucks . Don't you know its the recent rage ? Her tone took a surprising turn in minutes when I shook my head casually. Considering she is talking to the best in industry, at least of all the people she knew, she was a little taken aback, when I told her that I really do not like Indigo.  
Nevertheless, she was prompt to slip in a granny advise, as I left, but promising her to check out more of this little affair she had with Indigo trend. Trust me I was as clueless as can be in the end of the conversation as in the beginning but her canny knack of understanding trend narratives,created a mood for me , and the next thing I caught myself doing was checking out a few websites myself. 
Which strikes me - Isn't it what we influencers do too ? or maybe better. I am reminded of a story where three thugs wanted to rob a man walking through the jungle with a thoroughbred horse and very meticulously,turn by turn, they would bump into him. " Ah what a pity. Such a wise man like you walking with a diseased donkey." was the statement drilled into his mind each time one of them bumped into him (the role of the modern day influencers:) . 
Finally the man was convinced that he was really walking with a useless donkey and decided to part with his horse for a pittance to the last thug. This same drill, albeit camouflaged is put to use to create fashion trends these days and we bloggers are used as minions to spread the electronic word. Hence it is our social and moral responsibility as well to not portray a horse as a donkey or vise-versa. You get the point right ?
This demonstration of  Palpable herd instinct reminds me of my earlier days in college when the next new thing worn by our college senior made us run like lemmings to find out from where it was bought from. It was all about creating a statement of worth of being noted. It still is the case. Good for brands, but not maybe that good for fashion bloggers, especially the ones like me who love curating their own mini trends And today's post is yet my another attempt at it.
Today I am dressed up like a mid century rebel in bold lips and face art, putting the value back in the Bindi, with a little multi-culturalism approach, evolved in my own way. Let me know what you think? 

Cold Shoulder

Tuesday 12 July 2016 / , , , , ,

After freaking out a lot of readers over Instagram , with blue lips, dhoti pants with bootsface paint. Its time to Un-freak them all ( Insert a string of emojis here ) No wonder I live a very examined life when it comes to fashion experiments and fluidity in style.
I am a thriving fashion blogger and its such a pity to come across people who are not open minded about fashion, while they secretly dote over Ranveer Singh's imposing style, and his cult fashion experiments.
Hence it's time I go back to my last article - why is it only legit to accept a trend only after a celebrity endorses it ?
A closer Inspeck on these fashion conglomerates have led me to conclude, that these hysterical people who rule over Instagram with a storm of 200k plus followers, posted their first pic on Instagram over a few months back, in addition to a barrage of pictures in skirts and crop top and oh not to forget - statement necklace,  eighteen something , antithetical in an ironic conformity over zilch creativity,but would never fail to dictate what to wear in their sporadic comments.
My answer to them is that its a question of evolution and subjectivity. I may like caviar on toast (Sevruga) but you may not want to experiment beyond basic Chow. Maybe chow is also an exaggeration, as it is a Chinese word. I guess, plain Congee of our south Indian hamlet is more comparative. Well whatever your thrill may be with fashion, the fact is it doesn't sit well with me. Its a hot button conversation when it comes to anyone's personal style.
While a lot of these fashionistas maybe laddering over a suspicious Instagram growth, their style only shows a slippery slope notion-ed by Sarojini Nagar thrifts , in sloppy pairings,clicking to glory in the hilarious parody of lamentable trends.
A lot of these young women mistake good sense of styling with good dressing up. These are two different genres . Its very simple to understand.
While 99% of the people have a good sense of dressing up including the Kaalbelia dancers of Mewad or the Zulu dancers of Africa ,but only 1%  of  creative people are noticed on Red Carpet.. Why ?
Further many people know that cheese is best paired with wine,but pairing blue vein cheese with Red wine could be a disaster.On the other hand pair blue cheese with any Riesling,and you could be a winner !!
Style doesn't come overnight and neither does it come with extensive experimentation,it resides deep inside your Creative DNA which happens not with one brilliant flash but in a chain reaction of many tiny sparks while executing an idea( Style). Style is that "Aha" moment which though comes in a sudden shake of insight but has been simmering in various parts of our creative brain as a different mental process from our everyday thinking.
So when these young teens tell me that I should not experiment, I find it very comical , so comical that I am laughing faux menacingly.

Today I am all about being that chic woman, who loves to throw in her hair open with a simple statement making Chanel earrings, and louboutins keeping things classy. I have not experimented and that is why took me minutes to achieve this style ,very very ubiquitous in nature, pulled out from the archives kinda look. You would have seen this on Instagram last year, probably the only sane look I did in my sea of experiments. Besides I didn't have any pictures in off shoulder, and hence needed a cold shoulder title especially for this post  hahaha.
My advise  to all those young women (teens) is - Don't fake perfection . You were born to make mistakes. Evolve, be free, and go crazy to the Zeeeeeeeeeee.

A Day In Loungewear | The Club Emerald - Mumbai

Wednesday 6 July 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

These summer holidays were a perfect time for me to gussy up and go out, but hubster was too less inclined to spend time with family. It was a holiday vs Work Tug-O -War situation at home.
The work kept him busy all throughout , and he was a living example of Ass Jack of all trades,( work front ) engrossed in climbing some Mt. Kilimanjaro, Disconnected and not reachable. It was time to break a bottle of some old wine, alone at home,when an idea struck me to follow him everywhere.
Co-incidentally both of ours work made us land in Mumbai at the same time. Now it was a golden opportunity to take a break from solo-parenting and just throw everything and perform my laid back couch potato edit. 
Things became slow. Mumbai was rainy and sluggy, not that I am loving Delhi at the moment, but its that time of the year where the pattern of sweat don't know the city its trickling down from. Yes, Monsoons !!
Obviously we don't have a different wardrobe for monsoons,like we do for winters, but casuals and lounge-wear only seems like an obvious directional choice in this weather which on a side note, also lets me achieve the bonus of every conceivable form of daily activity and save me the Gusset between my legs too ( I said that on Instagram already )......
This Kurti and the linen pant set was the most dressed up I needed to be on a rainy day in Mumbai. You can see my hair is tied up already in a bun. Kurta's can prove to be a Mecca for lounge-wear and also maximise your chill time and that's what precisely I was doing at newly launched Sports Club -Emerald in Chembur, Mumbai. I think there is room for style and taste in every part of women's life. But its only when a fancy place like Club Emerald which is full of luxury notes provides a vantage point for me to swaddle myself up with a cup of coffee in the quietness of the library and loose myself to a book.  After hours of curling up on that library sofa couch, I got in a mood to hit the playground , play some squash and it was exactly when I found out that this Fab India outfit proved every bit in the righteousness to obscure my secondary sex characteristic, unencumbered and non fussy.

Now Brighten your Selfie with OPPO A37 | Mobile Review

Tuesday 5 July 2016 / , ,

Hey guys I am back with another review of yet another cool smartphone. This time I am reviewing the new OPPO A37. If you are looking for a new phone, and are confused with so may options in the market, then I am here to sort your dilemma and giving you a low down on why this phone should be in your consideration list. Just like the earlier launch of OPPO F1 Selfie expert, this model also focus on enhanced camera features, and if you love taking photos all through the day, then you should not look elsewhere.