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In My Dungarees | Style | Delhi Fashion Blog

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 / , , , , , , , , ,

Dungarees | Denim, pinafore & overalls | ASOS

A lot of things are catching my fancy at the moment. I am an Anomaly in a world obsessed with femininity. At least from the recent deliveries I have at home, nothing is as close to as a womanly buy. Sporty is becoming my new fallback term for choice . A lot of people call it athleisure.
Today's look, sent me whooshing back to high school, when I wore a similar pair of dungaree skirt while hosting a seniors party in eleventh grade ( I am talking 90s- so go back with me ). It was a farewell party and I wanted to look good. 
Unfortunate as the day could be , I had an inappropriate malfunction, as I took my dungarees skirt in black colour, which I remember clearly , to a sophomore outing. 
Its always a first time that a garment has to prove itself to me, and everything went against with anything that looked like a perfect image of me doing my shindig in my dreams ,a night before.
On the day of the event, my dungarees became that monster which kept on falling off my shoulders and I had no way to control them.Years after they resurfaced as overalls , I have started having faith in them back again.
Today I am probably wearing the same style in a more glossy package if I had to put it with a big pixel bow. In literal sense , I am wearing these cuffs which double as a fan after they demonstrate as a great fashion accessory of the season.
Cool accessories like the cuff, you may count the purples in too , are a bonafide investment .They always give a new shape to even the basic of a look, and have recently caught my eyeballs and attention. The rose-tinted exuberant nostalgia of a dutch era ,was coming at play, more like meandering in circles as I was confused how to pair this coolest acquired accessory courtesy husband, and his sheer generosity in sourcing these playful buys from his travels which I assume you would like too, unless you are a naysayer or have some rapturous reaction ready to dispose on my photos. 
The Dungarees are from StalkBuyLove, a style borrowed heavily from the world of sports. Imbuing again in the same outfit, after a decade feels good. Of course the snapback was just tried for a few test shots which came as in  between as a fragile landscape of  boyhood, but you need not focus on them.
Dungarees | Buy Ladies Dungarees Online in India at StalkBuyLove
Dungarees - Buy Dungarees for Women Online in India
Dungarees | WOMEN | Forever 21
Dungarees | WOMEN | white shirt , how to wear a white shirt
 Women's Dungarees Dress  skirt, denim skirt
 Women's Dungarees Dress
 Women's Dungarees Dress
women white shirt , cuffs
 Women's Dungarees Dress

Dungarees - Buy Denim Dungarees for Women Online in India - Koovs
Dungarees - Buy Denim Dungarees for Women Online in India
Dungarees - Buy Denim Dungarees for Women Online in India - Koovs
Supercolor by adidas Originals  adidas Baltics
Shirt- HM
Dungarees- StalkBuyLove
Shoes- Adidas Super color
Cap- Asics
Picture by -Lensthing
Makeup- Makeup By Pritika 


Monday, 25 July 2016 / , ,

The Amorphous architecture form in vintage renditions of pearls and tassels, clubbed with the essence of Swarovski jewellery was Gaurav Gupta couture for you.
The blouses were sculpted to an extravaganza of  luxurious and subtly sexy details in swirls of organza.
The multilayered scaping skirts endowed with  structured crystals and dripping pearls  grappling the attention in pristine colours .Utilising the softer colour palette in the beginning and then moving on to the darker hues with pieces that emphasised the beauty of the body was perfect for those who understands refinement . The cocktail dresses were lusciously feminine crafted with beautiful sculpt.

Anamika Khanna X Amrapali - ICW2016

Sunday, 24 July 2016 / , , ,

Softer Ivories have their own timeless charm , right  ?  Anamika Khanna's offsite show  collection at the Leela Palace, Delhi made me fall in love with lighter tones as never before.
Oyster pink, jade, powder blue and rose, mustard  never looked so charming until Anamika brought them in different flavours of  cuts and silhouettes that left me speechless.
The garments had her signature trails, cape with trails rather a great mix of modern without having to sacrifice on tradition. Long coats with petal detailing were paired with reinvented shararas , sarees re-emerged, and the oversized coats with popping 3D embroidery popped my eyeballs.
The fuller skirts with higher waistlines crossed the thin line between a cocktail dress and a lehenga skirt.

The Last Dance of The Courtesans - By Tarun Tahiliani ICW16

/ , , ,

As the title suggests, we expected some dance and drama at the Tarun Tahilinai show.
The new couture collection encapsulates the allure of the fabled Indian Courtesan, sadly misrepresented in most of Bollywood as “fallen women” – In fact they were the custodians of
beauty, fashion, poetry, dance and music.

The Persian Story - Manish Malhotra - India Couture Week 2016

Thursday, 21 July 2016 / , ,

Of all the designers I love, there is one who is capable to put you always on the edge of your seat.
The people sitting ahead of me were kind enough, to share the space so that I could bring you close to what happened at the Opening show by Manish Malhotra at India Couture Week 2016- all the action is right here.
Nothing is cropped. And so is not my story. I have a complete vision of all the garments as seen by my enthusiastic self.
The Persian story- was one of its kind. Lets begin from the set, coz that's where all the magic started.
The fauna, the flora, the pillars, the lights, the lamps transported everyone. Not to forget the typical Persian runway music.
The ramp was depictive of the Persian architecture, its elements, going back to an era of Alexandra the Great.
The fusion of the two eras, was deeply impactful.
Coming to the collection, the models looked liked Royal Princesses of history, that we have only read about in books. The clothes were extravagant, the  Iranian embroidery was never ending on top of it if I tell you that there were 50 limited edition pieces , think of the time and immeasurable efforts taken to bring out and conceptualise it to what it was.
The hand woven golden embroidery on the velvet gowns , cigarette pants, trail gowns, perpetual plaid sherwani's on men in maroon, emerald green and azure blue made me drool every time each piece made its way through my eyes.
The off shoulder gowns, Dupattas with sheer opulence is the only thing a bride should set her eyes and heart on this wedding season.
So all you to brides to be, if ever and ever you want to buy a designer piece to cherish over a lifetime, and pass down to the generations,  you should seriously have a look at the couturier's store, (Delhi and Mumbai ) and tell me which ones you are favourite ?

Bolywood Heart throb Fawad khan opened the show and Deepika Padukone closed the show.
Breathtaking jewellery with uncut polki diamonds and pearls by HazoorilalJewellers by SandeepNarang added the elegance to the already beautiful collection. What a great amalgamation of culture, architecture, and clothes. It was a sheer delight to be a part of the show.