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DeBelle Cosmetics- Natural Based Nail Lacquer In India (with seaweed extract )

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 /

We all want that magic that would just push our nail growth faster isn't it  ? Besides this we always wanted our regular nail polishes to be a no chip polish at the same time giving us the sheen we always wanted.
Well here you go then - Introducing DeBelle cosmetics Nail lacquers enriched with sea- weed because it's time we get the best out of everything.

Applying nail polishes in the longer run has its own set of Pros and Cons , Pros being just a temporary beautifying gratification and Cons being many , the major one being damage of natural nails ,or weakening of nails because of  continued application.
I know you all could relate to the fact when your salon girl tells you to give your nails a rest just after a yellow nail is exposed minutes before that manicure ? "Madam - Pls let your nails breathe . Too much of Nail polish is not good " I have been told this a gazillion times.  But who cares ? I want that shiny looking colour on my nails.
Its good to talk about new brands and new launches , but at the same time it's important we don't deprive ourselves of the proper nail education and care.
Talking about DeBelle , when they told me that they are one of a kind in India to manufacture nail paints with sole natural base and with sea -weed extract , that helps promote nail growth without any damage to the nails plus comes in trendy colours , I had all the reasons to be among the first ones to test these polishes and tell you all about my experience. I also googled a lot of facts with relation to sea-weed and nail growth and was quite impressed when these nail paints delivered what I expected .

To simplify things Its a little miracle when it comes to nails and  I laid down a few facts for your info
 About Sea-weed  Extract and Nail growth - Seaweed is nothing but Marine algae ,and is found naturally . This sea ingredient helps improve the condition of our nails and hands . The long lasting results of these sea extracts are strong, healthy looking and beautiful nails in the long run after a few uses.
First Impression after using De Belle Nail Polish - I got the two most beautiful shades - Bebe Kiss ( Pink ) and Moulin Rouge ( Red)
Both the colours impart a great shine only with two coats of application .It dries about nice and quick. I do a lot of normal household chores , ( just in case you think I don't have a life besides the glam world ) which includes, hands in water , and trust me your nails do take the beating for that. The nail paint has a very thin shiny layer , and after three coats I still don't feel the weight of any nail paint on my nails, unlike other nail polishes ( I wish I could take the names of bigger brands here , but lets keep the things simple )

Odourless/ Doesn't peel  - De Belle Nail polishes are odourless , dustless and safe for all the ages. This doesn't peel of in a bad way unless you put a layer everyday and removes normally faster than other ones I have used.

Clear and smooth application - After using this for over a month I can safely say that the application is pretty smooth, and has a very satisfactory (non clumpy) consistency . I love the brushes too, I think they are wide and thin. I strongly feel it would definitely work on nails that are tough to grow and I recommend using this wholeheartedly for quite sometime , until  satisfactory results are achieved.

So these were my impressions with the first ever sea weed polishes I tried in my life, and I am in love. With a little bit of a learning curve , I hope you would get to try these as well coz you really can't beat the shine and wear of this one at least.
DeBelle Nail Polishes are currently available on Amazon .

About DeBelle DeBelle nail paints has been formulated in France and has been recognised as the Rising star of India, in the natural based cosmetics segment,  at the INDO - Asean Global Investment Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand. The Summit was supported by Make in India Campaign, Skill India and Ministry of Skill Development, Govt. of India. The summit was also supported by Indo-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thai Italian Chamber of Commerce and Indian Embassy in Thailand.

4 ways to incorporate Indian wear at work

Thursday, 29 December 2016 /

Let's face it we Indian women love our Indian clothes and what better than something which is seamless and comfortable at the same time let us exercise full control of confidence at work space ?
Yes you got it right. Today we are talking about how to choose your work wear outfits . When it comes to dressing for work, Indian women have multiple options coz we can really spruce up our workwear looks by adding variant kurtis and match them up in so many ways that you could be surprised.
Lets see how :

Get Resort ready in minutes | Lace and Chambray

Thursday, 8 December 2016 / , , , , , , , ,

Boho Chic – Bohemian Style For Summer 2017

Spotted around town lately, The Denim/ chambray trend is one of the greatest contribution to
fashion .
With sartorial ease,denims have been on the foreground of  what keeps us real and grounded -fashion wise.
There is a 1980 s denim girl in all of us and trust me we all wanted to look cool at one point of our lives. While a romantic collage of ideas were running through my mind when I put on this denim top,I had my heart bent towards a bit of hippie dippie and I decided that it's about time the gladiators climb my legs too.
The little flower overlay on my head , a small jute bag, leg show and one concept leading inexorably to another, and in the end I kinda loved the way the whole mix up took shape.
There are outfits and there are outfits that jolts the beefcake out of Instagram viewers. This is not a look that jolts anything , but wait I am getting to that beefcake memo. 
After been casually observing fashion for the past few months, I can now confidently say that off late with the explosive growth of Instagram ,fashion blogging best described as Instagram blogging ( for starters who suck at writing but win on pouting ) has become the most cliche of everything , and when I say cliche , I mean urban fashion speedily absorbing into mainstream. Has fashion reduced to a mere formula then ?  Because I started this blog at a time when I saw bloggers pushing their boundaries. But 2016 there ain't no push . It's all about punning the boundaries and a sea of contradictory content and death of Grammar.
So my question is will the fashion audience tire because we are not able to give any real impact and more or less our opinions are biased or crushed under the sea of goodies ? Technology is prone to seismic shift, and after Instagram has lived its life, I still feel Content would always be the king.
So where do you think the curve of blogging goes from here ? Thoughts pls !!!!!

Boho Chic – Bohemian Style For Summer 2017
Boho Chic – Bohemian Style For Summer 2017 , gladiators, beach look
Boho Chic – Bohemian Style For Summer 2017  stalkbuylove, koovs, amazon
Boho Chic – Bohemian Style For Summer 2017
Boho Chic – Bohemian Style For Summer 2017 , palazzos , stalkbuylove
Boho Chic – Bohemian Style For Summer 2017
How To Pull Off Bohemian-Inspired Style , crown , headband, florals
How To Pull Off Bohemian-Inspired Style , crown , headband, florals
How To Pull Off Bohemian-Inspired Style , crown , headband, florals
How To Pull Off Bohemian-Inspired Style , crown , headband, florals
How To Pull Off Bohemian-Inspired Style , crown , headband, florals
How To Pull Off Bohemian-Inspired Style , crown , headband, florals
How To Pull Off Bohemian-Inspired Style , crown , headband, florals
How To Pull Off Bohemian-Inspired Style , crown , headband, florals
Top and Palazzos -

Easy DIY Bedroom Makeover Hacks - Inspired By Beautiful Homes

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 / , , ,

We just passed a good festival season when not only the leaves become slightly Red, also our homes are cleaned, ransacked , primed and retouched .
Its a tradition, or at least an unwritten law in India , to wait for the appropriate time of the year to get the things fixed . Before Internet or My space came into being, painting of the house /whitewashing was the only customary term associated with Diwali renovations. But in today's time renovation is a whole new game and thank god for internet, this time my imagination was running pretty wild, when I had the sudden urge to make small changes in my bedroom - not very massive or overtly expensive , but I wanted a lot of existing things like light fixtures, to wall hangings to move and make place for the new and "TRENDY STUFF "(snaps fingers **) to enter which would eventually help me create more space in my bedroom. There was a lot of work for me to do and  I needed a second opinion on everything .

Street Style AIFWSS17 With Fossil Q Marshal and Gucci Dionysus Bag

Monday, 14 November 2016 / , , ,

Fossil Q Founder Touchscreen Stainless Steel Smartwatch - Fossil

Some people are born a watch person while some develop an appreciation for it over a few years. Just like Wine !! You may or may not like it the first time, but gradually deep down inside it's becoming a syndrome.  We have all seen those timepieces , some fancy, some vintage and some eclectic..
Your trip through a watch is probably my trip through a watch and we all do the same things with it.
But things changed a bit when I got my hands on the Fossil Q Marshal.
I attended the official launch of it on 5th October where I saw Fossil group launching a range of connected devices across 6 of its owned and licensed brands.
Today we are talking about my new acquired Fossil Q watch , and how its definitely telling me more than time .
Look and Feel : With a soft curving multi finish case, and interchangeable genuine leather straps,the watch is nothing less than a normcore from style perspective . 
With a great density of design , it surely fits the bill of a watch collecting nerd and doesn't sit too heavy either on the wrists. The Q Marshal features a rugged case, along with a striking navy blue plated case, paired with vintage inspired leather case. A nice sporty watch like look perfect for summers 😼

Anytime Anywhere information : With Q Marshal , even if I want to get lost , I couldn't possibly, because it provides me with a uncomplicated way to navigate once I have connected it to my phone and it takes only seconds to do that .The touch screen feature, makes sure that all my alerts are right at the tip of my finger, ready to be scrolled up and down. From whats app, to voice calls alerts to processing any virtual information on the go , this marshal makes sure that I don't miss any real time update. 

The Screen with many Faces : Okay so this feature has to be my favourite one. The watch comes equipped with not only cool and funky screens options, but has a face for your mood of the day. Besides the custom face , a few more can be downloaded right from the Android Wear app. Since I wore the watch for all the five days of AIFWSS17 last month, I was more than happy to customise a face of the day coordinating with my look of the day. This changing the face part, definitely raised the bar of intuitiveness for the fashion week street style snappers coz a) Its elegant functionality and bright ( Mr. Bean ) display popped some eyeballs and b) It kinda blended with my all denim patches sober with a hint of fun look for the day and the outfit I wore on Day 3 .
Of all the other mandatory fashion week things /list, I don't know if anyone ever included being handsfree as a pointer in the list  ? Doubt it ? Well me too . This watch let me perform all sorts of tasks, without even reaching for my iphone. A clear winner when you need your hands free !!

Track my Steps : Often I am able to charm my friends ,when I just raise my wrist and track my daily  morning jog with them. In this age of touch screens , we all want that uncomplicated device to track all my activity while I am plugged to the music , and when my feet are in motion.

Price and Final Verdict : Fossil Q Marshal is priced at INR 22,000 in India . The Marshal is fun, with the only flip side of getting familiarize with it in the beginning. It helps me streamline my minute to minute notifications, coz I am a very social person incase you don't follow how active I am everywhere .
Its affordable watch for those who want to read texts every minute . The battery life is pretty decent- upto 8-10 hrs again depends on the usage, and is well sized for small wrists. The straps are interchangeable , and from fancy to being sophisticated , you can decide what's your mood of the day and  how do you want to dress up ! Now the only question remains is :
Is it essential ? No ..... Do I need it - Yes - Because I like being able to read my mails , check my message notifications, social alerts voice command it ,rather than having my smartphone in hand all the time.

I wore this outfit for Day 3 of AIFWSS17 . Deep in my quirky antiquity , this pair of denim, freshly picked from a random but funky store at People's Square, Shanghai took all my money . It was back there behind those fancier designer label things . My husband saw it first , and showed it to me . The first thought that struck me was - Can I wear it to my grave ? Okay that was an overwhelming response, for starters lets wear it to a more appreciative place ,where together with my Gucci Dionysus bag, I can Glamorously traumatize a few people .
I was lucky to get the Bee edition on my Gucci Dionysus,socially suited to my Instagram handle and most importantly meaning sense to my name  !! 
So what do you say ? Do I get your approval of strict good taste in fashion yet ?  

Street Style 2016 - Street Fashion Photos, Inspiration, and Looks  aifwss17
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