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Inspired By Turkey

Thursday, 23 April 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

turkish fashion inspiration
I love Blue, basically Turquoise is my thing. Dressing up in this color, is my power suit. Add red lips to it, I am capable to win any Ninja Fight. There is something about the color, that adds a confidence to your aura, and only you can decipher what . Exactly what I felt when I wore this outfit. And thank you Change360º for dressing me up in the flavour I always wanted. 
You know there is a theory on how color affects our moods. This color empowers me with a feeling, and beyond, which made me channel this Turkish woman look.From the minute I got this headband from Forever21 to the time I saw this Co-ords on Change360store, a dust bag just blew off from my mind, and I knew exactly what look I would be putting on the day 4 of fashion week. I am wearing 22kt Temple Gold Jewelery which belonged to my mom.Clearly no better way to accessorize and step into the character. Nothing is Out of the blue in this look, rather everything fits perfectly in the Blue The break down of  gold jewelry sets to take off this fashion trend. Try it peeps, coz 
now I know what it really means to dazzle :)

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Co-Ords- Change360º
Shoes- Blur
Choker- Khan Market
Earrings/Bangles- 22kt Temple Gold Jewelry-Vintage Designs

Woolmark Fashion Event with Indian Designers Rajesh Pratap Singh And Suket Dhir

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 / , ,

Every year ( from the past 2 actually ), Raymond and Australian Embassy join hands to put up a spectacular show to promote wool as an all year round fabric. The events get better every time, and there is an addition of more fun to it. Only when its getting big , we expect a wide participation from our beaming Indian designers, and it was one such show on 13th April 2015, when Australian Embassy , in New Delhi, hosted all the fashion fraternity, and looped us into a special line of creation by Indian designers- Rajesh Pratap Singh and Suket Dhir and also Timothy Everest
Woolmark is a pioneer into making wearable wool for all seasons. We discussed the initial launch here.The collection showcased at this Fashion event, mostly depicted of that into more fashionable aspects.

Moods | Dressing Up for a Music Fest In Bangalore

Thursday, 16 April 2015 / , , , , , , , , , ,

stylish bags for women

We all know that Coachella weekend 2 is happening all around. For my fellow readers in US- yayy, but Indians long and wait all year round to get their high on music fests, which could satiate their hunger for fashion, dance, drama, and music. Delhi witnessed emerge last month, and since I couldn't get myself to attend that coz of pouring rains, I got my entry somehow to the Atif Aslam live concert(c/o my lovely friends  from music industry ) happening in Bangalore around the same time as Coachella . On one hand I have started sorting outfits and creating looks anticipating my visit and a small getaway to ooty is being dreamt of and this little air about travel has got  hubs excited in finding a few boutique hotels in Bangalore  and in fact  We are so looking forward to a getaway , and this tickets to the concert is filling me up with a vacation mojo.
On the other hand, this much talked about Coachella is giving a lot of inspiration to dress up to  every fashionista. Social medias are streaming life full of those .
 I know I can't go for one, but who says we can't dress up for one. This is also my weekend look, which if things set up nicely and we manage to  get the hotel bookings in Bangalore of my choice, I might just copy this finery , the jewellery drama , and fly out for a weekend.
With this look, I played with antique accents, and this lace co-ords from Stalk buy love were conveying the whole drama. Its fun, its flirty and the whole combo, is a sunny ripping up of my style lookbook.  Although its a whole 90's revival stint, with two smashing separates,Its really interesting to see how the bloggers are taking this trend up a notch with their own re-incarnations. Today I tried something sporty chic again (all-right its not my first ) with Jewellery being the main focus.
I shed my sweet girl image and touched base with my inner eccentric and whacckky .There is another whole new level of fashion and music I am going to explore, and this kind of a getaway is a great excuse to dress up and on to traipsing back and forth.

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Beginners Mom Guide To Introduce local South Indian Cuisine to kids

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 /

Its that time of the month again , that I thought I would bring you a food treat , which I had been planning so long .  Today I would be talking about some delicacies brought from Southern cuisine .

Flower Hair Updo with Sheer Cape Blouse and Wrap Skirt

Friday, 10 April 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

floral cape
Fashion week is over, and its time to share some of my best dressed moments on the blog. It was that time of the month when we got our finger on the fashion pulse.The week struck me completely into redoing fashion differently, and that's when I started playing with my closet, and hair to be more precise. Since I am blessed with a circular face cut and head in retrospect, anything which sits around that part of my asset , looks pretty . A lot of people snapped me on the venue and they made sure that they capped the flower right. I told them it was inspired by the nature, and hence the floral cape /blouse (which btw is from my own label) and this match is kinda seemingly putting everything in place for me.
I decided to play with mono colors ,hence wore this stitched wrap skirt , from House of SBJ which comes with an equally pretty  blouse. But switching things up , made the two separates a total charm and a much better put together look. 
Have a look.Also don't forget to pause and give a moment to these shoes. I know they deserve their own admiration space.
fashion blogger skirt for women
floral hair accessory, bun , updo