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Fashion Forecast| Fringe Trend Website |Cut-Out Party Dress Fashion and Beach Wear| Thailand PHUKET Travel Post launches Freedom Bike at Blue Frog, New Delhi

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 / , , , , , ,

There is no dearth of Talented designers in India. Ask me how surprised I am looking at the vivacious designs of the young talented newbie designers and I can tell a tale with many expressions .
Talking about the same, recently a Delhi based Designer Duo Gautam and Prateek, specializing in  Illustrations and Sculptors  designed a Moto Bike that could totally revolutionize the way we think of "Art ".Or let me put it that way- A more realistic piece of - Art !

Website Review: Dresswe.Com | Cut -Out Party Dress

Thursday, 11 September 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The people from Dresswe, sent me this dress. Though the camera captured the color in a bit oxblood tone, but its towards more on a purple hue  ! With so many websites popping up daily, and a plethora of options , and a very choosy n moody shopping culture, how do we distinguish that which websites offer value for money without compromising on the quality ? Its hard, I know and have been through the route after burning my money in trials. But there are some websites, to which I am going back . Safe to say, Dresswe is one of them. From budget dresses to high end they have it all . The package came via DHL, and reached me in 5 days. Super quick than I expected, especially when the stuff comes via China you know there is going to be a month long wait ! Though there was a shipping fee of USD 16,and is usually calculated at the time of checkout. But as far the quality and the fit goes, its well worth the penny. The stitching is seamless, and I  can't seem to find the end of the seams too. Its invisible, and I like it that way.The measurements provided in the description were accurate, and the color the same . 
Wore it to an event and matched my pearls to achieve a more dressed up look. Kept everything else simple n matchy . I am into bold lips these days and Mac Rebel kinda gives me a dirty girl swab . Have you tried ?


Dress: Dresswe- Buy(its on discount)
Pearl Earrings-Singapore/Buy Similar
Pearl bracelet-Singapore/this is cute too/ Another one
On my lips-Mac Rebel

Fashion Forecast : Fringe Trend

Friday, 5 September 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Fringes are back in Vogue. On shoes, On Belt, on Bags, On Accessories, On clothes, peeps you just gotta look around on Pinterest ! It has transformed from an all Bohemian or western or a Pop star interpretation and can be Juxtaposed with Sensual Silhouettes  now! Who knows, it might get just as big as the crop top trend, and  ladies before you know it, this bitch called fashion just throw us back to an era we just may dread -THE 80's .  Fashion  Trends are a bit late when we talk about India. Its a snail approach. And I just don't say that for the heck of it , I have proof. I saw Fringe working its way through , two years back flooded in abundance in Bangkok malls. Though It has yet to hit the racks of the most prominently shopped brands in India . The collection is not that immense I say.
Come close and I'll talk about the most run of the mill style -crop tops scenario in India ! Like everywhere, even my neighborhood street shops have them ! From have nots they are the new Try Ons ! I can't really say, but sense that we would be pretty on top of this Fringe thingy too and you would be crushing on them hard and before we know it we gals would be fringing our closets to glory  and saying--  Aloha !!

Fashion And Beach Wear | Thailand Phuket Travel Post

Monday, 1 September 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Both the pieces I am wearing here can be officially termed as Vintage. Fashion and trends have become so dynamic, that the next thing vintage in anyone's closet could be just a month old. Before and Unlike today, We had practically four seasons and a few designers and we loved the way fashion n designs evolved each year enchanting us . Times changed and we are witnessing practically 50 seasons and really diving into trends almost on a fortnightly basis. There is lot of innovation waiting to happen, and the next minute you know,that pretty " Brand new "neon dress was left hanging coz the future of fashion was bound to follow the lines which replaced the trend. I call it creative destruction ! A question : Why can't all fashion shows be an extension of what we already have ? Something a customer could use to build or expand the wardrobe ? Something which serves just an addition to our preserved staples and  where old could still be called Vintage?  Think about it !

Designer Talkies : Indian Designer Anita Dongre Launches Her Flagship Store at DLF Emporio

Sunday, 31 August 2014 / , , ,

Designer Anita Dongre launched her first her flagship store at New Delhi's DLF Emporio, amongst a swish gathering of the Delhi and Mumbai glitterati. 
Its a  sprawling 3000 sq ft. luxury store, with an old world contemporary charm. The interiors have been designed around the artwork and antiquity and decorative features of Rajasthan which speaks in itself the effort and sweat put in to convey her love for all things heritage and Indian  . Every small lil detail tells of the plushness of the well made Indian fashion,lending its reach to the furnishings and upholstery and the art work appliqued walls. Everything around the store is luxurious and perfect to the  "T".
Her collection offers a unique selection of bridal, couture, pret and bespoke jewelry, to the luxury connoisseur. I still can't get over her bohemian collection presented at the fashion week and now have reasons enough to lay my hands on the styles which till now had only been haunting me and made the lust list more lustful  .
Took some photos while I could in between all the hustle and air kissing. The designer was pretty busy in looking after everyone , and could only spare up a few seconds  for a personal interaction, hence could not bring much of the "Hot Wire" stuff for you guys which is disappointing. Also wanted to find out how our B' town celebs, felt about all that and much (understanding the reason for my presence and all the incorporation ) hence no scoop there even. Therefore all I could bring you is a few things which caught my eye, really an eye, coz when I say that, it means I practically spent some real minutes in aww n admiration !