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The Ultimate Impact | Stripes and Ruffled skirt

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 / , , , , , , , , ,

Striped Tops For Women - Buy Ladies' Striped Tops Online | Myntra
Makeup Looks, Ideas & Trends | Allure, mac, lancome, nyx

When creative, intense , passionate and often wildly attractive people get together they create magic. Today I break my previous mold a little and with some tiny effort and some great makeup and photography assistance , special behind the scenes touch ups with extraordinary mentions to husband who Cajoled my daughter a hundred times to not to get messy with the MUA's box,we finally accomplished this look.
Despite an image oriented age , where the soft sells more than the hard, originality is converting to stage a spectacle, and brands are looking for blogposts looking like couture and dictated silhouettes .
Its a magpie approach of dressing , trying to please all the people at all the time ( brand, readers, self)
Things move a little different with me. Trying to not look like a campaign picture , and make normality look different in clothes , more of a carefree person ,creating something new with an energy which of course doesn't cost a bomb to the readers is my ideas of a perfect editorial. And if it comes with an oomph of a little glamour, it doesn't hurt as much ... am I right ?
This look was always on my menu, and I was mood boarding a lot of things from a long time. 
The smokey makeup , the monochrome outfit, bold and nude lips at the same time ,zebra vibes etc were a few common factors that connected this look.
After years of auto applying eyeshadow and mascara for my whole life, my emotional architecture of the face changed manifolds until something fancy plopped in the camera and those rebellious clumpy lashes were shoe-horned in this look. From a bud to a bloom , I was happy bouncing around the whole house in many shades of black and white. The balloon sleeved blouse coming in from its haute pedestal of elite dressing possess a great penchant for the evening. Yes ,yes ,yes, you guys are right, this outfit is almost intentional-to tingle the filmdom.
It was a day of extravagance ,and hope you like my snappy happy presentation. Had a difficult time rejecting photos and finally choosing what to upload . 
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Things To Do In China, Shopping | Foshan | Guangzhou | Shanghai . OOTD- CHINA STREET STYLE

Friday, 19 August 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Bringing the back with a bang look. If you missed me then you probably know I was in China, and if you didn't then maybe I am in danger for overestimating your interest in my blog.
Just so you know , my summers were more inherently summery than yours , more Disney oriented, and more Chinese food driven.
That's why I am back here to delicately start a conversation on what you should do in China . After squeezing in about about three cities - Foshan, Guangzhou and Shanghai in my 12 day itinerary, and attracting a diverse blend of Chinese with our street style shoots, I am here to share a little  tour diary of things you should do in China. 
I got a couple of few Insta stories ( which was a new Instagram feature added just a day before I left which also saved me the hassle of taking photos within one minute of arriving giving me much photo posting clarity. Blessed !!!! 
The best feeling was the great feedback given by those on the receiving end of those founts of stories, and interest in my travel, which encouraged me to hack into VPN and enable Instagram coz every other world social platform is barred in China.
While a lot of you may feel that I am biting on the fresh figs of life, which actually I was, but came with a lot of walking and a big big language barrier. 
Our landing port was Guangzhou, and  it took us an hour drive to check in at Foshan. 
Just so you know, Foshan is a veritable destination and worldwide hub for furniture, lights and for everything your home needs. 
Visited the Chimelong water park, (Asia's No3 , )which was a waste for a non adventurous person like me, especially when those thrilling water rides scare me to death.
Nevertheless its a heaven for kids, and my daughter had a Ball and she made our money back with freqyent display of excitement.
I wore a simple cotton  dress with lace trims by Stalk Buy Love, and my cone bag and the  Floral sandals from Sammydress Clothing  being the highlight of the day were praised by many as I ventured outside our Hotel Fortuna ,to shoot some street style. 
Must recommended place to stay, as the food is crazy and if you are a Vegetarian like me, you won't be starved.
The minute we started shooting, it looked like everyone needed my attention, as around 20 people took out their phones and started recording the terrific stuff we do in India(take street photos ). This ice cream cone bag caught the fancy of everyone , which arrived in 7 days (super quick delivery ) from the website . Despite being the centre of attraction at approx 9 A.M, I also did weird things on special request, for e.g posing to eat the ice-cream.
Language was no barrier then as sign language and friendly laughs ruled and after a dozen Chinese got what they wanted and took my exclusive expressions home, I am now wondering ,if they ruined my groove at my expense ??
Coming back to Foshan, the lighting city and a few shopping malls at Zhongshan are a must visit if you are shopping for home/ interiors. 
Leaving you all with truck load of pics. 
Next up is things to do in Shanghai and a lot of shopping finds.
Ciao xx

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The Sari Chronicles By Satomi | IndianWear

Wednesday, 3 August 2016 / , , , , , , , ,

How To Wear The Blue Lipstick Trend And Look Hot

Subtly and gracefully like butterflies fluttering out of black cocoons I tend to embrace an orgy of colours and patterns like never before.
There are some outfits which just naturally sharpen the habitual elegance , tipped with brightness so vivid, that it catches the fancy of everyone around. 
Recently I came across Satomi, an exclusive Indian Wear women clothing brand who bring colours and prints to this dull monsoon like never before. Their approach to this world of digitalized prints brings a feeling of verdant nature embedded in every Sari, giving life as if you are a part of an overindulgent feast. It's not easy for a brand to catch my eye unless some diversity is offered trying to do something different ,even the technique matters here because everyday is a struggle for style bloggers to give a deeper dimension to the  individual style and much variety to the fashion informed audience. Because people tend to get bored. Forget them, even I tend to get bored,and need a shift from the chic cult to something more varied and endearing. 
This Sari has that romantic simplicity which take simple print into a world beyond ordinary.  It weaves the ethnic into an urban presentation fit for an urban setting and the versatility of being right as a perfect dress for the cocktail night . I wore it for one of the days at the India Couture week  (the centre point of inspiration for our big fat Indian wedding) 
The outfit so much added up to the sense of fashion madness already vibing the venue and soon it became the talk of the evening. Blue lips and the print of the Sari were the real converters of great conversations for the night and girls stopped me everywhere to take photos. 
I love it when the garments give an appealing look with still and small voice of calm. Blazed against the rich green gardens of Hotel Taj Palace Delhi , it gave a very refreshing summer spirit to the look. I almost looked like a walking Graffiti for a minute , Bewildering the staff one blue lip at a time, which was actually appalling coz it took their preying eyes a while to figure out what was happening as I was busy having my paparazzi moment throwing away my Pallu ,cocooning my shoulders with all my might up in the air in some photos, well not to mention my passionate natural aura of potential fails. Haha. I wish we could capture their open mouthed expressions until their senior came and announced time out.
Besides the Sari I hope the complimenting jewellery and this choker which I DIY'ed myself (coughs***) have also gagged your attention? Your thoughts in the comments make my day.
Oh BTW I am in Shanghai this week . Follow me on Snapchat (user id- thefashionflite ) coz you have freakin no inkling idea of the heavenly shopping I am gonna take you through . Wait and Watch !!!
Ciao xx 

Wella Professionals Care for your Hair | Review Dry Shampoo | Root Mousse | BB lotion

Tuesday, 2 August 2016 / , , , ,

wella professionals dry shamppo mousse, bb lotion

Its monsoons and I need a miracle product to get out of that frizz. Will you believe me if I tell you, that my hair looks like Broccoli in monsoons and out of those beautiful Instagram photos which you see of my hair, there is a labour intensive work and endless hair products dumped on my head to tune those fancy pics.
I am always up for testing whats new in the haircare section than any other department, not even fashion that much , and Wella professionals just sent me a few stuff from their new launches and I couldn't be more than happy to put everything to test. Today's post talks about all the 3 products so lets get straight to the reviews.

In My Dungarees | Style | Delhi Fashion Blog

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 / , , , , , , , , ,

A lot of things are catching my fancy at the moment. I am an Anomaly in a world obsessed with femininity. At least from the recent deliveries I have at home, nothing is as close to as a womanly buy. Sporty is becoming my new fallback term for choice . A lot of people call it athleisure.
Today's look, sent me whooshing back to high school, when I wore a similar pair of dungaree skirt while hosting a seniors party in eleventh grade ( I am talking 90s- so go back with me ). It was a farewell party and I wanted to look good. 
Unfortunate as the day could be , I had an inappropriate malfunction, as I took my dungarees skirt in black colour, which I remember clearly , to a sophomore outing. 
Its always a first time that a garment has to prove itself to me, and everything went against with anything that looked like a perfect image of me doing my shindig in my dreams ,a night before.
On the day of the event, my dungarees became that monster which kept on falling off my shoulders and I had no way to control them.Years after they resurfaced as overalls , I have started having faith in them back again.
Today I am probably wearing the same style in a more glossy package if I had to put it with a big pixel bow. In literal sense , I am wearing these cuffs which double as a fan after they demonstrate as a great fashion accessory of the season.
Cool accessories like the cuff, you may count the purples in too , are a bonafide investment .They always give a new shape to even the basic of a look, and have recently caught my eyeballs and attention. The rose-tinted exuberant nostalgia of a dutch era ,was coming at play, more like meandering in circles as I was confused how to pair this coolest acquired accessory courtesy husband, and his sheer generosity in sourcing these playful buys from his travels which I assume you would like too, unless you are a naysayer or have some rapturous reaction ready to dispose on my photos. 
The Dungarees are from StalkBuyLove, a style borrowed heavily from the world of sports. Imbuing again in the same outfit, after a decade feels good. Of course the snapback was just tried for a few test shots which came as in  between as a fragile landscape of  boyhood, but you need not focus on them.

Shirt- HM
Dungarees- StalkBuyLove
Shoes- Adidas Super color
Cap- Asics
Picture by -Lensthing
Makeup- Makeup By Pritika