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Fashion Crop Top for Women

Saturday 26 April 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Besides having a bent for all things fashionable, and all that entails being in fashion,It seriously took me a longer time than usual to embrace the crop tops trend....*shudders*..
I practically got on board with a few crop tops (and thank god i did) when I shopped for them in Bangkok.From boyfriend and casual crops to floaty fabrics and girly prints, there seems to be a crop for everyone, but how exactly do you wear this toughie of trends? 
Did you know that our midriff is the most slimmest area of our body ? While That being said don't you think that all this while when the low navel pants ruled the fashion scenario, there had always been an appearance of extra weight in our mid section for less sartorial muffin top new mommies, who always struggled to get abs like Jessica alba ? Wearing a crop top was never even thought off , forget a crop top, I always wore a midriff sari back then !
After much hard work on the abs after my baby, and the recent back with a here to stay crop top trend,I am looking forward to wear them more with high-waist shorts or a fun skirt like this, that works to show off a tiny part of the midriff where I not only sport one of this season’s hottest trends, but be doing so with a modest hint of seductive sophistication ? 
Remeber- lil bit of flesh is more alluring than putting a lot for show, its always better to leave the rest to imagination !!!

Crop Top/Hat/SpoonRing- Bangkok
Wrap Skirt- C/o Koovs fashion
Flats- Westside
Chain pendant- Forever 21
Ray-Ban Aviators

Fashion Trends | Color Block Dress

Monday 21 April 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I haven't experimented with stereotypical  color-combination(subtly done )  coz in my head they would warrant some humiliation and allow friends to hiss fun and start giving names to the color combos; Despite the fact that color-blocking is one trend which is easy to assimilate and we can re-use the same wardrobe too(which is completely my forte). Right now its the season to block out some inhibitions and master the act of concealing some areas while highlighting our best and the end result can be fabulously flattering ! 
I worked mixing two colors from the same family-fluro green + emerald coz I kinda already love greens and it was a good idea to build the look keeping the favorites in mind . Moreover to whittle down the rebel flavor , I toned it more with my neutral pumps and replenished it with aviators and let the each color stand out by whispering rather than shouting for a much deserved second glance !
Mustache tee- Bangkok
Moschino Belt- Romwe
Cycle Print jacket-Sarojini Market
Nude Pumps- Lavie
Ray-Ban Aviators

Fashion Grunge Look | How to wear Ear Cuffs

Sunday 13 April 2014 / , , , , , , , , , ,

High fashion world is always about breaking rules.There are a lot of style stereotypes which are dominated by a longstanding rule, and the fashion Jury giving guidance on what to wear it with what. But whats life without some sugar and spice ? Gone are the days when a Sartorial would  suggest that we wear those feminine , and ultra flirtatious lace dresses with a hint of ladylike pumps, and how a scene from a 90s flick would make a women run for her contacts coz Betty like glasses and a date dress were a big NO then .Its new age and we contrive a stylish switch in the protocol. Today's women don't shy in adding a lil grunge to a lace dress and get a street style approved look. Pumps are swapped by Combat boots,those geeky glasses are stay put on the nose,and when it comes to jewelry , more is more like LITERALLY ! 
Mixing on some high and low turns out to be a more playful way to go about any day ! Ear cuffs, stacking on some junk bracelets and some wild DIY turned out necklace paired with that pretty lace dress flowing on a windy day, howz that for a wild side of change ?
I wore this outfit on the last day of WIFW which happened lately.
After hours of hunting, I couldn't get a perfect lady like dainty necklace  to go with the look. It was then I decided to do a whole switch and not to stifle my creativity and let it go through some ebbs and flows in my own way. I converted this old key chain souvenir into a necklace, and the measuring tape was cut, Inspired by this bag of mine and the rest is all history !
Dress: Forever New
Boots: Styled here
Arm stack- Splash and sarojini
Necklace- DIY

Fashion Week Outfit | Checkered JUMPSUIT

Sunday 6 April 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

After the most prominent fashion event of Delhi, WIFW,and apparently typical days of running,and rushing after the shows and feeling super dry and drained,Our Outfits should be more geared towards functionality and comfort. I would never mind to be dressed in comfy homiest outfit, for an activity where I am involved to walk in a big way, if it had not been the fear of getting spotted by the Fashion Police and their own way and interpretation of wardrobe scrutiny . And with the street styles and all that paparazzo ; fashion weeks becomes the most influential watch shows of the world , letting you in on "What Caught our eye " Tag, hence by all means our fashion week outfits should be a bit more glamorous than what one would usually wear . 
This Wide-legged airy and roomy Jumpsuit was my sartorial shorthand of making an effort and being easy at the same time .The back zipper and neckline of this one piece is even more flattering, but had to be hidden under this jacket as I didn't have my arms waxed that day. Fashion weeks are not an event , its an experience, and these statement heels(though just 2inches),on which I rely by for any other day of equal amount of running got the best of me and left me all out of sorts especially when I was one of those social media mavens. But then all's well as long you have someone to tuck you back home ! right ?
Heels-Bangkok- see them here
Lace Jacket-Madame fashion
Ring- Asos
On My lips-Mac Impassioned

Brand Spotlight : Madame Spring Collection and Bloggers meet At Pacific Mall, Delhi

Friday 4 April 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Last month was all about buzzing events and then the much awaited Fashion week happened. Things moved on at a pretty fast pace ,and then after burning the candle from both ends,I just felt like crashing and not to even look at any mails . I need to get rid of my dark circles pretty soon, and am also looking for some pronto vacation elope. But before anything happens pretty fast, let me just do a brief look back to a blogger meet up which happened last month organized by " Madame"at their Pacific Mall, Delhi outlet
As usual, I got a chance to rub my elbows with event regulars and some new connections were made too. Needless to say, a lot of things happens over a cup of coffee ,and the unveiling of Madame Spring Summer collection 2014 was just a part of it.
There were hair stylists, who were hired to do a Zealous Cinderella makeover on us, before we were asked to pick our style from the collection and head for a quick change of our outfits.
There were short videos made on why's and how's of the collection,with blogger intro and the cameraman's usual technical glitches and re-takes. 
My style is usually comfortable, hence I just took a moment to slip into these harem pants and called it a day. Within minutes I saw this cropped lace jacket hidden under trial piles, and picked it up for the rest of my pairing.
Stills from the video shooting, when I was a Talking Tom. Dressed all in Madame.
The end result - I looked all fancy,in Madame,but felt a lil packed up a while after,as I went down a size in this jacket. After month of hunting for a jacket like this, it had to come to me this way. But then it was an  " it" fashion triage,and didn't even restrict me in a big way(just a size small),But then ,we probably should have clothes in all fits and sizes,some more flatter fitted and a few snug, and as long as I am not getting fat, things like these walk back with me home.
Above-Chit Chat with bloggers below Me trying on this humongous hat displayed on the window.Sadly,It was not for sale:{
I would say that I am not a regular at shopping at madame, but their colorful spring/summer surely makes me wanna keep a tab on whats new!The store looked energetic with huge prints galore spotted on the racks,and some nice summery and candy dresses on which I had a crush on.
Do drop in a Madame store whenever possible ,and check out a variety of styles ranging from simple tees, vests and tops in nets and laces, to keep you cool and stylish this spring. The collection also includes short skirts and sunny dresses both for formal and casual occasions.
Check out some more event related activities at the hash-tag- #madamebloggersmeet
Price: INR 895 onward
Availability: All Madame stores

Best Of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2014| Mandira Wirk|Masaba for Satya Paul|Pankaj and Nidhi|SamantChauhan Fashion Designers Collection (ii)

Wednesday 2 April 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

In continuation to last post, where we discussed the Best of WIFW (Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW'14), I couldn't help but add an extension to the term "Best" and map out a few more desired styles/designers and zoom them to focus. There was still so much left for fashion designers, runway collection and everything stylish, which was loved, hence it was necessary to get some more scoop from the runway and put an end to the fashion cravings and launch a part ii series. After all that's what  bloggers do right ? Extract the whole juice from the freshest designs from the fashion weeks?? lol !  Well then  Here's to a few" MORE" of my favorites .
Fashion Designer Mandira Wirk Collection "OMBRE", started off on grey tones along with Burgundy and Amber for the first segment and we saw a switch over to intense purple and charcoal and Black for the final segment ,where Gauhar khan stepped in looking Bold and nothing less than Royality in Black sleek gown.  The bodice with fur looked pretty n elegant,n there was a polished mix of colors, sharpened with laser cuts and softened with embroidery.
Elegantly styled belted coats and giant floppy lapel was also seen in her collection. The silhouettes were dreamy, and very English.The bags were couturier with an exclusive line of baguette, and minaudieres and bow clutches. Miss India International 2012 Rochelle Maria Rao  was also seen walking the ramp for her.
Satya Paul AT WIFW AW'14
Satya Paul's Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta Collection, set all eyes rolling;no wonder she is the Queen of digital prints, and one can't just stop admiring her work. The collection named "Icarus " had a lightheart take on prints and it explored various paradigms of illusions and its form. Her designs are a visual treat for many, and I have imagined myself about umpteen time wearing her work.A tap of running water, positioned as to drip onto your thighs, just above the slit, a safety pin pulling together the cut, and a lot more prints with strategic placement about where the print would fall seemed so seamless and proved her genius. Besides the designs being attention grabbing, I feel there is a lot of energy moving in her garments. The collection being futuristic, works with a formula of less is more, and even the models were seen abstain from any accessories except the outstanding bags which matched the topography of the prints in focus." Dear Masaba We bow to u :) "
Fashion Designers Pankaj and Nidhi collection"House of Cards" was based on a Spanish theme, and the ramp looked beyond amazing in the backdrop of giant size cards plastered from ceiling to the floor and Their was a lot of anticipation in what's gonna come next and heart pumping fast. The show started with a matador dance with the torero doing the famous bullfighter's double step. The collection was rich and artistic, with applique work and gold cords and pack of cards inspired prints. The matador capes conveyed the most elemental and exciting powers of fashion and had a convenient flow. Besides that, the collection was suited for both formal and casual dressing.

Fashion designer Samant Chauhan Collection, themed RAJPUTANA TRAVELLER, was an unexpected pleasure. The back ground score of the running train kept up with the whole traveler theme. The models strutted down the ramp with rucksack style bags and humongous bagpacks, which made the whole theme sewed in perfectly. The designer sets apart things by using unusual silk yarns, and hand woven fabrics, with intricate gold  zari  that even mother nature seems to be giving a nod .The models came down wearing soft textured and luxurious pieces with all eyes above the neck when the fancy metallic ear cuffs and ear chains were noticed making a definite statement.At least it made me embrace the trend, and wear one on my lobe the next day.

You can also have a look at the other participating fashion designers collection like Tarun Tahiliani, Rina Dhaka, Aneeth Arora,Siddartha Tytler, Rabani and Rakha, Rehane,Zubair Kirmani,Saaj by Ankita,Payal Pratap, Pia Pauro,rahul Mishra, Abraham and Thakore ,Malini Ramani, Nachiket Barve,Anand Bhushan, kallol Datta, and last but not the least Shantanu and Nikhil On FDCI(fashion design council of India) facebook page

Best Of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2014| Mrinalini |Jenjum Gadi|Anita Dongre|Sahil Kochhar Fashion Designers Collection

Tuesday 1 April 2014 / , , , , , , , ,

Wills India fashion week AW 14 seems to be over, and am happy to report that the soreness of my feet is finally improving.Its was an intense week, but so well worth to see the stylish city getting its due and bring about the innate chicness of the people attending the show and aptly display their talent in a street style scout.
Its time to take a closer look,on the best of Wills fashion week(my personal favorites) and immerse in the visual Cornucopia and Feast your eyes and get some direct fashion Inspiration right from the runway !
These designers are my personal favorites and I would love to explore their designs more(especially if they are running on sale) coz they are totally worth the high price,and gives a fashion identity to some .

Her collection named "Kashmir " displayed some Earthy Tones, Rope jackets , Slouch kurta salwar,Phiran style long Jackets,shawl pants, and cowl tie up pants ,which nearly allowed  all fashion eyes to explore the heredity of our neighboring culture. The hair were done sleek and simple and tied up at the back .Footwear all from Clarks  to enhance the raw appeal of the garments a notch higher which very much complimented the color tones of olive, black and the Khaki colored outfits .

Personally,I was looking forward to see his A/w and under no circumstance wanted to skip.
Turkish Delight is Jenjum's interpretation of designs inspired by Turkish art precisely the local iznik art.The designer added his own flare by recreating the motifs, using fine beads and ribbons, on a canvas of bold colors giving the Iznik a gentle north eastern tug which was adventurous move of the designer who blazed a trail for an innovative fashion genre, and the end result was even more refreshing. lot of  understated glamour with ethnic pride, and Jenjum conveyed it well to the audience. 
 Organza and net in porcelain weaving's and models wearing Turkish beads as head gears was  fascinating  and the designs were cutting edge.The twist to the collection was the creepers being paired with the outfits, which was a result of totally an out of the box thought process , but when fashion goes neo-ethnic everything is loved, isnt'it ?
Anita Dongre FOR WIFW/AW14

The Jaipur Bride( vol iii) - The collection was all about gypsy luxe from Ro
manian roots, but with an added inspiration of sikri work from the palaces and forts of Rajasthan. Just the right twist ! Tassels, metal cuffs , fluffed up hair and layered vests and jackets in beads and embroidery which brought about a very vagabond and a perfect boho flare, especially with the printed wedge boot(check dem out). Her designs are the most coveted ,and you really don't have to be outrageously rich to afford her ensemble ! 
Sahil Kochhar FOR WIFW/AW14
His collection Phuler-Tora -meaning a Bouquet of flowers, celebrates the craftsmenship of Sholapith(a bengali folk craft technique). The collection seemed to be buzzing with ornate embroidery  ,meticulous detailing and well structured dresses which had a very royal finish ! The show ended with models coming together holding white paper bouquets followed by a rain of paper petals which also marked the completion of the show. Indeed , the best was saved for the last.
So which one's among these are your favorites ! let me know in your comments !!
For more info visit- FDCI(fashion design Council of India ) :Website -
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