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Adidas Jeremy Scott collection Unveiled and a Bloggers Meet

Saturday 30 March 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Adidas Originals recently invited bloggers to review their newly launched Limited edition Jeremy scott collection, and man that was one heck of a Quirky stuff they had there !! The collection stood out,was unexpected (at least from the usual Adidas stuff),craftily designed and had unique elements like Jeremy’s signature winged high top shoe(my favorite pick) !!  If you want to leave a  flamboyant impression or would love to have those girls gawking at you , I suggest you Gird your Lions and check them out once !
From models doing the rampwalk and an after party with Chilled Sula and cupcakes was Re-freaking-freshing, since I stopped in after a busy Saturday  !!
Leaving you all with the teaser of the event/collection and what I Wore
Trying out one of their Eagle Prints Jersey

don't miss these gorgeous Sneakers adorned with sunglass-wearing poodles and bears.

 Checking out theJeremy Scott chain cage track top

Tee:Zara(worn here)
Boots: Da-Milano
Blazer- Asos
Bag- Fiorelli
Watch-Marc Jacobs
Cat-Eyes- Asos
On my Lips- Mac Impassioned

Ranging between Rs. 8,999 to Rs. 12,999, the Spring/Summer ‘13 Adidas Originals-Jeremy Scott collection will drop at select Adidas Originals outlets across the country.

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Into the Wild With Leopard Print- Trends 2013

Monday 25 March 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Though I had enough reasons to be bogged down, and go in for a quite celebration for my Birthday at home ,But, With everyone trying to make you happy, greet you, and throw some celebration for you, you just can't say No; even when I knew that I would be limping ! If you are looking for quite and a romantic celebration, especially when the spring breeze adds on , nothing like an open air Restaurant !! That's where we decided to head to lesser known niche dining areas of Delhi,hidden in those where you are gonna get lost, lanes leading towards the Garden of Five senses..Along with food,if you would like to be amused with some wild eating out jungle kind of experience,then head over to Magique !!
Breezy night, Live Dj,Candlelit tables, with  a jungle setting giving a forest kind of vibe is a nice touch,Very different from the usual ambiance that you get in restaurants and there amidst all that you have your dining table ! For me, an ambiance which  allows for a quiet meal and a place to talk with sufficient room while gorging on the fine food,surely takes the Cake .

Eating out at times seems to be mundane ,then all you need is a little adventure along with that to pep it up ,and this place provides you with that surely !
Later after our tummies couldn't take more, we decided to shake that carb and hopped over to the adjoining Pub Barka, where the Dj was on full throttle and was playing those upbeat commercial music.  

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Wearing - Tube Charlotte Russe Dress -Buy here
Low platform heels- Charles and Keith,
 House of Harlow necklace, 
Clutch- Nine west, 
Sequin blazer- Worn here last time
On my lips- Mac Rebel

Birthday Special Giveaway

Saturday 23 March 2013 / , , ,

Its my Birthday today, and To make it special and remembered , I sprained my ankle yesterday !! Well, Its a conspiracy I say !! In that case I'll just use it as an excuse to see all my best friends at once in the same place tonight, instead of a big plan !  I am sorry, I decided to do more of a Rant ,today than doing an actual Outfit post. So in order to cheer myself a bit, and extend a big Hug and Thanks to all my readers (btw its  my blog anniversary too  this month ) I thought of  working on a  giveaway , which was due from long back !! Giveaway brought to you in collaboration with Precious You By KJ..If you are a sucker of handcrafted jewellery, you would love her designs ! Slick and perfecly curated these gorgeous pieces are waiting to be received by one of you in your mailbox soon !!
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White Taverns

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Little Red Riding Hood

Tuesday 19 March 2013 / , , , , , ,

Sometimes it just takes a little Imagination, to be in a world of your own and act out all kinds of stories,without knowing the difference between reality and make-belief ! Welcome to the world of active imagination where one is easily swayed by the  elements of the tales from books and land that never existed !! In other words,Welcome to Childhood !
The minute I presented this dress in front of her,  the first words popping out from her mouth were, I am the Little Red Riding hood ! She is a heroine all right, having the courage to face all those dangers hiding there in the woods just to get to her dear grandmother's house. And she wanted to make sure she'll look her best for such an important visit !! However, Red Riding Hood has become a , FAVORITE book of hers and would have read that one maybe a trillion times now .I really have no issues or worries with fairy tales as long as they deliver the message "obedience is best" and inspire  to be someone strong ! Happy and bright in this Red Ruffled Dress, I can tell by that sweet little look on her face that she feels like she’s in her very own storybook. Loved watching her play,dance n twirl in the frill and flow of the fabric,especially when there is no real time wolf on the prowl.

P.S: She is still wearing it around the house over almost all of her outfits."
Last time was a Cinderella dress up- Check the post here
Buy similar dress from Dressestylist here

Red Ruffled dress- C/o-
Styling and Hairdo(front french braid )- Yours Truly


Shopped From My Closet-Spring look

Thursday 14 March 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

New season equals new trends !! At times the switch between seasons takes a complete toll on a lot of fashionista's closet , And I have nothing to wear becomes a most heard word in every household ! It becomes tough at times for every woman to keep an updated wardrobe all though out the year.The answer is very simple and yes we all know it ! Shop your own closet. There is no greater joy than finding a new life in your well worn clothes ,just need to find a way to make the whole look fresh! Its never too late to save that dime n dough n create something new after a bit of reshuffling and there are many of the pieces in our closet screaming to be paired differently :) Getting dressed is truly a no-brainer ,proving the same to you by putting up this shopped from my closet outfit in less than 10 minutes !! In other words- Am ready for spring - Who else is with me ?

Tank: Zara(last worn here)
Palazzo- Worn here
Shrug- westside
Scarf- Thrifted
Heels- Worn here
Bag- Espirit
BTW just entered this cool giveaway where I can win a Prada 27 Ns. Check it out here.


Summer Screams-Pastels, Spring 2013 Trend to Watch for

Monday 11 March 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Pretty excited to announce that its my Blog Anniversary ! Yes..Thefashionflite turns one ! And I seemed to notice about a week late,but never least I did ! Thank you immensely for all the encouragement and love you all keep showering in your mails,and making this whole blogging experience a fun activity for me.  Initially I was worried- what if I exhaust over all the new ideas,but that's the way blogs are !! At least I  could just write about what I feel,my weakness ,my strengths,fashion and what not,thinking there might be someone out there who resonates with the same ideas.. liberating isn't it ?
Never knew that I could go this far ,but since I have,what better way to acknowledge the landmark than with a new giveaway.. Watch out this space for an exciting one coming for Ya'll !  I think I should indulge in an offline party and share the pics on my Instagram and Facebook Or club it with my birthday party which happens soon too ! Catch up with me , so that we could have fun together ! Got a lot going on at the moment but will update as I go along..Signing off with an Outfit post

Wearing :Tee- Guess
Pants- Asos
Jacket- Manish Malhotra(last worn here)
Heels- Steve madden(worn here too)
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger
Watch: Marc Jacobs 
On my lips-Covergirl- Smitten Amoureuse-310


Dipped In Metallics- Spring Trend 2013

Tuesday 5 March 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Metallics are rocking this season, and they are very easy to wear n carry off. Its always interesting how this trend got a notch higher after being used on nails and jewellery for some time and grabbed a full fledged entry into every girls wardrobe ! I Hauled these metallic gold pants from Asos about four months back. Didn't get a chance to wear them as I was literally unsure what to wear them with ! How fascinating it is that some spring closet cleaning could yield  great combinations/options which never strike though otherwise .I think its every girl issue,and we face the same problem everyday(well some might don't too) !
While you wish to take this trend a step further,here are a few basics which according to me should not be overlooked:
Metallics always highlight whatever body part you wear it on,hence show off with caution.
Maximize your look by pairing them with neutrals
Head to toe metallic avatar is a no-no, unless you are in a Halloween party and you are dressed up as Mithun Da from the eighties !
Have you dipped into this trend yet?

Wearing:Tee- Espirit, Necklace- Splash(worn here too), Blazer(last worn here), Pants-Asos,Heels- Venus, Bracelet- Accessorize, Brooch-Tradefair,clutch(last seen here)

Top 5 handbag styles

Saturday 2 March 2013 / , , , , , , ,

The perfect handbag is the ideal mix of beauty and practicality. But who says we should own
just the one? If you’re on the lookout for your next perfect handbag, here’s a look at 5 of the
best styles currently available.

Cute Clutches

Looking for the perfect bag for a night out? Clutches are just the right size to fit all of the
essentials without weighing you down. The bite-sized bags are always best when they make
a statement, so keep an eye out for shades in eye popping colors like bright yellows and
reds. Sexy prints are another great option and leopard print is a great way to add a fun twist
to a simple envelope style clutch.


Tote bags

Tote bags are a style classic. If you’re looking for an everyday-wear tote bag you can’t look
past a stylish oversized design in soft brown or black leather. This is an elegant accessory
to pair with your favorite wedge heels and cropped trousers. Another fun alternative that
exudes casual confidence is the brown sheepskin tote bag that works well with daywear, like
your favorite skinny jeans and knitted cardigan.

Tassel bags

Some of the best handbags are the ones that feature beautiful and eye-catching detail.
Tassel handbags are the perfect example and elegant detail can help bring to life your
average shoulder bag. Plaited leather handles are beautiful when contrasted against
chain detailing or lines of subtle studs in the leather. Keep an eye out for tassel draw cord
closures, as well as fun charms like an owl or a dragonfly hanging from the side.

Cross body bags

Do you want the convenient size of a clutch without the hassle of always holding on to
something? Across the body bags offer a versatile design that can be worn during the day
or night. Some of the fun looks currently available in stores include the soft quilted designs
brought to life with bright, feminine colors like pastel pink.


These classic and elegant designs are always best made from quality leather. They can
however still feature a fun flair, with a contrast in dark and light leather shades, or a strip of
playful leopard print fabric.

To get a glimpse of a great range of satchels, dome bags and other styles, You can check out Very’s range of handbags today.