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Friday 26 May 2023 /

The current fashion industry is preparing to welcome Summer and hold on to what was adored last year and what we can experiment this year. When the apparel section is going strong, the jewellery section has planned a way into the year as well.
At The Fashionflite have created a short list of all the must have trending jewellery pieces this year is going to witness. Have a look!

Why should you plan a destination wedding in Pune

Friday 24 March 2023 /

 Why should you plan a destination wedding in Pune

Pune is an ideal location for a destination wedding thanks to its rich history of royal weddings held in the city's many historic forts. You can explore many of Pune's undiscovered treasures before, during, or after the destination wedding ceremonies that you are attending there. Couples are drawn to this city's many new cafes and exciting sites, in addition to its historic buildings and massive fortifications, both of which contribute to the city's overall attractiveness. As a result, you could say that Pune is an amalgamation of contemporary culture and the rich, traditional culture of the Marathas. We will be of assistance to you in order to provide you with more clarification regarding planning your destination wedding in Pune. All you gotta do is keep reading:)

Grab the blessings of deities for a new start

There are various places of worship that you can go to with your significant other and other members of your family in order to seek the blessings of the gods. You will require a roomy location in order to accommodate all of your guests during the wedding festivities in order to make your destination wedding in Pune a success. You can find the best resorts in Pune for at prices that are kind to one’s wallet . Your destination wedding in Pune will be much more enjoyable if you take advantage of the exceptional services that are offered in regard to the hospitality of your guests.

Historical treasures of Pune

The city of Pune exemplifies the diverse cultural traditions of India, which is one of the reasons why it is considered the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. You will have the opportunity to learn fascinating information in a diverse selection of settings. Some of the places in Pune that absolutely cannot be missed include the Shaniwar Wada, Sinhagad Fort, Laal Mahal, Shivneri Fort, and Aga Khan Palace.

Nature embraces you here with open arms

Many engaged couples have the dream of tying the knot in a setting that is surrounded by the beautiful beauty of nature, which includes all aspects of the natural world such as mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers, etc. When it comes to locations for destination weddings, Pune is at the top of the list because it has everything you could want and more. Some of the most enticing spots for people who appreciate environment include the Parvati Hills, Vetal hill, Taljai Hills, Bund Garden, Okayama Friendship garden, and the Rajgad walk.

Entertainment Zones for the party people

The traditional wedding ceremony in India is regarded for being a time of joyous and extensive celebration. That way, you and your loved ones will have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and visit a variety of locations that offer an abundance of exciting and entertaining activities. In Pune, some of the clubs with the most exciting nightlife are the Mi-a-Mi club, Oak lounge, Coco-Sushi bar, Euriska, and Penthouze.

The couple can still have a wonderful wedding even though it will take place far away from their home if they use wedding packages and competent coordinators. When you are organising a wedding at a remote location, you will likely need to make certain concessions, such as reducing the size of the ceremony and the number of guests you invite. However, the allure and advantages of having a wedding in a faraway location are such that the extra effort is more than justified. Destination weddings provide us with the opportunity to make our love stories even more remarkable than they already are, which is something that we all hope to achieve when we get married.