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The Khakhi Love

Monday 23 April 2012 / ,

We are busy people. We are plugged in to phones and computers, and constantly on the move, and at times we forget the purpose of our quicksilver existence.We are frantic workers/ moms/ wives etc..even when we work against the very conditions that produce our franticness
 Today I got up feeling, that life is getting too fast and that we lack concentration. How i wish time to rewind and leave me the way i was in my teens. Yes ! I want to relive those days.. cherish my family and friends again, And for a few days i didn't want to be dominated by the internet and the touch screen the so called- apparatuses of our age.. (wishful thought but non applicable as of now)

 Now to the outfit- Just got ready for a formal exhibition and wanted to get clicked ! So delightfully handed over the camera to my daughter BUT was not really disappointed with the result..Except a few dark and hazy pictures she managed to do a good job(and even taught me some Bollywood style posing).
Khaki is my all-time favorite;And who says that only men carry khaki's well?It can be the smartest style investment even for Women! White blends well with Khaki,even light blue and light pinks are a good option. Pearl earrings, and a high pony was my idea to imitate corporate style dressing.

 Wearing: Shirt- Wills Lifestyle, Scarf- Westside, Khaki Pants- Tailored, Belt- Fastrack, Bag- Fendi, Bangle- Aldo,Blue Gladiators- Venus Steps,(worn Here)Lipcolor- Chambor- Orange plus(my recent buy).

Comfort Zone

Friday 13 April 2012 /

I love surprises, and am sure every girl does; And since i am a very planned person and work systematically, i love it when nature surprises me ! Like Almighty God is showering His Blessings from different corners of the Silver Lining

This was taken morning 8 AM from my bedroom window. Nothing beats waking up in the morning and opening your eyes to a wonderful Panorama ! I Thank god a million times for this. Hence Nice Weather and  Cool breeze called for an unplanned mid week outing. Sometimes you just want life to hitch for a moment, and this was one such day for me! More so it was "letting yourself loose" day . Just dressed up in something very comfy and went for nature walk.
I love these Pants: the detailing , the embroidery and just everything about it. It is a typical lazy day outfit, although the colors and vibrancy of the prints makes it an ideal wear for spring,not to mention the comfort! Since i am more of a comfort person, at times its much better to stop freaking out on what's new or what that model is wearing" and wear what u wanna wear and create your own style.

 As a typical Nature lover,the color of my Top seems to be borrowed from the pink Bougainvillea of the Spring Season in Delhi......

Just loved the orange berries on the tree. This is the perfect orange for the type of nail color i want from a long long time...

What I am wearing- Halter Back- Bossini, Shrug- Janpath, Harem Pants- Bangkok, Jhola Bag- Gifted,Flat sandals- Janpath.

If you have any such piece of clothing quite similar (similar here means BOLD) and are too conscious to wear it out, take my advice and just experiment. Only thing to watch out is to keep other accessory simple , like i did here and let the focus be where it is intended and I am sure you'll be turning a lot of heads.