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Summer Boho Dress Styles for 2017

Tuesday 31 January 2017 /

The summer of 2017 has been scorching hot for most parts of India. But despite the heat, summer will always be the symbol of warmth, vibrancy, and happiness. The longer days and great weather give us the opportunity to make the most out of our time, enjoy the outdoors as well as the company of our friends and loved ones. It might only be a few weeks before the season transitions into autumn, but it does not mean that we should be putting away our summer dresses for good. Take full advantage of the remaining days and wear the best designer outfits for this season.

Current Jewelry Trend- 2017

Tuesday 24 January 2017 /

The current fashion industry is preparing to welcome Spring and hold on to what was adored last year and what we can experiment this year. When the apparel section is going strong, the jewellery section has planned a way into the year as well.
At TFF have created a short list of all the trending jewellery, this year is going to witness. Have a look!

DeBelle Cosmetics- Natural Based Nail Lacquer In India (with seaweed extract )

Wednesday 18 January 2017 /

We all want that magic that would just push our nail growth faster isn't it  ? Besides this we always wanted our regular nail polishes to be a no chip polish at the same time giving us the sheen we always wanted.
Well here you go then - Introducing DeBelle cosmetics Nail lacquers enriched with sea- weed because it's time we get the best out of everything.

Applying nail polishes in the longer run has its own set of Pros and Cons , Pros being just a temporary beautifying gratification and Cons being many , the major one being damage of natural nails ,or weakening of nails because of  continued application.
I know you all could relate to the fact when your salon girl tells you to give your nails a rest just after a yellow nail is exposed minutes before that manicure ? "Madam - Pls let your nails breathe . Too much of Nail polish is not good " I have been told this a gazillion times.  But who cares ? I want that shiny looking colour on my nails.
Its good to talk about new brands and new launches , but at the same time it's important we don't deprive ourselves of the proper nail education and care.
Talking about DeBelle , when they told me that they are one of a kind in India to manufacture nail paints with sole natural base and with sea -weed extract , that helps promote nail growth without any damage to the nails plus comes in trendy colours , I had all the reasons to be among the first ones to test these polishes and tell you all about my experience. I also googled a lot of facts with relation to sea-weed and nail growth and was quite impressed when these nail paints delivered what I expected .

To simplify things Its a little miracle when it comes to nails and  I laid down a few facts for your info
 About Sea-weed  Extract and Nail growth - Seaweed is nothing but Marine algae ,and is found naturally . This sea ingredient helps improve the condition of our nails and hands . The long lasting results of these sea extracts are strong, healthy looking and beautiful nails in the long run after a few uses.
First Impression after using De Belle Nail Polish - I got the two most beautiful shades - Bebe Kiss ( Pink ) and Moulin Rouge ( Red)
Both the colours impart a great shine only with two coats of application .It dries about nice and quick. I do a lot of normal household chores , ( just in case you think I don't have a life besides the glam world ) which includes, hands in water , and trust me your nails do take the beating for that. The nail paint has a very thin shiny layer , and after three coats I still don't feel the weight of any nail paint on my nails, unlike other nail polishes ( I wish I could take the names of bigger brands here , but lets keep the things simple )

Odourless/ Doesn't peel  - De Belle Nail polishes are odourless , dustless and safe for all the ages. This doesn't peel of in a bad way unless you put a layer everyday and removes normally faster than other ones I have used.

Clear and smooth application - After using this for over a month I can safely say that the application is pretty smooth, and has a very satisfactory (non clumpy) consistency . I love the brushes too, I think they are wide and thin. I strongly feel it would definitely work on nails that are tough to grow and I recommend using this wholeheartedly for quite sometime , until  satisfactory results are achieved.

So these were my impressions with the first ever sea weed polishes I tried in my life, and I am in love. With a little bit of a learning curve , I hope you would get to try these as well coz you really can't beat the shine and wear of this one at least.
DeBelle Nail Polishes are currently available on Amazon .

About DeBelle DeBelle nail paints has been formulated in France and has been recognised as the Rising star of India, in the natural based cosmetics segment,  at the INDO - Asean Global Investment Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand. The Summit was supported by Make in India Campaign, Skill India and Ministry of Skill Development, Govt. of India. The summit was also supported by Indo-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thai Italian Chamber of Commerce and Indian Embassy in Thailand.