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Summer flip flops and Maxi- part1

Tuesday 29 May 2012 /

Its summer , and the right time to dig out our pretty florals, romantic ruffles , nautical stripes and all our darling dresses! This outfit of mine is also a dug out piece.More because I can't think of any reasons not to keep these frocks in warm weather wardrobe addition! I hope u'll all agree? A side braid , waterproof makeup, and a floaty chiffon maxi dress is everything u need  this summer to beat the heat and to stay stylish...
At first I was a little whimsical in trying out the messy side braid, but once tried, was very happy as my hair stayed sweat free and lasted me the entire evening without even touching it! I need to really incorporate this everyday now , since I have thick voluminous hair!

What I am wearing: Printed chiffon maxi dress- goa(and very old), White shrug- Zara, Bag- Esprit, Sunnies- Prada, Flip flops-Gk, Acessories- assorted.

Pepped thePeplum

Friday 18 May 2012 / ,

Reaching out to the camera before anything else, is a task which has become my habit now ! Let me just click a few before the lipstick fades or my clothes crumple is what is going on lately in my house, which is a clear indication that I am now head over heels into blogging !
As I often divide time between work and my hobby,  I find myself thinking I'm more of a blogger.With blogging ,too much of your life comes under the public eye because your fashion tastes can inadvertently reveal a lot about you !

Recently Peplums have been on rage with a of of celebrities styling them ! While I was browsing a few pictures on the net; a thought (oh! i have something similar)popped in my head, and as a result this black Crochet top(which apparently i had totally forgotten about ) did its debut on the blog. It was a gift from hubby which he got from El Corte Ingl├ęs department store in Spain And I am so thrilled that these stores are coming to India ! The pencil skirt I am wearing is actually a tube top which i picked up from Janpath!

 Wearing: Crochet Top- Tintoretto, Tube top worn as a skirt,Sandals- Woodland, Shades- Guess,BagLouis Vuitton

Just to add some twist to the outfit, I wore Indian Jhumkis, And To enhance the crochet effect on sleeves, went simple on the accessory part.

Soft and Chalky Pastels

Monday 14 May 2012 /

Its May, which means hot summer months ahead and lots of humidity to endure, hence breathable clothing is the only Saviour! At times all you want is get rid of unecessary clothing(wish it could happen) .Picking up the right shirt for hot weather was not difficult for me! I instantly wanted to buy this shirt , the moment I saw it coz of the light fabric and wasted no time in doing that! For me  a Pastel color palette screams spring and can be girly yet soft and sophisticated at the same time.

My darling heartbeat! Debuting for the first time on my blog
A messy bun updo by momma
Love to get clicked
Wearing: Shirt- Levi's, Pants-Lee, Sandals- Catwalk, Aviators- Aldo accessories,Bag- Gifted by friend, Silver pendant-Gifted
Cinderella Inspired dress- Coochie coo ,headband- Hongkong

P.S - Since animal prints doesn't allow many colours around it, the best options is to go with black(the safest) or white or any lighter shade to enhance the print. For a night out, definately Black and red combo..

Being Fit

Thursday 3 May 2012 / , , ,

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want now, YOU are who you choose to be ! Follow these lines sincerely if you are on a weight loss regime. Since five years I resisted the urge to hit the snooze button and skipped out, And the result is right in front of you!  I don't know whether size zero exists or not, but size S and XS definitely does, and that's only a good workout away everyday ! And when they say STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY, it becomes a positively agreeable experience for me. As for me I start my mornings with Hard core Aerobics and floor workout followed by an evening walk for one hour& Ditching fast food for at least five days a weekThough it was easy for me to lose 25 kilos but the remaining 4 kilos is acting very stubborn on me..
I shall soon be posting some pics from my HAY days when i was overweight!

It was a girls day out on a sunny Sunday afternoon,and got clicked on the way! I just skipped my shades and instead wore  my yellow glasses, since I felt it added a little more freshness to the outfit!

Wearing: Shirt- Benetton, Tunic worn as a skirt,Bag- Elizabeth Arden,Flat shoes- Bangkok,Watch- Miss Jo, Neckpiece- Exibition,Bracelet- Janpath, Ring- Thrift store in Macau