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Indian Wedding Wear | Dhoti Sari

Tuesday 27 January 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

I know, I had been lazy to post this look, until up recently I got a mail asking about this outfit(fashion week days). I didn't know,some of you check out my feed and old pics from last year "happy feeling".You all know, I like to spruce things up a bit as in whipped-up-in-the-blender-style which now isn't that hard to categorize.
Off late my shopping has become more of what suits my sensibilities with a shelf life beyond a mere trend, where, I could bring in some creativity of my own.
Its 2015, and if now's not the time when we think that our Indian wear should be more grown up than before , where we could communicate in terms of  more in design language than all B-Blingaaa then don't know when. Its the time, where belt rules alongside a Sari, Pants have replaced the underskirt, and blouses come in filters of their own, or better still, Collars of their own. Even sari's have name of their owns- In this case Dhoti sari, a particularly pointed Name, told at fashion expense. With pieces like these falling in the stores, I am already giving a contemporary nod sprinkled with modern fusion where Sari's certainly have a whiff of the archives about them.
So tell me who wouldn't love this Sari ?
 P.S- Its time to get out of the pleats and wear them on your shoulder !!


Wednesday 21 January 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

There are a few things in life , which we want; a few things we kinda want, and stuff we don't want. In between all this, there is a quirk void, which I deprived myself of all this time, turning back maybe I was not sure, whether it would ever gel to my liking, until after India Circus came along. Looking at the website, and the myriad prints,I could see myself fit in every single piece of their collection. That being said, its been a long time I said to someone " Ill have that in every color and every print " India Circus has made me embrace  a little bit of Kitsch in my daily wear and suddenly I feel that I have taken the quirky notch a bit higher in my life. Higher to a point, where I was being stopped and asked " Hey where are your socks from " Of course a girl loves her dose of compliments, but credit needs to be equally distributed too.
So here I am , back, showing you, how these tiny elements of fun and eclectic mix of prints and colors, could make  my gloom winter days , bloom with vibrancy and with a nostalgic remembrance of my younger self.  The old ideas, being put in new light, its always  fun anticipating in what more ways these Indian prints and motifs could be brought to our eyes !!! Let's kick in the new year thinking big,bold, and unabashedly Quirky and bright , and terrifically India Circus way !!
Warning : Picture heavy post, but you'll love it till end !!!
Hi- Tea
Dreams Of Nawab and Utopia Glass Mugs
India Circus Parrot And Palace Oval Jhola Bag

Parkas And Winter Shopping

Thursday 15 January 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We haven't had much sunshine these past weeks, which means only one thing - Snug,Heavy duty jackets, parkas, all spiraling  up , and its but obvious that they become my favorite winter Armour. The beauty of a basic winter piece is that, once you've got a good one, it should last you a couple of years, and its obvious that we want it to be either a black or white (u know how we love our classics).
The sale season is on, and if there is a best time to bag these offers, is right now, especially when you can use Coupons too to get the further slash of price, on stuff which is already at bonkers amount, not to forget the fresh arrivals for spring/summer, I call it the best of both world's, especially when one cannot be labeled as sounding greedy/cheap- (A street or a thrift shop experience, where we always have to beg to bargain )
I think the time of the year has come , where I can put my golden rules for negotiations to rest and just log on to see what could be my best bargain on stocking up a my winter basics for next year, and browse through a complete list of e-stores  and seize sizable discounts.
Its been a few months , I did my heavy duty shopping, and the coming week is gonna be all about that, you know, when my shopping frenzy goes more feverish, specially when the discounts seems pretty much desirable ! 
So come on tell me, are you sale season shopper too ? Or just regular Couponing seems to suffice all the year round ?

Website Review : John-Jacobs.Com

Tuesday 13 January 2015 /

When it comes to Eyewear,what excites you ? Well for me, its always a statement , a strong, bold don't mess with me statement.  So this Month we feature again another Eye-wear website, which you would want  to checkout. 
John Jacobs, a premium Eyewear brand , is the brainchild of three stalwarts of the Indian Eye-wear industry. People who have worked with the best of brands, have experienced the process of creating quality eye wear up, close and personal, and know what it takes to construct a brand.
Each piece of the eye-gear, is crafted, with highest grade materials like ULTEM, TR-90 etc.for lasting durability and comfort.

Layering | Winter Whites

Tuesday 6 January 2015 / , , , , , , , , ,

Happy 2015 Everyone !! I had my very own fashionable moments on my blog in 2014. Inspirations, street styles and we all shared this journey together. Ever grateful to all of you, who take out time to visit my fashion literature , ramblings ,fauxpas moments ,and double grateful for always leaving some encouragement behind. You were awesome , as I was, and that's what making me jump with joy right now (did I mention jumping on the bed ?)
With each passing month my passion grew, and I started to know what actually I was getting into. Not denying the fact that blogging has introduced me to things , that I otherwise would have never been able to experience  This year I am planning to take stock of my my seriousness improve up on the presentation part , and make this love affair to be a more lucrative experience to all of you who come to me with a motto.
So here is what 2015 holds for me with you being a part of it of course :
** Big news: I am coming up with my own label, a handpicked collection of all things boutique and limited edition pieces , which you can shop from my blog and Facebook page.
** More Hair tutorials in 2015- Subscribe to my You-tube if you haven't already !
** More out of bound styles and experiments with Clothing ,make-up and stuff for you to try too. So definitely a shock value to all my readers, and work has already started. Blue lips anyone ?
So without Sapping you of all your indigenous Aura, here is my first look of 2015, an outfit I recently wore to Blogmint blogger meet. A first of a kind open forum for bloggers to grow their blogs into business. I was one of the panel members, and it was lovely reaching out to bloggers and troubleshoot a lot of things we never talked about .
Thank you all for being a part of my journey in 2014, and here is to more promising and fashionable 2015 ! Cheers !!!