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Leather With A Turquoise Dip

Thursday 31 January 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Lately I have figured out,that I am getting hard time remembering someone if they come face to face.  Am i too busy with life? Or maybe its just that I have not been well for some time ?  Have been joking with Mr. Hubs that you need to get an extra hard drive for my brain as the space is going to an exhaust now !!  Brain overload? Too many drinks?? I have to figure my reason out !! Recently I bumped into a girl who claimed that we studied in the same class in college and disclosed a few things we did together( I mean the good ones) and I was clueless ! A bit later I find myself on the sidewalk exchanging a small talk and, the very next minute she wants to take pics to put them on Facebook? Are u kidding me !?  I felt like a 20 something ready to vomit,but then a 30 something got better control of the situation and I  handled it with dignity, by saying a firm NO- that's what normal people do right ? The only thing that I could tell her, was that to forgive me for she changed so much in couple of years and excused myself from the spot ! Even when I came back home I couldn't place her. Reflecting back, maybe she was right,or was confusing me with someone else,but the whole taking pic sort of a thing just got my freak nerve pumping fast ! Would you have done the same too ?
End of Ramble=over to pics !!

Jacket-Calvin klein,Skirt/turtle neck-Zara(last worn here),Leggings- Gk street find,Heels-Charles and keith, Bag- Elizabeth Arden,Teapot ring/-thrifted, Get Necklace
On my lips-Covergirl- Smitten Amoureuse-310
On my nails: Colorbar: Magical green

Winter Styling-Polkas All Over

Wednesday 30 January 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Introducing my recent Obsession- Polkas ! Inspiration - Minnie Mouse ! I loved them as a kid, I love them as a mom, and I would still love them when I 'll be in my eighties - If Incase I get to see how my wrinkled face would look by then ! Polkas are vintage and they are fit for every age woman! Period. If you are a guy and you plan to impress a woman, better invest in a Polka tie,and convey fun n playfulness mood and your youthful flair ! (btw, I just got one for my man, and it looks so damn cool ) !  I got this dress last year from Zara,and tragically the next week it went on a sale for almost half the price ! Damned it, Last wore it here and since then it hasn't seen daylight for months !  This jacket was damned too when an oversize Fat grumpy polar bear a.k.a me,tried to fit in this about five years back !! Dumped it, Determined, that I might fall off the wagon someday, and wouldn't mind sneaking in ! Now glad that I hung on to it ! Victory was achieved in this POST(finally).
My own Set,Self Reminders:
Once I lose weight, I'm never putting it back.
Discarding bigger clothes coz  I am NOT  Permitting myself to get fat again.
Holding out to the skinny ones not because I am stuck in the past,but because I would like to look onto them for my future . ..

Dress - Zara, Jacket- Zara Barcelona , Stockings-Forever 21, Pumps- Tresmode(last worn here )

Sipping Four Seasons Wines

Tuesday 29 January 2013 / , , , ,

Wanna Expand your knowledge on wines ? Fancy about how these, are made and what they should be served with? Well then you need to start tasting a few ! That's what I did on a recent wine tasting event by Four Season's Wine, held in New Delhi at Ardor ! It only took a bit of introduction to get us all started and feeling comfortable about tasting and assessing wines ! We were given a small presentation on the academics behind the wine, not to forget  the food pairings which goes well with different wines !  And  I liked the 'sitting round the table' idea to taste them coz It created a very relaxed vibe too..Didn't realize there was so much to it ! It's pretty much an art in itself ! Although I knew some of the basics to tasting, but this event helped draw it all ! Great Wine Combos with some tasty snacks and blogger chit chat were the highlights of the evening ! From Interesting Red's and Whites to Intriguing Ros'e There is no better way of being able to discern your own tastes with so many wines to choose from  Four Season's ! Cheers !
(L)Jyoti from Four seasons Wine

IF Purple Could Heal You ,OOTD + GIVEAWAY

Saturday 19 January 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

A couple of days back , I received this gorgeous dress from Msdressy, And I was happier than a dog wagging its tail....bow wow !!  Its, perfect ,fits nice and is really comfortable too, At least, I won't have to walk around all day sucking in my stomach! lol ! I guess More than any clothing, wedding dresses/gowns are cut to be quite flattering and a lot of effort is put into every small bit of detailing out there,which was clearly evident in this dress which they sent me ! More than the fit I was pretty impressed by the way the pleats were stitched !! All in all a good experience and a Happy me !
A nice evening dress is derigueur, for every party, And as a woman we should never let pass any opportunity  where we need to look glamorous and luxurious ? Agree ? Ofcource we know what looks great on us, just that we need to play up sometime ! And Incase you are looking for one such shop to stitch you a glamorous party/prom dress, then  Msdressy is going to be that place for your convenience shopping !!  

easy to do sock bun

trendy jewelery

gowns for cocktails

ready to wear  gowns

party gowns

prom dresses
 Wearing: Dress-C/o msdressy, Heels- Steve madden(worn here), Earrings-Forever 21,Necklace worn as bracelet.

Like this dress?? Wanna own one like this ? If the answer is Yes then enter this giveaway where you can win $80 voucher from Msdressy.
The rules are simple :
1.You need an account at Msdressy, please make one here:

2.Like Msdressy on facebook 
3. Follow my blog via GFC 

4.Leave a comment here with Your GFC name and the email you registered in Msdressy, This is very important so they can mail you the voucher !

Winner would be chosen  via The giveaway closes in two weeks! So hurry n enter now !!

Oversize Sweater and Printed Leggings for Winter

Monday 14 January 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

My Winters are really incomplete until I have my stock of leggings ready to wear them, just anytime and everywhere !! At times I really need to break out of my boring box of denims and prefer some diversity in my closet ! That's where I feel the need to take a plunge and escape the doldrums of the standard solid bottom and invest in this upcoming wave of printed leggings and upgrade my wardrobe a bit !! I really didn't know about how fast this trend caught up in India until just recently ! Nailed down some gorgeous ones last year from Thailand and now loving the fact that I have exciting alternative to my regular jeans !!

Comfort dressing can at times look chic if carried well ! Ever thought how kitchen/garage wear loose and frumpy oversize sweats and coats can be stylish ? (remember the look from 70's).. Me neither !! Not huge but oversize sweaters are orbiting around this season . Shop them from your dad/boyfriend's closet and Style this oversize sweater look with sleek, slim leggings/skinny jeans to temper the shapelessness of a sweater.If you need more Inspiration then go and watch the movie- The Mannequin and see what I am talking about !!

Wearing: Tee- Thrifted, Sweater- Marks and Spencer(old), Leggings/Fur boots- Thailand,Scarf topshop - (worn here), Bracelet- Accessorize, Bangles- ASOS

Location- Humayun's tomb built about 500 years ago !! If you wanna know why I chose this location then you can check this POST where I brag discuss  about how I am so efficient in achieving two end with single effort !!

Winter Style Statement With Camouflage Trend

Thursday 10 January 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Initially I was a bit skeptical in trying out our very own Camouflage or the army trend,but it seems that it just suddenly crept into me, but more with my hubby ! He really thought I was so upto the nerve in sporting this trend when I very enthusiastically  recycled reused my old cargo pants in this post , that he was extremely proud to introduce me to this blazer from his recent trip to Singapore !(BTW had already said  Faux paux to Camo trend but they came back, Yup ! ) It's apparent, the working man doesn't have an issue with spending money.Variety is the spice of life , So Why should I be complaining then ? If you too really wanna  get set go with this trend then I would suggest that you'd hold onto this one, coz this time its Big, everywhere and its gonna stay !!

  • Since the print is way too masculine,its always better to add some girly elements or accessorize(no guns n riffles please) ! I was more comfortable in a scarf ( can't be more daring in 5degrees) !
  • Combat boots compliment this kind of print,and I already had one pair lying with me ,so I went ahead with that ! You can Up it with Pumps or high heels too.... for that Oh so girly and yet tough,look.. !
  • Try n avoid a complete head to toe soldier manifestation, unless you want to be called RAMBO or You are preparing a Gorilla Warfare with ur Husband/Boyfriend !In which case I would also suggest a little smear of war paint too..(kidding,u know)
  • A high bun/side braid definitely blends well  ! I also feel that there is a visual similarity between the two,(refer this post ) and this
So Try on and Look Slick while you pull it off and be a perfect mix of tough and girly at the same time !

Wearing: Tee zara, Blazer- Some mall in Singapore, Jeggings- Thrifted ,Boots- From my UK trip-'10,Bag- Singapore( here too),Scarf-Exibition

Sequins For New Year's Eve

Sunday 6 January 2013 / , , , , , , , , ,

Hi and hope you all had a safe and a rocking New Year !  Though I was pretty disappointed and honestly, I thought we'll skip it this year,but just got this skirt in my mail and my mood rocketed from 0123 to 2013.... (who knows there will be enough NYEs falling asleep on the couch ahead of us I'm sure ) Hence joined my gang and headed out ! Did a lot of eating, talking and  laughing while I was pretty unsure how the night would have gone,with an interesting drop in temperature but It wasn't bad, and I even managed to get a lot of  exposure to Gangnam, Justin Beiber, and way too much Jenny McCarthy than is humanly healthy(how i wished I could just hide myself in a hobbit hole or something ) But  all in all, had a great time to ring out the old and ring in the new. 
This was my outfit for the New year's eve !! Sequins and Party- aren't they words from the same Family ? LOL ?! !! the pics have come out to be a bit hazy,but this was all I had(its better to have a tipsy photographer sometimes rather than have no photographer at all) Time for a Peek.....

 did smoky eyes make-up-Inspiration- brunette dudette in Skyfall

 Wearing: Tee-e-bay(worn here), Blazer/skirt- Asos , Heels(last worn here), Necklace-Forever21,Ring-punk, On my lips- NYX Addis Ababa

Pampering Thyself at Lakme Absolute Salon,Delhi

Friday 4 January 2013 / , , , , , , , , ,

Recently Lakme Absolute opened its First Salon in India and that too in the heart of Delhi, and me alongwith  few other Bloggers were invited for the event and also got an opportunity to decide and choose what kind of a make-over we want ! The team consisted of experts who were Pro in the area of personalized analysis be it skin, hair,make-up,facials,Nail enhancements and a lot of services which were really  worth Complimenting ! They are also among a few handful of Salon's in Delhi to implement the idea of I-pad consultations which means that you get to preview various hair-do's on the tablet and chose the look that suits you the best ! Amazing !! Moreover I was also given customized tips and experts Insights on ways to improve my hair and skin using a few of their very trusted TIGI products which are claimed to be UK's top rated Brand ! 
One can have your very Own Personal Space,and get groomed in Privacy,with their VIP rooms
Retail bar- A Comprehensive and cutting-edge lines of luxury personal care products,  conducive to attracting all of us to take a peek at our requirements 

Me and bloggers after the make-over
My Glorious self after chopping off my long hair

I am always reluctant to try a hair dresser I've never used before but I'm sure glad I did. Got myself a trim literally got compliments immediately when I went shopping near by. Will definitely be back soon !! 

Visit/Check them out at -Lakme Absolute Salon, A-6, 2nd floor,Above RBS, South Extn, Part-1,New Delhi- 110049.
Tel: 011-41099005