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Designer Talkies : Indian Designer Anita Dongre Launches Her Flagship Store at DLF Emporio

Sunday 31 August 2014 / , , ,

Designer Anita Dongre launched her first her flagship store at New Delhi's DLF Emporio, amongst a swish gathering of the Delhi and Mumbai glitterati. 
Its a  sprawling 3000 sq ft. luxury store, with an old world contemporary charm. The interiors have been designed around the artwork and antiquity and decorative features of Rajasthan which speaks in itself the effort and sweat put in to convey her love for all things heritage and Indian  . Every small lil detail tells of the plushness of the well made Indian fashion,lending its reach to the furnishings and upholstery and the art work appliqued walls. Everything around the store is luxurious and perfect to the  "T".
Her collection offers a unique selection of bridal, couture, pret and bespoke jewelry, to the luxury connoisseur. I still can't get over her bohemian collection presented at the fashion week and now have reasons enough to lay my hands on the styles which till now had only been haunting me and made the lust list more lustful  .
Took some photos while I could in between all the hustle and air kissing. The designer was pretty busy in looking after everyone , and could only spare up a few seconds  for a personal interaction, hence could not bring much of the "Hot Wire" stuff for you guys which is disappointing. Also wanted to find out how our B' town celebs, felt about all that and much (understanding the reason for my presence and all the incorporation ) hence no scoop there even. Therefore all I could bring you is a few things which caught my eye, really an eye, coz when I say that, it means I practically spent some real minutes in aww n admiration ! 

Sites Offering Customized Mobile Covers in India

Saturday 30 August 2014 / , , , ,

Today, we Can't and should not imagine life without mobile phone, and  as you nod in agreement , you might also want to resonate with the fact that in the current world, cell phones are not at all about talking. With thousands of app being launched almost everyday, the mobile business is on a boom, and with that this multifunctional part n parcel of our lives, has become a lifestyle statement !
How many of you match your Phone covers , with the outfits you wear? Customized mobile phone covers are great. Its the new fad ain't it?
Mobile Phone customization is the most effective ways to beautify that lil thingy and make it attractive.I'm thinking fancy phone covers are to us what handkerchiefs used to be for our grand moms !

Hair Makeover And Snakeprint

Monday 25 August 2014 / , , , , , , , ,

I have always had my hair colored since the age of 20. The irony is that these two years of blogging made me debut with my black hair. It all happened in Hongkong about two years back- A clear case of misunderstanding, where I took a stab on my hair and it was accidentally colored black instead of Red. The color was a switch n whether I Call it a language errrr or Karma, I had to live with that for at least an year. That experience was just enough and a lesson learnt  in itself to not to experiment with things that could be drastic and that I must take baby steps towards stuff which means larger than life for me !
So here I am , taking a best shot at it again. I got global highlights in Honey color, changed the base of my hair first , and also got a portion of my hair colored red ! The Red doesn't last long. For a few days it bled and ran down on my clothes  And  after first wash it became lighter by fifty percent though my stylist gave a rap on the knuckles for that, but who listened to him anyways? lol ! After four rotten tees, Its fun, its Red like this and I am loving it !!

Cocktail | Toga Dress

Wednesday 20 August 2014 / , , , , , , , , , ,

This dress is about five years old when my fashion blogging was nowhere on the horizon. The only irritating part is that it clutches to the body like a Claw and makes me look curvier than I actually am. Every girl should at least have a Toga style dress in her stash, The Pink the better. You know movies like Spartans inspire these styles. From a dress robe, it witnessed some more innovative versions and structured forms and the versatility of these styles have allowed it to change with trends. Thanks to  Fashion designers like Shantanu and Nikhil for bringing Rome to India so that we Indian fashion Bloggers could embrace a bit of clever Greek modesty in our dressing up and blend it to suit our culture and times.
I love how the drapes goes from front and back while being stitched to the shoulder.This is my personal pick for formal/casual  fashion blogger parties or social get together. Do you also hoard clothes which has a long history so far ?

4 Things You Should Do When In Phuket | Thailand Travel Notes

Sunday 17 August 2014 / , , , , , , , ,

It was a Breezy Day
Top :Small Trinkets and Souvenirs shop /  Bottom: Inside the Caves at James Bond Island

The Girl By The POOL | PHUKET

Monday 11 August 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We were in Phuket last year too. Same resort, Same beach, and co-incidentally Same dates . On a second thought nothing was incidental as it seems, since we fell in love with the whole place, so much that we couldn't get enough of Phuket at one time. We had an amazing time last year,so decided why not go every year if it turns out to be a blast every time ? You know the places you want to return and pick up things to-do which you couldn't complete before... something like that.
Its a very MEAN GIRL vs. SHE IS TOO COOL TO CARE ABOUT STRICT POOL DRESS CODE look, where I can still lounge around a pool in heels and get away with it. Wanted A very laid back vibe which reinterprets luxe glamour and then found a spot to read and even got some Queer attention BTW..
This wrap skirt was a flea find from Phuket  last year, and I went overly board to pair it even cropper version of the top - Than last Time .... I know I may sound going on a loop, but I feel that I am still stuck in my memories of 2013 mode.
As I write this post, I have chopped my hair to almost half of what you see now, and even Got some highlights. Watch this space to know my hair-makeover story !

Lookbook : Peplum | Holograms | Singapore Travel diaries

Thursday 7 August 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We took these pictures while in Singapore. There was this lane right outside my hotel(Novotel, Singapore) and every time I passed the porch,  I just couldn't help but notice these Candy colored houses, and decided that I had to include these in at least one of my posts. This edible looking pastel colored buildings are the rear side of the most happening bars and restaurants in Clark Quay. Come past 7 in the evening, and am sure the music is swaying enough to make you wanna enter this lane pronto. I loved the life, the energy of this place, and I always wanted to rush back and just grab a beer, and soak in the culture.
Though we stayed there for 5 nights, and had so much planned and things- to- do stuff, but all was lost and forgotten coz we were pretty busy in  beating the hell outta nightlife, and this is reason enough which would bring me back to this place again.
This is probably the one out of two Peplum tops I own, and if you ask me straight and point, I would advise that  owning more than two peplum pieces is a complete don't hood.Every girl should make the right kind of investment in these faux body shapers, but its also important, to find out the right fit and cut. Figure a curvy , retro Silhouette you are dying to wear for your next date, Peplums could be the best pick rather I would say that it is the best staple to be hanging around your closet.
I loved the Faux Red motifs of flower bush against the  white Canvas and decide to pair them with white pants to keep all the focus on the blouse.... kept it Simple,Straight on top and Even swept my hair in a twisty braid to keep things out of the way.
What's Your Jet setter Travel Outfit Inspiration ? Sound Off in the Comments !

App Review | AskMe.Com

Tuesday 5 August 2014 / , , ,

Apps are changing the way we look in the future, and  there is no denying in that. Everyday there is a new app to discover and explore and the kind of information we can discover through them is endless.
I was recently asked to download and review, an App designed by  Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd .
Ranbir kapoor is the face of this app, with a larger than life tag of "The  Baap of All  apps"