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KarvaChauth/ Wedding Trousseau

Thursday 24 October 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I grew up watching my Mom, observe the rituals of Karva-Chauth, and I would have watched DDLJ ( 90's bollywood movie) umpteen times ,the fav part being the glitz and traditions of this festival !
For my international readers, Karva chauth is the Indian Version of Valentine's day,Of course complete with,a mandatory expensive gift (dare not lure the wifey with just flowers)
Ok, Jokes apart its a one day festival where married women, seek a fast from morning till night without eating or drinking even a drop of water, and  pray for the longevity and safety of their husbands (Annual Life Insurance policy !! ) .The fast is concluded after a peek-a-boo of the rising Moon,which is  symbolic of Love and Beauty in  Indian mythology and poetic verses.
For me , it's a festival of happiness and renewal of love.Most important, we get to dress up in the wedding finery. I truly enjoy  buying ethnic stuff, the pomp and splendor,the decorated streets/markets where you bump into long lost friends,  the chit chat sessions while the henna artists are busy applying intricate designs on your hands.
Modern day Karva -Chauth is romanticized ! It kindles romance and love . But I have an opinion.. I feel there is no harm if husbands fast along too ! After all its about love and respect, and if practiced mutually ,harbors greater commitment,bonding and reassurance for the growing up kids as well. Its good to bond with traditions,but  don't you feel we should apply modern day logic?? BTW all the above philosophy is more of a carrot for my husband,who fasts with me and I would love if he continues forever (as I would also require my Annual Life Insurance policy to stay in place!!). Its not sacrifice its love !! Thoughts anyone ?
Moving to the outfit, when we talk of a fancy festival, the outfit cannot be any lesser. I wore this beautiful Lehenga -Choli dress from Study By Janak , finished with beautiful weaving's of Dabka, svarovski and Zari, with a Sequin and gotta border designs. Velvet is going to be a huge trend this fall, and I didn't think twice in picking up this piece from their wedding collection.The colors seemed to be complimenting each other from the merger of red, and fuchsia envied by the contrast of green and purple ! And for all my  readers, who asked me if I ever wore traditional outfits too, well this your answer !!

Choli-Lehenga Dress/Clutch-Study By Janak(buy here)

Make-Up- Lakme Salon
On my lips-Mac Ruby Woo
On my nails- Innisfree
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The Perfect Formula To An Awesome Bridal Shower Party

Wednesday 23 October 2013 / , , ,

Bridal showers are pretty common  before the big day arrives. It’s celebration of womanhood where the bride will say bye-bye to single life and embrace the bond of marriage. In midst of that we cannot forget Bridal shower parties which are very common now days and  gets the would-be bride in a party mood with her girls.
 If you’re on your way to getting married or about to attend a wedding anytime soon, and are looking at turning a simple occasion into a remarkable event for you and your friends, then let me share some quick fixes and mental notes which might come handy before the big day arrives !

1. Bridal shower party dresses – They are a good investment. Wearing the classic styles is acceptable, but you can also show up in these beautiful gowns  that will surely make you look fabulous.Go ahead and play dress-up when there is an occasion which asks for that.

Also Browse some more styles of cool party dresses at TheGreenGuide’s Bridesmaid dresses collection .

2. Music – The songs and the background music gives life to the occasion, so you must choose the right music to keep everybody in the party mood. You can go through the bridal party entrance songs recommended by OurDJRocks., which has some  pop songs compilations to start the evening right. Pre -prepare the list well in advance, and do some fresh downloads and keep everything handy.

3. Games – Try to come up with “parlor games” and keep a back up of extra ones so that it catches up everyone's mood and interests . Browse some  fun games online and get the required stuff handy ( pre-planning)and make these games fun so that they light up the whole evening of the bridal shower.

4. Food – Try not to order takeouts or deliveries this time and prepare meals before hand instead for the occasion. Treat your friends with a handful of specialty recipes that you have known ever since  and let them try out your style of cooking. Surely, if they’ll give a “thumbs up” to your food then rest assured that you are very well prepared for married life.

5. Photographs- Get a good camera or  hire a professional photographer and capture your precious moments with your friends and celebrate your good times together for the last (at least for old time single hood) . Capture all of these moments in detail as you will cherish them in years to come.

Don't forget to Party all night with good clean fun and follow these tips to Plan an amazing bridal shower. 

Yellow midi Skirt

Thursday 17 October 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

I got a bit fashion provocative, when one day out of the blue, pointing towards a lady wearing a pretty yellow dress, Hubs expressed an endearing thought, (which definitely he would have repented later) -I think, this color would look great on u !  And with that , I quickly did a mental scan of my closet, n figured, well, I never had a perfect yellow dress or anything which can give a shocking yellow punch of color to my closet ! That day, and the day I laid my hands on this pretty yellow skirt( sarojini -mind u ), lot of things moved . I had a new mission ! I  browsed a lot of online sites, a gazillion times maybe, but could not get his approval on the kind of yellow he talked of that day ! Finally Asos came to my rescue and he approved of something there, which was still very close , but didn't have my size ! It became a morning ritual to refresh n see if they have restocked , but that never happened ! Not even in a month(can u believe that )
 When I brought this skirt home, I felt like a victor, proudly flaunting my thrift, and bargaining skills . The joy of reasonable ways to get what we want- I totally understand that now ! 

Cropped Tee/Rings/Pumps- Bangkok
Aviators- Louis vuitton Pilote Canvas

Life At The Moment

Friday 11 October 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Guys ! I am living a boring phase of life right now !  I'm waking up, I'm getting to work and then sleep. Apart from being boring and doing lesser things that amused me once upon a time..  I feel that ,am already over my interesting to-do things and need something new to look upon:(
Glancing back at my life, I think I need a new hobby ! I don't wanna strike  as somebody who just wants to Whine, but someday I really do wish that a bunch of cool and interesting people just knock on my door ,Walk into my house and start dancing !
Shopping is not making me excited any more. Or to paraphrase it, it lasts till the swipe of the card ! Nothing interesting to read(or at least if there is I can't grab that right now ) , The Lord of rings Harry potter,and Superman Marathons on television, are putting me off to sleep;  Big Boss 7 has  failed to impress me,and I find myself taking short naps in midst of it; Weekends are dead since my hubs is away ! My girls are travelling and most are busy experiencing their new found mother hood; I just came back from a holiday- Broke and Bankrupt(things Bangkok can do to u )  and even if I plan on another one to kill my boredom, there would be no-one to accompany me ....Phew,  think I can go on.....
So what all do u do  what do you think I should do, to kill this BORING-LIFE-PHRASE-SYNDROME? Suggestions anyone ?

Tee: Zara(gift)Worn here
Shorts-Sarojini-Worn  here
Louis Vuitton Scarf
Mirrored Sunnies-Ray-Ban
Watch-Marc Jacobs


Monday 7 October 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Wella India, recently took the initiative by inviting the whole bunch of online party (Delhi bloggers) to  fun-filled entertaining hours of good times to experience . Being a social animal that I am , I took a big leap to say hello to my fellow bloggers ,where we talked about things that we had in common- ie,Blogging And to also learn a bit about how good or bad hair color is for us ! The event was a huge success, and best of all it was informative with a calm n relaxed flow of activities !
I am not a huge hair coloring buff, but don't mind a change either, but to tell you the truth, after coloring my hair all these years, I am enjoying my natural black hair accidentally colored black hair, at the moment (well that's another big story-but I'll save it for the next time )Keeping it short for now, these pics were taken before I headed out !

This Pic from the event- Courtesy RUPA- From Jennys Bicycle Blog

P.S- It's a pre-scheduled post and I am enjoying myself somewhere in the land of tranquil bliss. Check my Insta feed to tab me if u want :)
Tee/Cuff/Necklace/Rings/Bag/Belt- Bangkok
Gladiators- check the details here
Watch-Marc Jacobs

Mixing Prints/Retro Look /Fashion Street Style

Wednesday 2 October 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I love to take a break from cooking time to time , and just order food online ! Its pretty easy when you have last minute unexpected guests, and you don't wanna run around but spend time hosting them instead. I have ordered twice from Foodpanda,already and I am happy over the fact, that they are adding up more and more of my favorites restaurants to choose from . Plus their last minute deals are irresistible coz I get them delivered straight to my mail box .I once scored a free movie ticket when I last ordered my food from them. Win-Win u see !!
Coming to today's outfit, I love the playful vibe these kind of dresses offer and can be effortlessly dressed down or up. In case you may just notice, I have mixed a lot of prints here.
Stripes + leopard print are enough to engage one in the boldness while my slutty  shoes are happy to have a colorful romance with their new mistress a.k.a my neon laces !! If you may wish then check out how these shy babies looked in their early innocent days, by taking a peek at my Instagram feed  My bag (earlier declared lost) seems to be thanking me enough for the extra effort which I lately put in bid adieu my old luggage, and it apparently got united with me from the world of the abandoned !!! Delighted to war with the leopard on  prowl this printed Elle Satchel  gives a fine distraction to this printed maze look, making one print talk louder than the others;flooding the eyes of passerby's with flickers in their eyes  .

Dress- Charlotte Russe Worn here
StripedTee- zara(worn here)
Bag- Elle (hongkong)
Shoes- HnM
Sunnies- Forever21
On my Lips- Maybeline Non- Stop Red