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Brands/ Companies looking for free links or backlinks, save your time and straight away scroll to the bottom of the page:

PR/ Brand : If you are a brand , I assume that you did your due diligence in reaching out to me, and would have definitely read my content too.If you want me to validate/review one of your products-  I would be happy to do it, but be sure you don't inundate or spam my email, offering me stuff that is not only cheap or has a low value, at the same time doesn't fit my personality. Your product is a personal recommendation to my real time readers, hence quality lasts and doesn't sell cheap and we all know that. 
 Product Reviews would be totally honest,  and the feedback should be taken in healthy stride , as it would aid the brand to improve on their products.

Giveaways: If you want to run a contest on my blog, the banners/designing etc would be the responsibility of the brand . If you are looking for loyal customers, be sure to reward them generously , as it would give you  plenty word of mouth praise and a genuine follower count.
 At the same time, a simple validation and recognition for  running the giveaway should be compensated to the blog owners. Come on let it be an  incredibly positive relationship for all involved.
Please don't Over-promise and Under deliver ! Follow through the commitment that you've made at the start-up of the campaign until mailing out prizes to the winners. Honesty is just as important as your product.

Photos/ Content Sharing:   I care about you getting the right exposure, do you care about me too ? Sharing is Caring ! its a good practice of trust and mutual exchange when a brand shares The photos/ content created by the blogger for brand promotion . Reproducing  or republishing them to your social media , would be paying it " forward."
I bet the folks that like your brand on social media would be really interested  in reading what the blogger has to say too.

Links/ Logos/ Advertising - You can contact us for the pricing /quotes to advertise on the right sidebar of my blog .
If you want an exclusive content strategy to be created or want us to engage with your brand and be your Brand Influencers,  while offering a fair value exchange,it can be worked upon ! We  at times even go overboard and do above and beyond what we are asked to in the process of uniquely amplifying the voice of the brand ! So trust us coz we know the best ways to get involved in this chatter !

There is nothing in this world which comes for free:My time is money, and so are my skills, and I don't work for FREE . Please don't shoot me mails  asking me to write an article, host a giveaway,  or to review a product without compensation .That being said, Its also my right  to be fairly paid for my work !!  My readers are growing, and so is my Social media penetration and I’ve worked too hard to do things in exchange for a credit or link, that I no longer need. 
 I am sure you don't work for a bag of cookies, Well, and I don't too and  If you are making money out of the work you want from me, I don’t see why I shouldn't ? Fair ?

It's a partnership. Treat us like we matter. We're not doing you a favor, we're doing a job!

Thanks for Reading
Surbhi-Blog owner/Editor
Contact me at- /

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