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Being Fit (2)

Thursday 26 September 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This post is in continuation to my Being Fit post blogged last year. Having discussed my workout regime here, and after savoring  my healthy being here-I had reached a stage where I was in my fittest self (weighed 51 kgs- waist- 27 inches) .
Last few months , I witnessed a plateaued being and lacked motivation. I had disciplined myself for 6 looong years( diligent workout +cravings deprivation + bland food=healthy eating habits) but when it came to cut it day after day and keep doing the same stuff, I slumbered and soon  the thought of of lacing up my shoes became the hardest thing ever. I began to think that I have demolished myself enough and nothing would go wrong if I didn't workout for a month.I needed a break from working out and wanted to satiate and delish on my Junk food cravings.Though the good thing was that my disciplined nerve kept a watch on my indulgence but then there was a guilt feeling which decided to hang out with me ..( kinda u win but u lose deal)...
On the downside the one month break stretched to three, and there I was -crawled up like a ball ,sleeping those extra hours which I should have spent wisely  i.e working out. And then came the time of my life, which every women dreads. Yes when the clothes don't fit you anymore. I was alarmed ...more when the only acknowledgement I got was with the sentence -have you put on weight ?  I was too blown to react..I began searching out for the same girl who was kicking life in the butt ?
The good news is that I was able to identify the slack soon, and Its been a month that I am back into action. Back to where it all started.The same ol girl is beating her brain for messing in the beginning, reporting a state where my body feels strong and rewarding. Feels good to start again from the finishing line,from where I left.
Today I feel proud to reveal that I feel fitter, wiser, and happier than ever. 
Now looking back,It's really ok to fall off the wagon sometimes,but never let your weight weigh you down, just get moving and give the life the kick it needs.

"I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps"
Mahatma Gandhi

On fashion front , Jeweled tees , tanks and dresses are everywhere. I even I Instagramed my fetish to own one like this, but it was not available in my size then,Still to satisfy my sartorial hunger,I settled for this tank ! Do you think , It makes up for a substitute ? 
Tank- Thrifted From Sarojini
Ripped Denim Shorts- Bangkok Flea market
Flats-Bangkok(worn here)
Star ring/peace bracelet- bangkok
Bag- Singapore (details here)
Watch -Michael Kors
Shades- Forever 21
On my Lips- Mac Lay Danger

Indian Ethnic Wear Designs By BIBA India

Monday 23 September 2013 / , , , , , , , ,

I believe that today's Indian women are pretty much warming up to the idea of adding a twist to the previously prevalent Indian Ethnic wear designs. For a lot of  women who are not comfortable with western wear and  kind of hit a wall when it comes to finding perfect designs and styles in ethnic wear, then you needn't go that far, coz a BIBA store could be right near you. And when I say that they have taken a bit of a tradition and converted it into art, I do mean it. This time while I was reviewing BIBA's recent collection, I discovered that they have everything under one roof  for women of every age-For women of today ! For a college going girl to an office going women, and for the ones who want a flamboyant design  to boast about in a party, BIBA has all that and a lot more to offer.
The subtle  embroidery patterns,vibrant hues with modern detailing, yet infused with traditional appeal,Incredible fit, and breathable fabric surely did put up a smile on my face:)
In case you too are looking for something, as energetic as for those(u know make an impression with ur work wear) office moments or  something,extravagant and stylish, a  BIBA outfit could convey just that for you :)
P.S- The first outfit is a Rohit Bal for BIBA Limited Edition 

Here's A Few of my favorites from the collection

BIBA Offical website
BIBA on Facebook
Biba on Twitter

Get The Perfect Party look

Monday 16 September 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

If you have been following my blog , u would know by now that I am not really a jeans Kinda girl ! 
I grew up in an old fashioned way, days when jeans were looser fitting so when the trend hit to skinny jeans , I always looked good in them but felt a bit  odd about something, which till date I can't figure out yet ! I stick out to them during winter because It's too cold for something else for me. But as soon as I come home,I take them off right away and slip in my yoga pants. While talking on this preference note, I never do this with my dresses or skirts or shorts. I don't want to rid off them as soon as I hit home :) Guess that explains me being partial to them as a whole !
Let's hear what your style is ? Jeans over a dress or dress over Jeans ?

Another news is that Thefashionflite has collaborated with Zahna jewelery. The designs are captivating, and all of them are hand-crafted. Zahna Jewelery is exclusively available for sale on my blog, and would soon be available on would see more glimpses of the collection in my future posts too.
P.S-They are holding an exhibition this Wednesday at flea at nite at Saket, Select city walk !!  
Heels- Forever New
Bag- Bangkok
Necklace/Ring- Zahna( mail me for pricing )
Aztec Bracelet- Accessorize
On my lips- Mac Rebel

Shop Designer Saree and Kurti Online

Saturday 14 September 2013 / , , , , , , ,

Introducing Kalki fashion - A one stop shopping destination for all your Indian ethnic wear !
About Kalkifashion was earlier known as Barcode 91. Kalkifashion is a start up, self funded premium online store for Indian ethnic wear from the house of Kalki. The website was launched in 2011 to make designer clothes available at affordable prices. The website ensures that no middlemen are involved in the selling process thus letting fashion-conscious customers get merchandise at attractive prices.

Recycling and reusing a garment to create diverse looks is probably every fashion connoisseur's dream come true. 
When it comes to Indian wear,there are two must haves that can be worn on many occasions to create many distinct/diverse looks.

What's in store at Kalki Fashion :Designer sarees-. These sarees are available in fine prints, contemporary, modern yet heavy and traditional. Hence,the fit of the blouses that come along  also needs to be perfect that one should feel perfectly dressed for the occasion.
India's famous Designers like Satyapaul, Ritu Kumar, Ritu Beri, are known to bring out the best saree designs where every single sequin, border, embellishment or thread embroidery looks just right. Though a designer saree being on the expensive fence, very rightly becomes the most luxurious piece in the lady’s wardrobe that one won't like to part away with ,throughout our lives.   

How To Wear A Designer saree :A Saree can be worn and draped in many ways. These could be worn over a skirt or jodhpur pants or two contrasting sarees can be draped to give a showstopper look ,  so that one wouldn't go unnoticed !   
 Kurti :This Indian tunic is trendy. At Kalki fashion,the kurti's are available in many silhouettes, cuts, colors, fabrics, and appearances. Also, each of these are embellished differently. You can find them readily available in  a variety of fabrics like chiffon, crepe, georgette, silk, and cotton. However, would suggest that would be brides should buy these in velvet, satin, silks, organza, and brocades. 

How to Wear A Kurti:  These can be teamed up with a salwar, skirt, capris or leggings. But with leggings these look more like a tunic whereas with a dupatta and a Patiala salwar these look like a complete Punjabi suit or a Patiala salwar set. Shorter kurtis look nice with a flared skirt or capris depending on where you are headed. Capris look nice for brunches whereas a skirt looks apt when worn to a movie or a get together. Also you can never go wrong with pairing them with pencil fit denims too.
You can buy some trendy sarees online from kalki fashion at affordable prices. Do check them out, and see what u like !

It's An Overall Thing

Monday 9 September 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Starting today's post on a lil THANK U Note !! Just to let you all know that your  words are appreciated and motivate me to push ahead despite the fact that I am not perfect and make humiliating mistakes the most of time ! A big shout out to those who take the time to contact me and say nice things- I owe to u !! It keeps me grounded to what I believe I must do, and it helps me improve ! Though I feel your love cannot be reciprocated with just a thank u reply/mail,  and wish I could say more, but to tell you the truth, I save each n every love mail of urs (u know for those low moments in life ).
For those of you who seek to know about my weight loss journey- I have mentioned a bit here( u know I am available in case u need more info ).And we will also talk about it in a future dedicated post.
For those who wished a tutorial on my hairdo in my previous post, I'll try n get it done as soon as I can(hope there is no deadline on this one, and if there is then good lord- tell me how much time I have)
And those who want to know what's my routine to keep my hair healthy here's for all of u :
1. I am naturally blessed with thick hair(mom's genes), though they are frizzy at times. 
2. I have started growing them long just 2 years back and its also been about the same time that ,I haven't colored them too (can't believe) !
3.I oil my hair Once a week or in 10 days (must do)
4. I switch between shampoos and conditioners, but recently I am happy using Toni N Guy and Forest essential products, they take care of my frizz and suit my hair the best (hence u know)
5. I alternate between Moroccon oil and a Loreal serum after every wash. Both work well for me.
6.I limit blow drying/heat tools only for special occasions, and prefer a jet of cold air over Hot any other day.
So that's about it ! I thought of including my hair ritual in a separate post besides sharing it with u'all personally.
Another thing I wanted to document on my blog, is wearing an Overall ! On a second thought , I have been wearing them too often(often before they were embraced as one of the street style staple, god-damn -I had approved them before they were officially a run of the mill  YAY(these ones are more than an year old) !!
And for all those who think that a denim overall might not be ur thing then I am glad I could introduce u to something different to look about in this trend while still being at the fashion forefront ..

Overalls/Cropped tee-Bangkok(tee worn here)
Bag/watch: Michael Kors 
Pumps- Thrifted
Bracelet- Accessorize/Oasap
On My lips- Chambor Orange plus

A Good Change

Tuesday 3 September 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

I have a strange habit of holding on to lot of clothes ! Most of the time, I have a closet filled with regrets. Regrets of being talked into an Impulse purchase(shopping  for me earlier was often more about desire than necessity). But things have really changed in there for me ,though simple. I have started buying things for my real life and not my fantasy version. I have started investing in basics, neutrals and accessories. Secondly I have started working with clothes I already have and replenish them with a select few purchases that are easy to mix-and-match with my existing outfits .
Like I salvaged this dress of mine today . Ever had that soul-stirring moment when you slip into something so easily even after three long years ? Hope I am giving y'all the right clues ? 

Dress- Muah(wore it like this here)
Bag/Shoes/Ring- Bangkok
Belt- mango
Cuff- Janpath
Earrings- Sia(i think)
On my lips- Mac Embrace me