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Neon Nuance

Saturday 30 June 2012 /

I never really understand why people say they don’t follow trends. We all follow trends. Nothing is wrong with taking a trend and adapting to your personality,ocassion or weather.Becoz trend bends the hend oops ...head :) & everyone loves the appreciative head bend of the people towards you.Like most, I've been loving the Neon trend, and especially paired with neutrals. Standing out in a crowd is not a worry for me anymore when I am working this season'  biggest trend & to start with, I decided to add neon pop of colour in the form of an accessory ! (I call it pickle effect ) And to all those sceptical folks like me who haven't tried it on yet here is a little bit of "gyaan" -
 REFRAIN going from head to toe in one shade of neon unless you luv being called a  Walking Lollipop .The balance mix n match is left to your imagination...Go Girl..Go Neon..

Wearing: Tunic(worn as dress)- W for Women,Wedges n bag-Bangkok,Sun Shades- Guess, Accessories- mixed, Aztec inspired Earring-Acceesorize..On lips- NYX

Tango & Blue

Sunday 24 June 2012 / , , ,

This week started off on a good note .. I lost a few extra pounds, did some crazy shopping keeping a trend watch though, planned my vacation, and partied hard & watched a lot of movies, Phew! Hope could get another crazy week like this ! Checked out Mango and Zara stores, and my wish list is expanding day after day, now  I only hope that my pockets match up !As for the outfit, wore tangerine colour trend which also had subtle neon touch too ! After getting the tan , these shorts look much better on me than earlier-(husband's version ) !

What I am wearing :- Top & Necklace- westside, Shorts- Adidas by Shantanu & Nikhil(Indian designers), Bag & Aviators- Charles&Keith, Sandals- My friend's store, Watch- Calvin Klein, Bracelet- Oasap, On lips- Chamor orange plus

Marc Jacobs surprise

Friday 22 June 2012 /

Just a short post about some love showered on me by my Hubby ! Take a look...

Its been ages since me and my hubby have given each other a surprise gift. When it comes to buying something for me I always prefer what Exactly I want and what he should be getting. A few days back while browsing few watches over the web, I just left the page open and went off to sleep. And after a few days he got me this baby .. I remember I could not add it to the wish list and it was showing some error, but who cares I got what I wanted!  So tell me folks did u like it?

Palazzo and the messy bun

Wednesday 13 June 2012 / , , , ,

Shopping online has currently become my favourite hobby for a simple reason of its convenience ! However I observe a lot of people still can't take it, Or they may just enjoy the physical experience of shopping in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. As for the outfit part, I just love my Palazzo pants and the reasons are innumerable ! Firstly they are currently in trend,  secondly amazing comfort and thirdly I got them at a dirt cheap price $5 !(thrifted). And  I also tried the messy bun hair , Have a look ! 

What I am Wearing : Top- Reebok, Palazzo pants- thrifted,Watch- Swatch, Sunnies- Tommy Hilfiger, Bangle- Aldo Accessories, Clutch & neklace-, Heels- Gifted by friend and very old. Location - My balcony

And lastly I am tanned terribly ! Everyday I  get rid of some but the next day it comes back coz  I won't give up my swimming ...Those  who read my last post knows what I am talking here !

Summer flip flops & Vintage skirt Part-2

Tuesday 5 June 2012 / , , ,

Let me introduce u to Miss Can- which is me ofcource! Now why this name? That's because for so many years I have underestimated myself without exploring my inner capabilities and potential which I didn't even know existed there! 

I was overweight- Thought I would never be able to lose those extra pounds-  I Can't , I did
Was scared of climbing heights- I overcame the fear and tried related sport - I Can't , I did
Was scared of water(sight of deep water)- Have become a swimmer-   I Can't ,  I did
Always had passion to dance but didn't pursue- I am learning now when I am 30-  I Can't , I did(wish I started it earlier).
Freaked out in dark or sleeping alone-I married(just kidding) - Can handle to a great extent now          I Can't  , Idid
Was an Introvert person never shared my thoughts or feelings- Started Blogging -  I Can't , I did
Now I think , What the Hell, I wasted so many years just to recognize whether I have it in me !?@$....Now no more!

If u are like me, then a small inspiration- You must do one thing which u think u can't and see yourself unlock the BRING IT ON SPIRIT....
Thank u for having the patience to read ! This is what I wore for a movie date with my hubby!
Styled my favorite Mango chiffon top with my vintage skirt- super comfy and easy breezy outfit for summer; Trotting  in my summer Flip flops And loving every moment !

What I am Wearing: Top- Mango; Skirt- W for women, Flip flops- Don't remember;Leather sling Bag- Singapore;Shades-Prada here  Watch- Thrifted, Bangles- westside, Necklace- Feng shui store, Flower- Picked from roadside