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Fantasy Fringes and Face Paint | Trends | Forecasting

Tuesday 28 June 2016 / , , , , , , ,

I have started marking my fashion boundaries with a sense of peculiarity. There is a certain interest in fashion,which has piqued me to exploring appearing culture, trends and uniqueness of my mind to indulge in fantasy. This moment of fashion snipping from the flow of ideas, usually known to my brain and unending hours of  sifting images and genre on Pinterest, Jettisoned towards something more exciting and experimental, that either you would like to throw a chair at me, or embrace me with particularly elicit response. Either ways its my vocabulary of fashion, and I if you cannot be a student, then be a spectator, and take things with a pinch of salt, coz what you are gonna see now may not be everyone's cup of tea.
I tried my hands on face paint. I have been really fascinated by this controversial form of makeup, and dug deep in the roots. And look what I found !!!  Indian mythology has been full of it.
Body Paint which masquerade as art but fully inhibit the appropriation of a personal style statement was found from the birth of ancient civilisations and among the creepy sadhus and Naga Babas of vedic times to Lord Krishna . 
After witnessing coloured brows as exuberant as any visual drama,its time to take things up a notch. This outfit was conceptualised as a modern interpretation which resonates elements which I cleverly picked in accord with street style, and these painted brows which I practised outside the hidden runway of the most talked about high fashion show of Delhi, where I got to strut my experiments while still being low key.
The drama created by lots of silver cocktail jewellery,  the asymmetric draped slip dress and this fringe belt is quite playful, because I would have twirled a zillion times to make things move in symmetry, but guess my wardrobe has its mind of its own. I have a few shaken images for you to piss you off  ( That's some major commitment to photography). Can't blame, coz the man behind the lens (Abhimanyu ) is a major major major street style photographer. I see a little bit of  American street style photographer Bill Cunningham  in him. R.I.P Bill. 

Unboxing | Review | Best Smartphone of the year - LeEco Max 2

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Every blogging platform has a mobile app. So why not have a smartphone too to keep up that pace ?
I like phones which are versatile, great to look and feel and have enough space to let me store countless pictures and an array of smartphones and social apps at the tip of my finger.
For all this to happen , the efficiency is a must have and its important to cut through the fuzz, and find a perfect smartphone which lends this multitude of features with ease of operations.
I gave you a little sneak peek of my new LeEco Max2 , the teaser to which you have already seen on my last post.

Bows, Quirky accessories and Mixing Prints | Indian Fashion Street style Look

Saturday 25 June 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Enlivening tired government officials residential housing, is this street art murals in Lodhi colony , Delhi, which reflects the fun, unpretentious vibe. Settle in around near one of the graffiti walls , take out your camera, and the street children would come hovering around you to see what's happening.
This engaging exhibit of the Minnie mouse hairband, created so much confusion, that for a minute it was difficult for the photographer to figure out what was the agenda of the shoot ? The graffiti, me , or the children . It was a veritable zoo, with these children asking me to lend this hairband, which obviously belonged to my daughter, and as chance would have it, she accompanied me for this shoot for the first time. From window frowns, to raised brows to casting sidelong glances, she gave me indicators of heat in all possible ways from the vicinity of our car, as one of the boys posed along with me wearing my my daughter's headband.
Clearly as you may see , he was having a ball. From distracting us, to murmuring occasional nonsensical  Bollywood numbers, he tried everything to let this shoot never happen . Look he even photobombed me !! All he wanted was this headband, for peace to prevail. It was a fun merger of fashion with the actual street world, which made me realise that fashion is about the common people. And its the common people who make fashion uncommon.
He was glad to accept my offer for letting me wear that headband on his greased hair. After his small rendezvous of  being Minnie mouse , he returned to being human after this brief taste of fashion. 
I think he turned out to be Oprah for me to make me understand that the fashion Gods lies in the smallest of things like a headband. It re-iterated my belief that quirky accessories should be given a try while choosing an outfit, which work wonders like a green olive in Martini, shaken not stirred (007  style).

LeEco - LeMax2 and Le 2 Flash sale on Flipkart | Sneak Peek LE

/ ,

Remember my updates from the launch of LeEco #2future ? Where they revealed two mega launches of the year ? Well its happening and you should be the first ones to know that LeEco, the global Internet company that has been making waves in India, recently launched its new line of smartphones – the Le 2 and Le Max2. Both smartphones will be available on Flipkart as well as LeEco’s online store – LeMall with attractive offers!
The company opened registrations for Le 2 and Le Max2 on June 20 th , on both Flipkart and LeMall, and the response has been off the charts. 1,50,000+ registrations in 24 hours!!!
I got my hands on both the devices . If you follow me on snapchat (thefashionflite) you would have seen the unboxing video of Le2 by now. If not , fret not, coz I saved a few videos and just posted them on twitter too. Watch it Here
Today I am giving you a little sneak peek of what's coming on the blog next :)
From the extra 100 mah battery to the audio output of Continual Digital Lossless Audio (CDLA) standard delivered through the USB Type-  C port,  to 6GB Ram and 64 GB Internal space LeMax2 beats the hell outta a lot of the smart phones that were launched simultaneously.
Before I reveal all the details here, why don't you go and register yourself for the biggest flash sale that is going to happen in the next 2 days on Flipkart for LeMax2 and Le 2.
Teasing you with the pics of what's coming up on the blog next:
Le Max 2

Playsuit and Intutive Customization-| feat TALONS D'OR

Wednesday 15 June 2016 / , , , , , ,

jumpsuits,rompers and playsuits for women
Gleaming with delight on a hot sweaty day, from a land of molten lava, and air as warm as that smoked sizzler, let me tell you, I had to put up with lot to shoot this look. Partly its not everyday that I wear Red, and partly, I had to show off my new shoes, which were customised to every tiny detail for me to Careen around the streets owning my style like the whole city is my runway. 
Also its not everyday that you come across brands like TALONS D'OR, and when you do, you pay attention. The whole intent of this look was to ooze of  kitsch femininity, but the heat suddenly jolts you out of that catwalk stupor making you feel like a character from Xander Cage 2013 movie-Riddick ( trust me Delhi was sizzling at 46 degrees during May)

Thanks to the start-up boom, a lot of brands aim to make everything from your watch to your shoes perfectly personal and explore your own preferences in much detail, without leaving your house.
TALONS D'OR surpassed all the tests in delivering that great experience in how a shoe should tend to- Comfort with a tadka of style (tadka =seasoning ). 
I picked beige as the insole colour. The weaved pattern was kept subtle and I chose the design from their look-book gallery. The red outer sole is very close to louboutin red, nicely finished too . The block heel ( 3 inches) is comfortable to walk in for an entire day of rendezvous, or in this case, location hopping for this shoot. However I only wish if they could give me 3.5 inch nicety on the heels too, but never mind.

I may be finicky about how a certain item fits in my closet. And then when brands tend to make the whole shopping experience special and meaningful, I  throw open the whole closet door for them. I could say this for TALONS D'OR too. 

I try to bring y'all into my world of great shopping, styling tips, of course easily accessible fashion,rather you can call me your very own conductor in this intimate sartorial relationship which we all share through this medium of my blog.  I love telling my own story through pictures and a place where brands could also easily fit. 
Safe to attest TALONS D'OR as your next test shop for your shoe shopping . Putting all the links below. Give them a glance.
Also a big shout-out to Sahil from Lensthing for these amazing pics. He is your man for some stunning candid photography.

The Contemporary Jump | Saree Draping Bollywood style

Thursday 9 June 2016 / , , , , , , , , , ,

Its the bloggers who give brands the personality to clothes they make. A designer may just give some clothes to wear, but it's me who adds style to it, a luxury hardly available to any model we see on the ramp, in that coveting outfit. My creative universe is an extension of performance arts,and when I wear clothes , they aren't just clothes.
There is a growing trend in contemporary fashion, and every time I am surprised. The more I explore this side of the fashion, the more is left to be explored and practiced.
Every time I see a saree being sent down the runway, I see a voyeuristic appeal commingled with my own great desire to own that luxury and experience it in a way which has not gone to mainstream hands. I think it's so rad that this piece of culture has always stuck around and now we see these saree draping aesthetics reaching out to global wanderings to what me may call a recent phenomena where West meets East.
I always attempt to make a perfect replica of what I see on the ramp. With minor tweak of probably recontextualizing it with my own style references  and bring different experiments and new terrains to cooly accessibile sector of  Indian wear (relatively wallet friendly sourcing) which has almost runway credibility or runway stamp to it. The only difference is that being a fashion blogger my show is usually on the road,or street as we call it, in sweat or in sprain, with slightly less than photoshopped pictures and self inflicted blush on patches on my cheeks, and try to pretend that everything's going swimmingly until the pictures capture that trickling sweat. 
Today in part portions of some sweaty pictures, bringing to the table more kick to the saree draping style , with the addendum of cool counterculture swagger attitude with a bagpack and creepers with saree. Seriously Creeper with sarees??

OOTD: Flare Pants with a Twist

Tuesday 7 June 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

What's a meal without a Dessert ? In the same sense, what's an outfit without accessories ? This summer is a little less than fete filled . Black gets a little intimidating to wear. The dynamic trend of fashion industry seeks a lot of creativity in accessories. The garment accessory is one such trend which can be just bought off the racks. They add a great definition to any outfit and can be easily worn and appreciated. This knee accessory from the label -AnuPd ( a talented friend and an amazing designer who has a knack of reshaping fashion we see and wear ) created a lot of buzz ever since it appeared at fashion week. Fashion week is a place where Kitsch wins over Chic and eccentricity indicates experiments, and after dazzling everyone in person it's time to dazzle everyone on the web.

My mood has been gloomy over the past few weeks .Things are dark and my mind is less focused. The dramatic risks which I love endorsing over my creative side have been also subdued. Particularly after my last take on Violet lips.
I have started grappling with the situation and have been picking out on blacks lately rather than the obvious choices of summer sorbets. The hint of red, through this versatile knee accessory was the only way I could be a little playful and loose but also sophisticated and urban and project a personal aesthetic statement. With a distinctly gladiatorial feel, this accessory had already met with raves the first I wore it. Its the kind of an easy twist over something less mainstream,served in a different avatar, that just glams the whole look.
I had imagined myself wearing something like this over my thigh high black boots sometime back. I love constructing silhouettes on my own, and accessories like these give you the freedom to show your wardrobe in a much better light. 
Check out AnuPd Designs on her website.
Follow her designs  on Instagram