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Thus Blue The Wind - Feat. Miss Chase

Monday 24 November 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

So My lips are Blue and My hair is Red, and as you would scroll down these pics, there would be a lot of judging happening along !  So when You can't judge a book by its cover, its better that you stop. I mean heck, there's a lot of stuff besides the blue lips that you should be interested in knowing .
Like this new shopping destination Miss Chase, and my totally Rad and super cool frayed leggings.
So the people at Miss Chase were really kind to send me a few products to style and I picked up this very, Bowish feminine blouse which was really capable of lending these super natural powers to flaunt these Blue lips. So if there is any daring style or a thought , which always skips the practicality (god save us from the fear of judgemental eyes ), online shopping could really be a Savior . You never know when your inventive imaginings thread their way into an eye-popping and tactile styles appreciated by a sartorial eye.
I loved the style of the bows which meets the V neck slash down the spinal bone. Since I am practically known to do a lot of mismatching and fusing stuff, I did a beauty and the beast look in a single outfit meaning some Rad business from the frontal, and feminine bows to give a tinged notion,a mix suggesting nothing so much as an ultrahip, modern-day girl bond, and I wish I could explain how I made people's head turn to a 270 degree angle with a bemused look when I walked down on the streets !!
Besides this pretty blouse there is a pretty LBD waiting for the dress weather to start and make a blog appearance too .
So Miss Chase, is an online fashion brand retailing  trendy European designs,  for women and have a well curated section for all our fashion needs . The prices are pretty affordable , and the selection is vast. From Fashion dresses , to outerwear to formals, you may just find something to suit your style and budget. Their jewelry section is a must visit, if you are an accessory buff . Each and every piece is unique and trendy with some must vintage treasures too for staple wardrobe building . Do give it a glance , and I am sure you could design an entire outfit  for any kind of occasion with them.

A Weekend In My City (Delhi)

Sunday 23 November 2014 / , , , ,

There is a nip in the air, and the garden is full of birds of all descriptions; I can identify most of them too and its actually the right time for me to enjoy the city without being worried about all the sweat and the heat ! A major relief- I don't have to worry about my hair too.
I really feel, that our  capital city , is so diverse and rich in ancient heritage culture that its gonna take me a whole month if I start today to visit each and every place. And to be honest, I have been living here since forever , but haven't really been able to enjoy the heritage beauty which the city has to offer along with the  "MUST SEE"  places till date. Sometimes its so overwhelming to find out that I am actually missing out on lot of attractions , neighborhoods, dining options, and new hotels, that needs to be enjoyed to the fullest.
I always tell myself that the aim of working and multi-tasking  in this city is to spend more time out in the fresh air, and an ideal weekend prep and planning ! Any weekend where I do something new is good in my book. Add some food and wine in there too, and I would not complain :)
Usually On weekends , I end up watching a movie or grocery shopping, with a must have afternoon nap. In case I am not doing any of these things, you would mostly find me hanging around shopping from the local artisans, nature bazars and Haat.
So Besides the rule of- No calls or emails from work(obviously) What's my Ideal weekend In Delhi like ?  Wanna find out ? Let me break that out for you .
1. At least one weekend in a month, usually Saturdays are spent hanging around the Market places(dilli haat , etc) looking around to get really fun bargains from Indian traders for the unusual stuff(home, fashion , food etc, u know its all out there ) Possible stops are  made to check if any exhibitions are also happening in or around the area so that a quick peek could be made and all the fun stuff could be bought at really bargain prices.

2. Later after I am done hanging around ,even if I didn't shop that much(which hardly happens ) I always make it a point that I splurge on a big meal in a New restaurant , usually the iconic ones which I always wanted to try out. Considering the quirky interiors of  the recently opened Social offline at HKV or a Romantic lunch at , Raddison Blu Hotel, or Some street food tasting,totally depends on my mood.
3. Post Lunch , Its usually a long session of chit-chat with family and catching up on the stuff I missed during the week . I also prefer driving down to my secret hangout place ie-  Central park, I know its a bit shady with all the couples and their mushy mushy dates , But I just somehow love the energy and vibe of that place. I have been hanging around the area since I was a little girl, and  I would also love that my daughter grows up feeling the same thing about the place too. Post Novemeber its my ideal laze around joint on weekends so that I could grab a coffee from the Starbucks, dig my eyes into a new book and soak in the winter sun.

4. Evenings are reserved for late night shitty movies curled up in my couch , But a glass of wine usually make things a lot better BTW. I hate cooking on weekends so dinner is usually  from a take-away  box while I make sure no-ones complaining . After watching a few brain -drain movies(post wine) a good night sleep is all I look forward too which actually ends closer to noon, so a good mornings sleep might be a more apt description....

The perfect mix of shopping  in the morning, going out for lunch with family after midday, taking home some casual dinner and ending the evening in front of the TV with a  glass of wine is how my weekend be like.
Let me know your thoughts and I would love to know what ya'all do on weekends . So Comment !!
P.S: This post is my entry on( my ideal weekend ) for a  Blogger competition Organized by Carlson Hotels . Stay tuned for more updates and fingers crossed for winning it .

Evening Look for Winters

Saturday 15 November 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

We know that these svelte and killer dresses still might not be warm enough to wear without a coat, and the only way to tweak the fall weather or winteriisshh chill is to add a layer- read- SATC Style and just Sprint into a party.
I am getting on and arming myself with lots of black and winter colors, like this dress from . Its sheer, plus has a nice cut with faux leather panels,in a Hourglass structure, and a perfect bring me out piece for this kind of Weather in Indian Calender. The mesh sleeves provides for a little coverage, and a perfect option to get that not- quite-bare-look. I love how adding all gold accents has easily gussied it up for an evening wear or a party look with an edgy aesthetic.
Foggy days are ahead,  and soon the winds would be whipping at an insufficiently-garbed leg, so that we could teeter in heels, and glam and chic may just be a little dis-proportionate. I know for a majority of us, the thinking would duly take its course  from what sequin to sport to how to not let our tucchus freeze off !
So girls, do yourself a favor and don't stow away your beautiful dresses, only for the light of  spring to bring them a glow. Add some sparkle, some glitter, socks if you don't mind(coz its the next wintery thing) and some skin to show off - all but with a bit  of oomph, n be the social butterfly you always wanted to be.
So tell me , what's your take on a Glam winter party outfit ?  Discover more dresses like these and discover fashion designers . Sound off below. 

sheer n mesh leather party dress
party makeup n hair

 golden party pumps with glitter
sequin blazer

Indian Fashion Week Street Style Blog - Lookbook | Full Skirt and Sequin Jacket

Friday 7 November 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

In no particular order, this was one of the outfits from Wills Lifestyle fashion Week , the ultimate spot and fashion circus for fashion obsessed to sport, what they deem is in trend fashion wise or maybe not.
Funny though it may sound, it almost seemed like an adult Prom with the all Gup-Shup on who is wearing what, and who is pretty close to the runway curve ? So you like , what am wearing . hmmm ! The rain of compliments have the usual age-old questions - Which designer are you wearing today ? Whatever happened to street style and mixing and matching of irreverent street finds ? It really daunts on me that even the street style has the term "STREET "- A sidewalk style which need not necessarily be made up of catwalk clothes with illustrious labels ? So why this question anyway ? I think that the idea of mixing luxury and mass market fashion is very modern.I have proved my love to pairing designer labels with street picked stuff, even if its only in the accessory part. Its just my style, and a new era in fashion for me, which I am exploring and  Seriously there are no- rules :)