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Inspired By Pastels

Wednesday 29 April 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

I love wearing Pastels.Its soft, and girly and playful.Nothing like rocking a sugar factory, especially when sweaty days could soothe off with a radiant hue and perky smile, and dressing up in  pastels beats me up into channeling my inner Easter Bunny.
Enough said. This is another outfit we shot before entering the venue for the fashion week. The trail Length Kurti came with pants, and I think I have formed a habit of leaving some and picking some , and then weaving into things I wear. Maybe someday you may see me wearing different feet(a.k.a shoes) The Kurta packed in a lot of sophistication, so I added these downtown Nike sneakers to go along, and who doesn't want to kick things up a notch when fashion week rolls up?
This jacket is another piece from my collection, and has all the pastel powers in one piece, which means only one thing - You can't really go wrong with summer blazers , especially with all the cotton candy colors popped in one . So why don't u all just dig in the whole amount of fabric going around in the photos, while I work on some fodder for my next post ?
indian designer, fashion show ,fashion week
indian fashion week outfit

Inspired By Turkey

Thursday 23 April 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

turkish fashion inspiration
I love Blue, basically Turquoise is my thing. Dressing up in this color, is my power suit. Add red lips to it, I am capable to win any Ninja Fight. There is something about the color, that adds a confidence to your aura, and only you can decipher what . Exactly what I felt when I wore this outfit. And thank you Change360ยบ for dressing me up in the flavour I always wanted. 
You know there is a theory on how color affects our moods. This color empowers me with a feeling, and beyond, which made me channel this Turkish woman look.From the minute I got this headband from Forever21 to the time I saw this Co-ords on Change360store, a dust bag just blew off from my mind, and I knew exactly what look I would be putting on the day 4 of fashion week. I am wearing 22kt Temple Gold Jewelery which belonged to my mom.Clearly no better way to accessorize and step into the character. Nothing is Out of the blue in this look, rather everything fits perfectly in the Blue The break down of  gold jewelry sets to take off this fashion trend. Try it peeps, coz 
now I know what it really means to dazzle :)

indian designer, fashion week
delhi fashion blogger
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anita dongre designer

Woolmark Fashion Event with Indian Designers Rajesh Pratap Singh And Suket Dhir

Wednesday 22 April 2015 / , ,

Every year ( from the past 2 actually ), Raymond and Australian Embassy join hands to put up a spectacular show to promote wool as an all year round fabric. The events get better every time, and there is an addition of more fun to it. Only when its getting big , we expect a wide participation from our beaming Indian designers, and it was one such show on 13th April 2015, when Australian Embassy , in New Delhi, hosted all the fashion fraternity, and looped us into a special line of creation by Indian designers- Rajesh Pratap Singh and Suket Dhir and also Timothy Everest
Woolmark is a pioneer into making wearable wool for all seasons. We discussed the initial launch here.The collection showcased at this Fashion event, mostly depicted of that into more fashionable aspects.

Moods | Dressing Up for a Music Fest In Bangalore

Thursday 16 April 2015 / , , , , , , , , , ,

stylish bags for women

We all know that Coachella weekend 2 is happening all around. For my fellow readers in US- yayy, but Indians long and wait all year round to get their high on music fests, which could satiate their hunger for fashion, dance, drama, and music. Delhi witnessed emerge last month, and since I couldn't get myself to attend that coz of pouring rains, I got my entry somehow to the Atif Aslam live concert(c/o my lovely friends  from music industry ) happening in Bangalore around the same time as Coachella . On one hand I have started sorting outfits and creating looks anticipating my visit and a small getaway to ooty is being dreamt of and this little air about travel has got  hubs excited in finding a few boutique hotels in Bangalore  and in fact  We are so looking forward to a getaway , and this tickets to the concert is filling me up with a vacation mojo.
On the other hand, this much talked about Coachella is giving a lot of inspiration to dress up to  every fashionista. Social medias are streaming life full of those .
 I know I can't go for one, but who says we can't dress up for one. This is also my weekend look, which if things set up nicely and we manage to  get the hotel bookings in Bangalore of my choice, I might just copy this finery , the jewellery drama , and fly out for a weekend.
With this look, I played with antique accents, and this lace co-ords from Stalk buy love were conveying the whole drama. Its fun, its flirty and the whole combo, is a sunny ripping up of my style lookbook.  Although its a whole 90's revival stint, with two smashing separates,Its really interesting to see how the bloggers are taking this trend up a notch with their own re-incarnations. Today I tried something sporty chic again (all-right its not my first ) with Jewellery being the main focus.
I shed my sweet girl image and touched base with my inner eccentric and whacckky .There is another whole new level of fashion and music I am going to explore, and this kind of a getaway is a great excuse to dress up and on to traipsing back and forth.

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Beginners Mom Guide To Introduce local South Indian Cuisine to kids

Wednesday 15 April 2015 /

Its that time of the month again , that I thought I would bring you a food treat , which I had been planning so long .  Today I would be talking about some delicacies brought from Southern cuisine .

Flower Hair Updo with Sheer Cape Blouse and Wrap Skirt

Friday 10 April 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

floral cape
Fashion week is over, and its time to share some of my best dressed moments on the blog. It was that time of the month when we got our finger on the fashion pulse.The week struck me completely into redoing fashion differently, and that's when I started playing with my closet, and hair to be more precise. Since I am blessed with a circular face cut and head in retrospect, anything which sits around that part of my asset , looks pretty . A lot of people snapped me on the venue and they made sure that they capped the flower right. I told them it was inspired by the nature, and hence the floral cape /blouse (which btw is from my own label) and this match is kinda seemingly putting everything in place for me.
I decided to play with mono colors ,hence wore this stitched wrap skirt , from House of SBJ which comes with an equally pretty  blouse. But switching things up , made the two separates a total charm and a much better put together look. 
Have a look.Also don't forget to pause and give a moment to these shoes. I know they deserve their own admiration space.
fashion blogger skirt for women
floral hair accessory, bun , updo

Lenskart Eye Popper Sale 11th to 14th of April


Today's post is in addition to my last post on the  online carnival sale by They are back again with their Eye-Popping sale this time which starts from 11th-14 April. So in case you missed on the previous one, here is a chance for you all to grab the frames of your choice, at prices that best beat all.

#AIFW - Hemant And nandita -Boho Caravan | Indian Fashion Designers

Wednesday 8 April 2015 / , , , ,

hemant and nandita Indian designers

The designer duo Hemant and Nandita collection Boho Caravan  made me  day dream . Day dream into watching a replay of the movie  Bandidas . It was truly an art of story telling. It was a tribal gypsy, with a free flowing mind of its own , and a reflection of the same in those free flowing cover-ups, kaftans, and maxi dresses. The added touch of fringes, silver jewellery took me on a joy ride of watching a nomadic folk with a sophistication that felt as new and in sync with today's times.The rich colour scheme of olives, mustard and dull red had details inspired by pop floral abstract print. Woollen capes, and blankets were delicately attached to the maxi dresses which really filtered the hippie spirit well.
Every little detail from printing, the fabric, dyeing had a personal city girl turned turned a country cool touch.  The music literally made us all sway , and if you haven't thought of fringes yet, its time you do. 

#AIFW Presents Sleeping Beauty | An Ode to Romantic Indian Wear By Pratima Pandey

Tuesday 7 April 2015 /

Indian wedding wear, designer Pratima pandey, amazon fashion week

I love How Indian Wear has evolved over the past recent years, rather past fashion shows. That's exactly what we got to see in the collection themed "Sleeping Beauty" by Pratima Pandey inspired from the Japanese concept of "Waba Sabi" which saw a great transformation in the way we look at  Anarkali Suits . The collection was basically Indian garments , and the effortless romanticism being depicted through garments. It kind of evoked the Perennial love for all thing silk sarees worn by mom. But anything which spins a modern day cocktail of seemingly replace floor length tunics with delicate floral embroidery with clever peeks of wool, dabka and phulkari motifs. The layering technique has totally gotten me by the leg all credits this Grazia young awards . So glad to have watched this live, it kinda already set in my moodboard for summers, besides would  do anything to get these color palette on my hands  :)

Jewelry Inspiration and Indian Ethnic Fusion Wear

Wednesday 1 April 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Offbeat fashion sensibilities whipped up with over abused resources is where my forte lies. Like today I am wearing this architectural print inspired W Kurta with a skirt which was bought parallel to my blogging journey. The blog stayed well, and so did this skirt and that too ,in a condition where I could boast of my upkeeping skills.
The Scarf is done up which meets up the accent of this Indian Wear,and in a modern drama, where it could switch places from my neck and land up on the head into a Scarf turban/Bun and apparently into a much better vision angle so that I could flaunt these cover-ups if they would want to seek some attention of its own.
Living in the new fashion genre where mixing prints has a very spontaneous take on fashion, and gets very tricky especially for those who wants to escape a judging glare,this is my generous dose on attempting the same. I stuck with the basic, just one color approach. So if you couldn't ever figure out  the correct balance, I would say the right technique would be just to not involve a lot of color drama or go for a Chaotic impression ( which sure does when many colors add upto many prints) rather just make this kind of tricky fashion in an appropriate mend with black n whites instead.
If you ask me, this fusion outfit could easily take you to your office desk, and a so much better way to transform the boring kurtas hanging in your closet and wear them in a fun way to work. ie with skirts.
Coming to the jewelry, as much as I love my Elite Jewelry to take me through events n glitz, I like to play around as much with mundane stuff in an non-mundane placement, Like wearing a roadside bought  earring and that too in one lobe.Of course the other side is enjoying the dark shadow of my swept up hair. And these gold with pseudo studded detailing pointed sunglasses, don't just dare and say that they don't count for jewelry. It took me half n hour to make up my mind on these.

Now tell me. Does this print mixing thing goes with a slew of fun or u have a thumbs pointing down on my take ?
indian ethnic wear

#AIFW Presents Manhole By Shweta Kapur 431-88 | Indian Designer

/ , , , , , , , ,

Shweta Kapur's 431-88 collection was all  about urban Grunge, keeping the ensemble accident free while being in sync with modern day street Diva.This A/W we are going to be high on monotone colors, and that's the color theme for her collection. Of course there is a blend of Blood red mixed strategically and positioned to look like blood scars, and that's what is the exact relation to the theme called "Manhole"
These practical version of sari's was what caught my attention. The prints are influenced by smudge marks and we see a lil bit of  geometry in them. And not to miss these lovely fringes on the sunnies and the baseball hat. The minute I saw them on the ramp, I wanted to scream, coz this was totally up my alley (not to forget the experimental stage I am going through  in my life right now). Also they were the highlights of the whole collection, such a fun way to add quirk to formal blends.
Hats off - 431-88 (Shweta Kapur ) - U inspire us :)
To Be Continued ......................................................................................................................................