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Wardrobe Essential- Summer Skirts

Friday 31 May 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

My real world friends know that I do some kind of nonsense on the internet but I have never really talked about it that much because I didn't want to become one of those online bores. Just few know that I am on  Blogosphere boring some unknown people of my rant.. But Exactly what and in how much detail I talk about my blog with them totally depends on who it is I'm talking with. Sadly most of them don't understand what really a blog is and at the end of it  there is an awkward silence as they clearly don't get it , and how exactly I do it . They either want to learn more or they don't. It's that simple. but they surely do understand  and recognize the man behind the photos (as i do post my pics on my personal fb  from time to time ) which is clearly evident from the lavish/ storm of comments received on my Photoplay / tease. 
Here  are a few of the comments from my friends from the above category:(trust me they are verbatim )
1. Where is this location? What fun do u get posing in front of broken/rusted doors.?

2. Do you take pics everyday?
3. who takes these pics?
4. Are these pics for a magazine
5. Can we borrow your photographer?

6. Is it for some competition ?
7. Are you getting paid to publish these pics somewhere.. and finally
8.  Is it that thing do you do u told me once , some website of your own or something ?  

Coming back to the original purpose of me blogging- the outfit. Its summers and nothing makes me happy than wearing a light springy outfit ,to beat Delhi's heat !! What's your go to summer outfit ? Do share !

Tee- Giordano
Skirt- Zara(styled here too)
Shoes- Bangkok(worn here too)
Bag- Aldo
Belt- Westside
On my lips- Revlon lip butter- Raspberry Pie
Accessories- mix n match 
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Black And White Stripe Trend With Many Shades Of Green

Saturday 25 May 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I have done multitude posts on how to achieve the black and white look. See here, here and here.
Went a bit trendy today  with a b/w theme for the weekend. 
Honestly speaking I have seen a lot of women doing this trend too on the streets of Delhi, which really left me with overboard kinda feeling (either they are drowned badly or the boldness doesn't stand out) , but then there is one thing I learnt about stripes- That it can either work or not work for you, and the key is to keep the look individually distinct and not just to duplicate what others have already done. Its always easy to copy and get the look, but the catch is in adding your own  seasoning to the bland Salt and Pepper ! 
This is how I teased out, yet again this seasons black n white stripe trend by adding the color green  in different  hints to my whole look to get a stimulating yet a  relaxed silhouette .
Stripes are a  bit eccentric , you either love 'em or hate 'em. What's your stripe story ?
Do Sound off in the comments below  ..

Blouse: Sheinside
Denims: Thrifted (see here too)
Bag-Charles and Keith
Accesoories: Mixed 
Shoes: from Hongkong trip 
On my lips: Maybeline Earthly Taupe

Super Happy to announce the result of the Vedette Shapewear Giveaway.
The three winners are:
Nitika Bhatia
Congratulations to you all. You will receive a mail from me within 72 hrs..
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Monday 20 May 2013 / , , , , , , , , , ,

Twitter knows it how badly I tuned my followers, by sending tweets that I  desperately wanted to watch the movie Go Goa Gone and was anxiously waiting for its release And The reasons were varied .. Firstly I was looking forward to the zom-com effect as something like this hasn't been attempted on the Hindi screen earlier, although I have witnessed zombies in Hollywood films. secondly the catchy tunes and different lyrics had put this movie in a league of its own for me(to an extent that I have been literally humming the tunes daily)
Personally,I have never ever watched a horror flick alone, as I always end up in a state where I am hyper, and sleep with the lights on for the rest of the week, or at least till as long as I remembered the movie in bits  !
But it was not like this with GGG ! The humor is smart,with generous dollops of bloody-gory-hungry zombies,but the best performance came from Kunal Khemu, who was the one who has the best one liners, the wackiest character, and the man is incredibly gifted with comic timing.  The dialogues are witty and are mostly responsible for invoking a laugh riot ! Saif totally won me with his wonky accent,and the way he  hurled the choicest Lajpat Nagar expletives when provoked,literally made me jump off the chair once..
In the end, Its a must watch !! coz It gives you what you least expect and in ways that you least anticipate,with an obvious underlying "say no to drugs" message.
Now let's move to today's outfit... I wore this for the Elle event which I attended a few weeks back but didn't have time to post it on the blog.."It is better to do well late than it is good to do well never."

Tank:Shopped Online
Palazzo-Thrifted(see here too)
Heels: Forever New
Cat-eyes: Asos
Cuff/Necklace: Oasap/Asos/thailand
On my lips- Mac Impassioned

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Love Jumpsuit

Wednesday 15 May 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

When it comes to fashion, we all love a good trend. It's nice to have something fresh and exciting to spice up the wardrobe, Isn't it ? I was introduced to Jumpsuits Romper's to be specific when I went shopping for my baby's clothes, and  have been in love with them since.Later that year scored some cool ones for my ownself from Bangkok and loved them even more ! Somehow, I really can't see why there is a "Blanket Ban" on them? They're just clothes,like a pant and a shirt and can be quite staid , Yes really !! For me its a trend which has a Never-ending shelf life .
 The best part of a jumpsuit is that it is an entire outfit, so just throw it on and you're instantly trendy and fashionable without a Hitch ! We all have definitely heard about a complete meal, or a complete nutrition phrase, so I call a Jumpsuit a Complete Outfit, lol..,coz they are everything fashion should be !
Switch them from  a casual outing for a Day  to Night by accessorizing with a fun Diva gold belt, dangly earrings,some more sparkle here and there and get ready to groove !
Do you Happen to Love them too ? How many of them do you own ?

A blooper moment courtesy, a  guy on a scooty. He was driving in front, while looking back at us.

Pumps- Tresmode(worn here)
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Necklace- Mixed
On My Lips- Maybeline -Non stop Red

Enter  Vedette Shapewear Giveaway and 3 lucky winners could each win one surprise shapewear from Vedette
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Summer trends -Tailored Shorts

Thursday 9 May 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Its that time of the year again, yes, the blazing summers ,and the shorts wearing season has started on for me ,and I go by my thumb rule , shorter the better ! Skorts or shorts are two things I don't skip in summers especially when I am  running errands ! Basically they are very practical for active women like me !!
I think a lot of Indian women too, are accepting them as outerwear,since they are effortless to style, be it for a day or night . Pair them with long tops ,and for  those of you who have got reallyyy, long legs,  pull them with high cropped tops  !
Wore this Tailored shorts, for Pearl workshop I mentioned in my previous post . This top seemed to be doing all the work for me, it has a beautiful back cut-out, its got lacesheerNeon and is totally  feminine ,couldn't think of a better way to incorporate all the latest trends in one post or one single outfit. 
Strange so, I have never endorsed so many sartorial absolutes in any of my previous posts(and I am feeling good about breaking the rule for good) .
However the smart,button down and heels enhanced my tailored shorts appearance by lending a strong feminine- menswear-inspired vibe to the whole look !
Pick this style if you’re looking at altering your fashion stance at work or for a hot summer date – a bit of leg show never hurt anybody. 
How do you wear your shorts?? I want to know it all from you now ! 

Blouse: BaBaasu
wedges- bagkok
Pearls- Zaveri
Bracelets- Westside and Oasap
Bag: Charles and keith
On my lips- Revlon lip butter- Tutti Frutti

Enter  Vedette Shapewear Giveaway and 3 lucky winners could each win one surprise shapewear from Vedette
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Hair and Make up lessons At Pearl Academy

Tuesday 7 May 2013 / , , , , , , ,

I Have a love/hate relationship with make-up and hair styling !! Some-days I get it right in my first attempt,while sometimes I totally turn everything into a disaster !! Its just human to have make-up malfunctions,But one thing which I have learnt from my experience is that they are totally avoidable. Its just a matter of time -management,and a little technique that can help avoid a makeup/styling faux pas.    
So when I was recently Invited by Pearl Academy, Delhi to attend their  interactive workshop on ‘Special occasion make-up and hair styling’ where the Specialist would demonstrate techniques on HOW TO GET THAT LOOK(which we always admire on those magazine spreads), I decided to hit it up with delight !!  The session was conducted by renowned make-up artists Ashima Kapur and Khampui Thaimei and was open to anyone (pre-registration was required)..Although it was a 2 day session , I could only attend the hair styling workshop on second day..I am totally regretting missing the make-up part,especially after looking at these girls and how perfectly applied their makeup is !!!
Have a look at it :
She looks pretty in shimmery eyes 

A very glowing and flawless Nude make-up with bold eyes on one of a student

Ashima Kapoor-On how to use face highlighter
It couldn't get slick than this , Isn't it ??

This is not as tough as it looks(suitable for long hair )
Khampui Thaimei demonstrated an easy way to do a french bun. It looks like this !!!
Picture source: Google

And ,a donut bun using a Bun maker.It comes out exactly like these !!
picture source- google

About Pearl Academy:
Pearl is a renowned institute that caters to design, fashion, art and business. The Delhi campus is at Naraina and is spread across eight buildings and plethora of facilities with globally qualified faculty.

Enter  Vedette Shapewear Giveaway and 3 lucky winners could each win one surprise shapewear from Vedette
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Polkas , Studs- And Vedette Shapewear Giveaway-closed

Thursday 2 May 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

As you know from my previous post,that I was sent  to review two shapewears  by Vedette and  Seriously each piece helped me in enhancing my Silhouette better, and I felt great wearing them both  . I am not that recent into shapewears, and have worn them a couple of times before too(my post baby wobble ) !! Gone are the days when shapewears were recommended for big sizes, Big or small or if  you don't have a problem area ,a right shapewear could really help in settling a body hugging dress smoothly  and can achieve a slimming effect up to two sizes small !! 
 As For me it was never about slimming, it was always about streamlining my shape and to always look proportionate,and ever since I discovered Vedette, I have been acting a little obsessed wearing them whenever I am out  !!
The second shape wear I picked was Rosina  from their Sensual range, and I added a little twist by marrying comfort with style and By wearing it as an outerwear ! The color, the lace trim, and the fit was more than perfect for me !! This range is beautiful and feminine can make up for a nice piece of lingerie too !! Believe you me, I had a tough time in picking out one, as I had fallen for each n every piece from their collection !!  And if you are a newly wed and about to get married soon, then Sensuale can be right up your alley too !!
Wanna experience these beautiful Shapewears ?? Then all you need to do is enter this giveaway,where Vedette is going to sponsor a shapewear each for not one but three of my readers !! 
Now lets talk about Rules shall we ?
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Be sure to Leave a comment on this post with your email id and the id you are following with, so that the entries can be validated. 
 *this giveaway is open international but not from the Philippines  
*Three winners shall be picked, and each would receive A surprise Shapewear from Vedette
*The giveaway ends 25th May 2013

Shapewear- Rosina- C/o Vedteete (buy here)
Waistcoat- Funk(last worn here)
Palazzo: (worn here)
Kitten heels -Yebhi(last worn here)
Clutch-Makeup bag used as a clutch-Revlon
Scarf- Old-styled it here)
Scarf Ring -Forever New
Earrings- Accessorize
On my Lips- Revlon Lip butter-Lollipop