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Guide to Wearing Optic Prints and High Waist Shorts

Tuesday 30 July 2013 / , , , , , , ,

Its been ages I did an outfit post on the blog( wish i could tell ya, how i missed ur good ol comments) ! And I have plenitude reasons for not posting ! But let me not Harsh your Marsh mellows, and straight away come down to business ! lol !  
I bet  other Delhi Bloggers would agree with me on this that its not the best and fashionable month/moment for most of us who are outdoors,and trying to show some expertise on style and make-up. Its humid, its dry, and I feel like a gross frump :(
I decided to keep my look minimal, hair tied in a simple pony, Optical Print semi sheer chiffon blouse,some High Waist neon shorts to combat the gloom around,minimal make up(I used sunscreen) and if you sweat like a piggy,but intend to wear your make-up then I suggest you carry some blotting sheets around ! I have been using shisedo ones, and they are extremely good ! If possible get rid of big and chunky accessories, and stick with the dainty ones ! AVOID perfumes! Sweet heavens, you don't want to suffocate yourself and the people around you. If you want to smell nice though, use a really light body spray.
And for hair, I say just keep it simple, because that's the key with hot weather. Get a heat tamer or leave in conditioner, to protect your hair  from all the heat outside. And avoid using a lot of heat tools.
That's my way of beating the humidity blues ! Do add up if you know of any other !!

Matched the Yellow buttons with My shoes

Blouse: 8teenstyleboulevard
Shorts- Shantanu and Nikhil for Addidas(worn here)
Pumps- Thrifted
Bumble bee-Earrings- Asos
Sunnies- Ray-ban
On my lips- Mac Mehr
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Forest Essential Store, Khan Market Delhi gets a Fresh look

Tuesday 23 July 2013 / , , , , , , ,

Its true that from the last couple of years till now, there has been a sudden switch and a bend towards cosmetics which use natural ingredients of Indian origin while India being the only country to posses a history and knowledge of using natural products and reviving Ayurveda big time !
Talking about Ayurveda , Forest Essentials Traditional beauty and skin care personal products definitely ring a bell ! 
I am always a bit enthusiastic about this brand, and my hubs would any day swear by the large keepsake box which sits in one corner of my bathroom holding all my forest essentials basics I have my allegiance to !
Earlier last week I was invited to check out Forest essential's newly renovated flagship store at khan market,Delhi(which is also their first signature store) ! The store's entrance casts a serene and a flattering glow ,with its mirror encrusted ceilings and intricate lattice work in a contemporary setting.A look at the beautifully inlaid marble flooring,and high end interiors and it takes you back to the historic nostalgia of an ideal set-up of any palace boasting of its Indian roots , yet  injected with an au courant style !
Let's navigate through Virtual Pictures of the Forest essential Store, Khan Market Delhi :
The entrance itself has a very positive impact and is truly inviting ! love the simple yet well structured door !
I was genuinely interested in this fancy chandelier and the delicate Jali work on the ceilings. It lends a very stylish yet a striking mix to the whole store.

These corners of the store beautifully shares stunning photographic renditions of Raja Ravi Verma’s works of art, depicting the simplicity and beauty of the Indian woman, stunningly interpreted into a series of photographs with fine attention to detail.
Don't miss the colorful,dainty packaging of these Ayurvedic wonders !

  Do check out Forest Essentials Revamped store at Khan Market, Delhi, and indulge in an truly exotic and an inviting atmosphere of luxurious shopping.Let me know of your recent  shopping experiences too, if any in the comments below !

About Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is an Authentic Traditional yet Luxury Ayurvedic Skin Care Brand with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. A pioneer in this segment, today it has become the quintessential Indian Beauty Brand where secrets of ancient Ayurveda have been brought to life through pain-staking research and made available to modern day consumer. It is probably the only Brand in the fine quality niche, that does the complete backward integration of its products from its origin to its sale in a Company owned store.

In the year 2008, Estee Lauder and Forest Essentials formed a strategic partnership where Estee Lauder Group acquired a minority stake in the brand making Forest Essentials the first Indian Brand in their prestigious roster of global players. The company has expanded the repertoire of its offerings in the facial care, body care, hair care, and wellness categories. Forest Essentials is also the leading supplier to the majority of the luxury hotel chains in India including The Taj and The Oberoi Group of Hotels. Today, since its inception in the year 2001, Forest Essentials retails from 22 company owned retail stores spread across the country and partners some of its most prestigious Ayurvedic institutions; The GurukulKangri University and Rishikul State Ayurvedic College, for Research & Development and with their panel of highly skilled Ayurvedic Doctors.

Best Ways to Flaunt The Midriff- Cropped tee Fashion

Thursday 18 July 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Every Season there is a new trend that pops up which everyone wanna bring home ! How great it would look on us , is a tad difficult to judge, unless we try it out at different levels at the comfort of our homes ! Don't know about y'all , but happen with me a lot of times ! One such trend better left at the racks(for me ) is Cropped tee trend ! This time around in Bangkok too, all that my eyes could witness were funky cropped tops in different styles/prints and textures(some of them even had stereotype one-liners too) ! Hence I decided to Satiate my High-street Infatuation , and disturb my reader's Peace wagon a bit !  You can tell me more about it at the end of this post, in the comments section :)
And I would Thank god, in all my wilderness,for doing that... and tell you what, I am not even slightest bit mad about showing some skin !
I decided to pair it with my high waist  wrap skirt- another trend being picked up by our Fashionistas bloggers , after they did a comeback on the runways,and being embraced by our top designers and ticking off the mood board for all of us too drool later ! 
If you are determined to indulge in this trend too, but  not too keen to Bust-A Sag , then I would recommend you pair your cropped whatever's with a High-waist shorts/pants/skirts, and bring out the retro 90's feel to the whole look ! Got a clue ? No ? Hmm,then Check out the pics below ...
And It Rained

Nature's Flashlight

Skirt-Phuket Flea market
Heels-Forever new
Sunnies- Asos
Bag-Michael Kors Jet Set Large Tote
Bracelets- Accesorize
On my Lips- Embrace Me- By Mac

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Case-Mate Trendy Smart Phone Collection

Sunday 14 July 2013 / , , , , ,

Flaunting a Mobile phone case is soon catching up on the recent accessory trend and has become the most favored one indeed. While some feel that life should be simple, the others feel to express their mood or style in the form of a smart phone case they carry. And why shouldn't it be ? A catchy phone cover is a great conversation starter. Agree ? 
I have been a fan of phone cases ever since I dropped my I-phone 4 . And my new Samsung S4  has become precious enough in my life  that I shudder at the thought of letting it go unprotected, and there I feel that this precious thing in my life is definitely worthy of a few extra bucks to invest in a good bumper. So when recently I was contacted by Case-Mate India to review their Case collection and Pick one  for my own self, I was eager to take a peek into their website , and see what cool designs I could show off  with !
My Opinion- The designs are bold, fresh and captivating . It was also interesting to see that they have maintained the freshness of the cases by keeping in mind the current trends and fashion rage.
From a minimal look to a glam diva, It becomes easier to switch looks instantly with just a swap of a case. Have a look at  a few of  my favorites :
For Samsung S-4This Glam glitter coated Beauty totally left me drooling . Its slim, sleek and shiny ! Perfect for the girly night outs, and nifty enough to make heads flip ,and the only thing what others would beg you for is- to allow them to have a second look..Comes in two more colors !

For Samsung S4 . I personally have been coveting these kind of hi-tech covers , since don't know when. The exterior Boasts of Genuine Exotic Hardwoods, paired with brushed aluminum accents.The Interior Patterned Inlay for added protection and a sophisticated two piece construction for protecting the front and back of the phone. This design is apt for one's who are looking for some customized looks w/out compromising on the finesse .

Personally if it hadn't been for the model constraint, I loved this Lipstick Pink/Pool Blue for I-PHONE-5. The case itself has been distracting me more than the actual  beauty of the phone's design. Comes with an Ultra thin pop, with a stand for I-phone 5 for convenient hands free media viewing. Supports portrait and Landscape viewing options. Comes loaded with  variety of color options too.

This Ultra sleek Ipad case 3 case, comes with a smart magnet technology and can adhere to virtually any surface,Crafted from a soft-touch,textured material and brushed micro -fiber interior.Comes in two colors.
Go ahead have some fun gawking at the beautiful Cases,and you never know, when you land up getting a perfect Bumper for your handset like me.
Disclaimer: The review is totally based on my judgement/opinion. I have been compensated however in the form of a Case-mate for my phone.


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Monday 8 July 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Well they say that all good things come to an end, and here I am back from two weeks  fiesta in Thailand.   
Having to get back into the routine of work, and daily life in general is a bit distressing at the moment and I feel that I just can't settle back in (withdrawl symptoms u see **) 
Nyways, these pics are from Phuket, and may I just add that, we had a Ball staying there. We stayed over at the BanThai Resort and Spa, and man I must tell you, none of us wanted to come back.. !! Literally there was no shortage of stuff to do, and Yes , we did everything and anything under the sun , From Snorkeling to Parasailing to Jet Skiing and bike rides and watching the beach Sunset .
One's trip to Phuket is a bit incomplete if you haven't witnessed the glitz and glam of the world-renowned ladyboy shows.They are flamboyant and just one look and you'd swear that the performers are none other than gorgeous women .The costumes are outrageously extravagant, and the ladyboys’ tiaras dazzling....The show has proven extremely popular with tourists who flock in droves. 
 But they are extremely rude to Indians. One of them acted up with us by purposely using his  its long floor sweeping , mud laiden gown(since it was raining),to soil our clothes Reason- We clicked a picture.  Lame No ? Local police is less keen to help, and gave us an - Oh, sorry, I can't help you till I've had my coffee sort of an attitude !! BAH !!
Nyways, another good thing- We Took a Speed boat cruise to visit Krabi and Phi-Phi islands.. Spending a day or  more is most recommended. The beauty of these islands cannot be described in one post ! .If you are my Instagram Follower, you might recall the bombarded feed..haha.
For most part of our sightseeing tour, It was liberating to ditch our cameras for a while and sit back and enjoy the nature. No worries about taking photos, no regrets that we missed a good shot.Sometimes it's nice to just go have a good time with someone you care about and leave with just your good memories.
And yes , how could anyone miss shopping in Bangkok ? For me I think I can officially go in for a shopping ban for an year... Can't wait to show you what I shopped.. till then enjoy the pics..

An Ideal Sunset

Shorts-Old and worn in many posts 
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