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From Flab to Fab in Seconds With Vedette Shapewear

Sunday 28 April 2013 / , , , , , , , , ,

Every girl has that really sexy dress that looked so good in the store and when it got home it just sat in the closet . Reason, it somehow revealed a few bulges here and there ! Sometimes all we need is a bit of confidence to pull off certain outfits which at times even become more Important than  wearing the latest trend ! In a previous post, I talked about that how everyone is not blessed with a perfect body,but creating an illusion of  one is all we need   ! So how can we ever deny the role of shape wears in bringing out the femme fatale and help women contours the minor flaws in her body(the same way we contour our face by doing makeup) !!
I was recently sent two shapewears to review from Vedette , from their  I'VE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE CATEGORY- From Flab to Fab, made especially for moms , and they feel  that It's about time to tell ourselves that even fab moms should have nothing to hide, well despite the pregnancy and body changes, and all that ..
 I have already worn it thrice, and Yes, it  did make a big difference in my outfits and have not worn loose till now . This brand breaths really well and the fabric is smooth and firm. Never guessed that a good shapewear which fits well makes such a difference to the way I look and feel. It really Sucks me in, at least  does for me and made a noticeable difference in how my clothes fit and look on me !
 Iv'e had problems with my tummy area since having a baby 6 years back,I don't have that anymore, coz of my strenuous workout, but yes, those late night desserts, and beer on the weekend do bring back a little on my waist next morning !
I stopped wearing this red dress coz it looks less flattering on me and I thought of donating it a few months back ,But Instead I decided to put the shapewear to test by wearing it underneath this body-hugging dress  to see if it made the difference, and Voila it worked !! My figure looked more toned and curves being accentuated  ! This shapewear comes with Padded cups with under-wire  and has a hook- and -eye crotch closure, to simply unfasten it and tuck it up out of the way when nature calls !! Enough talking, now have a look at it urself
P.S I have finally decided to keep this dress...
Me Before wearing the shapewear

Me After Wearing Vedette Shapewear

 Shapewear-Angelique by Vedette, C/o: Vedette , Buy here
Dress: Alano Singapore
Blazer/Cuff: AsosLast worm here
Heels: Thrifted(last worn here)
Earrings- Sia
Clutch: Etsy shop
On My lips: Pierre Cardin Camelia


Elle Fahionwear's Chic Instinct with Delhi Bloggers

Thursday 25 April 2013 / , , , , , , , , , ,

What do we get when we cross Bubbling bloggers, hearty snacks and fashionable clothes ? Yes u got that right ! A fun filled fashionable evening at a fashionable spot- Elle Fashionwear!! Too much fa-fa fashion ? ha !
Elle fashionwear, the French fashion brand, launches its Spring Summer 2013 collection, embodying the spirit of the new age fashionista who believes in creating her own style but is also chic, feminine and experimental. The latest collection comprises breezy day dresses, coloured denims, flirty jumpsuits and chic accessories to make you every inch the summer diva. The sleek silhouettes, unique colour combinations and elegant designs incorporated translate the line into timeless French fashion.
If your style composes any of these above, I think u should check out Elle stores  ! The collection was bold, fabric was summery , colors were pastels and the feeling was feminine ! We were asked to style a few outfits  from their collection while the specialized team did our hair n makeup ! They had this funky tomato print maxi dress, which I had fallen for, too bad my size,in the color I wanted was Out of stock ! 

I think my hair n makeup looked way better before I went in for the makeover, and was not impressed with what  they did to me in this pic !

And I loved these Botanical themed shorts.. they were way too comfy to an extent that I told them that I could totally wear it for my workout !! That is the comfort I am talking about -u know !

Chocolates and floral postcards c/oElle  and some Macaroons I got on my way  back
And this is what Elle fashionwear has to say about their Collection:
The Spring Summer collection is all about an optimistic, liberal and unique persona with designs revolving around six themes relevant to the season.

The Botanical theme unveils a journey to the unexplored dimensions of botanical life. Green is the main colour in this theme with touches of red, yellow and grape purple. Experience pristine beauty with ‘Clarity’; pieces borne from this idea define sophisticated casual wear. Along with breezy and feminine key detailing of sheer tonal layering, the styles in this collection display strong graphic colour blocked silhouettes. The Summer Party has ultra-feminine summer dresses in soothing pastels as well as rich and bright colours aiming to keep your days as chic as your nights.

Add a bit of elegant quirkiness with the Give Me Blue inspiration. Sport playful prints from the bygone sailing era such as old maps, vintage letters, compass and pocket watches all on a serene spectrum of blue. Adding a burst of colour are splashes of geranium pink and banana crepe yellow. Watch naïve romance and a hippy free spirit come together to create Nutopia in a delicate interplay between over-exposed colours, heady florals and lace.

Feel the warmth of summer with a bright ensemble reflecting the Colour Theory. Pale pastels blend seamlessly with vibrant and bright colours completed by multi-coloured prints and clean textures.

The Spring Summer 2013 collection is available across all ELLE stores in the country as well as on

Get The Look- Bohemian Fashion

Sunday 21 April 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

If I had to describe my style in one word it would be BOHEMIAN ! Says "me " about ten years back ! But does style change with time, age, body shape, climate etc? Yes it does, but that doesn't change our mirror image of what we have always been.
I was quite famous in my college days for wearing long skirts with my tees tucked in,glass bangles,long bindis,and no makeup look. Till date I love unusual pairings, and Revolutionary style attracts me a lot .It doesn't hurt to be a Che Guevara. of the fashion world , So this time around I decided to bring out my dormant bohemian avatar while showing a bit of skin....And if  you might  be interested to try something like this,minus the show off part, then  better check THIS post out  too !

Cropped Blouse: Only
Skirt-W (worn it here and here)
Heels : Zara
Accessories- Splash And Forever New
Belt- Fastrack
Necklace- Janpath
On my lips- Maybeline - Non- Stop red


Your Guide to Wearing Stripes for Summer-2013

Monday 15 April 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

How to wear stripes - Different Stripes for different body types. yes that's where we are heading here..
Needless to explain, that stripes are a biggg trend, and they are gleaming everywhere . So when One of my blog readers was a bit Flummoxed by the fact that she looks overweight and Unflattering in them, I decided to address a post, specifically for all of us who might feel the same,and what better way than to do a OOTD keeping the trend in mind.
No its not Oxymoron,You can really rock the stripes for the Summer of 2013 if we just understand a few things. 
  1. First things first, there are a very few of us who are blessed with a perfect body out there(some things are not in our hands,so as of now we can blame our genes for that). But what is not  impossible is that we can create an illusion of a perfect body ! Yes and Wearing stripes makes it relatively easier to achieve !!
  2. Vertical Stripes- For those who are heavier on the sides:-They draw the eyes up and down,rather than a side scan. Result-Look Lean and Long !!  Go ahead and pair them with a solid color .
  3. Horizontal Stripes- Accentuate the petite part of your body with Horizontal Stripes.U guessed it right ! They can be Widening ! Wider the Horizon, more focused would be the Eyes ,and make a seemingly narrow part of our body ,broader !!
  4. Chevron Stripes: Someone did a fun twist on the basic stripes,and made them Zig-Zag,and Boom-We learnt a new term, CHEVRON -Ideal for fuller figure women,as they call attention to the center line of your body.
  5. You can even mix stripes choosing a vertical stripe on the half you want to downplay and a horizontal stripe on the half of your body you want to draw more attention to ! It really depends on what you have in your closet.
Phew ! One long post !! Now What ? Go and start digging your closets and discover some Stripes ,but before you do that have a look at How I wore Chevron Stripes !
don't forget to comment

Blouse: Worn  here 
Leggings:Buy Similar here
Necklace-Flea market(delhi)
Bag: Oasap
Heels-Forever New
On my lips-Revlon Lip Butter-Tutti Frutti

Spring/Summer 2013 Trends- Top to Bottom White Look

Wednesday 10 April 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Big or a small vacation, I am a chronic Over packer, and mostly end up not wearing even half of what I carry !! Though past so many years I have tried to master the art of packing less, but have yet to really get the hang of it ! But one thing, I have learnt so far ,is that to carry a few staple pieces ,which are gonna help me sail through my vacations easily without being repetitive ! One such staple for me is my white denims ! One should never underestimate the versatility of the basic white bottoms ! It is one of those pants that can be taken from a casual day at the beach to a cocktail party effortlessly. 
The pictures are from last weekend from my vacation to lansdowne (I blabbered about it in my previous post :) :) 
 Have been loving an all white look lately !! Why? coz I feel it makes towards a much more refreshing statement ! Also I love the way it looks against my skin, plus it's the best blank canvas for accessorizing !! However for this outfit I grounded the monochrome look by adding a neon necklace and matched it with the clutch ! To sum up, I think all white looks beautiful. I wouldn't call it a recent trend ,As it has become an all-year color,and not just one that comes around summers. 
Though Hubs is always nervous about me spilling some coffee on my whites as if It seems to be a magnet for those little coffee spills/drips.(hehe) But the fact is that I am clumsy in my real life and I always find random stains on my clothes at the end of the day :(

Birds print Blouse:Bangkok(worn here)
Denims-Nuon (worn here)
Spiked Loafers- Hauz khaz village
Necklace- Exhibition (worn it with a turtle neck here)
Bracelets/Ring- Asos/Oasap
On my lips- Revlon lip butter in Raspberry

Also I am Super HAPPY to announce the result of my Giveaway in collaboration with Precious U by KJ 
And the winner is 

Entry no. 3
Shubhangi Salinkar (sending u a mail soon ) 
More white dress designs -  click here

Peplum Flounce

Thursday 4 April 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

I Love mid week vacations and getting off strip from our daily busy lives ! The pictures are from my recent trip to Lansdowne, a small coveted hill station in Garhwal ! It is the quietest Hill station of India and is popular since Britishers ruled our country(more on that in the next post) !!! 
So many weekends passed and there was not much on our plate. We were just reliving the days, every day and there was some thrill missing,hence I wanted to break the monotony. In midst of all this some Pixie dust happened and I persuaded Hubs to take off and he agreed !! This getaway was just an extension to my Birthday celebration , and why shouldn't it be ? All good things in life need to be celebrated so that we could keep that stress from nudging its ugly head for a long time !! Know what I mean ? For the first time around, we captured beautiful moments through our eyes and ignored the Instagram icon on my phone (though I managed to still update a bit with the signal bar playing hide n seek.. ) 
Decided to give a new lease of life to my Peplum top as if it was just waiting to show up and begging for its turn. Its been a year that I haven't touched this beautiful crochet one and last first time I wore it was with a pencil skirt !

Two Ways of Wearing a Peplum Top
Snow capped Himalayas , view from the room
Garhwal Officers Mess, Our heavenly abode

Wearing: Peplum top(last worn here
Leggings- Hauz Khas Boutique(worn here too )
 Bag- Shopped online
Juttis- Stilettoes
Bangles- Assorted
Earrings- Accesorize
On my lips- Fuschia from Dior palette

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