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Dressing Games:How many times-(ii)

Friday 28 September 2012 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

So here I am again,bringing -How many times-ii series, plus I'll also show you how to rock an umbrella inside out !Skirt worn as a dress on a tanned body,plus some margaritas down my throat,on a windy evening, a girl holding on to an umbrella is not everyone's cup of tea you know what I mean ! Right attitude, wrong timing ,margaritas and this skirt dress was definitely not a correct choice at that time of the day ! I almost felt like being hit by a mini tornado or something ! Nevertheless, I was at my quirky best ,acted dippy and LOLed unreasonably, amusing my family and nearby onlookers,while others assumed that I am a grown up who knows how to behave weird- I didn't care a bit !All this came to an end soon when my hubby showed me the video he taped,which really freaked me out as well !
P.S - I was refrained from displaying few weird ones(family readers issues) ,so the only sober shots make their way to the post

Wearing: Skirt as dress-here,necklace-here,flipflops-janpath,sunnies-hongkong,belt-Kazo
More to this series,coming up soon........

On styling a Skirt-How many Times? (i)

Monday 24 September 2012 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

What do you do when you extend your vacations for a couple of days more,while packing less and light,and monsoons add to your woes leaving with no option than to repeat outfits? I am sure it happens with most of us ! While we see  lot of our favorite bloggers mixing and matching their outfits,here is my take on wearing this skirt into many ways, sheer out of necessity ! While I tried and make the most of this opportunity,by changing accessories,I wore this skirt three times  on my vacation(without washing obviously+it already got washed in the rains)And while God doesn't care what I'm wearing. ... the people staying at the resort definitely did ! And true that whoever said  humans identify each other by the kind/style of clothes they wear,  I could feel the vibes beyond any doubt when I wore this skirt everyday to the club ! It became my identity ! How many times- is a new series on my blog, and my initiative of duplicating my wardrobe number of times, adding my own ease and deftness to it !  You may add some more fun ways you think I could have styled it,and I would surely comply and experiment, giving merit to the person ! Let me know in the comments section below !

P.S These shots were taken solely for fun purpose,after an adventurous ride on bike for full day. Please ignore the tired and gloomy face,as I was least interested in posing !

Wearing: Top-thrifted,Skirt-E-bay,Flipflops-Bangkok,Neonbangles-Asos,Necklace-Janpath
To be continued ............................................

Floral Frenzy

Friday 21 September 2012 / , , , , , , , , , ,

My love to discover new places and beaches of Goa continued ! From fishing to shopping,to gallivanting and trying out Goan Food at various Shacks, Didn't miss a thing(oh yes I think I did- marijuana) ! Hence this holiday series you may find relaxed casuals which are best suited for outdoor water/beach/scooter/walking activity. Goa by Nature's design is so colorful,therefore to balance out everything else ,I experimented with pastels and whites showing my allegiance to the supreme Power .This day we were lucky enough to be a bit early and saw fisherman proudly displaying their fresh catch ! We got so engrossed in talking and discovering the sea creatures from the catch,that we forgot to take pictures. Lesson learnt- Like something-react quickly... Soon after everything is sold(faster than share market), only thing that could be photographed was the biggest !!(these were taken around 7 am).

Wearing Tee: E-bay, Shorts and flower clip--Bangkok,flats-Singapore-here,Scarf- Topshop(uk), Ring and bracelets- Oasap and mixed.
Makeup-  Lip gloss and Sunscreen 

Studs and Beads- OOTD and Goa Diaries

Tuesday 18 September 2012 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Goa always bring back old memories to me !  Lush greenery, Quiet city, Rainy beaches, definitely pepped me up and charged my spirits for months to come ! Their is a different feeling to experience Goa during monsoons while the sun plays hide and seek leaving you with controllable tan and less damages !
After my two days stay at Raddison, we moved to Leela, One of the best resort in south goa, having a private beach, rooms overlooking the lagoons and bustling riverfront fishing village nearby.. trust me You'll never want to come back !
 Sporting my denim studded jacket with my cotton dress wangled(the original buyer decided to attend a call at that crucial time and i took advantage of the moment) from fashion street, was ideal to wear on a rainy day ! Had best time getting shots amidst the patter, while I had full intentions of getting soaked up more than getting any outfit pictures ! This look is also one of my fling to look bohemian but in a mellowed form coz for me its not something I want to roll about in a full fledged manifestation !!

 Wearing: Dress and jacket- Fashion street, Flats- Janpath, Ring- Thrifted, Bangles- mixed and matched, Jhola bag-  boutique in southex.

OOTD- Goa Served Hot

Saturday 15 September 2012 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Today I'll be sharing my outfit pictures shot during my stay in Goa ! It was day 1, we stayed at Radisson in South Goa .I had the best time taking shots here,as all the villas in the resort were so colorful. In-fact people throughout the town have some affection towards colorful  homes,as I spotted a lot of houses painted in the brightest of shades ! I wish I had that many outfits so that I could color coordinate the buildings !
bought some stuff from all of them
Did some fishing, while this guy was in great hurry,he literally swooped the fishing rod from me
Bright colored bench
My little Diva loves to pose too !
What I am wearing: Tunic-gifted,Vest-Billabong, Slipons -Singapore,Bag-Here, Accessories-Mixed and Asos
Stay tuned for more pictures and fun, coming up soon !

The Art of Layering

Wednesday 12 September 2012 / , , , , , , , , , ,

Layering clothes can instantly make you look chic and always create an exciting new look !
Items you need- Belts,summer scarves,necklace, linen/cotton vests,socks,hats,and just any of your favorite pieces the closet has to offer ... See its that easy ! Layering in winter technically doesn't require that much skill,while layering in summers can become tricky at times,thinking of all that extra sweat that  comes with this trend !

Since I love to experiment with different layers, I have just knocked down the quintessential tips which might just come handy :)

Yes/Always- Summer/Spring Layering
  • Keep this style more for casual outings,where you can experiment with different pieces to look cool !
  • Always Wear Tees,lacy or fitted dresses,tanks,camisoles underneath ,while shrug,sheer blouses and button downs to be worn on top ! Light weight fabrics are best and are not too hot too ! Cinch your waist with a belt to add a second layer,if you have a narrow waistline 
  • For accessories, layer bangles and necklaces which are really trendy right now or try anything vintage  to make you look cute and still stand out in a good way .
  • If you are in your tweens ,go for T-shirts/Racer back, on top of tank for a peek-a-boo effect . Alternatively wear a flowing light vest over your shirt to add dimension .
Don't/Never- Summer/Spring Layering
  • Keep it elegant and layer according your age and body type.
  • Don't go overboard !Sometimes you don't need to layer... Just accessorize, it pulls the outfit in together.
  • Avoid too much  layering for formal meetings or at most go for a standard  shirt and blazer look. Add more fun by replacing blazer with a crochet cardigan(only of your work place is insanely cold inside)Add a summer scarf and make sure you don't do any fancy ties,unless you want to squelch in them.
Go lighter and express yourself by enjoying the look of layered clothing by keeping all these things in mind and stay stylish all summers ! 

What I am wearing : Dress- Espirit, Shirt-Levis-(here too), Shoes- Bangkok, Bag- here,Necklace- Janpath,Bracelets- Accessorize,Belt-Lifestyle
P.S:Next on blog- My holiday outfits and what to wear for the beach !

Perfect Blend

Monday 3 September 2012 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

 Clubbing fashion with tradition can really notch up any look big time ! Indian culture is so detailed,that it easily allows one to mix and match to bring change in any form of dressing,while keeping the comfort quotient high too !

Today's look is all about mixed dressing and I am linking this post with Infb remix-Indian fusion . I really Pine for International designs around the runway which are blooming with Indian motifs,brocades, mirror work and what not  ! Spoil rotten? yes maybe !

I have experimented this style of dressing earlier too-here(in a faint form) , but for the current look I thought to bring a little more glee by giving a touch of bindi and bangles to my paisley printed tunic and pairing it with shorts. What say ?
P.S: I have spotted a lot of Delhi girls going Ballistic about wearing a Bindi.The transformation of "Bindi" into a hip accessory has lately been fueled by Kareena Kapoor's upcoming movie "Heroine". After all Bollywood and fashion are synchronic -Aint' It?
Have  earlier worn this tunic with my white patialas and Stilettos !

Wearing: Tunic-Sanskriti(mumbai),Shorts-Tailored-seehere, Mojris-Dubai,Belt-muah,Jhola Bag-Fab India !