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5 Reasons it is important to hire a guide when trekking in Bhutan

Friday, 8 September 2017 /

Are you looking for a new place to hike while exploring unfamiliar cultures and enjoying wonderful sceneries? If you are, then Bhutan should be the perfect travel destination for your kind of adventure! Bhutan is a small country perched on the southern flank of the Lower Himalayas and is landlocked by the autonomous region of Tibet, in China, to the north and by India to the south. Bhutan is the last remaining Buddhist kingdom in the world and it was only during the 1970s when the hermit nation opened itself up to the rest of the world. Driven by their value of happiness as an important part of nation building, Bhutan continually ranks as one of the happiest places in all of Asia while boasting one of the fastest growing GDP growth rates in the world.

5 Tips to traveling around the world

Monday, 24 July 2017 /

5 Tips to traveling around the world

Traveling around the world can be quite an exhilarating experience. If you have never done so before, you are in for quite a treat. While there is a lot to take in and learn about various aspects of the world, you will likely also learn a great deal about yourself in the process. If you are a Travel Freak, then you are well aware of how traveling can change your life and open up your eyes to different cultures and ways of living. This article will provide some tips on how to travel around the world.

  1. Journal. It is a fact that you will learn a great deal about yourself while you are traveling. While traveling the world, you will likely see people and places that you have only seen in the movies or on television. It is likely that you will talk to people in local pubs and eateries and hear about their life experiences. Every situation that you are in while you are traveling is a gift. Every evening after your adventures for the day have ceased, take a few moments to jot down some thoughts in a journal. What did you see? What did you do? How did you feel? What did you think? Who did you meet? While the overall feeling of traveling will not go away with time, sometimes the intricate details that make a trip so amazing can fade. Having a journal can help to relive these memories as time passes on.

  1. Budget. Traveling around the world can be quite expensive. If you have created a budget for yourself, be sure to stay within your means. It would be a catastrophe to have to cut your trip short because you spent your budget too fast and then do not have a way to earn more funds to complete your trip.

  1. Safety. While traveling can open your eyes to new aspects of the world and you will likely enjoy some conversations with locals and others that you meet on your journey, be sure to use your head and think with your gut. While spending an evening at the bar, enjoying the local fare and beer is a fun idea, it is not such a good idea to invite a person back to your sleeping quarters for the evening. It is also not a good idea to go to the person’s place. While it may seem like you have known this person for years after speaking to them for a few hours, it is best to plan to meet up again during the daylight to avoid any unwanted situations.

  1. Communication. It is important to keep in touch with family and friends that are back at home. It could be worrisome for friends and family to go days or weeks without hearing of your whereabouts and safety. Be kind and check in from time to time. Your family will want to hear of your adventures as well as know that you are safe.

  1. Travel in pairs or groups. While traveling alone sounds like a liberating experience and one that is quite empowering, it can also be very dangerous. Sadly, if you are a woman, it is certainly even more dangerous to travel alone than if you are of the male gender. It is important that when at all possible, you travel with a friend or in a group. This is for safety reasons as well as being able to share the experience with someone else.

More shells and Embroidery - Tales from Bhujodi

Tuesday, 4 July 2017 / , , , ,

Retro & Vintage Style Sunglasses cat eyes cheap  rayban

There were more shells and patchwork panels on display as there are stars in the sky . After having leisurely strolls and being so enthusiastic about a town which I googled before leaving for my travel to Kutch and Bhuj, I was looking forward to be blown away.  Not only did I confirm my seat on the plane, I mentally rather booked my fashion seat at a village which is known for handicrafts . 
Bhujodi is the major textile center of Kutch with more than 1200 inhabitants involved in textile handicraft production. 
Our trip was planned in a way that our first stop was Kutch , and Bhujodi was on the itinerary merely as a pit stop on our way to Mandvi Beach . I had a chance of meeting local artisans during my stay at Rann of Kutch and small weavers and local designers who travelled all the way from the village of textiles( Bhujodi) had set up their small shops at the desert camp. I wanted to get each and every piece I saw there, but held onto my horses as much as my hubby held onto his wallet.
It was a very hot day in Bhujodi town. The sun was too strong but the gush of excitement for a shopping spree I was about to experience didn't let me feel a thing.
There I was in for a surprise. I met weavers, tie- dye experts, jewellery designers ,small time artists , block printers and who not . Most of them welcomed me to their homes and even let me watch them as they worked around. 
I saw a lady sewing these shells to this blouse in one of the houses. I randomly walked in . Intrigued by the colour I started walking towards her to inspect closely on this piece of clothing she was working on. "Abhi Poora Nahin Hua hai " - Its half finished  she said. 
A close inspection and my heart was set on this blouse and I told her that I had one hour in the village and I really wanted this piece . Her eyes beamed with flurry of excitement and we set a price for this beauty . 
The sleeves needed to be stitched , the shells were half strung and her elder daughter announced a lunch break as she carelessly slipped the plate in front of her . We started chatting and with a quick nod , the daughter was instructed to take the food away and bring it later.
 I explained her about my role as an influencer . I told her that I use fashion as a means to express ideas , and how my style of dressing imbued meaning and I use clothes and dressing up as a tool and commitment to the idea of supporting Indian weaving industry. But if they are not used where everyone can see them, can they really have an impact ? Throwing this question at her, I left the conversation there and left the rest to her imagination. She got a fair idea when I showed her my instagram page . 
I told her that I loved being there and how seeing the whole family work into making some unique garments I concluded that there are more to clothes than just clothes. After looking at the way every weaver functions in a small village like Bhujodi, I framed clothing as a collection of values, diversity, creativity and entrepreneurship .
It was then I realised living in a city like Delhi where fashion is fast and consuming, I reflected my distance with the industry. Tipping them with the amount which was double the price she asked for was the least I could do. 
This whole experience taught me one thing  -there is so much beauty and local talent available in our country too, and sometimes that whole feeling of gratification comes when you have a close encounter with the maker of something you instantly have a connection with.
I drafted this post because a lot of you were keen to find out the details of this outfit. I wanted to share the sentiment behind this look and this is my only medium, so here you guys , a few pictures of the same. 
If you have had a similar experience, you know what I am talking about ;)

indian fashion week street style , vogue, elle street style
indian fashion week street style , vogue, elle street style
indian fashion week street style , vogue, elle street style
indian fashion week street style , vogue, elle street style
Indian Embroidery and Zari Work : Zari Indian Embroidery Designs
Indian hand embroidery patterns and motifs
cat eyes sunglasses VINTAGE - Vintage and Retro Sunglasses 70s 80s 90s
Indian hand embroidery patterns and motifs
Indian hand embroidery patterns and motifs
Famous Indian Embroidery Styles: Chikankari, Zardosi & Kantha
Famous Indian Embroidery Styles: Chikankari, Zardosi & Kantha
Blouse/Bag- Bhujodi
Pants - Label TFF (which is my own btw )
Heels - Forever 21
Sunglasses- On instagram )

Gionee A1 - The best selfie camera phone for instagrammers

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 / , , ,

best smartphone of 2017 gionee A1 review, camera, selfie phone
New phone in the market ?? It always attract my attention. Before you upgrade to your new smart phone, here is a low down on the New Gionee A1, which if you follow me on instagram, you would know that I couldn't stop flaunting it , the minute I laid my hands on .
I got myself a Black colour, and I realised the sleek metal casing (also found on the pricier phones ) has a look and feel of extreme luxury.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Juice Diet

Friday, 9 June 2017 /

To be honest, juice detoxing and cleansing have become too mainstream. They have become such a rage that you may feel left behind if you have not tried it yet. Also, you may assume that you can quickly get started with the diet following the same pattern as your friends.However, the truth is, the diet is unique for everyone and calls for some planning and preparation. Yeah, you read it right! So, if you are under preparation to take the much-hyped juice diet, you must find well in advance what would work for you and what wouldn’t, to reap maximum benefits out of it. So, before you start, you need to own a juicer and put it to beneficial use and adopt healthy habits.

I am Overdressed all the time

Thursday, 6 April 2017 / , , , , ,

Stone Jewellery - Buy Stone Jewellery Online at Best Prices in India

This post displays a haze of affectionate nostalgia , the calm of summers, the unstudied effortlessness, carefree mood, unencumbered and in sync with some patterns which have survived time's decay.
Today I am going to Introduce you all to my new favourite brands - Obeetee Rugs and Cotton Rack.
I was sent one of the finest pieces of  Obeetee rugs rendering Weaves and designs relating to ancient motifs and fine arts and intricate detailing . Indian Veteran designer Tarun Tahiliani recently designed a few majestic carpets as a part of Proud to Be Indian collection for Obeetee, which has his signature quintessential Indian design and a great initiative put together as a whole to bring forth country's artistic rug heritage in a more grand and upscale form.
This Rug has already taken a centre stage in my living room and clearly reflects the hopes and desires on display in the detailed motifs, design and the colour which renders wealth and prestige or a social identity in its old world charm kind of a weave. 
My idea of wearing this dress and sitting on the carpet was conceptualized even before I saw this rug and much before it was even sent out. 
Cotton Rack is a premium and; ethical Khadi lifestyle brand with attention to details and minimal designs. Its a pure amalgamation of the traditional and the most grounded, zero carbon footprint Khadi with contemporary cuts and silhouettes that suits the modern & mature palate.
Brainchild of Vinayak and Rameshwari,this Smart Khadi white dress has a pure blend of Cashmere wool and Coolness of cotton alike. Two years into the research and then finally coming up with Khadi minus the coarseness is what keeps the balance of the outfit. Kudos to you both for bringing out great value to the garment . 
Our successive generation has a total less of an idea what was life back then when people lived out a pure Khadi moment. Many years later still gearing towards sustainability, brands like these should definitely be supported and promoted.
Our Prime Minister's Drive -  Make In India is well echoed through these two brands. 
I felt the aesthetics of both the brands was an equal marriage and invoke a visible yet irresistible tale of an imagined era and its recreation in the best way I could put forth through a picture story.
Clearly these photos are my sole interpretation of a character ( in my head) . Initially I wanted to portray / Evoke Hallowed ideals of virtuous women, but things took a different shape when I spoke to Sahil about the kind of mood I wanted my pictures to have.  Turns out he wanted me to have a Halo instead and suggested we bring some flowers to add to the mood. I opened my closet to him and we settled on this flower crown to create a Pseudo Halo something something ..... . 
There I was sitting on the Rug ,flashing in my mind was the fairy tale of Aladdin and his magic carpet, picturing the movie, step by step ( in 3D) with my eyes closed, feeling the clouds, when suddenly with a loud thud I came back on mother Earth and split into a rapturous laughter . Sahil while trying to create that magical angle had fallen down from the chair. Lucky for him , only his back was hurt while his camera wasn't. 
Sometimes creativity does bite back and you may or may not notice from the sequence of my photographs , but post this short take off and landing, we later  settled for only playing with front shots minus the chair.
I hope you like the pictures, and I can't wait to hear what you feel :)
Until Next time !!

Stone Jewellery - Buy Stone Jewellery Online at Best Prices in India
Cotton Dresses - Buy Cotton Dresses online in India - Myntra
Stone Jewellery - Buy Stone Jewellery Online at Best Prices in India
Cotton Dresses | Casual, Cute & Unique Styles
cotton Dresses - Buy Cotton Maxi Dress for Women Online in India
Cute Casual Summer Dresses
Buy Carpets Online at Low Prices in India obeetee

Artificial Jewellery Online, Buy Fashion, semi precious, sterling silver
Cotton Dresses | Casual, Cute & Unique Styles
Stone Jewellery - Buy Stone Jewellery Online at Best Prices in India
Stone Jewellery - Buy Stone Jewellery Online at Best Prices in India
Stone Jewellery - Buy Stone Jewellery Online at Best Prices in India, cosmopolitan india
Carpets & Rugs - Buy Floor Carpets, Rugs, Kids Rugs Online India
Carpets & Rugs - Buy Floor Carpets, Rugs, Kids Rugs Online India
Carpets & Rugs - Buy Floor Carpets, Rugs, Kids Rugs Online India
Carpets & Rugs - Buy Floor Carpets, Rugs, Kids Rugs Online India
Carpets & Rugs - Buy Floor Carpets, Rugs, Kids Rugs Online India
Stone Jewellery - Buy Stone Jewellery Online at Best Prices in India

Stone Jewellery - Buy Stone Jewellery Online at Best Prices in India
Rug- Obeetee
Dress - Cotton Rack
All jewellery - Myojewels
Shot by - Lensthing
Styling/ Conceptualizing / Content  - Surbee 

The New Whisper Ultra Soft is 2x times softer

Monday, 20 March 2017 / ,

Today's post is about a little period talk and how choosing the right sanitary pad is tricky. With all the sanitary care products on the drugstore shelf, how do we know which is the right one for me ?

When it comes to choosing the right pad, the first and the primary most thing I look for is comfort. 

Plaid That Is

Monday, 27 February 2017 / , , , , , , , , ,

amazon india fashion week street style
With the return of the  checkered culture, I am more than happy to announce that I got my laptop back, which has some of the long forgotten pictures that I always wanted to post, but couldn't because of some or the other major technical mishap. It was an unanticipated recovery , but who doesn't love some extra content ? In today's post you would see ,whirling through the time when traditional met modern and delivered a chic look of a different stripe. The photos may date a few months old, but I like to get absorbed in this new era of Plaid- ness - rather than Plain-ness .

A classic shirt dress is one of the signature downtown piece of clothing and it's even crept into the runway by no crook, also known for the old grown love of all things comfy and can be literally mined for its familiarity . Juxtapose several trends together and this piece of clothing gets a new lift rendering high fashion in  the most legible and consumable forms. The trends I am talking about here are in the little extra details delivered via sleeves ,in the form of a creative bow knot which can be moved back and forth or played around for a more cutting edge show. Todays outfit is dramatic, I know I know, the sunnies kinda steal away the show , but not outrageous ? I don't know- But you have the liberty to Judge away  ...
Though rules are not hard, the trick for mixing plaids is quite obvious . I love mixing things in all my glory, but here is a rule - You don't want to mix plaids of  same sizes or colour, but feel free to experiment with other prints. In my case my floral larger than life sunnies are a fashion extra , more on the stylish front than on a rakish one.When you see something thats been put together in patterns you have to take a moment and look and see where it works ?
I like it when high fashion aesthetics are fused into accessible and relatively affordable clothes that has at least a little kinship with high-end streetwear which kinda serve as bridge and lets you cross that line where nothing becomes not (buyable ).
With New York Fashion week 2017 (NYFW2017 ) and Milan Fashion Week 2017 (MFW2017) just ending up and India fashion week 2017 around the corner, I see plaids trend has been tossed out and street style witnessed some most amazing styles and mixes which were better than the runway and grabbed my eyeballs. While I may find my realm in a school girl inspired plaids at the moment, and still adding more to the shopping cart with another window open on my device,  you don't forget to bounce off in the comments and tell me what kind of a plaidster you are ?

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 - New York, London, Paris, Milan, amazon india fashion week
Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 - New York, London, Paris, Milan, amazon india fashion week
Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 - New York, London, Paris, Milan, amazon india fashion week
fashion week street style brooches
Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, plaids, bows, checks
Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, plaids, bows, checks
Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 - New York, London, Paris, Milan
Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 - New York, London, Paris, Milan
milan fashion week , london fashion week street style
2017 Trend: Plaid And Check Everything, scottish plaids, shirt dress
2017 Trend: Plaid And Check Everything, scottish plaids, shirt dress
2017 Trend: Plaid And Check Everything
Shirt Dress- Label TFF
Shoes- Adidas
Bag- Elle
Sunnies- Bangkok
School girl Brooches -Pero