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5 Lehenga designs for that Intimate weddings

Tuesday 29 September 2020 / , ,

Have that small wedding function and don't want too dressy over the top lehenga styles ? Especially when the wedding gatherings have become small and intimate . Sharing a few options for you to still look the best while staying in line with that trend factor . A few trends can still be incorporated and are classy and elegant and make for the perfect hands me down garments.

1. Florals - Florals has been a dominating trend from 2019 and we still can't get enough of it . They are so versatile and so light weight and can easily UP that drama just by adding a sequin blouse or a crop top with a matching dupatta . Best part - You can remix your floral lehengas for a more subtle party look by just switching the accessories and blouse . I say bring out your collared white shirts for an alternate pairing and be always on top of your style game. 

2. Sequin Power - One trend that we see in almost all the fancy wedding gears is that of the sequin . It lends the much needed bling to even the simplest of garments . Then be it a sequin patch or the whole fabric turned into a sequin masterpiece , its one element that adds the much needed ZING FACTOR .

For a simple day wedding you can choose a light sequin detailing over a bold colour ( Black, Browns or Red ) with rest of the sequin detailing going all over the sleeves and dupatta . Not only its light weight obviously ( for you to easily tune and tap dancing ) it is also easy to accessorise with bold Kundan jewellery and heavy makeup . 

3. Red and Gold - The Traditional  

Talking about lehengas and we don't mention one of the most sought after combo - Its impossible .

Red and gold combination is everyone's favourite . If you are a bride or maybe not, when it comes to an ideal colour combination , this combination has been acing the wedding scenes since decades . Just add on a bit of festive shimmer by pairing it either with a gold sequin blouse or a matching red sequin blouse,       ( both look great if you ask me ) and there you have it - the choicest pick for every bride and bridesmaid . You can pair it with any type of jewellery ,but I would prefer polki or gold . This colour combo will forever remain alluring and special to me because its a symbol/onset of that celebratory feeling . 

4. ZariMania - Slight Zari embroideries with a combination of foil print is a great mix of Indian legacy mixed with hint of modernism . Foil prints are already seen on the runways paired with traditional embroideries . They have a sort of old world charm to it . These kind of styles are light , easy to carry and looks stunningly bright in pictures - hello instagrammers I hope you are reading this.  For the ladies who want to go for something other than red , I would suggest coral tones, with golden Zari and foil prints could serve as great alternatives. The extra attention to detailing on borders , sleeves and dupatta borders lends a very exuberant feel and the next minute you know , your outfit becomes the most saved look on Instagram.

5. The Long than Short of it.

This style ( picture below ) is for all those ladies who are a little too shy to show off the midriff as found in shorter choli styles . This longer choli combo is a saviour for those women and looks equally splendid too. The flared style lehenga and long jacket style choli is functional, yet beautiful and looks quite youthful TBH . Also Delhi peeps, those harsh outdoor winter weddings will soon have all the brides and bridesmaid thanking their stylist when they go in for a lehenga option something like this . What say ?

So what kind of a Lehenga Lover are you  ? Are you a team Red or a team gold or both of them ? Sound me off in the comments .