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Saturday 31 March 2012 /

 Talking about trends, I am so into Monochrome's that i just couldn't get over it for quite some time now. It is one such trend which keeps coming back year after year because of the safest choice for both men and women. Maximum glamor ⇴minimal effort = Monochrome.

Monochrome is easy for creating a fairly effortless travel wardrobe, and it can be given the lift of the moment with a bright accessory .Black and white was one of the chicest combinations the fashion world had ever seen. For spring Mono chroming in lighter hues for those who had enough of the black and whites (penguin Palette) is a good idea.Just Add a bright accessory with an array of bangles, shoes, belts, handbags and other pieces of jewelery  to the outfit and you are ready to rock !

Here are my two different looks, in which i went all monochrome, but added a bright color to break the monotony.The Look 1 was taken a long time back and i had no clue that i would be using them for the blog.

For a more Rocker or rugged look, I would love to pair this jacket in Look 2 with Skinny jeans and leggings.  And the best part You don't need to be in twenties to carry this look. I imagine this look is good on all ages.All we need here is ATTITUDE and we have a killer style !

But on the other hand  if you want to reveal the feminine side of you, the key would be the power of contrast.Pairing this jacket with a chic floral dress and a pair of a stylish boots, is perfect if you are going for lunches or day parties.

Look 1- Wearing: Graphic t-shirt dress- Alano Singapore,Stockings- Gk. Clutch- Nine west also seen  here, Boots- Wings
Look 2- Printed tee- Gifted, Motorcycle jacket- Puma,  linen three quarters- Janpath, Red flips- Tashi by Titan, Clutch- Flea market Hongkong, Assorted accessories, Stone Necklace-Jaipur.

No wonder , adding a bright color to any simple outfit gives an edgy look ! While the first look is  all party, the second one was during a casual evening stroll, just spotted a nice location and we were ready to click.
This is all for now.................Keep smiling ☺

Polkas !

Thursday 29 March 2012 / , ,

Hello Lovely people ! Its was my birthday last weekend and had plans to celebrate , so got all dressed  It surely was one of those days when i took the longest time as far as i remember, getting ready. This was my party look for the evening ! 
This Polka dress was love at first sight, it had a nice flowy texture with ruffled sleeves, and the blue and green tiny bubbles added to the youthful spirit. Hence I teamed it with my blue gladiators peeptoes. 
The polka dots are timeless and chic and its a sure to add in every girls wardrobe; but this time around they are bigger, more structured and therefore more sophisticated.
For the day look, teaming this dress with flat sandals or brogues and sunglasses would be Chic!

What I am wearing: Dress- Zara, Gladiator Peeptoes- Venus steps, Sequined clutch- Satya Paul, Assorted bangles- westside, Silver  Bracelet- Janpath (Just for 600 bucks ). Owl necklace. Red pendant chain- DIY( Wearing red earing hoop as pendant )On the lips- Pierre Cardin-Camelia, and brown lip gloss.

A few Points to  be kept in mind while wearing polkas:
1.Since the dots had enough detailing on them , i opted for subtle accessories and simple hair.
2.If you are slim built, go for bigger polka dots to contrast the leanness,And for those having a fuller figure, opting for smaller polkas would be a better option.
3. When you are full off intense and colorful looks, a simple white and black combination will never fail you.Polka dots look great on blouses, skirts and even shorts, so don't be afraid to incorporate them into your everyday express looks!

Mother's Day Out..

Friday 23 March 2012 /

The sunlight fills my joyous heart, I sail along this wondrous path, The darkness in my life is gone ,A brilliant light from the sun within !!

Happy Mother's Day to me ! While i drafted this post on mothers day and somehow failed to publish, doing so a bit late but never mind ! On the contrary am glad to post it today, coz its my birthday!
 Though i missed my mom a lot on mom's day. sob..sob,and prayed for the heavenly angels to keep her protected, i celebrated my own , by a quicky mall tour and  dinner with family. Just me n my family. I woke up to the sound of giggles of my daughter wanting to show me some kinda surprise which both dad and daughter duo were upto. And to my astonishment cum (shock) this was the deal:

They had painted the window pane colourful ! At first it was a no no and i wanted to wipe it off , but later after much of convincing , I settled for it; more coz it was my mother's day surprise !!Now a quick look at the pictures of OUT of the door in 15 mins outfit !!

P.S The bangs keept on blowing up on my face !

Wraparound collar shirtShrug- Bangkok,Denims-Diesel,Loafers Venus steps, Sunnies Tommy Hilfiger,Bag- janpath.
These denims are very flexible and have an amazing fit,typically ideal for all the running around and shopping while the kid is around.

Old is new ! The story of a skirt

Friday 9 March 2012 /

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize. 
~Robert Harling .   

 Am so exited for the weekend !Hope u all had a fantabulous  holi? As far as i am concerned, dis time i decided to stay away from colors, coz was fighting some sort of disease situation here.  Since the layering is gonna go step by step , day after day, coz our dear spring has arrived in time ,  just managed to do one more last post on one of those hellua coldest day! When the whole world snuggled, in those warm quilts, me n my hubby decided to celebrate the coldest day in January Partying!Isn't it a very cool(or fool) thing to do? Since the Brandy helped us a lot in overcoming the aftereffects of our silly stroll post midnight and club hopping, we just survived that day of minimum temperature (recorded 2 degrees somehow )Freezing out our capacity to feel !Thanks to the warm quilted jacket , which saved me ! Though after the much dancing, the layers came off gradually....
This was what i wore

No idea what i was doing in the second pic. On a second thought, i was calling the waiter, i guess.

SheerLace Black top- Oldest piece of clothing i own.Pink turtle neck-Zara, Black quilted jacket- Barcelona,Red leatherite skirt-Mumbai (I wore it on my honeymoon and the second time in this pic),Stockings-Kazo,Suede BurgundyBoots-Gk market also worn here,Gloves-Promod,WhiteClutch- Fiorelli-Necklace-Singapore.

P.S -After i wore this skirt on my honeymoon which was seven years back, it was a dumped piece of clothing for me. I would have taken it out a several times just to peek-a boo,or one of those mind making times, but never wore it. Earlier times it didn't fit me too. Disappointing ! But on this day, one random try and i managed to fit in absolutely perfectly !I even secretly gave a pat on my back, since i carried it even more gracefully than earlier.

Do u ever face the times when u are not able to fit in your favorite piece of clothing? If yes then stick along, coz i would be sharing a lot such stories on the blog.
The Black jacket has a story behind it too , which i would definitely be sharing in my future posts.

Until then Sayonara........................Take care...............................XOXO