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Hello Friends!!
 As I embark on my journey as a fashion blogger(Delhi,India ), there is something about me worth  a share ! Basically its my complete journey of my life , which had helped me being the kind of person i really am now ! Turning your life around can be exciting and joyful and I can proudly say that I succeeded.This blog is another medium to express fashion and current trends, and how one can easily blend them into daily wear(without breaking a bank) ! After all, you dwell where your thoughts are. Gosh ! I feel I am writing a book..

1. I had been an introvert my entire life,pursued solo hobbies ! However now, I eventually found myself becoming more and more extroverted. I embrace spending time with other people.  I feel I’ve done a good job balancing the introvert and extrovert parts of myself.Blogging is a good way for me atleast to put off my introvert nature to sleep.
2. Had keen interest in fashion since childhood.I always used to Don a necklace when young, and still feel incomplete leaving home without one till date. 
3. Love Chinese food  ramen noodles. I think its best comfort food ever invented.
4. Always up for giving free fashion advise.
5. Have a huge collection of hair accessories. I think i would display everything on this blog !
6. Needless to say- Am a HUGE spender. But am not an impulse buyer. There is a thin line between spending and buying ! The sooner we realize it, the better it is for us !
7.Browse all fashion magazines to know the latest trends.Would love to unite with Fashion bloggers of new Delhi , India ,though feel there is more awareness about fashion blogging in Mumbai
8.Love online shopping.
9. Styling for me is Simplicity tendered with style. I love innovating new ways to style.It so amazes me that adding a little innovation can do wonders to ur existing wardrobe and can even help u save a lot of money.
10. Off late you can find me on Instagram which is my second drug - @surbeesuri

To know more about me you can blast me a mail at would love to get a feedback and answer anything in person.
  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - I am now following you via GFC :)

  2. So immensely proud of you! I always knew you were one wonderful sis but never ever realized the creative genius and fashionista that you were blossoming into!
    I still recall how sincerely you would advice me on looks, hair, makeup and weight loss! I should have listened to you then :-)!!!!! would have saved me years of agony!!!
    already addicted to your blog! keep writing and keep spreading the love around!
    wowwww! so proud of u!!!!!
    so so happy! muahhhhhh

  3. hey how did you loose 30kgs please inspire!!! I loveee top ramen too... i think they are far better than the world famous maggi.. however the earlier packaging and flavours of TR were far better than the Saina Nehwal ones.. Neha

    1. its all there on my blog Neha, you can check the post:
      Thank u for commenting.

  4. Hooked on your blog Surbhi! Gosh! you are a mum..I could have never found out if I didn't stumble across this "about me" post! well done girl... ! Love your style too...

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Hello,

    I love your blog and style. I'd love to send you some leggings to blog about & post pictures. We are looking for a beautiful lady like your self for our new line and would love to have you be an ambassador for us.
    Please contact us back for more information.

    Thank you,
    Black Sheep Legging

  7. Love your style and photography! Keep rocking it, girl!
    Style Tomes || Style Tomes on Instagram