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Beauty Review | Lets Get You Monsoon -Proof

Wednesday 29 July 2015 / , , , , , , ,

Monsoon treats some of us real bad. Although they come as a welcome break from the excruciating heat,but the accompanying humidity plays havoc with our skin.
Sailing in the same boat ? Welcome to the gang. Lets talk about ways to combat this monsoon PMS and some products I swear by which has helped me sail through and now predict how my skin would behave for the rest of the monsoon years to come .
The products listed have been royally switched with my regulars, so there is a short review, and how my skin  and hair  feels after using these.

Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum
Za Perfect Solution Youth Whitening serum

Pastels And Culottes

Monday 20 July 2015 / , , , , , ,

Dressed up in two trends yet again - Pastels and Culottes Before this trend became a thing, I had always imagined myself wearing a pastel dress to a tea-party or something maybe more powdery like a coral shorts to a beach. But never in my thoughts I had thought of pairing femininity with a little androgyny. Little if you are wondering,The humble Culotte can  be tomboy-playful , Not just girly sweet, but they can be often softened if u choose to throw a blush pink layer, a mint bag, and get all Macarooni. 
What more you could think of is some sweet thoughts like you in Paris, walking in seasons trendy clothes, and just walked out of a major fashion show making pastels less pretty and more "ME " 
Usually I would love to go for prints, but today, I am wearing a little stripe in action via- StalkBuyLove. Unless u don't wanna catch me dead in picture perfect pink ;) these Culottes allowed me to have a grown-up and strong take on pastel, still allowing me to show my girly side:)
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Inspired By Fashion Week

Sunday 12 July 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Today's outfit is a Re-Run of a sneak peek u all would have seen,during Fashion week days. Its finally making it to the blog , yes thank god .
For most of us who make it to the lavishness of the fashion week with its own dress codes and haunts, its a fantasy on the runway,while the others gaped their phones and their favourite fashion people live streamed pictures on Instagram. Fashion show days have a different kind of vibe. 
Taking the leverage of these events, we common mortals(btw you can easily identify these people at fashion week) fingers tapping on phone, slowly strolling the venue, eye contact minimal, sipping tea and in between pointing phones at a mirror for pictures to cover on the blog.Basically Low profile that is. 
While there are those flaunting their guccis in the face, air-kissing with designers , talking as loud as they could with a verbal fashion diarrhea and  some slangs which I don't understand, a walk which would put a shame to any online couture queen, papped by new interns(you would find them  on second row and how ?) who specifically stalked these self -acclaimed diva(s) on Instagram only to the day where they could bolster their online validation and rub a few goody bags in the face of their deprived friends boasting about their fashion connections. 
I know for a fact that fashion has a hierarchy. The influencers like editorials wears anything which speak more directional pieces, buyers -more of commercial dressing , while its the bloggers who care about creative  and original design  and  good craftsmanship. 
They explore,  translate runway fashion to convertible fashion(budget it too , if need be) for a thousands of those who doesn't know how it's done. To me, they are the actual influencers who pay attention to designers collection and then closely create items heavily influenced by or have similar elements and manage to stay on "Point " And its when they actually irrigate the garden of Self-Made. 
So all my lovely bloggers out there- Just  believe in your HYPE, keep doing the awesome work you do coz  REAL-ITY is made up of being  Real, and you all are the only ones having that.

P.S- This is just a rant, an observation, and doesn't mean to hurt anyone's emotional balance. Take it in good humour .
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The Kaftan Story

Friday 3 July 2015 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Somethings in fashion are still invoked as a symbol of exoticism. Believe you me, when an outfit is exotic, and wearer friendly, you don't think twice, rather blink twice, but just buy it in the moment.
A garment that tastes like summer, regal in its own way, and is sure to give u a flavour of wanderlust is Kaftan. I mean just look at it, will u? I can now officially float. Its casual and loose ,yet can be easily be dressed up for more glam.
I wonder why styles like these aren't pushed in the maternity section ? Why the celebrity Mom cover girl on a Parenting magazine always have to wear dungarees or maxis? Although this post is not about preaching motherhood, but I have stalked enough maternity magazines in my life, to reach to a conclusion, where nothing could be as comfy as this. 
I loved spilling out of bounds for once  and accessorize this look, to keep the free-spirited nature of the  garment in flow. It helped me paint a picture of poise . The plus was that we seized these pics at dawn. Delhi is always synonymous with India Gate, and we all know that it is an attraction in its own. I had been waiting patiently for months to capture the beauty of the place at sunrise. Let me know if u like the pictures ?
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