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Gypsetting in Heritage backyards of Fort Pachewargarh | Bandhani Print Jacket

Wednesday 23 March 2016 / , , , , , , , , , ,

As a blogger I love adding more taste to my existing style.  Experiments never stop for me. That is the spirit I work with. And that is the spirit which keeps me meandering into trends, doing things with a perspective . Fashion is about dreams. How I incorporate mine into my real and busy life is in my hands, especially when I have a vent window.
Two people had a special role for this post and my Aha moment !!!!
One Mr. Hubs for planning this surprise trip to Fort Pachewar ( a heritage fort/ haveli near jaipur now solely managed by us) and letting me escape from the life I have.
Second Aki who designed this bespoke Bandhej jacket from her label Gulaal Creations. Sending me what I needed just to put this look together and my true gypsy disguise which came out at a free wheeling place which is now close to my heart. The signature  print ( famous from jaipur ) itself is very extravagant and lends a wanderlust meets the high luxe vibe. Tomorrow being Holi, I couldn't have asked for a more opportune time to post about Gulaal Creations :)

This look is elusive , its mysterious, contemporary in its own way, and somewhat narrates forgotten tales of a lost generation. The place (the fort ) also being a wanderlust, has seen many generations too.
Gypsies were always pushed out of the neighbourhood in the name of the progress, in the same way out of many fights and the ill timed sieges that took place within this fort boundaries, there were horses and war, men and caravans and families got scattered too. 
If this reason is not mysterious  enough to let me snap back into the saddle and rehash the past  I don't know what will.  
The spirit to leave home and secede from the conventional , its when I actually cherished being a vagabond ,never a part of herd, forgetting glamour for a while, still sinking close to my old elements.
Who knew Gypsetting into style could be so enriching ?

Happy to have learnt and discovered this side of me . Cheers !!
Happy Holi 

Minnie Mouse Inspired Hair And Outfit

Monday 14 March 2016 / , , , , , , , , , ,

My Blogging pace has gone for a toss. I remember posting twice a week in the initial days of my virtual  journey. Somehow in my endeavours to present a story and a look with an idea which has not travelled to mainstream blogs, it takes a little more involvement than it does now than before.
In my pursuit for better presentation , Its now become a habit for me or a strategy of caution to work with niche brands, that could not only add value to my blog, but also add value to you all who come here for a weekly catch up with me.

I wore this look for one of the days at Amazon India Fashion week Spring Summer 16. The idea of the double bun was De-Novo , and the eccentricity from the hair had to be matched with the exaggerated shoulders of the tee.
I know you would say I am kidding, but I did my hair in under two minutes. Although this typically resembles a very Minnie Mousish vibe but I think it's kinda Re-imported . I wanted to advertise my talent ( sounds commercial ain't it ?) into something that alludes to my inner style /voice . And then there are debates on why bloggers should work for free, while here I am labouring my ass off . The creativity that is suspended in one blog post, from shooting, to scouting locations , to makeup, to every sweat that trickles down in this half a day process counts. Then there are behind the scenes job that no one ever considers . Countless hours in editing pictures, double that up when your wifi has a mind of its own, and then replying to each and every one of your comments. Phew, it takes time hence coming back on the note we started this post. 
But do you know the catch ? I am pretty confident about and proud of what I do, and want my posts to send a positive message. Every style should tell a story,and every story should outmode other. And if half of you think what I am doing is right , then I am in seventh heaven :)

Stepping Into The world of Larimar Jewellery and Flower Child

Monday 7 March 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I did something out of my comfort zone . I am not a florals on my head kind of a girl. Tiaras set me up on a sneeze spree, and I tried to stay away from them as much I could from very long. 
On the contrary, I love playing with headgears. They let me display the un-mundane and the enchanted
It's my first time doing Hippie- De-Luxe on the blog, and the only inspiration to do something like this are these beautiful Larimar Bracelets studded with Turquoise Larimar Stones- ( also known as the Jewel of Atlantis,)  crafted in sterling silver and sent by Daniela  straight from Dominican Republic. They just effortlessly make the whole combo so relevant and that's what I love for my Jewellery to have. 
I always wanted to dose this floaty dress in graphics with a pairing of something floral, and since the word BOHO has become the most intolerant word on social media (pun ..pun ..Pls) it's time to BOHOCIDE and bring out pretty prairie elements from the look which knocks Boho for a while. 
Anyways throngs of yesterdays new borns on Instagram would be enough to give you boho inspiration, and all you gotta look out for is a hashtag and be enraptured to see the number of levels boho has been taken to. Can  I pass that tissue box now ? 

Coming to Larimar Jewellery, did you know about Larimar Healing ? I was intrigued to know that the stone has metaphysical properties with a tenfold energy which heals physical, mental and spiritual being of the wearer. 
There is no doubt on the impeccable craftsmanship and distinctive design of the Larimar Cuffs which they sent, and which I accented side by side. The stylish non fussy design lets me achieve a luxurious elegance along with a perfect balance of natural Larimar stone with the strength of  sterling silver metal. 
I not only created one but two looks while his one  being an exquisite day transitioning to an  evening look and there is one more coming soon. 
This outfit is also an ode and an attempt to revive and bring back the memories and romance of those warm spring days. The turquoise stone beautifully reflects vintage elements but in a chic and modern avatar which is not only light rather fuss free .
Definitely you must check out their website, and I guarantee that you would fall in love with all Larimar Jewellery and their signature designs which are cool and moving with an unparalleled sophistication cannot be described in words alone.
Let me know in the comments if your heart beats faster and if the jewellery arrests your interest as much as it hooked mine.
Talk to you soon 

OOTD In Fort Pachewargarh | A Heritage Destination Wedding Resort In Rajasthan

Tuesday 1 March 2016 / , , , , , , , , , ,

Getting a waistcoat in a trendy colour, with signature blend of cotton and silk had been on my wishlist. I thought it would let me Up my trick of layering and keep me in the business of s---layering, mastering the style first, and then letting you show the endless ways to wear a waistcoat starting now, through this little window you open up on your laptops or phones every week to check my blog . 
Although this post should mark or tick its own waistcoat styling series , which I never want to stop , considering my love for lighter and less serious ways to dress up, but that would be too much of a homework for me while there are a lot of projects I am working on for you guys and cannot wait to show you. 
Talking of guys , if you are a guy reading this post with a passive interest in waistcoats, hold on, don't just be in a hurry to close this window, I have a beautiful heritage resort near Jaipur, which I want to talk about and show, and exactly where we shot these pics. Loving it yet ? No ? Maybe ?

Be a smartie  and drive down six hours from Delhi or one and half hours from Jaipur city,to Fort Pachewargarh and picture yourself spending some fun time with your loved ones.
Amidst an authentic village there it is- your best getaway resorts near Delhi along the Pampasagar Lake,this 450year old Fort is a photographers paradise,resplendent with Jharokhas, Chhatris, Cenotaphs,Canon mounts,rifle slots, and so much more that one is immediately transported to the bygone era of Maharajas and Maharanis(evident in the resort's Khaas Mahal). 

Taking a cue from the rich history of the Fort, I decided to dress the part, in nothing less than a garment which could make me feel equally antiquated and royal, and blend with the timeless heritage, with a tiny thought little less than the urge to get married again in one of the best royal wedding resort in Rajasthan .
I wore a simple waistcoat over an all white look, which was made to measure and sent with love by Aki from Gulaal Creations , and definitely one of the few brands to keep your eye on. 
Gulaal as the name itself rings a bell, has everything to with everything Indian or Desi as Aki says. 
The Indian silhouettes, fabrics and prints of all her garments are not only appealing but resonates with my aesthetics for promoting Indian designers who deserve a bigger platform to be featured. There is an air of Luxe and crispness to her collection, which is not only well stitched but lends an extraordinary fit.
I didn't carry diamonds and rubies and expensive jewellery, to clad all onto myself , and pretend as if I am a wandering spirit, arisen from one of the luxurious suites of the fort, rather chose to layer some inexpensive trinkets, while staring at one of the pictures of the queen who definitely whispered more is more silently in my ear.
Have a look at the pictures, The  heritage Fort, the extravagant Gulaal Creations waistcoat and don't forget to show some love to all ;)