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Top 6 Wedding Bangles Designs to Dazzle up your Look

Wednesday, 19 December 2018 /

Are you looking to shop for your ideal bangles for your upcoming wedding? As wedding bells draw closer, everyone gets busy in getting their outfits, jewelry and other things stacked up. Out of all the jewelry items, Bangles are known as the best ornaments that act as staple jewelry and glitter up the entire bride's look that day.

AIFWSS18 - Indian Fashion Designers | Samant Chauhan,Anita Dongre and Rajesh Pratap Singh

Thursday, 29 November 2018 /

Samant Chauhan Asymmetric cuts and Nomad Bags

Yet, again a mesmerizing collection based on the theme "Silk route " he made us realize what is the importance of a comfortable wear for a traveller.
The styles of people travelling from one place to another is easily influenced by the tradition.The collection had a unique feature of adaptability, and his signature cuts and delicate embroidery stole our heart. It also brought back quaint memories of the dutch era, by the choice of hair braids and layered pleats.
Also shown were big larger than life duffle bags and backpacks. The craftsmanship and each an every detail was impeccable. This time there were pleasing to the eyes variant in colours other than earlier whites and beiges .
amazon india fashion week street style indian designer Samant Chauhan

5-straight from the runway saree styles that you can use in real life for work! (Without spending money

Monday, 26 November 2018 /

Fashion shows sure do bring a twinkle in the eyes! After all, who doesn’t want to stay updated on the
current trends and happenings? We all take them with a bag of salt understanding how difficult is to
adapt them to real life. The unusual exposure, slits and exaggerated statement fabrics that seem
impossible to imbibe when you are rushing to catch the metro with half of the sandwich coming out of your mouth or just one eyeliner in place. However, it is all about to change as we bring you the office wear sarees  and real life saree trends fresh off the fashion ramp that can find a presence in your day-to-day sartorial vocab!

AIFWSS18 - Indian Fashion Designers | Hemant Nandita, Shantanu Nikhil and Dhruv kapoor

Saturday, 24 November 2018 / , , ,

Hemant And Nandita 
Printed Outerwear
Amazon India Fashion Week  
Street Style India | Delhi

Hemant And Nandita's  Bold and daring Outerwear was breathtaking. Ticking off one of the key trends to look forward to( printed jackets) this Autumn Winter. Hemant and Nandita brought some wild leaves and thick intertwined branches to the collection.
Printed trenches, sophisticated embroideries, brushed wool and jacquard fabrics in deep reds, and earthy tones, were the highlights.
 The silhouettes were kept romantic, and neckline plunged into V, the shoulders were droopy yet relaxed totally true to the enchantress spirit.
The Lace-up sandals synced well with all the looks and embraced the darkness of the forest. We all Reminisced little bit of  Autumn with the  colour of the trees and leaves well depicted on the clothes.
amazon india fashion week aw16 street style indian designer Hemant and Nandita
amazon india fashion week aw16 street style indian designer Hemant and Nandita
amazon india fashion week aw16 street style indian designer Hemant and Nandita

Top Activities For Your Instagram Feed

Wednesday, 25 April 2018 /

If you love social media, and sharing the news and activities that you have been up to recently, then you will already be a firm fan of Instagram. The beauty of this social media channel is that it suits any budding photographer, whether you are a seasoned fashionista, a sports fan or even love sharing snaps that you have taken while spending time with your friends and family. Any lover of Instagram is always on the lookout for new activities and destinations that are worthy of being shared on the app, so if you are looking to build your feed, then try some of these ideas out to boost your followers.

5 Tips to applying for a social security card while on a budget

Monday, 12 February 2018 /

5 Tips to applying for a social security card while on a budget

Your social security number is a very important piece of personal information that you should always keep safe and secure. It’s arguably the single most important government-issued ID a US citizen can have. It’s a nine-digit number assigned to US citizens and residents. It’s an identifying piece of information issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to an individual. Its main purpose is for the government to be able to track persons for Social Security purposes.

Acquiring one is actually very easy and it’s free, there is no social security card fee. You just have to personally file an application for an SSN card to your nearest SSA office. Furthermore, here are 5 tips to applying for a social security card:

1. Know if you are eligible
Any US citizen and permanent citizen can apply for a social security number easily. For non US citizens applying to enter the United States, having an SSN card is important in your immigrant visa application. Moreso, a non US citizen must be a legally admitted permanent resident in order to become eligible for a social security number. Refugees, on the other hand, are not permitted to apply for social security number card.

2. Know why you need it
There are several occasions that would require you to present or show your social security number. You need it for employment, taxation, for personal and retirement benefits, and also for family benefits. Since its conception, Social Security has reached almost every American family and has extended its help in furthering the quality of life of US citizens.

As a citizen or permanent resident, it’s important to know that having social security is more than just getting retirement benefits when you’re old. Aside from senior citizens, other types of residents are eligible for social security benefits. Some of them are: disabled, divorced spouse of someone eligible for social security, and eligible dependents of a worker who died. So you see, several circumstances may entitle you to receiving social security benefits.

3. Bring the necessary documents
When applying for a social security number or a card, all you need to do it go your nearest SSA office and file for an an application. You will be asked to fill out a form and supply certain documents. The office would need proof of your US citizenship or immigration status, including your age and identity. For proof of citizenship, the office would accept your US birth certificate, US passport, Certificate of Naturalization, or Certificate of Citizenship. Non-US citizens looking to get a security number must supply his immigration documents.

4. Know what benefits you have
Having a social security number is just the beginning. As you work your way through your career and grow old, you become eligible to certain benefits covering your circumstance. The US Social Security system works to replace a fraction of your earnings when you retire, die, or become disabled. Your payment benefit depends on your earnings during your working career. Higher lifetime earnings usually result in higher benefits.

5. Keep you social security details confidential

Once you get your social security card, hide it and be careful with carrying it with you outside. Don’t just give out your social security number to unauthorized persons. The last thing you want to happen is for your identity to be stolen. A lot of identity thieves prey on people's SSN and good credit standing. They use it to apply credit under your name. Next thing you know you’ve got bills upon bills of purchases you're not aware of.