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Shop At Myntra- "End of Reason Sale " Starting -3rd Jan

Wednesday 31 December 2014 / , ,

Myntra is having a biggest sale of the season from 3rdJan-4th Jan and this time its "End of Reason" that we need to concentrate on ! This holiday season don't turn out to be a mad cow in store, fighting, biting,being contend with hoards waiting in line in the retail ! Myntra brings to you the ease of shopping , with the best bargains on your favorite brands, when everything will be on sale from 15% to 80%. So if there is any best time to shop, then its in 2 days.
From party looks to, your winter woolies to the street chic styles,I have sorted it out helping ya'll to achieve some looks which would not only be stellar turning head styles, but at prices you wouldn't have thought about  ! Really it would be the best of both world !
Here's what my Myntra Mood board looks like :)

Boyfriend Denims And Hat | Street Style India

Sunday 28 December 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I have a weakness for everything denim.  Yup that slouchy n worn in feeling of a perfect boyfriend jeans , we are all familiar with !! Come 2014, Enter Boyfriend denim jackets.This oversize n light layer, can be yours, and one does not need to hunt them down. Perhaps I would say that its the most easily integrated piece for androgynous fashion. Pieces like these can work with leggings, a bubble skirt, skinny jeans and even shorts. With an endless array of colors and patterns to choose from, finding the right layer for you shouldn't be too difficult.
Boyfriend Layers are my perfect Jam for winters. If anything ,the latest crop of those streetstylin celebrities have shown that if you can't combine textures , then better layer on ! 
I love to flaunt sports meet preppy styles, read harsh Balmain styles(swooning already on the latest teaser with them)  While winters give me a perfect hot-spot to bring on the my own personal visage on things that make up modern day androgynous women,the heel in my step, gives an effeminate edge, so that I could make it appealing to those who are not really up for it ! Go ahead give it a shot, even if it takes baby steps, and explore a new side in fashion :)

Trench Weather

Friday 19 December 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I was longing to share my look after the recent hair coloring session, while my hair was still at the blow dried best !! You can read about it here. It has given me a new boost of confidence, (always do btw) And when a super job is handled by the best in the industry, there is no room for dissatisfaction.
Today I just re-created an outfit, I wore recently to an event. Its pretty cold outside, and its just fair to re-invent no-brainer outfits, or the ones you had tried earlier. Right now, its a perfect trench weather, I love mine for its endearing style and raising the bar of femininity with my dresses. Black , blue n grey may be your winter staples, but I always find adding  a punch of color for a more impactful statement, or mixing color in wild ways, coz that way I find out what works the best for me. Too overpowering ?? Nahhh... Well, after all ,the only thing I might have to lose is my ennui.
Dress: Asos
Trench Coat : Calvin Klein Dubai
Boots: Worn Here
Bag: Mango
Sunnies: Asos
Watch: Daniel Welington

Geetanjali Salon Delhi- My Hair Color Experience

Thursday 18 December 2014 / , , , , , , ,

Hair coloring is the new -"Makeup for Hair " and it cannot be overlooked coz self confidence is factoring into self-image lately. Need a boost of confidence ? Or wanna change the way people perceive about you ? Then better be the color chameleon !!
Its been two months since I got "High- Art "Red highlights from Geetanjali Salon. I loved the whole experience and my priceless look post that, which fetches me lot of compliments(till date ). Not to forget, it was first time I experimented with different colors. And with the tiny maintenance , I was able to retain the color for this long too.
The people at Geetanjali's knows my love for being wacky, hence called me over last week for a session with the industry's most consulted color expert- Sumit Israni, for hair color assessment, and add on some more color to my hair and persona .

Brand Spotlight : Gyans Is Now Online

Wednesday 17 December 2014 / , , , , ,

Gyans our very own brick-n -mortar boutique stocking the trendiest Ethnic finery, is now online !! I still remember this quaint li'l designer studio which always caught my fantasy, for their beautiful selection of clothes and accessories . A bit more throwback, and Gyans, is a name synonym to my hay day shopping destination. Heck I still posses a pencil skirt, from them bought twelve years back, only in the hope of slipping into it once again. But that's a dream !!

Review : Dettol Multi-use Wipes

Monday 15 December 2014 /

So Dettol Has come up with anti-bacterial , multi use wipes, and being a sanitize freak that I am, stuff like these always top in my bag more than any tampon or a lipstick.  Why ? As a mom of a dirt-loving-freaky kid, I know my wipes. I have them squirreled over my house,and it has recently become an addiction plus the fact that I can't imagine stuff without them. So yes, a sensitive topic, but if you are a mom u would have to agree with me- Coz kids will be kids and I don't know about you, but I always hand over a pack of wipes to my daughter to carry it to school, and clean her desk. See that's the obsession I am talking about. So pretty much an important topic for me to discuss around here.

Brand Spotlight : Femella.In

Tuesday 9 December 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Today's Brand Spotlight is on They organized a bloggers preview of their A/W collection last month(delhi/ncr) and we had the privilege to check into the new stuff and feel what they had in store for us these winters. Capes have taken over the trend game,and we love showing them off don't we ? So the minute I spotted this tulip cape on their website, I was thinking these gnarly glasses, A 90's look, some teased hair, and a Ribbon headband. Although what's missing here is a scrunchie and I won't lie if I tell you that I had George Michael running in mind , but lets leave that for next time to set in. has a line of trendy outfits at unbeatable price. Their fleece collection is weather appropriate and the minute I ran my hands through the cloth, I felt that it was pretty apt for the winter chills we face in Delhi. The collection is not only updated, of course in vibrant flashes of earthy silhouettes, seen both in fleece and mesh fabrics in red, blue, and black palettes, but each item brings out a cool n dynamic athletic vibe at prices that won't put a hole in ur Purse.
Besides this look, I call this outerwear the Show piece of all the outfits coz(yeah not only it swings me back to 90s) but  there are an innumerable ways that this could be styled, plus with a new twist in the cut, and Hi-Lo detailing  I can't wait to show off what more I could do with their collection.
Among other exotic elements, I love the effect these velvet leggings are lending it out to make the outfit more tangy and saucy.So let me just warm up to more ideas of wearing this cape in many other ways, and bring these styles for you to embrace, till then, give a peek an tell me what you think ?
The First Preview of the Latest A/W Collection at The Leela-Gurgaon
Blogger Gang at Femella

About Femella- Highlighting the collection Ketki Arora (COO Femella) said, “Femella has always stuck to the high quality of the products. Our recent Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection is made from fine quality stretchable fleece that has gone through many processes to ensure optimum quality to the consumer. These processes include treatment of anti pilling, shrink resistant and bio wash.  In addition to our solid colours, we have added a zany ‘into the wild’ collection of animal motif sweatshirts, especially made for  Lion, Elephant, Owl, Wolf and Penguin embroidered, appliqué work and embellished garments with high visual and graphic appeal.”
Find Femella also on Facebook/ twitter/ Instagram

Cape Jacket- Femella/ Buy
Clutch: Bangkok/ Seen here
Pumps: Bangkok
Sunnies: Bangkok
Necklace/ bracelet - Orchard Road Singapore
On My Lips- Embrace Me Via Mac

Plaid for Winters | Pench Travel Diaries

Monday 1 December 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Though right now, its a struggle to show off these bare legs in Delhi, thinking of the chilly season hovering ahead, its simply not possible. But you would laugh if I tell you that I was freezing my ass off last month exactly for this outfit shoot. These pics are from Pench National Park,(in case u are on insta u would know I was there ) 
It was raining when we landed, and the weather took a steep turn into being very very cold. I was only thinking of all those shorts which I had packed, coz that part of India is never that cold. To add to my woes, hubs disclosed that our safaris were booked for  5 A.M for 3 consecutive days, and suddenly shopping became the most prime agenda.
We loved our hotel- Village machaan Resort, which apparently had the best rooms (all glass) and a private Machaan(vantage Point/ Watch tower ) - offering a great view.
The roads leading to the jungle are actually not that great, and can give you a really spooky experience, but the safaris were well worth the risks. We spotted the tiger on our very first safari , and the other two days we almost followed the  leopard  paws, but missed the beast. The drivers and the guides inside the park are very well trained , and they make sure that we all have a great experience. The last day , I finally had a chance to take these shorts out and pose in from my room (if u can see in  between blur and portions). This also happened be  the only day I smothered on some lipstick like a jerk, coz my lips were too busy either complaining of the cold or involved in  tittering every second. 
Except the bag, shoes and shirt, I have shopped everything from the men section here. Its not unusual that you see me mixing prints these  days- Been there and done that , but it was some kind of different thrill to mix n match stuff from the HE- Man ? Like it ??



IndiaMart.Com, an emerging E-Commerce giant recently launched its Mega Brand Campaign  with Irrfan Khan, and I am sure you wouldn't have not missed this 'Kaam Yahin Banta hai' tag line in the commercials for anything in this world. I find him quite hilarious , and I am sure you would have too. 
It all started with a Facebook/twitter campaign, where the only thing revealed was that  a Bollywood actor is going to be the next face for India Mart, and the guessing up began from there.
There was a contest, which was a great initiative by the brand to involve people, on social media platforms and ask them to think of any "AARAM KI TUNE" which came to their mind, ofcource while rewarding each and every one of them by offering hourly prices.