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Review : Dettol Multi-use Wipes

Monday 15 December 2014 /

So Dettol Has come up with anti-bacterial , multi use wipes, and being a sanitize freak that I am, stuff like these always top in my bag more than any tampon or a lipstick.  Why ? As a mom of a dirt-loving-freaky kid, I know my wipes. I have them squirreled over my house,and it has recently become an addiction plus the fact that I can't imagine stuff without them. So yes, a sensitive topic, but if you are a mom u would have to agree with me- Coz kids will be kids and I don't know about you, but I always hand over a pack of wipes to my daughter to carry it to school, and clean her desk. See that's the obsession I am talking about. So pretty much an important topic for me to discuss around here.

No wonder these  Dettol wipes are quickly gaining the popularity in every household. Besides being the quickest remedy to disinfect spills n germs, in a convenient pull out a wipe way rather than the old conventional way of adding a few drops of Dettol, in  water, n then dipping a tissue, what I really find interesting is that though the name being generic- "Dettol " it can be use on face, unlike other disinfectants or sanitizers.
So what's so different about these wipes anyways ?

The price is very reasonable. One wipe is enough to do the whole kitchen , (for comparison sake ).
These wipes themselves are about approx 9 " , they are soft and smell nice too, and unlike those antiseptic-y ones.
It is safe and gentle to skin for everyday use. The wipes are PH neutral, and does not interfere with skins natural protection, at the same time it moisturizes the skin, while killing the bacteria too.
Fragrant -yes, but I have to get used to them to like it more.
These wipes are stronger, and don't leave any residue or anything like that. Pretty convenient, and so far one of the best cleaning product I have used till now.
Comes with re-sealable pack. Seal it off when not in use
They stay pretty moist in the pack, which is travel friendly , and occupies less space.
One pack- 30 wipes, quite enough to last for atleast 2 months, if u are not freaky like me. But from the way I look at it- 1 month - Tops !!
Easy to dispense, stay moist even in the pack(but make sure u seal it properly after use), and have enough liquid cleaner in them , so its pretty much a lot if you are planning on doing just the face.
The last and best- Its available online at Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal.