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Layered Burgundy Waterfall Women Coat

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Are you too warm to be cold ? Or Are you too cold to be warm ? Have you done a good blazer investment for this year or the intermittent cold days, can get  you away wearing just the leather motto jackets ?  And what about our parkas and overcoats ? Will they see light this season  so that we can say , yeah man I am done and dusted with these ? Or are they still taking up our closet space waiting to be picked ? A big question mark  ain't it ???? 
Cutting all the above crap, what I  meant to say was - "WHERE ARE THE WINTERS "  
I ordered my new coat from and one foggy morning the little baby in me, beamed thinking - "What a perfect cold morning to bring out this pretty burgundy waterfall overcoat ."
BAM, I went, called my main behind the camera lens, and fixed up for a shoot thinking no Sun, so lets begin the fun . With a snail's speed, I started to play my dress up game, taking all the time in the world, peeking outside my bedroom window often, and thinking a huge coat and sweater times ahead. The baby was happy indeed.
Got dressed, put on my makeup, said a little prayer, slipped my legged feet into these mules , added a bulky scarf, tried the beanie, but it messed my hair, changed my mind and trotted about feeling good in the weight thinking about my sartorial sophistication.
Reached the spot, the sky got a bit clearer, and I could see a tiny speck of light peeking right onto my face. See how exposed a few of my pics are ?
Within minutes, the sun was right on my face,and totally sun-baked came out my first layer -  The scarf.
I felt like taking my coat off too, but then  that's what the whole post is about . To show you my frenzied fashion pairing with these ripped leggings, and exploring all fashion probabilities in what I call a very Universal weather . 
I love the colour and fit of the coat. Got it at an unbelievable price from the website . Totally worth the money, and a great style too. I was gratified dressing up for Pseudo winters, at least got my coat out for a day, but what about the rest of the beautiful stuff I have ?
Hope that the changing weather algorithms shift for a bit so that my next post has a more complaining tone of how bone chilling cold it is. 
Whoever said women are complicated , must have done his research well !!
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Blazer/Overcoat - Buy Here
Leggings - Koovs
Turtleneck - Here
Mules - Pink Basis
  1. OMG I am inlove with your coat!! It looks amazing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Striking color for a coat
    Lovin the waterfall effect too.
    You look awesome!

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  3. It is getting so cold in Manchester! I love the color of your coat, and of course the sunglasses!

  4. Super cute and comfy look. I really love the coat. xx

  5. Amazing look!!! your coat is perfect..and also the color <3

  6. very great red colour!
    xoxo Gi.

  7. Lovely look! I love your coat!

  8. what a lovely post my dear
    I just found your Blog
    your looks are so inspiring
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  9. Beautiful coat. I have the same XD
    Nati xx

  10. Darling, it’s such a lovely and beautiful post! Can’t wait to see the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  11. Hi dear
    I adore your waterfall coat, it's such a colorful statement piece
    You did an amazing job picking this outfit
    You are so stylish!

    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De Dag
    Facebook Page *Click*

  12. Stunning, the coat is my fav piece.

  13. This waterfall-style coat looks incredible on you and the colour contrasts beautifully with your hair :) The ripped jeans are so striking too, that's some serious shredding haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  14. Great outfit!!!Love this red coat!!!

  15. What a stylish red coat. You look stunning in this, and the red lipstick is pretty. Red is a favorite color for me to wear in fashion. We would love for you to follow us, and I would certainly come back and follow you as well. It's nice to meet new friends, especially ones from different parts of the world. I notice you're from India?

    I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  16. Such a gorgeous coat! Love the way it falls and it fits you perfectly. Red is so your color :)

    xx Yasmin

  17. que bello outfit!

    un beso bella

  18. Nice coat dear,
    love it :)

  19. You look perfect in this color! Beautiful coat!


  20. the color of your jacket as I adore this season

  21. this coat is so beautiful.. where did you get it ?:)

  22. You look so pretty!!! Nice coat!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  23. Un look strepitoso!!
    Mi piace il cappottino e anche i leggins!!
    Un bacione Manu

  24. Great draping on your coat! Loving those round sunnies.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  25. Love your coat!

  26. Gorgeous look! I so love the waterfall style of the coat and its color, a very striking combo. Too bad coats a no-no here in our country because its summer whole year. I also have the same leggings so cool!

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

  27. Amazing look! Love your coat!
    Have a good day! :)

  28. Gorgeous photos and outfit! I love that shade of red on you. Plus, those glasses are so cute!!
    Style Tomes || Style Tomes on Instagram

  29. Your coat is so stylish and pretty! The leggings on your gorgeous legs is a wonderful, sexy combination! Enjoyed seeing those SO much ;) Your pictures always bring me such wonderful pleasure!!!! Wishing you the weather you are looking for and I love the line about women being complicated. So sweet :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  30. I love the color n fit of this coat like u said n to add love the way u styles it hon

  31. Och, amazing outfit!
    Perfect coat and sunglasses <3

  32. Absolutely amazing outfit dear!!! *-*
    I love your coat and your boots!! *-*

  33. Love that coat. It's such a pretty color and looks fabulous on you.

  34. You look so amazing!


  35. Love your coat! It looks perefect <3

  36. Stunning coat on you! Gorgeous outfit!

    Molly |

  37. I loveee the red overcoat!!! The colour suits you!

  38. I can totally relate to what you have written above. Gorgeous coat
    Just gorgeous!


  39. Hey Surbhi!
    Happy New Year 2016! I hope this ear brings you and your blog more success :)
    I totally lust after waterfall coats and this one in red flatters you so much! You look amazing, especially with the ripped details on your bottom wear. I really am a big fan of your fashion sense.
    I basically live in Zara leggings/Jeans and hoodies in winters, and there you are! Looking so fabulous!
    How do you even do it!???


  40. You look fabulous! The waterfall coat is beautiful on you, and burgundy is totally your colour!

  41. omg the quality of the photo, the coat and your sunglasses are amazing! Love the whole look

  42. you look absolutely stunning, the coat <3

  43. Beautiful combination and beautiful colors : ) You look amazing!

  44. The coat is amazing! Your look is so lovely!


  45. Love the coat and the sunnies ;)

  46. What a showstopping waterfall coat, love everything about it... the shape & colour is perfect. Not to mention that it looks amazing on you x

    Beauty with charm

  47. you look so fashionable :) I LOVE that waterfall coat, it's so cool :)

  48. I love the waterfall design of this coat, its so flattering. The colour really makes it the centre of the outfit and I love how you styled it! xx

  49. What a stunning coat! :)

  50. omg omg! Totally rock star in this look! Sigh, I have to get this coat!! Its amazing on you!!

  51. effortless stylish and chic ! Love the coat to bits..

  52. So, classy, trendy and smart... all a great combination...coat, pants and glasses.

  53. red is your colour!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Love this coat!! Great sunnies ..

    Happy Wednesday Doll,
    BLOG | Taislany