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"Ferozabad Express" By SABYASACHI At India Couture week-2014

Tuesday 22 July 2014 / , , , , , ,

India Couture week opened up with a grand spectacle in an old world charm created by Indian Designer Sabyasachi .Magnificence took a center stage and we all waited  for Sabya to cast his magic. Infact I even went up and called him "Jadoogar" of Indian couture on twitter coz  there is something so traditional and transforming in his bridal wear which definitely lends an edge of its own kind .
It was a full house, and we were relegated to sit tight and packed ,that for a moment I felt like running . Though the seating were not at all strategically set-from the point of photography, but everything is acceptable when Its a Sabya's Show.
It was the whole set-up that got much of the talking. The lights were dim and we could make out a train compartment sort of setting when the music started to play . It was a first class coach of Ferozabad express with real passengers on-board. Sleeper coach saw some bunker beds,  with nicely done up interiors and wooden work in deep burgundy hue. Though at a point I felt the interiors were tuned in accord to the color palette of the collection . There was a lady in a Burkha and my eyes  were Just stuck on  to a huge 40' Orange  Birkin kept on the top birth where she was seated which apparently belonged to her.
Ferozabad is know for hand embroidery and  art, hence all the garments reflected the traditional and Indian touch . The color Palette saw some sophisticated European pastels making a move with Ivories and cream as the base. The canvas lehengas and Muslim motifs Parsi zardozi and Afghan Crewel work took center stage . For that extravagant feel, The Bandhgala Jackets with printed trousers were sewed in with 18 carat gold buttons. The Paschminas is a symbol of eternity, and it has formed a major part of our wardrobes . It was interesting to see how it could be modified as a stole and draped with a Khadi crystal embellished Nehru Jacket. There were a lot of things which caught some special interest, like the Hand embroidered and Zardozi coats, in striking colors, which made perfect sense with the Men Classic lucknow style full beard And the  boxy clutches for women which matched the embroidery of the outfits. 

Such Laborious attention to details,Truly it was one of the grand collection that we got to see, of cource with a mix of an expensive set and how things interconnected.It was great to see him branch out the culture of Ferozabad . 
If you are a soon to be bride, and a designer piece is on your agenda, I say get you hands on any of these pieces from Sabya's Couture, and your grandchildren would definitely thank me later (wink**).