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Designer " MANISH ARORA" At India Couture Week -2014

Thursday 24 July 2014 / , , , , , , , , , ,

This is the last post on a round-up of India Couture Week 2014, and I am happy to save the best for last.
Designer Manish Arora is the only person , who did  something "hatke"(different) from the mainstream couture that made our eyes bleed in" Awe" . Such Opulence and Bespoke Collection worthy of making us look at Couture differently .Sumptuous outfits and Impeccable jewelry was used, that managed to  encompass delicacy, and Effortless beauty, and I would be lying if I say that anything pleased my eyes with that much intensity the way  Manish Arora's Couture show did. It was  an offsite venue at French embassy with Grandness Unlimited, and so much to suck up and learn !
FYI- Manish Arora is the only designer to be showcasing at Paris Fashion week every year , and it was the rumored reason he decided to keep the venue at the French Ambassador residence.
I can go on and on and  talk about the technique and the magic of craft until out of breath, but the fact remains, he is the guy who merged the techniques of Couture into far more realistic and viable ready to wear market and a sense of Shall I say- Legitimacy ?
His Lehengas didn't have any Dupattats, instead crafty and fancy headgear's were used that made most designers look down their nose. Each garment had a story, a story which perpetuates a Cinderella fantasy and the outfits were compelling in themselves. He showcased six different lines and stories titled: "The Peacock", "The Crown", "The Jewels", "The Light Fantastic", "Iridescent" and "Temari".  
The Hologram Shararas got a new Daring edge ,Psychedelic colors with interpreted hues were kept up ! Architectural motifs  moorish style inspired by the 16th century Peacock room Castel-lo di Sammezzano Italy, were rendered perfectly depicting Rainbow Hues !
The stage was circular and drew inspiration from a Village pond and to keep up with this theme the women wore head wear in shapes of Lotus and roses and some even had an offbeat Egyptian tribal edge not to forget those Huge in d face Pom-Poms right on the nose.

At last I am quite yearning of his craft work and verbose beauty showcased to seep its way outside the couture community , so that everyone makes the most of it.
And "I want to wear that Hologram Sharara and look mean someday "Amen"