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Mumbai Visit | Experience And FindThe the Best Hotels

Wednesday 18 February 2015 / , , ,

If you follow my updates besides the blog, then you would know that I was in Mumbai last month for New Year's. Its another city from home away from home , and I love the vibes, and the culture. We experienced Taj Hospitality, and literally didn't come out of our luxurious room for days . Even words fail, if I start expressing how luxurious the staff made us feel, but that's the way it should be right ?  While I prefer to stay in hotels in Navi Mumbai,my husband always does hotel bookings in Mumbai near the airport.Since you tend to spend major part of your day in the city traffic,its preferred to stay in hotels near mumbai when you're using the city airport for transit.After a relaxing week at Taj Landsend we chose a boutique hotel near Mumbai airport,The Emerald Hotel,where we had the luxury of warming up  food in the good size kitchen of our one bedroom apartment.The Juhu area is a must visit not only for the numerous gourmet outlets but also for the designer wear stores where you can shop to your hearts fill and give the notorious Mumbai traffic a miss.

The perils of  TV marketing got the better of my eight year old daughter,who had prostrated before me to visit Adlabs Imagica,the Fun park outside Mumbai ,coz all her favourite kids TV serial characters had been there. The whole experience started on a wrong note as we did an online booking done thru Akbar travels which was a sham as you need to take physical delivery of Imagica entry tickets at the entrance from Akbar Travels guy whom we had to trace thru the worthless telephonic loop of their office.
My advice to all you enthusiasts is to not eat anything post your dinner ( pretend that you are going for your blood sugar test ) cos the last three kilometers of the road are so bad that I would suggest NASA to send their astronauts to train here for the zero gravity experience while you are constantly thrown midair.
Well in a way it is good as it prepares you for the scary and rough rides which you experience at the so called Fun park where the only fun the kids can have is at the water canon boat ride or the water fountain. After most rides ,the kids are either dizzy or shocked to the core. If anyone of you has been to any DisneyLands abroad,let me warn you that Imagica is not even a distant cousin and a sure no-go.With a ticket cost equal to that of Hongkong Disneyland,you feel shortchanged with less than one fourth of that experience.
So this was my bitter-sweet experience while in Mumbai. Sweet- Coz the hotels, and food to look forward brings a teenage girl in me jump n leap. Can't wait to go back there and have a blast again though minus- any well researched risks.
Our Suite at Taj LandsEnd
Inside Adlabs Imagica
Ready to be Butchered 
Dotting Daughter :)
  1. Great place
    wonderful scarf ;)

  2. that hotel room is lovely!
    Visiting India is on my "to do before i die" list! :D

  3. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  4. Beautiful picture and a lovely blog too.Your new fan on GFC you are welcome to visit my blog too.Greetings from Nairobi

  5. OMG!! beautifull place...thank U so much for sharing!!!
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