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Being Juliet | What's In My Period Box

Monday 2 February 2015 / , , , , , ,

This beauty/jewelry box subscription is a fast growing thing now in India too, and personally I myself have subscribed to a couple,  not out of a desperate need per say, but because you ought to try out the new stuff sometime, plus hate  throwing a  dumb expression on the face, when being asked about how these subscriptions work, and what's in for my readers.  Frankly, I only warmed up to the idea of subscribing to these goody boxes cause {a} A blogger should try out everything first (-its like a first access club service and must not be missed ) and  {b} to share my honest review on things good and bad these boxes come with.

So out of all these subscriptions, if only you could get something for that dreaded time of the month, which gives you mood swings , when you may curse your cramps, and always wished someone could rub your back and bring you chocolates, and gets you all the essentials you would need to go through the five day phase, dealing with emotions, cravings and everything all at once, then you got to try the monthly period-specific box by Being Juliet . At first I was a bit skeptical , but thinking of the back-up protection, and if there was a way I could avoid a last minute run to the drug-store or forget to re-stock my stock of tampons, and instead let someone else , who has already done some research on how to make that time of the month run as easy and smooth as possible, take charge of my periods and give me a comprehensive travel friendly box, that fits my need.
Being Juliet subscription comes in quarterly/half yearly/Yearly package. I have the opportunity to try each of the products, in their quarterly subscription box and introduce you to these practical and period focused goodies that brings Joy, so that you know in detail, what's exactly in store for you !
Here's why ?
This is how the box comes, neat, discreet, and the way it should be. I like my things to be simple and all  boxes non-fussy.
The box can be customized to one's needs and usage. Depending on the flow, necessity, and personal preference, every month one could  choose a combination of upto  20 products from- Sanitary napkins, Panty liners, Tampons, etc, which I feel is a great way to also easily sample the brands without having to buy a whole pack, since  products available from different brands can be tried at once in one box.
Currently they stock Stayfree, Whisper, and Sofy  from among the,Sanitary Pads,Tampons from OB and Panty liners by Carefree and Ria .
The box also includes, little treats and goodies for us, which comes as a surprise. Things that we would need to get out of the phase, plus stuff we could use to cure menstrual related symptoms.
Let's take a look at what holds up in my box.
1. Stayfree Advanced XL Wings (ultra Comfort)
2.Stayfree Advanced regular Wings (ultra Comfort) - Am trying this out the first time
3.Stayfree Dry max all night XL Wings ( Ultra dry)
4. Panty Liners (Normal, deo, and Air active)- Yup wanted to try all at once

Besides the Sanitary napkins, the other items included are :
1. Lacto calamine- We all know, what it does, and its something every women needs on her bathroom shelf. Its always on my last priority to re-stock, and I just realized, that mine got over about three months back !! If not for being- Juliet, I had almost forgotten to get my bottle.
2. A decent sized pack of Rose Mist- Gulaab jal- It comes in a nice pocket-friendly spray pack- Usually I feel less beautiful during my "special days", plus my cycle has an unpleasant way of causing puffy eyes and general dryness. Rose -water is the actual remedy, and a general reminder in a pleasant box is a nice tweak to set me straight.
3. Pee Buddy- Okay, so this is something new, and frankly I have never heard about it before. As the name suggests, women can now stand and pee.No more dirty toilets, UTI's and holding a full bladder to find a sanitized seat. Its a rescue packet, that comes in handy for women of any age, especially the one's with medical condition. I haven't used it as of now, but would let you know my experience soon But something tells me- If you ever said  -" I want to Pee like a man "anytime in your life, then this product gets pretty close to your aspirations :) #Justsaying
4. A Pretty stylish scarf.  That's a very sensible and a lovely thoughtful gift, coz never heard of a women who says No to a scarf, especially if you are braving Delhi winters arghhhh !
5 Soothing Honey green tea- Coz being Juliet understands our cramps.. plus I love the flavor which they sent me (already finished it)
6. A cute cork-tight glass bottle of Aijwain(carom seeds). These easily take care of any bloating, and flatulence "A great reminder, coz mostly I tend to overlook the home remedies for easy cure, and look into simpler things for finding solutions like popping a tablet, which is easy. Now, It has become a part of my lifestyle and no-one's complaining. But with a bottle of cure just as handy, harmless and grandma proven, it becomes easy for me to fall back treating the symptoms our Ayurvedic way that too in a great pick-me-up size for those on the move.
7. A fragrant pack of potpourri has the power to make one feel more energized and easily pep us back into our step and keep our moods on an even keel. Who knew a nice scented room could easily put us in an uplifting spirit already ? Period or no Period, I usually put it right beside my bed, so at-least my side of things smell nice.....general habit you may say ! So Another Being Juliet restocked item for me !!
8.Pee- safe -My favorite from the box - Coz I have never been able to get one for myself, so having this on hand is a bliss !
Pee-safe is a toilet seat sanitize spray to let you pee in peace. This toilet seat disinfectant,comes in a handy spray bottle,and very easy to carry it in a bag. So no more squatting or standing and adjustments while peeing. Just spray and sanitize public toilets before using.
How Being Juliet Subscriptions works : Once you become a Juliet, you get to pick your brand, enter your last cycle date, and Being Juliet sends you the bundle of your chosen stock, along with other gifts, so that you feel like a queen, when you are bound to feel the worst . Your mini-care package is delivered at your doorstep 5 days prior to your cycle, just when you begin experiencing your first pre-menstrual cramp.
The website is simple, and easy to subscribe, and you can check how to subscribe - Here. Once you do that, there would be a step by step, to take you through the payment, and you would know the drill from there.
Pricing : Subscriptions are available starting 3 months(Rs. 1350), 6 months (Rs 2700), or a full year (Rs 5400)
My final verdict on Being Juliet:  Every item in the box is very thoughtfully selected, and it showed. In a long time, think this is the only box out of all my fancy subscriptions, that had put up a smile on my face. For the first time, I experienced a sigh of relief than excitement on the arrival of a package. Comfort is my priority over fashion, and I am guessing for most of you its alike, and if you can buy that with a clickety-click of you know what , then your periods would be the last thing you would ever stress about .
Go ahead , show yourself some love, and give this box a shot, and let me know your experience !
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